Lorde - Ribs (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

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Ryan Hemsworth's "Let's Have A Sleepover" version of "Ribs".
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Comments 80
•Sunflxwer• 17 hours ago
This is to my gf. I know you won’t see this, but you mean so much to me. You’ve brought so much light and happiness into my light. You’re so sweet and caring. Even though sometimes I can be emotionally stuck, that doesn’t stop you from loving me. I feel normal for the first time. Even though we’re miles apart right now, Just know that I love you. No matter if we are 4 inches apart, or 4,000 miles, you are the only friend I’ll ever need. And you always will be. No matter what. Love you.
Mickey Black
Mickey Black 6 days ago
its 12:29 and i just woke up crying my eyes out because i just had a nightmare about my best friend diying and now im overthinking what i would do without her in my life cuz shes the only thing that has made me truly happy for the 8 years we have been together and i would probably be dead if she wasn´t in my life (edited:i just looked in the mirror and my eyes are blood shot lmao ._.
Mickey Black
Mickey Black 6 days ago
@Henry Truong thank you (:
Henry Truong
Henry Truong 6 days ago
"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away". - Revelation 21:4 ... hope that you feel better soon Mickey, God loves and cares about you.
deathofaclown 7 days ago
I need more like this
Quincy Bowling
Quincy Bowling 11 days ago
I always imagine that everything is in slow motion while I watch my bff get arrested for murder and all the moments I had with her fly through my mind
Zoe Angel
Zoe Angel 15 days ago
favourite parts: 0:00 1:29
kein name
kein name 16 days ago
Das habe ich am ersten Tag meines Alvin Traumas gehört
Ali Shehroz
Ali Shehroz 19 days ago
Why am i 7 years late ugh
Sottaceto Caldo
Sottaceto Caldo 24 days ago
Who else is listening to this thinking about a friendship that you’ve never had
Rob 27 days ago
We need Ryan back
Crosby 174
Crosby 174 Month ago
This song I don’t know why but it gets me in the feels
Olivia Walton
Olivia Walton Month ago
Dom Jay
Dom Jay Month ago
The drink you spill all over me....
Felipe Tenório
Felipe Tenório Month ago
Gonzalo Ñancucan
Mickey Black
Mickey Black 6 days ago
Untold Song
Untold Song Month ago
youtube is recommend me to watch this. does that mean youtube wants to be friend with me?
lauren day
lauren day Month ago
brinly lewis
brinly lewis Month ago
2020 ✌🏽
Nevaeh Solis
Nevaeh Solis Month ago
This song is reminding me of memories I’ve never had
Mariapaz Perez
Mariapaz Perez 2 months ago
Daniel Crow
Daniel Crow 2 months ago
i’m fashionably late and i own that.
Pearl Opoku
Pearl Opoku 2 months ago
Daniel Crow 🤗✨
TheRudeeBoyy 2 months ago
Jillian Liner
Jillian Liner 2 months ago
This fucking rocks
Natalia Szafron
Natalia Szafron 2 months ago
i can't explain how good it is
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher 2 months ago
My only goal in in life is to get 69 likes
David Pehlivan
David Pehlivan Month ago
spinel !
spinel ! 2 months ago
I'm almost 7 years late
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher 2 months ago
Honestly I couldn't care less if you come from tiktok or not just enjoy the fucking music
Anndres Boss
Anndres Boss 2 months ago
2020 y aun me gusta mucho
Vans 2 months ago
how is this from 2013?! this is something that we now listen to *time traveler*
Mat Tremblay
Mat Tremblay 2 months ago
This but 10 hours please
Erika Todorova
Erika Todorova 2 months ago
This song feels like a specific colour that hasn't been invented yet
Soni Tre
Soni Tre 2 months ago
A decade (,:
ColdBrewBarbie 2 months ago
First comment in 2 years! RUvid brought me here go analytics
lauren day
lauren day Month ago
ColdBrewBarbie sure 😑
ColdBrewBarbie Month ago
lauren day I was kidding
lauren day
lauren day Month ago
ColdBrewBarbie your not the first to comment in 2 years...
lumi 3 months ago
is this version on Spotify? I can’t find it ):
James Le
James Le 2 months ago
lumi me eitherrrrr :(
carona virus
carona virus 3 months ago
This year finna end with me listening to old songs and this beauty is what I found ...
iamawesome431 3 months ago
this song just feels different now that I'm actually older. It's actually been 5 whole years
Eline Haugland Holtan
Can this pleasee come on Spotify!!
Eline Haugland Holtan
Is it om Spotify??!
Emma. Alls
Emma. Alls 3 months ago
I am sooooo lateee
Becky's life life
Becky's life life 3 months ago
My favorite song
_selfish B!tch_
_selfish B!tch_ 3 months ago
Sally face vibes
foreverralisha 3 months ago
2020 anyone❤️?
***** 3 months ago
December 2019?
findingtrøyler 3 months ago
unpopular opinion: *no one should be here because of tiktok*
Maggie 3 months ago
Does anyone know if this is on Spotify I’ve been trying to find it for the longest time
LocalAsian 3 months ago
It’s December 2019 and I’m still having nostalgia flashbacks.
abrianna foster
abrianna foster 3 months ago
i was listening to this on a car with my eyes closed and the sun hitting my face and that shit felt like a spiritual experience 😭
Mel's Babies
Mel's Babies 4 months ago
Tik tok?
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher 2 months ago
Ugh cmon no one cares
Oona 4 months ago
I just discovered this song😃
Hanifa El Kalzioui
Hanifa El Kalzioui 4 months ago
The New Jersey boys edits with this song are the best ones no cap
kylie rachelle
kylie rachelle 4 months ago
November 25th 2019. Happy almost thanksgiving friends ❤️
Samsoom787 4 months ago
Yo why does this make me cry
Natalia Szafron
Natalia Szafron 4 months ago
btw why am i so late with beautiful songs
Natalia Szafron
Natalia Szafron 4 months ago
there are some songs that make me feel so weird, but good. this song is one of that. i can’t even explain this feeling. first thing i have in my head is my crush. shit this so complicated
17 ocean_rose 13
17 ocean_rose 13 4 months ago
0:01 Best part of the song we were all looking for😂☺
Sofia G
Sofia G 4 months ago
i'm sorry to say i got this song off tik tok
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher 2 months ago
Then don't say it
Полина 4 months ago
Simona Saifur
Simona Saifur 4 months ago
Am I the only one who hears Ravioli friends I need
Tabenda Taib
Tabenda Taib 4 months ago
Simona Saifur i guess because I hear you’re the only friend I need
Simona Saifur
Simona Saifur 4 months ago
who came here from Harry Potter edits?
Xo_desiree _Xo
Xo_desiree _Xo 4 months ago
Who eles came here cause the hot boy tiktok 🤣
Haha G
Haha G 4 months ago
Angelina Livee
Angelina Livee 4 months ago
Nani Rosario
Nani Rosario 4 months ago
Alvaro and the boys type beat
1000 With No Videos Nepali π
"Tiktok bought my ass out here"
Niya Stoilova
Niya Stoilova 5 months ago
Try 0,75 speed u wont regret it
Khurshidul Anwar
Khurshidul Anwar 5 months ago
I came here from edits xD
JAWA 250 RIDER 5 months ago
I know this amazing song from short graffiti video Costa Rica - Daor & Dano :-) Greetings from Slovakia
Mick Reim
Mick Reim 5 months ago
that is actually Stans father from Southpark
chicken soup
chicken soup 5 months ago
I accidently clicked but im glad i clicked
Shoaib Akhtar
Shoaib Akhtar 5 months ago
I am listening to this for the first time after soooo many years
Bootiful Solby
Bootiful Solby 5 months ago
Im just here from an edit-
Nyen is H E R E
Nyen is H E R E 5 months ago
welp. Didn’t know this was in 2013.
blueredacted 5 months ago
my school used this in a super emotional edit that like, recapped the previous year. my school has a really cool "tv" thing with awesome edits, school new reports, videos showing off recent sports events, and it's all student done. but it's legit good quality. it isn't cringe at all which is so surprising.
Karen McCann
Karen McCann 6 months ago
Share beds like little kids more like got drunk and we fell in a bed together
jackie stjernfeldt
jackie stjernfeldt 6 months ago
is this on spotify or apple music?
Annita Weichel
Annita Weichel 6 months ago
Damien Raith Is Still Coping With Banana Fish
This really brings me back to my highschool days...
jas garcia
jas garcia 6 months ago
am i the only person here from vine edits loooong time ago? just me? ok :/
l o v e f i c t i o n
Great now tik tok has to ruin this song...
Pedro Soares Alves
Pedro Soares Alves 6 months ago
Omg i love it ❤❤😍
王先生 6 months ago
im still young. i feel like im missing my childhood through this. i don't think i'm getting older, but i can't stop that. this song makes me want to see my friends, very much
Mark D. Maranan
Mark D. Maranan 6 months ago
K.A.A.N anyone??
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