Lord Tywin Lannister Story (S01 - S03)

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This is a compilation of all scenes featuring the great character from GOT - Tywin Lannister (Season 1 - 3).



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Dec 15, 2013

House Lannister (Noble House)




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Comments 5 249
tarbosh917 3 hours ago
Something I appreciate about the first scene here is that Tywin is doing grunt work on livestock, leading by example. No one is above necessary mundane tasks.
patriot459 20 hours ago
Tywin is so bad ass and his Arya scenes are pure gold. Plus it’s like you hate him but also you have got to respect the mans game... I also find it interesting he says if bed was alive they would use him to broker peace with winterfell and river run so they can deal with stannis and renly. Interesting
Simo Saarinen
14:00 when GoT was GoT!
eintreich101 Day ago
7:27 amazing acting, Charles dance is the better tywin we could have ever asked for
When Tywin died so did the rest of GOT
YallCrazy 2 days ago
Watched the part of Arya speaking about what they say regarding Robb. The music, her face😔
YallCrazy 2 days ago
Sometimes he’s so “loving” to Tyrion and sometimes he hates his guts
Stirring Weeks
Stirring Weeks 2 days ago
I wanna cry that the later seasons lacked anything like this...whhhhhhhhy
tracephage 2 days ago
1:06:51 as far as I can tell the only moment Tyrion amuses Tywin?
tracephage 2 days ago
didn't last long though
Jann Lee
Jann Lee 2 days ago
Who is here after Godzilla?
Moldavite Angel
Moldavite Angel 3 days ago
Jacob Hrynko
Jacob Hrynko 4 days ago
Even a psychopath knows not to fuck with Tywin
Ty Hijau
Ty Hijau 4 days ago
I doubt Tyrion is going to have any children, so, technically, Tywin was right...they collapsed into nothing in the end (or, rather, a collapse essentially ended them).
Daniel Kelegian
Daniel Kelegian 2 days ago
Of course he will have children. Tyrion is lord of Casterly Rock and practically has everything else as the kings hand. He needs an heir(s).
hung nguyen
hung nguyen 4 days ago
the scene him with Arya is so intense
Yannick Vela
Yannick Vela 4 days ago
When you realize even Bronn got a little intimated at 7:46.
Rush B
Rush B 4 days ago
It’s kinda sad Arya never used any of the wisdom or knowledge she learned from spending time with Tywin, she never brought it up or anything
Iain Knight
Iain Knight 4 days ago
I honestly think the best dynamic with 2 people in this whole show was tywin and arya
Otavio Augusto Barros de Souzaz
Tywin is the kind of man that you cannot dissociate him from his title in a personal level lol
Matt 5 days ago
gods, the writing was strong then!
Fernando Siahaan
Fernando Siahaan 6 days ago
Tywin always makes me feel intimidated
JohnnyBoii 6 days ago
Mad Pierrot
Mad Pierrot 6 days ago
> Tyrone: "Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled." > Tywin: "What?" >Tyrone: "Huh?"
MrCharrrles 7 days ago
Tywin was the true king of westeros
Carter Blake
Carter Blake 7 days ago
If Tywin was still alive when Daenarys took King's Landing: "Cersei, you will marry Daenarys Targareyan"
محمود محمد
That would be great. I like lesbos anyway
Cai Chen
Cai Chen 7 days ago
Tywin an freaking say to Tyrion that he is smart but with different wording.
Cai Chen
Cai Chen 7 days ago
If Tyrion was just a bit taller Tywin would make him the hier as he is just as cunning and ambitious as him.
Fled From Nowhere
This video is much better than the entire eighth season.
Stirring Weeks
Stirring Weeks 2 days ago
Fled From Nowhere The truth hurts
Zael Garviel
Zael Garviel 8 days ago
Kratos: BOY! Tywin: Girl.
trolling life
trolling life 8 days ago
Its like tywin was trying to raising her for a while fucking strange
theironpumpkin 8 days ago
sword swallower LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
C Truth
C Truth 8 days ago
Arya must have stank since, it had been weeks maybe months since she had a bath. Little Finger was certainly one to notice such a thing since his whores were perfumed.
Gabriel Rojas
Gabriel Rojas 8 days ago
Tywin Lannister = GOAT This man was still alive and acting as hand the realms would be at peace and prosperous
eerereps 8 days ago
Didn't realize this yet, but Lord Tywin was actual BOSS!!!
I Am Unknown
I Am Unknown 9 days ago
Tyrion looks miserable during that wedding scene. So does Sansa, for that matter.
RXdash78 9 days ago
If there is one theme to all this, it is that Tywin is a terrible judge of character. He consistently alienates his most valuable allies while not noticing the real threats around him.
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh 9 days ago
I would definitely take skinning, diplomacy, and life lessons from Tywin, please.
Lateef caldwell
Lateef caldwell 9 days ago
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Zugzug Zugzugson
Zugzug Zugzugson 9 days ago
B- Beast
B- Beast 10 days ago
Now that is the writing I remember. The good old days.
Kebari Cheseman
Kebari Cheseman 10 days ago
The last dialoge is my absolute favorite!!!!
Finn 10 days ago
I think that Tywin was the best chance that the Lannister’s had of surviving the war. Besides Tyrion he was the most intelligent Lannister. He used his skills, knowledge and tactics on the battle field to bring the Lannister Family to a supreme position of power. If Tyrion hasn’t killed him I think the Lannister’s would’ve had a way better chance of winning because Circe wasn’t enough.
Nicholas Kalitsis
Nicholas Kalitsis 10 days ago
They should off had Danny rule and made a spin off series off her as the queen it would have been awesome the way he ended it was fucked no we’re to go from that she’s dead !!!
The Observer's Fulcrum
Hard to believe these same writers from previous seasons have ultimately failed us.
EnigmaDrath 10 days ago
"My cupbearer can read better than you!" *drops bugle and walks off stage*
Josh 'Ye' Jackson
Josh 'Ye' Jackson 10 days ago
I love their English accents
Hanan AL-Hadi
Hanan AL-Hadi 10 days ago
This is strange... Tywin was hand of the king since Joffery became a king, that is why he assigned Tyrion acting hand when he was away. But how come after the battle of black water Joffery assigned his grandfather as hand of the King!!!!!! He is already the hand, even Tyrion is congratulating him, am I missing something???
Chris MCMLXXXII 11 days ago
Lord Tywin, where do whores go?
Haz 11 days ago
One of the best characters in tv history
Manish Amberkar
Manish Amberkar 11 days ago
One of the best in GOT if not the best.
TheHive 11 days ago
1:11:11 threatening Tyrion Everyone:😓😓😓😏😓 1:11:51 threatening Tywin Everyone: 👀👀👀👀👀
Ajit Vikram Bhargava
they made the show into a joke..season 8 is so fucking full of shit.
Seku 11 days ago
Loved the Tywin and Arya scenes.
Red Comet
Red Comet 11 days ago
If you think the kaiju is the most powerful man in Westeros your a fool
Bryce Nolen
Bryce Nolen 11 days ago
You can watch all of Tywins scenes and know exactly what's happening throughout the whole of Westeros. That's how much power this dude had
Al Trotter
Al Trotter 11 days ago
Ajeetpal Gill
Ajeetpal Gill 11 days ago
I'm not tired!
StrawHat Samurai
StrawHat Samurai 12 days ago
Arya- Anyone can be killed *glares* Tywin- hold up, did this bitch just threaten me?
Hofski 12 days ago
“Gods the writing was strong then.”
One Livid Guardsman
"There's a snore coming Ned!"
xxGlitch xx
xxGlitch xx 12 days ago
killed while shitting
bw 1506
bw 1506 12 days ago
Abraham Mercado
Abraham Mercado 12 days ago
And because your my cousin I might let you wake from that sleep 😂😂
Quixilver13 12 days ago
Reginald would profit from some sleep.
Josh Sovereign
Josh Sovereign 12 days ago
I like how he stops and the kingsguards stop without saying a word. They knew who had the real power tywin=Boss
Danny Humphries
Danny Humphries 12 days ago
If only they slipped in the line somewhere. "I just shot somebody, i did it on purpose"
The Elephant of Doom
AT 0:09 you can see Bronn and the Wildlings, its actually just the second half of the shot of Tyrion walking into camp. The first season was full of production problems and they didn't have the budget for reshooting scenes with too many extras, so this is not that surprising.
Shogun 81
Shogun 81 12 days ago
Did that horse just shit before entering the royal room
Richard Káňa
Richard Káňa 12 days ago
Why I can smell that meat he’s carving in the 1st scene
spacedoginnebraska 12 days ago
Lord Tywin definitely would fit right in with the current American government.
spacedoginnebraska 12 days ago
Dude was stone cold ruthless. I admire him.
David Luna
David Luna 13 days ago
Season 8, 7 and part of 6 just get pale next to the first scene in this video.
Pionesa 13 days ago
I wish my father was like this... Respected with strong words..Someone who I can look and try at least to be like him...I reality my father was a alcoholic who want everything with yelling ,harasment and with a force...Which make contra effect for me.
Francis Thompson
Francis Thompson 9 days ago
...You wish your father would slaughter thousand of civilian just to prove their loyalty to the winner of a war? I think your father is still infinitely better.
Pionesa 13 days ago
4:13 look at this...Look at this incredible acting by Charles Dance. Man deseve the Oscar!
Patrick Maloney
Patrick Maloney 13 days ago
Every time he opens his mouth you know he's about to lay the smack down
BeJust 13 days ago
10:39 Hi Wilhelm
Innocent Butler
Innocent Butler 13 days ago
That is not how you field dress a deer
Caesar Vespasian
Caesar Vespasian 13 days ago
Writing wasn't that much better, but this fellow is a super actor, Cersei and Joffrey too, Tyrion actor tries a bit too hard at times
Miss Sakura
Miss Sakura 13 days ago
At 15:50 Tywin's foot got stuck Plus in what episode does Tywin go to Harrenhal?
Matthew Housham
Matthew Housham 14 days ago
Wonder how many people are here as a palate cleanse for season 8?
dwoollery 14 days ago
Tywin Lannister is but a character on a show but his silences and long stares put the fear of the gods in me.
Faiz Jalal
Faiz Jalal 14 days ago
I just miss this. I really do.
The Kids Nice
The Kids Nice 14 days ago
“He was a sword swallower through and through” LMAO 😂😂 that line gets me every time ... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WRITING IN THIS SHOW?!
Stirring Weeks
Stirring Weeks 2 days ago
butchered by two hacks that thought they could hide behind GRRM's writing forever.
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 13 days ago
Huh?? There isn't any. Doncha' know?
Vinista 14 days ago
29:47 - Season 7 Arya would have gone right for that juicy neck with her knife.
Akva X
Akva X 14 days ago
I liked him but he was not nice to T :( and i understand T kind of when he killed him but i wish he hadnt :/ lol im conflicted but father and son is two of the best actors in the show.
pacnite 15 days ago
By far my favourite character
Aristide Torchia
Aristide Torchia 15 days ago
I hate the SJW ambitions of GoT
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 15 days ago
Will now cut off all pointless conversations by saying "THEY HAVE MY SON!" :) xD
sammy 1234
sammy 1234 15 days ago
Who do you think was more clever, Tywin or Tyrion?
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 13 days ago
Easy! Who's alive?
ATReade 15 days ago
Tywin and Olenna would of made the ultimate couple.
Cynical Gaming
Cynical Gaming 15 days ago
The deer Tywin was skinning was real btw. He wanted an actual deer to skin because it would add more intensity and character. One take for that shot.
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals 13 days ago
PETA does not agree
nordicorigin 15 days ago
Lord Tywin. Best character in the books and the tv series in my opinion.
kenworthNH 15 days ago
Some of the interactions between Tywin and Joffrey are priceless. Like when he offers to have Joffrey carried to the meetings.
darkySp 15 days ago
When Tywin sent Joffrey to bed, notice how it's the first scene where a music is played during a tense moment with Tywin. Nothing has managed to shake him as much as a spoiled, entitled little brat's ignorance and the music is pretty much there to up the ante and show just how much Tywin hated Joffrey's guts at that moment.
Aixa Troche
Aixa Troche 16 days ago
Great foreshadowing collapse under the red keep into nothing
m y
m y 16 days ago
so cute when tywin complimented arya and made her smile 😭 21:42
rockthecasbah420 16 days ago
Tywin came in on a horse so he wouldn't have to kneel. Smart.
CompuGeek 16 days ago
Tywin's entrance is just epic.
Brett Bourg
Brett Bourg 16 days ago
dialogue is amazingggg
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 16 days ago
Wilhelm - 10:40
jordan licup
jordan licup 16 days ago
Lincoln Carvalho
Lincoln Carvalho 16 days ago
It is a great deed that Lord Tywin Lannister died before seasons 7-8. Look how D&D massacred Tyrion - from a smart and wise man that outplayed numerous snakes on his arrival to Court, to gullibly naive, getting doublecrossed by everyone easily -, Littlefinger - from arguably the most cunning player and rising villainous underdog to a petty schemer stirring tea between family, and Varys' - master of whispers to guy that goes around asking people to commit treason... Or how they wasted the most hyped villain on a dull, idiotic battle won by chance/plot armor. I dread thinking how they'd have turned this amazing character into something as dull as the rest of their work.
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