Lord Tywin Lannister Story (S01 - S03)

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This is a compilation of all scenes featuring the great character from GOT - Tywin Lannister (Season 1 - 3).



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Dec 15, 2013

House Lannister (Noble House)




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Da_Mighty _Monarch
Da_Mighty _Monarch 13 hours ago
Tyrion: "...a treasonous statement, Joffrey is the Night King!" Tywin: "You really think an icicle-crown on your head give you power?"
Fighting Eel Warehouse
1:00:48 is the one time you see real FEAR in Joff's eyes.
ThumbsHunter Day ago
sending kings to bed without their supper. tywin is just metal as fuck all around the board.
Walter Hall
Walter Hall 2 days ago
my balls itch...
Ambient Soda
Ambient Soda 5 days ago
I loved Tyrions role in this series...
Dirty bong Water
Dirty bong Water 6 days ago
You can clearly see Tywin wishing arya was one of his daughters.
Lord Eli
Lord Eli 7 days ago
that Tyrel woman made me laugh, said her Grand Son was a Sword Swallower through and through HA HA HA
Fidelcliff Boy
Fidelcliff Boy 7 days ago
The way he says “ I will “ great acting
Fernado Arturo Guzman Richardson
Tywin lanister...a force to be reckoned with
Germán Rivas
Germán Rivas 9 days ago
That's not how you should clean a deer.
Zambambo 92
Zambambo 92 10 days ago
Tywin being a good dad to Arya is still the best thing ever.
MR Moon Gaming
MR Moon Gaming 11 days ago
''To become the man you were always meant to be'' Yeah to hump Your sister cersei in the same tomb joeffrey lies lol
Kenny TheChefCurry
Kenny TheChefCurry 11 days ago
46:15 lmaoo why did littlefinger rush in like that lmaooo
Weslley de Sousa
Weslley de Sousa 12 days ago
Funny to noticed how... Arya, for a short time, “enjoyed” Tywin’s presence. She even smiled of content about something that he says to her. Funny.
Saporatus 12 days ago
Was rewatching this and I was thinking about how great Tywin could've done if he hadn' had his kids when looking at the Stark's. Robb who was good at tactial thinking and with charisma, Jon as a loyal member without being greedy about sh.t, Sansa to wed to influential people and Arya with her being naturally smart and knowing what she doesn't want for herself (going to leave Bran and Rickon out due to not enough character being shown before major plot events), feels like Ned's was the family Tywin always wished he had.
Zhu Tim
Zhu Tim 14 days ago
Some prime time of GOT
Sports Guru
Sports Guru 14 days ago
Tywin was the smartest on the show along with Vary's pre-season 8.
PhilMitHumor 15 days ago
I like how Arya made tywin smirk. 33:21
Adriana Sumpter
Adriana Sumpter 15 days ago
I liked these moments between Tywin and Arya, reminded me of the ones between Cersei and Sansa.
Adriana Sumpter
Adriana Sumpter 15 days ago
23:52 Forgot Jaime has dyslexia
Rafał Unkon
Rafał Unkon 16 days ago
13:23 tyrion looks at camera for very short moment :)
Miszczu Kamilo
Miszczu Kamilo 16 days ago
Nobody: Tywin Lannister: "ThEy HaVe mY SoN!!!"
Steven Huynh
Steven Huynh 16 days ago
Hands on to Charles dance
Steven Huynh
Steven Huynh 16 days ago
Tywin is my most favorite character in game of thrones
FrustratedPoptarts 17 days ago
1:11:26 I love how Varys tilts his head to the side as if he smelled Joffrey's hot breath
Dylan C.
Dylan C. 17 days ago
When you do the research and realize Charles Dance was actually skinning the deer, the only thing he didn't do was it already had the innards removed and some were put back. That's why that's the only part where it looks like he's indirectly cutting nothing and adding emphasis to make it more believable while when skinning you can clearly see his arm muscles working; and the knife not just gliding beneath the pelt. I also always come back to Kevan, look at that look he gave Tywin after Tyrion said there are better ways to have him killed. That was when Kevan realized the real reason behind putting the 'ferocious enough' Clansmen on the Van but not like you can argue with the Houses' Head. Also notice when Tyrion snubbed his meal, Kevan was the only one who didn't shake their head or act like Tyrion was in the wrong; instead he raised his Chin and acknowledged Tyrion on his way out. Fuck, edit 2; also didn't notice something; Tywin turns his head to acknowledge Arya while talking; which who at the time is no more than a servant; something he does literally to no other servant throughout the rest of his appearances in the show.
Clara Park
Clara Park 18 days ago
I really love Tywin and Arya and loved the writing during this time.. sad writers fucked up.
Clara Park
Clara Park 18 days ago
Sometimes I feel bad for Jamie because everyone puts so much pressure on him.
Garrett Holcombe
Garrett Holcombe 18 days ago
I feel like Tywin knew that Arya was a stark the whole time but he respected her ability to hide it
GotEm 19 days ago
40:46 Isn't this the horse arya went from at like the end of season 8
Plz No
Plz No 20 days ago
"he would have turned their bowels to water with a look"
CreepyPixelGuy 22 days ago
now I understand arya's reaction to tywin leaving. it's the mountain leading the tyranny at casterly rock before tywin takes over as seen at 15:43 . knowing this and with the continuation of the tracking down of the 'brotherhood' arya knows that with tywin's leave the tyranny will be reintroduced.
William Lafond
William Lafond 22 days ago
1:11:28 Varys' mind : Oh god did he just spit on me.
Mr. David
Mr. David 24 days ago
all of these scenes are far better with a nice red, sausage or steak and a fire.
Palumbo06 24 days ago
i always liked there armor.. the red black and bits of gold and silver.. reminds me of a Darker Roman vibe..
sora roxas
sora roxas 24 days ago
51:49 perrfect scene
DGTasdiq 25 days ago
4:14 Jaime Lannister: "*Wash your hands yet?*"
christina dwyer
christina dwyer 28 days ago
christina dwyer
christina dwyer 28 days ago
JiZz2Xtreme 28 days ago
GoT was such a damn good show with an amazing story.. the ending was absolute shit.. what a travesty
Bulat Gaynullin
Bulat Gaynullin 29 days ago
This is brilliant
Paolo Garrido
Paolo Garrido 29 days ago
s8 stupid
Lone wolf 4221
Lone wolf 4221 Month ago
I kinda want him to finish skinning that elk. And wash his hands
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson Month ago
Jaime being a "kingslayer"is not an opinion though, it's a fact. Although maybe Tywin says this because the nickname is used despectively towards Jaime, which is not right since he actually saved King's Landing (something Tywin shouldn't know?)
Zamanoid Month ago
I love those scenes when Joffrey comes back down to earth for a second when talking to Tywin
1:01:40 excuse me, but Balerion died in the 93th year after Aegon's Conquest, 300 minus 93 equals 207 Mr. Tywin, bad maths sire...
Nevermore Month ago
Although it's not in the books, just think about the "fact" that Tywin died without ever knowing that he had Arya-fucking-Stark literally right under his nose...
dvildeep Month ago
I've never seen such powerful introduction to a character in Fantasy genre
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh Month ago
I wonder how heavy those chairs were?
Cinema Gaming
Cinema Gaming Month ago
24:25 man I miss when scenes had so much tension that didn’t revolve around swinging swords
Sal ty
Sal ty Month ago
Such a great look back at a marvelous character . I loved this show. Going to wait a bit then watch it over start to finish. 👍💖
daram vishnu
daram vishnu Month ago
tywin cutting the stag sybolizes how he destroyed house baratheon systematically
David Morrissey
David Morrissey Month ago
The scenes with Tywin and Arya are amongst the best from GoT
David Morrissey
David Morrissey Month ago
Tywin Lannister was to Game of Thrones what Proposition Joe was to the Wire. Both Smart pragmatically thinking leaders and ironically, both killed by their own
Bibek Gurung
Bibek Gurung Month ago
Tywin was a great villain in GOT. When he died it felt like there was no clever villain with power.
chanel henderson
I adore Mr Charles Dance hes fantastic. I believed he really liked Arya they matched wits very well.
sirine gassara
sirine gassara Month ago
It would have been awesome to see Robb stark and tywin lannister in a conversation ...
chijioke nnolim
chijioke nnolim Month ago
Grand maester pycelle should win an emmy for best comedic character.
David Morrissey
David Morrissey Month ago
His facial expressions were priceless
StupidBolts Month ago
It's interesting how Arya has found a certain fondness in two men she had every intention of killing after involuntarily spending time with them. Even though she wanted to stick that table knife into the back of Tywin's neck, she liked him in a way. Same with the Hound.
Eric Skinner
Eric Skinner Month ago
My cupbearer can read better than you!
Tono Month ago
Tywin Lannister being a badass for 116 minutes straight
Thegn Of Mercia
Thegn Of Mercia Month ago
Easily one of the best characters on television
Dan Crenganis
Dan Crenganis Month ago
Cersei inherited the evil part of Tywin, Jaime his combat skills and Tyrion his intelligence.
Morgan Glover
Morgan Glover Month ago
17:01 yo that spooked the fuck out of me
ChuChuTren Month ago
10:36 Didnt expect Wilhelm there
خالد - Khalid
Me : Tywin is the best chara- Tywin : The lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of the sheep 😒
ParisAnwar Month ago
Tywin is the type of dude you want to sit down and just kick it with. You could just soak up so much game from him. You hang out with him for a month your going to be a much smarter person for it........
Sayan Mukherjee
Sayan Mukherjee Month ago
I wish Arya was a Lannister.
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera Month ago
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the true ruler of the seven kingdoms, Lord Tywin Lannister. Long may he reign
Alexander Y
Alexander Y Month ago
Spitefully that Joffrey took away the stool from Tyrion so he couldn´t put over the thing over Sansa which made their weeding akward since some in the public laugh at his shortness. Besides, what a bad father! He could at least call his men to bring another stool for Tyrion or wait.. Would he have been punished for doing that?
Ch33y_B0y Month ago
Gods the writing was strong then
Kaloyan Katzarov
"Most girls are stupid." "Ha!" I love this little interaction.
Joesa Dawson
Joesa Dawson Month ago
I despised Joffrey
Nevermore Month ago
I remember when me and my wife were watching the first scene with Tywin, Jaime and the stag. After many years of following ASOIAF I turned to my wife and proclaimed: "this is a perfect portrayal of Tywin Lannister."
Kozy Memez
Kozy Memez Month ago
Honestly Tywin wasn’t really an evil character he just wanted the absolute best for his family. Yes he wasn’t the nicest person, but he still wasn’t evil. He is a great and interesting character
Prince Jagdeep
Prince Jagdeep Month ago
The last time I saw this man was in Golen Child which is one of the best film ever and this gentlemen was perfect in it
Dmon Slayr
Dmon Slayr Month ago
Charles Dance was a badass in Alien 3 and likewise with GOT.
Andreas Merkel
Andreas Merkel Month ago
imagine, the writers D&D was catched and standing before tywin, no one says a word. he stare them down for Minutes, you can hear a needle dropping on the floor...then he said with this special voice: "NOW explain me, what you have done with the show and why.... and explain it VERY WELL...!"
Dmon Slayr
Dmon Slayr Month ago
Andreas Merkel Tywin: Madness...Madness and stupidity. D&D: 😢
Francisco Polin
Francisco Polin Month ago
Tywin knows it's Arya and he can't kill her. In fact he loves her in weird quasi grandfatherly way
Felix Huynh
Felix Huynh Month ago
Tywin lannister, the crownless king who does not need a crown or throne to rule a kingdom
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