Lord Tywin Lannister Story (S01 - S03)

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This is a compilation of all scenes featuring the great character from GOT - Tywin Lannister (Season 1 - 3).



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Dec 15, 2013




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Comments 80
GeeZee 22 hours ago
Charles Dance - The most amazing white man alive.
Steinmetz Day ago
4:19 he touched him with raw meaty hand lmao
Denesh Bhaskar
Denesh Bhaskar 2 days ago
who else is taking a dump and watching this lol. TYWINS LAST MOMENTS
Denesh Bhaskar
Denesh Bhaskar 2 days ago
VIkings vs GOT. I think vikings has a better plot.
Batjargal Nikolai
Fuck Stark, Targaryen and Barateons. Tywin win them and king them all would have been better! He is the best choice in the iron throne
Jhon Dahl
Jhon Dahl 5 days ago
tywin lannister is a master of giving shit
Chi Lee
Chi Lee 6 days ago
“ My children” ugh you could feel the disappointment
Tsar Alester
Tsar Alester 8 days ago
Can't spell "Tywin" without "win"
Kit Hobson
Kit Hobson 9 days ago
Jeffery deserved to die and he was much worse in the books.
Nikos K
Nikos K 10 days ago
Best char in whole Got a true legend ..
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc 13 days ago
Tywin was really not a bad guy, at least not compared to the actual bad guys of the show.. - He was against war by all means and did not want to go in war with the North - He was against everything Joffrey did, particularly his behavior towards the people - He loved his family more than anything - The way he treated Arya proves just how sweet he actually is - He was justified in killing Robb and Cat, they were at war and Robb was trying to do the same to Tywin and his family, but failed - It is heavily hinted in the books that Tywin did not actually order The Mountain to do what he did to Elia Martell and her children I think he's a good character.
knkutz 15 days ago
Seasons 1-3 were the best
Fenyx 16 days ago
I love how they showed Tywin seeing something in Arya that he always wanted to see in Cersei. Their interactions are so good.
Six words
Six words 16 days ago
I can't unhear this now "One more thing, you will not take that whuorrrrrrrrr to court"
Shuaib Hussain
Shuaib Hussain 18 days ago
Tywin:you will marry ser lores Cersei: Your weren't supposed to do that
Smartuur 21 day ago
Makes me so sad when I realise how god damn incredible this show used to be. Best antagonist ever, EVER I SAY!
CactusSauvaj 21 day ago
Did you understand the reference when Tywin cuts a deer ? This is to symbolise that he will soon beat the army of Stannis Baratheon (the symbol of the Baratheon is a deer)
Katia Knl
Katia Knl 21 day ago
Devil works hard but Tywin Lannister works harder
Voodoo Shoes
Voodoo Shoes 23 days ago
This was an amazing show and then the 8th season happened.
Kris Kelvin
Kris Kelvin 23 days ago
The interactions between Tywin and Arya are perhaps the Game of Thrones scenes that I loved the most, and they aren't even in the books. At the time, the show, even with grandfather George watching carefully from the bench, knew how to walk on its own legs. It's amazing how writing has collapsed in the last four seasons compared to the first four.
PS1 Hagrid
PS1 Hagrid 24 days ago
I'd watch a whole show of just Tywin going on about the disappointment he feels for his family.
Jupiter House of
Jupiter House of 25 days ago
Tywin could convince a vegan to eat steak.
Anagros 26 days ago
Now I watch and think he is lucky not catching coronavirus from that deer.
Jhon Dahl
Jhon Dahl 28 days ago
why the fk do they have dishes underneath the wine glasses
Marshmallow Ron Swanson
Tywin‘s only flaw was his children.
Raghav Dadhich
Raghav Dadhich Month ago
I used to like game of thrones for some of the best conversations and writing, even with the story they went they could have written it far better. It was like they are hushing and rushing and wants to end it as soon as possible.
Raghav Dadhich
Raghav Dadhich Month ago
Tywin is a smart very smart but he has faults, He played very well at the high table but at the ground level people like baelish harmed them. He started a war when catelyn took tyrion a prisoner but he never really cared why catelyn took him.He underestimated Robb stark that's why Jamie lost his hand. One of the best decision he made to sending tyrion to king's landing. tyrion made a really interesting proposal to catelyn which is why she released Jamie. Tyrion prepared defense in the battle of blackwater and lead the forces while his daughter trying to kill a only man who is trying to save the city. His hatred for tyrion led to his downfall. He should have used tyrion for lannister legacy rather than hating him. Baelish smuggled Sansa stark away right under his eyes and he did not know anything about it.
Raghav Dadhich
Raghav Dadhich Month ago
The battle is over "we have won" When you realized your father is there to protect you.
Joey Sayre
Joey Sayre Month ago
Watching Twyin and Arya is absolutely amazing. It's the only time you see him smile, laugh or enjoy someone's company. Take me back
Richard Armstrong
When Olenna pulled the incest card after Tywin dared say something about her kids sexual preferences
Jade Alford
Jade Alford Month ago
To be honest, I really feel like Tywinn was a good man at heart. Devoted to family, and he could have brought the kingdoms together better than any of them. And at heart he was a good father.
ilyn Payne
ilyn Payne Month ago
This was the real Game of Thrones Season 1 to season 5 we are the best from season 6 to 8 holy crap I didn't even believe what I saw gibberish and garbage
ilyn Payne
ilyn Payne Month ago
Watching this video shows how good game of thrones used to be the last seasons were a disappointment
Mekael03 Month ago
You know this is middle ages when Tywin just dried the blood and then proceeded to touch Jaime's face
Lamin Sheku
Lamin Sheku Month ago
Tywin's words carry more weight than most.
donato avila
donato avila Month ago
39:54 best entrance in the kings hall
91MoonKnight 2 months ago
They better get this actor to play the Emperor in Netflix's the Witcher.
Wondervictim 2 months ago
I would actually start watching the Witcher then
rockerchair 2 months ago
If only Jamie, Cersei, and Tyrion could put their differences aside, their weaknesses and strengths really complimented each other. Apart they were tywins disobedient play thing, together they could have surpassed the old man
JohnKnight416 2 months ago
16:36 This one's a girl. Y O U I D I O T
Sebastián Bocanegra
Whatching this after a long time and realize that if Arya was the daughter of Tywin instead of cersei, easily all the events in game of thrones except for the night king would have never happened and probably Lannister's hould have directly taken control of the iron throne without troubles after 10 years post Robert Rebellion lol.
Blake McCartney
Blake McCartney 2 months ago
Notice Tywin's first lines of the show regarding going after Ned Stark. " attacking him was stupid" he knew early on the damage going against the Starks would in the end cause.
Hugh Morris
Hugh Morris 2 months ago
It’s sad when Tywin shows Tyrion love only to throw it straight back in his face just one sentence later. It’s so cold
Sekheisia Mapalad
Sekheisia Mapalad 2 months ago
lord tywin and arya had a great father-daughter chemistry,, i wish lord tywin was the king of the 7 kingdoms😅 back when the lines are clever and every word feel surreal when...right before season 8 came along,, the battle of the brains between lady olenna and lord tywin,,ahhh GLORIOUS
LuDimezofKush 2 months ago
Arya was the most annoying character in the whole show
Afiqah Binte Mohamad Imran
iconic. heads. spikes. walls.
Razzy1312 2 months ago
Son of Yewuldenohem? Oh, I know Yewuldenohem!
Anxiety War
Anxiety War 2 months ago
"Here is Bronn, son of..." "......you wouldn't know him" LMAO
Skip carlson
Skip carlson 2 months ago
Such a wonderful actor Charles Dance kill him off too early
Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 months ago
Tywin, was my favorite character
TheLemonoid 3 months ago
Honestly I didn't nearly appreciate Charles Dance's performance enough, that was until I read the books. He was by far one of my favorite characters in the show and I looked forward to any seen with him, but I never got that feeling of Tywin in the books. So here's to you Charles for making me love a bastard like Tywin
Good Servant
Good Servant 3 months ago
Aidan Todd
Aidan Todd 3 months ago
After seeing the disaster of season 8, I look in hindsight and strongly believe Tywin was the best shot Westeros had. Had he not been killed he would have brought stability to the seven kingdoms, sent Cersei out of Kings Landing to marry Lorace Tyrell, shaped Tommen to be a worthy king, and provided the stability needed to begin modernisation. In contrast, after the end of season 8 Westeros will become a bloodbath, with its largest city burned to a crisp, millions killed, and even more subsequently killed when the Iron Islands, Dorne, and the Reach rise up in rebellion, Balkanising the land and setting progress back centuries. R.I.P Tywin Lannister, the man who could have brought Westeros into the Renaissance. 🙁
Aidan Todd
Aidan Todd Month ago
Matt G Using the faith militant to undermine an alliance your father worked so hard to build, because of your petty jealousy of your daughter in law is unhinged. She should have been sent far away.
Matt G
Matt G Month ago
Aidan Todd Was Cersei really that unhinged, a little short sighted and cruel but not unhinged.
Aidan Todd
Aidan Todd Month ago
Matt G Who was loved by the people and a pragmatist, unlike unhinged Cersei.
Matt G
Matt G Month ago
Aidan Todd Doing whatever his wife tells him to do
Aidan Todd
Aidan Todd Month ago
Matt G By which time Tommen would have been shaped into a strong leader:
Steven Park
Steven Park 3 months ago
Lt.Dan 3 months ago
his talk with jaime about becoming a man to lead the family is powerful stuff
Isa Torres Landa
Isa Torres Landa 3 months ago
The ultimate sugar daddy
Snug 3 months ago
It is genuinely upsetting how good it was in seasons 1 - 3 what a waste.
Tongling Kalytius
Tongling Kalytius 3 months ago
Ever since Tywin died, game of thrones never had a decent villain. the night king? didn't even have a line and only showed up a couple of episodes. The crow's eye's appearance was too late for the show and had not much impact. Ramsay Bolton and Walder Frey didn't have the power as Tywin did. Cersei was too dumb and incompetent for a villain. To be honest, Tywin's death was the downturn for the whole show
C-shift Report
C-shift Report 3 months ago
The kind we needed, not the one we deserved.
Mad Titan
Mad Titan 3 months ago
Video should be named "Tywin carrying his family on his back for 4 seasons straight."
Mother Nature
Mother Nature 3 months ago
They could have just married sansa to tommen though.
I hope my profile pic gives you nightmares
Tommen was too young and he wasn’t the heir at the time
Stitchpuppy01 3 months ago
Arya left out the part where Aegon was fucking those two sisters in their polygamous, incestuous marriage. You know, typical Game of Thrones stuff.
I hope my profile pic gives you nightmares
Stitchpuppy01 Maybe she forgot
Kaiju Director
Kaiju Director 3 months ago
I think I would join the Lannisters on Tywin's gravitas ALONE. And I wouldn't mind it if I died fighting with him, at least I died serving someone I feel proud of serving.
Boyd Hainey
Boyd Hainey 3 months ago
Rory 3 months ago
I don’t really understand how Tywin plans to establish his thousand year dynasty. As far as he knows, Joffrey is Roberts son and carries the name Baratheon. His heirs would also be of house Baratheon. Sure, he might be able to control Joffrey, but who is to say that will continue in the future. Would his long term goal be to kill off all of Cersei and Roberts children and put Jaime on the throne?
Jay-T 3 months ago
After the last 2 books are released HBO should really redo seasons 5-8
Jay-T 3 months ago
Wish Tywin lived long enough to see Dany retake the Throne and destroy everything he worked so hard to build.
Boyd Hainey
Boyd Hainey 3 months ago
Charles Dance should have won the Bafta and Golden Globe for his performance
Boyd Hainey
Boyd Hainey 4 months ago
Tywin Lannister was the true king and the most feared man in westeros is he brutal yes but no one dared opposed him except Tyrion
Boyd Hainey
Boyd Hainey 4 months ago
Lord of Castery Rock is the most brutal politician but successful and most powerful politician in westeros all the kingdoms fear and respect Tywin Lannister his performance deserved every award
Demitriz 4 months ago
Apotheosis - you're just another whining prick
Alex Maximus
Alex Maximus 4 months ago
Strong smart person!
Jeffrey Aguilar
Jeffrey Aguilar 4 months ago
If Tyrion did not want to marry Sansa he should have told Olena to tell Loras to propose to Sansa in the hour and bam it’s not a plot and now public knowledge.
Jeffrey Aguilar
Jeffrey Aguilar 4 months ago
Pycelle has a peculiar boner for Tywin.
T 4 months ago
1:04 :48 Everyone feels comfortable enough to laugh because its as if Jauffree is giving them permission to or even expecting them to. One piercing glance from Tywin and everyone's reminded who is really in charge. Fun's over. I know there are better examples like when Tywin sent Joffrey to bed, or walked up the steps to assume a higher position but everyone knows about those incidents.
harith rian
harith rian 4 months ago
I fear Tywin...i really fear him...
kasaibouF29 4 months ago
Only too well
Super Cartoon Universe
Tywin can actually beat Dany had he lived. Had he loved Tyrion. Dany would have been defeated a long time ago. Two of the most clever people in westeros.
Dailen Olivarez
Dailen Olivarez 4 months ago
Dyslexia is Tywin Lannister’s bit**! #TEACHERtalkingHERE
Rayhan Anwar
Rayhan Anwar 4 months ago
A crown less king ♔
SUDHIR PATEL 4 months ago
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
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