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Lord Of The Lost's New Studio Album, JUDAS, out on July 2nd, 2021 via Napalm Records!
Pre-Order JUDAS: smarturl.it/LOTL-Judas


Directed \u0026 Edited by VDPictures

1st AC: Lennard Schmitt
Key Grip \u0026 Drone Operator: Richard Lerchl
Best Boy: Camillo Redecker

Actress: Xelanah

Filmed at
Steinkirche, Scharzfeld, Germany
Einhornhöhle, Herzberg am Harz, Germany
Various forests around Osterode am Harz, Germany

Filmed in August 2020

Music: \u0026 Lyrics: Eike Freese / Chris Harms
Published by Melodie der Welt \u0026 Schubert Music Publishing

Produced by Chris Harms, Bengt Jaeschke \u0026 Benjamin Lawrenz
Mixed \u0026 Mastered by Benjamin Lawrenz \u0026 Chris Harms at Chameleon Studios, Hamburg, Germany

Recorded, Engineered and Edited by
Benjamin Mundigler, Henrik Petschull, Corvin Bahn, Bengt Jaeschke,
Benjamin Lawrenz, Daniel Möhrke, Aleks Nushev, Petar Aleksiev, \u0026 LOTL

Strings \u0026 Choir Arrangements by Corvin Bahn

Chris, Pi, Class, Gared \u0026 Nik

Further musicians on „Priest“:
Acoustic Guitar: Eike Freese
Ethereal vocals: Gergana Dimitrova
Choir: Scarlet Dorn, MajorVoice, Benjamin Mundigler, Niklas Turmann \u0026 Corvin Bahn
Strings: Stefania Yankova, Hristo Arolski, Viktor Traykov \u0026 Petar Kushlev, Julia C. Pfänder

Official partners (in alphabetical order):
Ahead Armor Cases, Audix Microphones, Bleak World Clothing, Cyan Guitars, Cympad,
Duallist Pedals, DrumCandy, DrumCraft, Gamechanger Audio, Gibraltar Hardware, HearSafe
iZotope, JK Drum Systems, Kryolan, Line 6, Minoár Clothing, Orimono Clothing, Rohema
Roland, SPL, Thomann, Zultan Cymbals \u0026 Sticks, Yamaha Acoustic Guitars




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Comments 0
Lord777 2 months ago
We can‘t wait!!!
Mahavegan Day ago
@Natalie Wisdom I am sorry for your loss. My condolences.
missmalibu missmalibu
You guys are really awesome, i didnt know you, but im an addicted fan of @Lord777 now, simply wow❤
Mariana Esalí
Mariana Esalí 20 days ago
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
František Vtelenský
@Lord777 You guys are such talented. Big fan of you!
Lisa Mccoy
Lisa Mccoy Month ago
Where have I been? This is bone chilling in the best way possible love this 💗✌🎵
Man Vs. Bike
Man Vs. Bike 8 hours ago
Goddamn this is catchy af! Hold on, hold on my love!....
mizo mint
mizo mint 8 hours ago
Is that his daughter? Or? Lol Maybe I'm just tripping.
Little Strandwolf
Little Strandwolf 2 hours ago
If you mean in regards to the story, there are many ways to interpret it (though, if you take into account the connected mv of ‘For They Know Not What They Do’, then it looks less likely that she’d be his daughter)
Baxter Tanja
Baxter Tanja 15 hours ago
I Love it...
Alan Wylie
Alan Wylie 20 hours ago
I ummf like this metal ya makes my blood turn green ya heavy metal rules ummf ya.
Ddrumm Play
Ddrumm Play 2 days ago
el mejor cosplay de jett hasta la fecha.
DudinhoLee 2 days ago
Александр .Калентьев
Молодец! Правильно рейфов подаешь.)
Dragos Manole
Dragos Manole 3 days ago
What is the song in the credits called?
aleyer 2 days ago
It is Death Is Just A Kiss Away
Stefuz Hahn
Stefuz Hahn 3 days ago
ich finde den song so schönnn!!Vor allem schön düster!!
Bassi Basset
Bassi Basset 3 days ago
Miss.Ferret 4 days ago
Ich hoffe ihr habt euch auch mal die geile Führung von der Einhornhöle angeschaut 😅😂 wir waren mal vor 4 Jahren da und hatten den interessanten Androiden Führer überhaupt 🙈😂 aber nen echt toller Ort für das Video, es passt einfach perfekt 😊😊💪
Vinoth Vino peep
Vinoth Vino peep 4 days ago
Wonderful song. 😪♥️
Neffets Nnamremmiz
Good stuff! Good decent bass line in the verse! 👌
Seven Rays
Seven Rays 6 days ago
Wonderful! But... What happened in the video? )
Richard Ikin
Richard Ikin 7 days ago
TED NICK 7 days ago
super! great!!
Aram Poghosyan
Aram Poghosyan 8 days ago
What a brilliant artists
rachel shamion
rachel shamion 8 days ago
LoVe It!!!!
Pokemum Mumum
Pokemum Mumum 9 days ago
When geralt of rivia met a young gelfling by the name of deet they joined forces to stop the darkening from taking over the world!
LankyGit 9 days ago
How in the name of all that's holy have I not heard of this song before
Dale Shelden
Dale Shelden 10 days ago
Lord of the lost not the witcher.lol
Léon Lémieux
Léon Lémieux 9 days ago
Totally agree
Daisy V
Daisy V 10 days ago
Your music videos are always top notch. Never disappointed. The scenery 💯
Milisa Рахмаева
czysomil 10 days ago
I've heard the reference to Genesis (the band, not the book)! ;)
Kristine Kennedy
Kristine Kennedy 11 days ago
Everyone in this band is truly talented but I really love this drummer. I can't count how many phenomenal songs I've heard where I've said now if the drums were just a bit stronger this would be perfect. Love the distinctive drums in these songs! 🖤
Jennifer DiSalvatore
I cannot express how much you amaze me, I love what you do and your talent....I am speechless! love love love
Aha Aha
Aha Aha 12 days ago
You are the third who claims to be betrayed. One i met in person. One i only heard. "you betrayed me you betrayed me" and that one wasnt in my head but coming from somewhere i cant go into details Mr channel manager let him know. Is he authorized to talk? Like they can sing about it...
Park Jinn
Park Jinn 10 days ago
I am that one... the one you heard but none are allowed near. I hope the one is sirius about a face to face. .
Minya2009 13 days ago
I love it ♥
Сергей Заикин
God this is a real priest! And each clip is a real movie! Thank you!
38Maelstorm 13 days ago
All I have to say is this: Holy Shit! And I thought Epica was good. I just found these guys. Eargasm.
Music Only
Music Only 10 days ago
Epica are amazing. And I introduced my elderly dad to LOTL's music. He loves their music
willrh1022 11 days ago
I'm a huge Epica fan as well, I just found these guys today and have been listening non stop
sander ll
sander ll 11 days ago
My compliments for you’re good taste for music , I have seen Epica live multiple times . 🤘🤘
Gorgeous Ksyu
Gorgeous Ksyu 13 days ago
It's a killer 😍 guys , this is AMAZING 🔥
kevin watts
kevin watts 15 days ago
Am a Punk but I love this band can't wait for the box set to arrive 😄
elan1967 15 days ago
Ich bin schon ein paar mehrere Jahre LOTL-Fan, und habe so manche Lieblingssongs von denen, aber, lieber Chris Harms, das Ding hier, das ist der absolute Mega-Hammer!!! Natürlich habe ich das kommende Album vorbestellt, noch nie war ich so erwartungsfroh auf ein neues Album! Jetzt brauchen wir noch ein Live-Event!
Neffets Nnamremmiz
Ich hab mit Niklas in Band gespielt, seither verfolge ich seinen Weg. Das Projekt ist Hammer, und wird immer besser! Respekt! Fett!
Dave Degenerate
Dave Degenerate 15 days ago
This band is the complete package!
missmalibu missmalibu
I totally love Lord of the Lost, these guys are blessed with a supernatural talent and powers, the voice of Chris just wow, he looks and sounds like an angel on earth, i didnt knew you but im an addicted fan now❤ and this song wow everytime i listen, this is an epic masterpiece, i want to hug all the guys of @Lord777 to thank them for there big talents, there songs help me through my darkest times to see light at the end of the tunnel❤ I cant wait for the whole album Judas🙏
HinjuRock 16 days ago
HIM meets Ghost.
HinjuRock 10 days ago
@resplndnt Yes, I know that about Ghost. I don't know anything about this band or it's members, however - I just randomly came across them on my RUvid home page.
resplndnt 10 days ago
@HinjuRock chris harms is the Lord in lord of the lost and Tobias Forge is the only named member of Ghost
HinjuRock 10 days ago
@resplndnt Don't know who Chris Harms is or what Tobias Forge of the band HIM has to do with him - lol. Now I'm even more confused 😵
resplndnt 10 days ago
@HinjuRock oh I thought you meant him as in chris harms not him as in HIM as in the band
HinjuRock 10 days ago
@resplndnt This band wanted Tobias to be their singer?
loretta wilson
loretta wilson 16 days ago
This is so good I absolutely love it I'm going to be ordering within the next few days
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 16 days ago
The only thing I don't like about the band is the vocalist. He sounds too dramatic and cheesy. But, everything else is great.
Neffets Nnamremmiz
Sometimes too pathetic, bit sometimes fantastic clean
Lieuqi Myra
Lieuqi Myra 8 days ago
i think thats the point and hats what makes him great!
Gennifer Kelly
Gennifer Kelly 17 days ago
GEIL!! Can't wait for the Album to come out 🤟💕😘
Jana Hausknechtová
Linnéa Hurst
Linnéa Hurst 18 days ago
This made my jaw drop when the chorus hit and then headbang with my mouth still open. This was cathartic, thank you so much.
Peter Shevlin
Peter Shevlin 19 days ago
just give this song the metal grammy now
Ricardo Muela Álvarez
patricia deshais
patricia deshais 19 days ago
Waow!! What a great and g day job Dude 😘🤘
Park Jinn
Park Jinn 10 days ago
Are you a Rocky Balboa fan? I heard he'll be in my neighborhood on the 20th Newport Beach Cali
Alexander Schiller
Alexander Schiller 20 days ago
Einhornhöhle!!! Beschwört die Geister des Harzes. 😘
Neffets Nnamremmiz
Eventuell dürfen die Jungs dort auch ein Konzert geben! Das wäre geil!
Lana Flame
Lana Flame 20 days ago
watch in this order - For They Know Not What They Do, Priest, The Death Of All Colours
Alan Harris
Alan Harris 20 days ago
I'd drive 500 miles or nearly 900 km to see this band, but being where I am that's either California or Nevada. Maybe Arizona, but that's a silly place.
Rice&beans &rock&roll
"Maybe Arizona, but that's a silly place" sent me 🤣
Praechen 20 days ago
Hammer 👍👍👍
Colin Lyttle
Colin Lyttle 20 days ago
Discovered them a few years ago and loved them immediately and everything they had done has never disappointed me .
Jenni Graf
Jenni Graf 20 days ago
Ganz grosses „Kino“! 😁 Bin hellauf begeistert. Great Job! 😎
Cris Thomas Z
Cris Thomas Z 20 days ago
I have pre ordered the album :D Can't wait to get it.
Влад Эспайр
Лучшие...Больше годноты))))
Игорь Белоусов
Красота!Как всегда на высоте!🤟👍👍👍
Jonathon Clayton
Jonathon Clayton 21 day ago
Like all of you're other songs I cant stop listening. Very well done
B. M.
B. M. 21 day ago
Unfassbar geiler Track, zähle die Tage bis zum Album Release 🤘🏼
Efreet Balarama
Efreet Balarama 21 day ago
The necrophilia theme isn’t for everyone but hey.
Ivan Nikitenko
Ivan Nikitenko 12 days ago
@Rice&beans &rock&roll if you do not think about the meaning at all, then you can find a hint in "For they know not what they do". She stabbed herself, and in the same place where Chris picked her up in this clip. But how crazy would he has to be to interpret it that way?..
Rice&beans &rock&roll
What would even remotly symbolise necrophilia in this video?
Efreet Balarama
Efreet Balarama 20 days ago
@Lord777 nah I’m good actually lol
Lord777 20 days ago
@Efreet Balarama Yes, very obviously you do. Give it a try.
Ivan Nikitenko
Ivan Nikitenko 20 days ago
You must have misunderstood something.
Pete Thelman
Pete Thelman 22 days ago
Beautifully dark symphony
Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl 22 days ago
Can’t wait to watch the next music video coming Tommorow !
Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl 22 days ago
And loving the sea shanty vibes with gothic and folk influences !
Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl 22 days ago
Been a little while since I listened to lord of the lost but I’m glad to be getting back into them !
Eddie Romanov
Eddie Romanov 22 days ago
Elric of Melniboné has a band? I dig it!
diego puime
diego puime 19 days ago
Domine is a band with albuns tribue of elric of melnibone, great power metal band
Елизавета Тарасевич
Uwe Hagedorn
Uwe Hagedorn 22 days ago
Der Song ist ja schon megageil, aber das Video ist einfach der Hammer.
VampyreZen 23 days ago
Grateful for this beautiful song. Sometimes music helps breakthrough words that were trapped in my throat, things hard to express. Thank you guys for understanding, for being that mirror.
Thomas Zwingmann
Thomas Zwingmann 23 days ago
Nur geil! 🤩🤗😎💀👻👺👹👿😈👍👌👊🤘🤘🤘
Niliki Ki
Niliki Ki 23 days ago
Yeaaaaah I love it
Colin Lyttle
Colin Lyttle 24 days ago
Epic and stunning in all ways
HOLOGRAM TV 25 days ago
Perfect! wunderbar!
Triarius Rex
Triarius Rex 25 days ago
Maryam Cheshmdar
Maryam Cheshmdar 26 days ago
Salad Dressing
Salad Dressing 26 days ago
James Marschalk
James Marschalk 27 days ago
Chris is sporting the most wicked man bun in history !
resplndnt 22 days ago
He can make it work
John Winstanley
John Winstanley 27 days ago
The power, the sorrow, I love it.
laliwil 28 days ago
3:20 someone listened to too much Genesis lol ! epic track!
Sabrina Xuereb
Sabrina Xuereb 28 days ago
Waaa I also want Chris Harms to pick me up. He's so tantric xx
Robert Detrick
Robert Detrick 29 days ago
These guys are amazing
Maurice Speicher
Maurice Speicher 29 days ago
Keine Ahnung, was ich dazu schreiben soll...Ah! Ich habs! Ihr seid Sex in meinen Ohren 👉👌👂
nana lotus
nana lotus Month ago
U P.
U P. Month ago
Wer ist die gutaussehende Blondine?
U P.
U P. Month ago
@Lord777 Ok,dann im Abspann👍
Lord777 Month ago
@U P. Ja. Welche, von beiden? Da sind ja die ganze Zeit zwei. Aber, wie gesagt, die Antwort findet sich im: Abspann.
U P.
U P. Month ago
@Lord777 Guten Morgen. Die blonde aus der Höhle. Noch schöne Pfingsten
Lord777 Month ago
@U P. Welche von den beiden? Und: siehe Abspann.
U P.
U P. Month ago
@Lord777 Guten Morgen, die aus der Höhle. Noch schöne Pfingsten
Marceline Scalzo
New era of goth industrial metal.
nanocrite lataniel
And my question since the very first day will always remain: how?
Nightsh8Cherry Month ago
Ganz großes Kino, Jungs! Matteo und ihr habt ganze Arbeit geleistet! Chapeau!!
Lukas LoopyLukas
Awesome I loved the choir in the end song too
Jeremy Phillips
Jeremy Phillips Month ago
I just discovered y'all a couple weeks ago and have been listening to music a while now being 39.. good music is when you can feel it when you have that emotion and we can listen to it anywhere.I am so glad I found y'all! Your music is the best thank you so much guys!!
Alex P
Alex P Month ago
I think what most people misunderstand about Judas is that he did not ask for Jesus’ forgiveness. Jesus predicted the betrayal of both Judas and Peter. Judas was overcome by greif and took his own life, Peter confessed to Jesus, and repented. It is not as if Judas’ betrayal was unforgivable. That being said, I live that LOTL explores the dichotomy of man, the struggle of not only doing but also discerning what is right and wrong. St Paul says “what I will, I do not, and what I will not, I do.” This struggle really captivates my imagination. Looking forward to the new album!
Steffen Schuchardt
Anyone realized the Genesis citation? Very well.
Тит Тулий
Очень значимая песня. Есть над чем и кому задуматься.
Yulia Orlova
Yulia Orlova 4 days ago
@Kirill Kr мне 41 та еще тетка и это одна из любимых моих групп
Творите Добро
@Kirill Kr Вы мдшник?
Kirill Kr
Kirill Kr 16 days ago
все равно тетки не поймут и оленяши
Aleeex Month ago
Please, what is the song at the end ???
Rebekah Hodson
Rebekah Hodson 21 day ago
@Magdalena Rutkowska It's The Death of All Colours
Magdalena Rutkowska
I am begging You, please tell which title of the song With ending Choir?! I am stunned!!!
Lord777 Month ago
It‘s another song from the JUDAS album.
Briana Landorf
Briana Landorf Month ago
Judas Priest ... Ok, sorry XD nice, the first part reminds me some neo-folk music. Like it.
FrenziedRoach Month ago
got this on a click-through after watching PowerWolf's Beast Of Gévaudan video.... was immediately entranced. Guess I got a new band to follow on Spotify now.
Ma Rc
Ma Rc Month ago
I love this Song 🤘🤘🤘
damn this
damn this Month ago
This is my secret band but I also want them to blow up so bad. I mean LOOK AT THIS MASTERPIECE.
UTOPIA Puerto Escondido
CatSoul Month ago
Michael Schulz
Michael Schulz Month ago
Made in germany,check it out!!
Lord Dusk
Lord Dusk Month ago
I want the ending as a full length song please.
Lord Dusk
Lord Dusk Month ago
@Lord777 Yes! And of course I will get the album. That's already decided. ; )
Lord777 Month ago
It is one. Get the album.
sYmboloGy Month ago
did they all get their cv1984 MOTB jab(s)?
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