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LOOPERS deconstructed his track I'm Odd during his masterclass at Dancefair 2019 in the STMPD RCRDS area. Simplicity is the key in this one.
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
LOOPERS deconstructed his track I'm Odd during his masterclass at Dancefair 2019 in the STMPD RCRDS area. Simplicity is the key in this one 🔥
Prince Khan
Prince Khan Year ago
Really helpful
Calixte de Miribel
thank you STMPD for uploading this, it means a lot for those who can't have been there 🙏🏻
Prod. by Kejsii
Prod. by Kejsii 25 days ago
higuain making music
weaponx 09
weaponx 09 27 days ago
looks like he missed some shortcut classes lol!
cr7 zico
cr7 zico Month ago
You explain the most important part i.e drop in 10 mins WOW this is time waste to be frank ( wow my secret )
Iakaansia 2 months ago
Why his mac have Windows?
Nedvio 3 months ago
36:43 My surprised face when I hear a new track with a fire drop
13 Thirteen
13 Thirteen 3 months ago
This guy is a scientist :o
Tano 4 months ago
Wow I can relate to this guy lol
Frisco 5 months ago
super cool of you guys to share all this. thanks!
Manxawer 6 months ago
from which krane sample pack is that lead sample from?
yash poojary
yash poojary 6 months ago
When he plays song he drinks water
Sly Laloche
Sly Laloche 6 months ago
i always put the master channel on too, i need to know if it sound good with mastering
Alan 「VŦX」
Alan 「VŦX」 6 months ago
Renato Gomes
Renato Gomes 7 months ago
31:42 Let me put my invisible headphones on.
808 thing
808 thing 2 months ago
He has that mic.
twat2020 6 months ago
Im dead
Kai 7 months ago
This man is A GOD!! 🙏🔥
Ultra Official
Ultra Official 7 months ago
Gecko 7 months ago
i love how he pronounces DA GLUE at 5:07 lol haha he's a KING!
VolgaZap 8 months ago
I'd like to be explained once and for all : why isn't there a realtime mode record looper ? there are new DAW like alk2 zenaudio who are working on this problem/solution in the end, importing an audio file while performance mode play generates interruptions and also when you open a plugin. Mode performance only allows you to launch loops/automations that are already pre-programmed. it's a pity because I find it rather strange that imagine line doesn't look into this problem. even newtone's warptime doesn't do the trick for live. we would need an edison looper, something like that, or a performance mode focused on live looping record. be able to add sounds with effects while the previous loops continue to play while still being called to the tempo. and of course without the public being able to hear the loop added afterwards, in a silent track connected to a second headset
theyoutubechannel 8 months ago
@VolgaZap what i do is just do the recording stuff on ableton then work with the files on fl, idk if that helps u though
VolgaZap 8 months ago
@theyoutubechannel yeah but i ask for fl studio
theyoutubechannel 8 months ago
doesnt ableton do stuff like that?
Bill Bull
Bill Bull 8 months ago
This is how master class should be Always start from finishing point 👍🏼👍🏼🙏
Decibal Duke
Decibal Duke 8 months ago
All these niggas using Windows on Macbooks.
Phoenix 8 months ago
release one day after my birthday. nice birthday gift :)
VRX 10 months ago
Using Windows on a Macbook.
Decker Luis
Decker Luis 10 months ago
Can you upload the blinders masterclass?
Mateusz Kopeć
Mateusz Kopeć 10 months ago
When You have Mac with Windows system xDDD
Hugo Bart M
Hugo Bart M 10 months ago
third octave of the E the frequency is 164 Hertz ???? can someone here explain me this please ? where he get it from and how do he know it
ARC VEVO 4 months ago
Or you can search for frequency chart on Google ..
iRiskeh 10 months ago
Bart Moskwa in fabfilter you can select the option to see the key of every frequency, that way you exactly know where to cut sound. I think if you type in “note frequency chart” in google you will see it too.
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran 11 months ago
Someone has worked with Dyro before ;)
Jerzy Bulx
Jerzy Bulx 11 months ago
Less is more, that's true most of times. In addition... all faders set to 0dBs? lol
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran 11 months ago
If you gain stage within the plugins themselves you don’t even have to touch the faders at all. I do it myself :)
danny roobol
danny roobol 11 months ago
WOWW! That Guitar build-up melody is sooo, soo sick.
peedoubleu Year ago
is there a decent and free alternative to the kind of vocals Loopers uses in his tracks?
Mix Music Fitness
He doesn't use any compressor on instruments and nothing bus... Why? No EQ on the Kick...
0815Snickersboy 7 months ago
He used a limiter on every track. A limiter basically is a compressor under the hood.
0815Snickersboy 7 months ago
He used a limiter on every track. A limiter basically is a compressor under the hood.
Yuri Bennington
Make more masterclass pleaseeew!
Some of the cleanest workflow I've ever seen.
XCAEVZ Year ago
Loopers is really odd 😁
Mike Kar
Mike Kar Year ago
Does anyone know what he did with serum to achieve that sound? If you pay attention at 28:14 and 28:19 the sound isn't the same. So what did he do?
Jaime Cordero
Jaime Cordero Year ago
Loopers: voy a mostrarles el proceso de masterizacion de mis bajos.- "todos muy intrigadros como loopers hace sus bajos" loopers: ah! hahaha no hay ningun tipo de proceso. Mi reaccion ¿¿¿:v/???
Arturo Tirado
Arturo Tirado 4 months ago
@twat2020 muy cierto y por ess razon este masterclass lo aprecio mucho y aprendi mucho ^^
twat2020 6 months ago
Buen ejemplo de que menos es mas xD
Arturo Tirado
Arturo Tirado 6 months ago
Devada Year ago
Wish audio was not from speakers into mic...
SJ B Year ago
I'm way better than him, hisusic is pure trash,
David Year ago
So, is Windows 10 installed on mackbook, what..
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran 11 months ago
Bootcamp my friend
Dante Zavala
Dante Zavala Year ago
Why is every other person in every masterclass video asking for Martin Garixx like he is the god of production?... You guys are basic and ordinary as fuck
Who Am I
Who Am I Year ago
Windows 10 on a MacBook 🤔🤔🤔
BRUH ブル 11 months ago
Maybe because at the time he got the laptop, there wasn't FL studio on Mac os yet.
Sound Factory
Sound Factory Year ago
nice this is what I need
Mike Destiny
Mike Destiny Year ago
Thanks for all the tips & tricks
Jamie Goldenseal
This was really good, thanks man
Fiachra Eoghan O'Neill
Brilliant man keep it simple 🙏🏻
Joey Byrne
Joey Byrne Year ago
“monster chain”
Gagan Bakana
Gagan Bakana Year ago
I wander at 28:05 onwards the effects button was off but no one noticed why effects chain was making no difference.. any ways good tutorial
decker luis
decker luis Year ago
Can't wait for the blinders masterclass!!!
Aivaras Bertelli
anyone knows how he processed the vocal with that low pitch?
Jay Sarma
Jay Sarma Year ago
Not enough time to explain a masterpiece breaks my heart 😶
Matt A
Matt A 3 months ago
voliš li sarmu brate
Pranay Zagade
Pranay Zagade Year ago
Apple laptop, windows UI?
Pranay Zagade
Pranay Zagade Year ago
Loopers is going to be a big producer 💙
YrcandY Music
YrcandY Music Year ago
He is a cool man!!
Andrea Rossi
Andrea Rossi Year ago
Good sound for LOOPERS
Laxya music
Laxya music Year ago
Wooow!!!! So advanced yet so basic! This track is a perfect example of less is more!
Akeeb Year ago
Buildup lead of this track reminds me of the Black Ops 3 trailer 💯
Brooks 10 months ago
You mean you the build-up reminds you of The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black
Aryan Year ago
windows icons on a mac?🤔
Siddhant Petkar
This track 🔥🔥Loopers seem to be very generous guy in person!
Adezz Year ago
5:59 but it is 0,0 ok for the sub? I though u had to turn it all the way down for mono sound
Leon Gargan
Leon Gargan Year ago
If it's mono in the mix it doesn't matter
Martí Montolio
Sick masterclass! Thank you LOOPERS!❤🔥
Noé Lbe
Noé Lbe Year ago
So for all the people who said it's weird to have a mac and use windows Fl studio is known to be poor optimized for mac and crash Producer wants to have the simplicity of the mac but they use windows to produce because fl studio is more and better optimized on it
BRUH ブル 11 months ago
Also it's easier to crack on windows😂
V I B E D Year ago
It's shows Mc Book but he's working on Windows on the projector 😂😂
bpgsx bspgx
bpgsx bspgx Year ago
Just know that?
Sad Boy
Sad Boy Year ago
@Akul Sharma most djs do cause of how the quality is
Akul Sharma
Akul Sharma Year ago
V I B E D it is quite common for people to flash windows on a mac. Actually heard blasterjaxx saying that they do this because of the build quality that apple offers.
simple but brilliant.
Jeffrey Garcia
Super bueno
JAX Year ago
DJ Scatox
DJ Scatox Year ago
Window on Mac :(
Rocketos Year ago
How can he load so many serum and other vst instances and not get out of memory (ram) ???
MRBEAN.MP3 Year ago
Alberto Davide
does anybody know what vengeance sample is the stab he used? thx
Kongora Luis Antonio
Crazy! Focus on the right things guys! Easy to get lost! :)
Woah loopers is amazing😍
Alex Kase
Alex Kase Year ago
Now I know why your name is Loopers, your projects are just made out of loops :D Great artist and awesome masterclass by the way!
No raSora
No raSora Year ago
Did anyone else notice how he is running windows on a mac?
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran 11 months ago
No raSora Bootcamp my friend
Miilena Year ago
Amazing, thank you
Spack Jarrow
Spack Jarrow Year ago
first i thought he looks like kind of a gangster or a mafia but after watching this.. he is sooo cute!! such a talented producer.. keep up LOOPERS!! still listening to Game Over!
Tano 4 months ago
Cute? Lmao
Tanmay Barve
Tanmay Barve Year ago
@stmpd rcrds thanks for this and please release Todd helder masterclass
Biswajit Baruah
Thanks stmpd records .please make more videos like these
lee kirby
lee kirby Year ago
Really like his explaination and I really want to hear more from him but the time was short, He was trying to explain everything as clear as possible, from step to step. I learned a lot from him through just 1 short video even I'm no longer beginner. I apreciate that, thank you, LOOPERS and STMPD RCRDS!
HafidzW Year ago
Thanks so much! These masterclasses really helped my workflow ♥️
Luka Jacobz
Luka Jacobz Year ago
Widows in Mac...?
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran 11 months ago
LUKA JACOBZ Bootcamp my friend
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