Lonzo Ball has been traded. I am devastated

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The biggest Lonzo Ball fan reacts to the trade. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart plus draft picks have been traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis #NBA #Basketball
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Jun 16, 2019




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Comments 9 155
sport nerd
sport nerd Day ago
RJ Acorn
RJ Acorn 3 days ago
F in the chat
RickTheFlame 3 days ago
Russel westbrook
Carl Daniel Basketball
BBB brand is cracked
JP spooky man
JP spooky man 7 days ago
Lavar was kinda right because lonzo got a new jumper and Is actually decent
Dora Mariano
Dora Mariano 7 days ago
Damm you Laver ball you stuiped trash a*s playera
cool kids
cool kids 8 days ago
EnzoKenzaki Funniest Videos
shut the fuck up lavar!!!!! 🖕🖕
Caden Norris
Caden Norris 11 days ago
Hey think on the bright side Us OKC fans got no one out of our trade Unless you count grandpa Chris Paul
d c
d c 16 days ago
LOOOL they ended up getting dwight howard again 😂
PeterGriffenNBATV 16 days ago
Kyrie PLANNED to resign...
lbooje32 18 days ago
Rainers Aveniņš-Beķers
why is he a laker fan at all if his home town is toronto?
2 plus 3 is 9
2 plus 3 is 9 17 days ago
Because be does not lives there He lives in Nova Scotia
Gina Fabrizio
Gina Fabrizio 20 days ago
Lonzo sucks
Bruce Furtado
Bruce Furtado 21 day ago
Quite a bit too many times for this one though and it has no problems and needs a little help with it too far from me that would have to do more to
CHRXS 21 day ago
Wait so I can see Lonzo play in New Orleans
Mr.Tubixter 24 days ago
The Lakers got LeBron Davis Demarcus Dwight, javale rajon rando
docgtn 24 days ago
No don’t burn it
Andrei John Manalang
godwin gaming
godwin gaming 28 days ago
godwin gaming
godwin gaming 28 days ago
lonzo ball sucks
ayr fresh
ayr fresh 28 days ago
Why aren't you a raptor fan since your Canadian
Niggato 4 days ago
I'm a Lebron fan and I'm not from Ohio what's your point little boy
Paul Perez
Paul Perez 29 days ago
Starters for Lakers:rondo,cousins,Davis,lebron
dartmouth dog walkers
DeMarcus Cousins is going to lakers
Savage Legend 21
Savage Legend 21 29 days ago
Lonzo ball is ass and trash dumbass
Jonood cokoood
Jonood cokoood Month ago
BLASTGAMER18 Month ago
Danny green laker lol
X D Month ago
Gdhdbdfhf Hhfbdbxhd fhd
Lonzo trash
jeffriesfam3 Month ago
Why do you care about Lonzo? He fucking sucks he didn’t do or show anything good or promising in LA😂😂
Carlos Guzman
Carlos Guzman Month ago
Ay Troy, the lakers took out the trash by trading lonzo
Andres Ojeda
Andres Ojeda Month ago
Furio Month ago
JP Month ago
lonzo ball is overrated he's only popular, because of his dad
WhyEXE Month ago
Lakers are gonna trade there whole team for Cousins.
Parallel Playz
Parallel Playz Month ago
Lonzo got traded This is the percentage of Lonzo getting traded back 👇
Allen Williams
Allen Williams Month ago
Way too old video. Way too new comment.
Kai Long
Kai Long Month ago
They should have traded kuzma because they don’t have a good pg
Jordan DeBellotte
Hey Troydan it’s okay. It’s tough to see Lonzo Ball being traded. But now you should be fans of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, and the rookie DeAndre Hunter
3z Month ago
Troy join the raptor fam
Casey Norton
Casey Norton Month ago
Blows my mind how little this guy knows about basketball
Casey Norton
Casey Norton Month ago
@Munsilobermy comment has nothing to do with lonzo , he didn't even know wojs real name
Munsilober Month ago
Casey Norton it’s not that he actually thinks that lonzo is the best he just likes him that’s all he just us a big lonzo fan
Sashi Singh
Sashi Singh Month ago
Jacob Edington
Jacob Edington Month ago
No more 6th man lonzo. Nobody gives a fuuk how much money u have from your mommy and daddy. Bitchh stfu and see ur balls leaving L.A..
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Lonzo Ball out of BBB (BIG BALLER BRAND) now Use a Puma
AKA 16hrs
AKA 16hrs 2 months ago
AJ Walker
AJ Walker 2 months ago
U got Cousins
Francis Subion
Francis Subion 2 months ago
Troydan will cry
Asmir Abdijovski
Asmir Abdijovski 2 months ago
Why is he hating on lebron? I've only gotten into basket ball a few months ago and for now lebron is my fav so why is he hating on him? I need some info pls help
Loly The Troll
Loly The Troll 2 months ago
DexxonGamerYT 2 months ago
Ok but lets be honest, Lonzo Ball is shit, no jumpshot, no nothing, except passing. Im sorry but its true and if you are a true Lakers fan, you should be happy that you got AD for some usless people. Edit: Kuzma is 10x better then Lonzo.
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
F now Troydan take the L now
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Ryan McKenna
Ryan McKenna 2 months ago
Wanna talk about it?
Eliza Brown
Eliza Brown 2 months ago
I’m sorry for you
Christian Sauska
Christian Sauska 2 months ago
Don’t disrespect the Pelicans bro. We now have the best young core in the league. You will be celebrating when Lonzo wins a championship in a couple years. Not gonna lie though I do fell bad for toy
Christian Sauska
Christian Sauska 2 months ago
Not toy
Christian Sauska
Christian Sauska 2 months ago
Killua zoldyck
Killua zoldyck 2 months ago
A month later and our lakers are looking better than what we were lol I wanted to see Lonzo grow in LA but sacrifices have to be made sometimes😂
Pewpew 7222
Pewpew 7222 2 months ago
You don’t want Lebron on the lakers
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Lonzo Ball Is Now Trade and ready to Face against Lakers on November 27,2019😂😂😂😂
super mario bee
super mario bee 2 months ago
Is he your favorite player?
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