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Chachi Gonzales
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LONG DISTANCE is a romantic comedy that follows the lives of two young people (Chachi Gonzales and Cayden Boyd) as they attempt to maintain a long distance relationship while battling the technology fails of modern romance, not to mention a heartthrob of a boss (Josh Leyva). Love is hard. LONG DISTANCE is a b*tch!


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Sep 26, 2017




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Comments 80
GeorgeHenry 10 months ago
I loved
Jenny's Cre8tions
Jenny's Cre8tions 11 months ago
Still wishing there was more than just 1 episode😓
Daisy Duran
Daisy Duran Year ago
thats soo awwwwwwwk
RUvid has some horrible shows, the only one worth watching is Cobra Kai.
Alee Rosher
Alee Rosher Year ago
Y pensar que el fue el protagonista de shark boy y lavagirl
jr mtz
jr mtz Year ago
wheres the rest of the show i only watched 1 episode....
Cecilia Chahda
What happened to this? Why was there only 1 episode?
Valentina C
Valentina C Year ago
Wow I’m in a long distance relationship and it’s fucking hard like me and my gf might break up so🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Melody Eve Ramos
Where are the rest of the episodes?
beetle joy
beetle joy Year ago
that is what i want to know too!!! i dont understand
darby Year ago
Yes Alb
Yes Alb Year ago
is this still going on?
Tatiana Gomez
Tatiana Gomez 2 years ago
I was long distance with my boyfriend for almost 4 years. It was one of the toughest things we have ever done. The only thing we had was communication, yet it is what made us grow so strong. We would see eachother twice a month but it would always pain us to leave. No one believed we would make it. I finally moved to his city and we are 7 years strong and this August we will be getting married. People say it's impossible, but there are couples who see eachother every day and never truly communicate or open up as you are FORCED to do in a LDR. One of the hardest things in a relationship communication, and we can say we have it pretty dominated! It is not impossible, but if there is LOVE, it is absolutely worth it!
Afiqah MJ
Afiqah MJ 2 years ago
Holy mama
melony dejesus
melony dejesus 2 years ago
They are sleep on chachis acting skills
lio pillas
lio pillas 2 years ago
Sneha Pitale
Sneha Pitale 2 years ago
I wanna see but can't..😶
Jenna Lopez
Jenna Lopez 2 years ago
they could make more ep !!!!!! please it was getting good
loveely desery
loveely desery 2 years ago
Kira krasnoff
Kira krasnoff 2 years ago
i love it
Almighty Elissa
Almighty Elissa 2 years ago
He's from sharkboy and lavagirl
daniel sanchez
daniel sanchez 2 years ago
What song is this playing on through the trailer
Montse Suarez
Montse Suarez 2 years ago
Will there be more? I loved this
ariana arisha
ariana arisha 2 years ago
This is awkward af...
Alyzza Fuentes
Alyzza Fuentes 2 years ago
Happy birthday I hope you have good one
Cesar Alonso
Cesar Alonso 2 years ago
TJ 2 years ago
There's nothing awkward about this! The fucking truth hurts LMAO!
Dimples for days
Dimples for days 2 years ago
Who's the actor playing her boyfriend he seems familiar?
Yesijmnzz 2 years ago
I need more episodes:((((( did they cancel the show?
BamBam_101_ 2 years ago
I want to watch this so bad..but i don't have RUvid Red :(
valantina 2 years ago
How can I not watch this in the UK ughh so annoying
pretti faith
pretti faith 2 years ago
Okay, Im probably going to buy youtube red just to watch this
The key is BALANCE
The key is BALANCE 2 years ago
chachi gonzales is a good actor
Sheyanne Ly
Sheyanne Ly 2 years ago
I wonder if it's super akward....
Rochy Q
Rochy Q 2 years ago
¿ya no baila mas?
DiamondJ Vlogs
DiamondJ Vlogs 2 years ago
Omg I need to watch this ily
EveningFantasy 2 years ago
Is it not out yet?? I have RUvid red but I can't watch it.
Aria Antoinette ritcherson
Pretty awkward how they JUST broke up....
n.sn_1 2 years ago
Aria Antoinette ritcherson I feel like it's a publicity stunt idk
Alphaludak 2 years ago
sta ima Ana
Aria Antoinette ritcherson
Ana Ignjatovic they were never together sorry my reply got messed up I didnt notice
Ana Ignjatović
Ana Ignjatović 2 years ago
were josh and nikita ever together? did u see what Chachi posted on instagram?
Aria Antoinette ritcherson
Ana Ignjatovic its true that they broke up, but its not true that josh and nikita are still together
Lydia Dong
Lydia Dong 2 years ago
wtf when is the new episode coming out bro
Naomi Batnag
Naomi Batnag 2 years ago
What is the Title of the song at the end?
schenelle d'mello
schenelle d'mello 2 years ago
Naomi Batnag its called Burning on through the night by Jade
Mirella Rodriguez
Mirella Rodriguez 2 years ago
When is the next episode coming out ??? I loved this show and my bf did too!!! It’s sooo good
sky lukic
sky lukic 2 years ago
When is the second episode coming?
Laura Reyes
Laura Reyes 2 years ago
When do new episodes come out ?
BabyKagome16 2 years ago
When is episode 2 coming out? The pilot was so good! I need more! 😁
Jobas Mullet
Jobas Mullet 2 years ago
Such a good plot, it's a little weird to see her with someone else but I want to see more tbh, it's such a good video and this should definitely be a series
Alba Contreras
Alba Contreras 2 years ago
Does anyone know when there will be a new episode..?
Panda 2 years ago
Alba Contreras im curious too!! I need to see this
Samantha Adames
Samantha Adames 2 years ago
It was so good. I wanna see more
Brenda H
Brenda H 2 years ago
I've never considered getting RUvid red until I saw this.
noobmaster69 Year ago
First three months free!
SWEET Lies Year ago
youtube red i did never hear about it whats that XD
cuddybundi 2 years ago
When is it coming out its not even on youtube red
Lisa Brunswick
Lisa Brunswick 2 years ago
I thought this was going to be a movie. Less then 30mins leaves me wanting so much more :(
Emmy K
Emmy K 2 years ago
Ooh I know how it is in the long distance
Creepzer178 2 years ago
Does she dance still?
Adilenne R
Adilenne R 2 years ago
When are the next episodes coming out ?
Abby 2 years ago
Is that guy from sharkboy and lava girl lol
Geza Scortionda, SE
CrisAnne Fernandez : it's Him :) that little kid (Max) from Sharkboy and Lavagirl
CrisAnne Fernandez
CrisAnne Fernandez 2 years ago
omg!!!!!!!! thats why he looked familiar
Geza Scortionda, SE
Abby : Yes, He is :D Lol
Jailene Vazquez
Jailene Vazquez 2 years ago
wait i think its just one video. well that's lame /:
Jailene Vazquez
Jailene Vazquez 2 years ago
wait can someone tell me if those 24 mins was the whole thing or will it go by episodes because its good and if its just 24 mins is lame.
Bella B
Bella B 2 years ago
I love this omg lol
megan 2 years ago
YOU CAN GET RUvid RED FOR 30 DAYS FREE!!! This show is a pilot I think they're depending on the audience reaction to film more episodes. Let's make this a youtube series for chachi!! I would love to see more of this series 💗
valantina 2 years ago
meowgan but you can’t get it in the UK
Iyah Calibat
Iyah Calibat 2 years ago
Jamieball007 2 years ago
The video for it is 24 mins so the trailer must be literally the whole thing
geeeenaa 2 years ago
Did it come out already?
cuddybundi 2 years ago
No it hasn't.
- x Baka
- x Baka 2 years ago
geeeenaa yes episode 1
Yazz Lol
Yazz Lol 2 years ago
Oh yeah, if anyone on here has been paying attention to her show “Chachi’s World” on go90, Chachi said she wants to become a triple threat, singer,dancer, and actor👍🏼💯
Yazz Lol
Yazz Lol 2 years ago
CHACHI?! WHY RUvid RED?! 😭😭 But lol the beginning 😂😂😂
Zieno Zieynep
Zieno Zieynep 2 years ago
suscribe in my shannel plllllz help meeee and i do for u the same 😢😢😢😢😢
Alice DManiax
Alice DManiax 2 years ago
If we want to watch what do we need what is tube red sumbdy assist me ye??
Bea Baldoz
Bea Baldoz 2 years ago
chachi!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Luke Blume
Luke Blume 2 years ago
Argh Wish It Was Josh As Her BF He Is Awesome, But Makes Me Want To Watch More I Guess?
Sumeet Dhaliwal
Sumeet Dhaliwal 2 years ago
Jenna Ay
Jenna Ay 2 years ago
Oh her real life boyfriend is getting in the way of her fake relationship. Looks good though😂
Chen yi Wang
Chen yi Wang 2 years ago
Vina Mistry
Vina Mistry 2 years ago
im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Elson
Elizabeth Elson 2 years ago
I CANT WAIT 😭😭😭 *currently in a ldr too*
Chari Zy Ishikawa
Chari Zy Ishikawa 2 years ago
wow! can't wait. ^_^
Alice Mayes
Alice Mayes 2 years ago
Manuel Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez 2 years ago
Será. Película. Porta. Contésteme
Jocelyne Avila
Jocelyne Avila 2 years ago
Karen osorio
Karen osorio 2 years ago
Love this!
Champagne mami
Champagne mami 2 years ago
Diana Sanchez
Diana Sanchez 2 years ago
Gsg zhzvs
Gsg zhzvs 8 months ago
Diana Sanchez Dude ever heard of torrent
noobmaster69 Year ago
There's first three months free!!
Damarshean 103
Damarshean 103 2 years ago
Diana Sanchez right
Carmen Gamez
Carmen Gamez 2 years ago
I thought I was watching an ad lol love you chachi ! ❤️
Jona Santillan
Jona Santillan 2 years ago
Ooooooohhh 😍
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