LOLs of Blitz | WoT Blitz Episode 13

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Welcome back to LOLs of Blitz series everyone :)
The episode that you've been asking me over and over is finally here.
I hope you enjoyed it. thank you very much.
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Music :
1. Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain (AlexK Remix)
2. Touch by Mattia Cupelli ruvid.net/video/video-_JYHk_D5A44.html
3. Kevin MacLeod-Master of the Feast
4. Buttercup ruvid.net/video/video-NYhl4poDFJ4.html
5. Kevin MacLeod Pixel Peeker Polka - faster
6. Karakuri Spirits ( MEIKAI ARRANGE)
7. Kevin MacLeod - Bumbly March
8. Fail Recorder Mission Impossible Themesong
9. Dr.Disrespect - Gillette (The Best A Man Can Get) By 199X




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Comments 80
anggael Month ago
what's good and what's bad about the video, write down here
Malik Manzy
Malik Manzy 8 days ago
Good: when you have a e hundred :BAD u have no ammunition when their is a maus
Napat Tangyusuk
Napat Tangyusuk 9 days ago
e25 sandwich
Julia Slavova
Julia Slavova 9 days ago
Guess what I killed A2 in that tiny cube in the cuble
Vlad like
Vlad like 11 days ago
Design like
Maciej Wiśniewski
Maciej Wiśniewski 11 days ago
Change the intro, its kinda cringe
Rendang Gang
Rendang Gang Day ago
Mantep bro, player indo👍 Salam dari clan : Nusantara Empire [_NTR_]
ExZhonya 2 days ago
Dibully dong xD Ojo nakal :v
M. Wahyu Ramadhan
Asu... orang indo ternyata..
How To Tips and Tricks
Which is best tank any suggestions?
Catra Mallet
Catra Mallet 3 days ago
How do you add the orange and gray thing that shows you how much damage you delt
Fac tory
Fac tory 3 days ago
What song 1:15
Adnan Saputra
Adnan Saputra 4 days ago
A si player from Indonesian
ARTZ 653
ARTZ 653 5 days ago
3:43 "we can't penetrate the armor "
gideon nieuwenhuis
Владислав Васечко
Edvard Novák
Edvard Novák 6 days ago
Jonathan Renova
Jonathan Renova 7 days ago
This is everyday for me MINE MINEMINE MINE
Hebib Heshimli
Hebib Heshimli 7 days ago
try me b*ch😂😂😂👍
Reza Ardhi
Reza Ardhi 8 days ago
Videonya sad but gw ngakak gw bang🤣
npocto 《•KR•》
S A Y T O N 8 days ago
Trọng Khôi Trần
3:45 I will use HE
Malik Manzy
Malik Manzy 8 days ago
1:22 😭😭😭 I Actually cried
BuLLlHeBa9 CeMepKa
Блеа я так и не понял,ты русский или кто?
Nooby_plays 8 days ago
Ammoracked and laughed Then after he got ammorekted
PaKin 1105
PaKin 1105 8 days ago
Ром Дом
Ром Дом 9 days ago
0:01 music pls
Melissa Rodriguez
a quien le gusta esto? :v
FAKSU USKAF 9 days ago
Вот теперь сижу и как даун перевожу.
Julia Slavova
Julia Slavova 9 days ago
Sick shot man killed that enemy in the air made me tumble of the couch
Julia Slavova
Julia Slavova 9 days ago
Evil laugh probably pennywise s laugh
Dulio Moschetti
Dulio Moschetti 12 days ago
Nikita 2605
Nikita 2605 13 days ago
1:24 The most saddest death 😢
BRIAN S 13 days ago
Indo anying
Abbaliving Indonesia
knp kagak buat vid tentang war thunder
emmiekins08 14 days ago
Tankers die every day we appreciate them to give them the favor
Nort 14 days ago
7:58 это толпа противников как обычно едит рашить вместе один фланг, а красные это твоя тима которая поделилась, половина катается в городе до респы Из RU сервера есть тут кто?
RamSLade On Blitz
RamSLade On Blitz 15 days ago
6:07 How did Kwebbelkop's laugh got here Ok nvm
Wazz abyss
Wazz abyss 15 days ago
Playing with mouse? What the point in a mobile game, so unbalanced..
Gerwin Carbos
Gerwin Carbos 16 days ago
6:03 Maho is dead with her tank from kurome high.
Troll Çocuk
Troll Çocuk 16 days ago
I cant wait for next episode
TeamStarGamimg 16 days ago
German tank dosen't salute, GERMAN TANKS SAYING ZIG HAY AS HITLER
Kuzyn pro to ja
Kuzyn pro to ja 16 days ago
Noo im cry
Полярный медведь
When you wanted to kill a tank: 3:46 But Stalin said: 3:55
Elzz Daddys Family
Elzz Daddys Family 18 days ago
Bang party gua banyak tier x santuy
Bagus Aditya Chandra
Coba pake kv 2 dan add friend nama ku di WORLD OF TANK Blitz ya
Владимир Копылов
Шо за дрочь, ваще не смешно не капли, я сожилею тем кому это было смешно.
Nella Pemangkat
Nella Pemangkat 19 days ago
To Indonesia 🇮🇩
Mile Samardzić
Mile Samardzić 19 days ago
Wt auf Pz like : FV183, aww man.
Norshila 79
Norshila 79 19 days ago
Sent him to gulag
AJ Delumpa
AJ Delumpa 19 days ago
After it its was funny😂🤣🤣
AJ Delumpa
AJ Delumpa 19 days ago
That made me cry like one cup of tears😭😭😭
Sidgea Gonson
Sidgea Gonson 20 days ago
че за музыка в интро
The Malicious shark
Nobody Me:peeks out corner Also me 5 seconds later “75 hp left”
Raphael Ezra
Raphael Ezra 20 days ago
SAD's of blitz
Cyrus Ullmann
Cyrus Ullmann 21 day ago
More Russian EDM in videos please.
SOLOVONUKV 22 days ago
Цi мне кажацца,цi ты ведаешь рускую мову(you know russian language?)
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali 23 days ago
8:00 that should be saved as big ass frame in a tank museum , a team not composed of apes pushing together , that’s super rare
Shotex Dighmela
Shotex Dighmela 23 days ago
i tried to die like 1:16 but guess what my head came off
IIe4eHbka Als
IIe4eHbka Als 24 days ago
Song from end please
Islam Majri
Islam Majri 24 days ago
8:05 😂😂😂
ksenofontas2008_Roblox Xx
ksenofontas2008_Roblox Xx
The second was also kinda sad if u think about it
ksenofontas2008_Roblox Xx
The second joke was amazing salut if u agree
Abzal Konarbaev
Abzal Konarbaev 24 days ago
Legendary Hero
Legendary Hero 24 days ago
What name of song in start?
Dicky Darmawan
Dicky Darmawan 24 days ago
6:37 tholol anzeng tektok😂😂
Lyrics On Request
Lyrics On Request 25 days ago
3:57 KARMA
Kuro Hana
Kuro Hana 25 days ago
Lol there is a Indonesian player :v
__Thatguymemes _
__Thatguymemes _ 25 days ago
Damm I didn’t know blitz was that depressing
Веселые Покатушки Blitz
и чего тут смешного??? где смех то??
nghia lam official
nghia lam official 25 days ago
Best WoT blitz video i ever watch XD
НекьюН 25 days ago
в принципе смотреть можно
Fefe #Rekt
Fefe #Rekt 25 days ago
8:01 my and my friends at tournament :D
Artem Artem
Artem Artem 25 days ago
Чо блять
Denis Osipov
Denis Osipov 25 days ago
what music in 0:50 ?
Richie Anims ツ
Richie Anims ツ 26 days ago
9:20 Big brain When u play most broken tank in game And u just can’t beat an FIG Epik 1000 Noob 4000
Serega Snaiper36
Serega Snaiper36 26 days ago
С 8й минуты угарал просто😂👍
THE SKULL 34 :] 26 days ago
What f uc k is that XD
Kevin B
Kevin B 26 days ago
You are mental~!
Богдан Павлюк
Lazy Guy
Lazy Guy 26 days ago
Dennis Jonathan Chua
Daffa Maulana Bagas
Anggael gw pen liat tank tank lu yak liat inventory
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