Logic - Icy ft. Gucci Mane (Official Video)

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Stream "Icy" ft. Gucci Mane here: Logic.lnk.to/Icy
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Music video by Logic performing Icy. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Aug 2, 2019




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Comments 13 472
Shamarsii King
Shamarsii King 19 hours ago
Not gonna lie that hook go hard
Michaela Brlzer
This right here is some good stuff #lets bring logic back
Raina Saini
Raina Saini Day ago
peep how at the end bobby walks down the street used for the Under pressure album cover
Geralt of Rivia
Nigga said I got the game in my hand like a switch
ayo potato
ayo potato Day ago
Idk why but to me this is a song you'd see on a NBA game anybody else?
Dustin Lee
Dustin Lee Day ago
I Dont Care What AnyBody Sais Im Playing This Song Loud As F*ck After I Buy My First Diamond Rolex.
Valrkyz 2 days ago
*Handy manny type beat*
Melody Moon
Melody Moon 2 days ago
Brilliant 😁😀😁😁😁😁😁😍
DODGER GANG 2 days ago
This song is harder than Walmarts bread
Nick Hixson
Nick Hixson 3 days ago
this song is made cuz logic can be icy too and gucci is the professor of ice
Yvonne Baker
Yvonne Baker 4 days ago
He ain't bout that Life 😂💀
AcCamo 4 days ago
I know im late but is no one going to talk about how at the end it was the same place NF made his music video for no name like bruh 4:20
Rishabh Thakur
Rishabh Thakur 4 days ago
it should get more views than gucci gang😝
Altin Stafa
Altin Stafa 4 days ago
Nobody: Gucci mane: does a featuring with his own disstrack
Just Facts
Just Facts 4 days ago
everyone saying how its bad that gucci mane is dissing himself But what people don’t remember is that he made a track with Jake Paul
2 ManyThings R Happening
When I get 1 million dollars Sike... only 1 🤣
Pam S
Pam S 5 days ago
Man logic is sooo bad...
Subscribers from Commenting on videos
This dude just roasted a whole generation of rappers himself
Jussi D
Jussi D 7 days ago
really annoying song....
HeroKiller Gaming
Yo y'all saying we don't get what the song is saying, y'all are dumb. A song can have a good message and still be trash🤦
Ivan Fistrek
Ivan Fistrek 8 days ago
Hi everyone, im a huge fan of you Logic, and im also a new young game developer. I've made a simple, fun and authentic game on google play store, it is named Flapping Pooper. I would really appreciate if you could go check it out and share it with your friends and family.. All of you here, thank you!:)
em conor sl
em conor sl 8 days ago
I'm a simple men. I see Logic I click. I hear Gucci I skip.
Lydia Jenkins
Lydia Jenkins 9 days ago
tbh i have a crush on logic
Killroy 3022
Killroy 3022 9 days ago
Lydia Jenkins weird flex but ok
2 ManyThings R Happening
What program did he use in the beginning of the song ?
Ghaith Alkiyumi
Ghaith Alkiyumi 9 days ago
u r damn talented
michael neel
michael neel 9 days ago
Logic is a bad rapper not just this song but in a lot of other songs to
Crystal 6 days ago
then why tf are you listing to him like ???
Divvay Tomar
Divvay Tomar 9 days ago
4:14 Ah ,here we go again Rollin heights balla country Man I Aint represented grove Street in 5 years but the ballas won't give a damn. Only for ogs of GTA sa
Black Magik
Black Magik 10 days ago
Gucci suuuucks
Catching Trout For Clout
Keen 10 days ago
I C Y Logic is so I-C-Y
Marcus R
Marcus R 10 days ago
Those shoes though
K.M. Smith
K.M. Smith 11 days ago
The Anything club byme
1:28 Child NOT People... Awesome Anyway
e3nigma 12 days ago
This whole album is an alternate universe . The fact Marty is in this video proves Coadm is if logic signed to sellout an then got fucked over . Think people . He even said in a hard knock interview “yeah imma troll tf outta everybody they won’t know what hit them .” therefore meaning this whole album is what Tyler does Troll . Like the fact people claim there “true fans” mos are jus liars an say they are . Then once a nigga switch the style up oh he changed oh he needs stay the same . Granted this album lyrically is trash the production is good . But the thing about it he’s right y’all stay saying I want young Sinatra logic I want under pressure logic nah style change if you can’t fw that you truly aren’t a fan hell Tyler low key be slept on for years once he switched the style a lot more people started Fw him . Same with Jaden Smith y’all can say oh he riding off his pops money nah the kid been tryna rap since 14 he truly worked for where he’s at . Jus cause a person famous don’t mean they can’t have no talent whatsoever . Like they have to have something whether it be style there lyrics there flow or even they voice it’s something . You can’t keep expecting music to be the same . Music as crazy as this sounds will appeal to certain people an we have to accept . Even people we don’t like you can say I hate they music but unless they success is faulty you can knock it . Grow people grow the fuck up . An recognize . Btw I also make music . Check it out if not have a great day 💯
Lalon Shoeb
Lalon Shoeb 15 days ago
Anyone else notice how he got a mold for his top teeth and came out with grillz for his bottoms 😭😭
michelle demeris
michelle demeris 15 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-a26-eZAzORk.html this songs good but click this link this guy does it all and is just as good go follow him by hitting subscribe and the alert button
Jack Kruse
Jack Kruse 16 days ago
I understand and appreciate the point of this song and the album it’s off. But there is a difference between good idea and good execution. And goddamn, this entire project was executed horribly. None of the messages translate well because they’re put over the most generic, annoying beats possible, paired with the most annoying, generic rapping possible. In an effort to comment on modern day rap and social media culture, it became worse than everything it preached to be against
Jayson J
Jayson J 16 days ago
Brandon 98
Brandon 98 16 days ago
Going off the comments I’m convinced Mexicans only listen to this dude. Jesussss 😂
Peter Jr
Peter Jr 15 days ago
Brandon 98 tf u talking about
Brandon 98
Brandon 98 16 days ago
For all the people tht think they’re a genius bc they figured out the subject matter doesn’t make this song any better. Song is garbage. Logic is garbage. Simple.
Dorothyjean Castillo
Dorothyjean Castillo
Dorothyjean Castillo
Noe Govea
Noe Govea 16 days ago
I swear I seen offset in the classroom
Burnout Copeland
Burnout Copeland 16 days ago
2:55 did that remind anyone of 69 or is it just me?
Jason Brody
Jason Brody 15 days ago
Its just you
KillSwitch 17 days ago
Wtf is this?
Destiny Zinnerman
Destiny Zinnerman 17 days ago
Tic Toc
Tic Toc 17 days ago
Gucci first song 2005 was called icy
Stevie Kosgrov
Stevie Kosgrov 18 days ago
Mgk actually has a song called “Bad motherf*cker” 😂😂
marco bazan
marco bazan 19 days ago
This has got to have one of the worst chorus i have ever heard in my life
Pyro 19 days ago
I never knew DC Parlov worked with logic
Bernabas Daniel
Bernabas Daniel 19 days ago
How on earth is this not trending?
brobro34343 19 days ago
Logic isn't dissing anyone. He literally just made a song about him flexing. I swear some fans are so in denial that this is the new Logic that he could make and entire trash album and y'all would call it "sarcasm" oh wait that's coadm.
Gh Gh
Gh Gh 6 days ago
At the end he got robbed😆 why would he include that if he was just flexing
GabzZz1up 16 days ago
@Marius eh, life is too short to argue about music lol
Marius 16 days ago
@GabzZz1up no the beat is not fire?? the beat is stripped back and skeletal, the vocals are extremely repetitive and his high pitched delivery is irritating. if you want to listen to a song with trash lyrics but good beats and a general enjoyable listening experience, this song isnt the place for it
GabzZz1up 16 days ago
Just enjoy my dude. You have to admit the beat is fire
Marcelo Verdad
Marcelo Verdad 19 days ago
logic vc é um foda moirmão
Klaudia Kutsev
Klaudia Kutsev 19 days ago
When there no hot water in the shower ME: I’m iCy I’m CLeaN
Daniel Carrillo
Daniel Carrillo 9 days ago
Sepentina Gaming
Sepentina Gaming 20 days ago
I am warmth I am dirty I am a generous samaritan I am kind
CCC 180
CCC 180 20 days ago
I'm gonna tell my kids this was Iddubz
RatedMJ 20 days ago
Shit... Is this what 2019 was about?
freddie laycock
freddie laycock 21 day ago
Do you not realise that’s literally MARTY RANDOLPH from all the skits?
bmeech94 21 day ago
Mr. S-O I-C-Y all these hoes jockin' Gucci mane and I-C-Y lmao
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