Logan's Failed Apology and Facebook's Hypocrisy

Drew Gooden
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Yes, the title rhymes. And yes, I know I'm a few days late on this. I filmed this on Wednesday and then debated whether or not I was going to post it. As you can see, I did. I tried not to just repeat everything that has been said already and rather focus on the bigger picture, and where we should go from here. Just wanted to throw my opinion into the burning pile of trash currently filling up this once beloved website.
I'm glad to see that Logan seems to be taking my advice and getting off the grid. No one wants to see him right now, and this wasn't the kind of thing where you can just make one apology video and then move on as if nothing ever happened. Something definitely happened.
The second half of this video is about some weird facebook crap I came across the other day. If you're interested in that but tired of the Pauls (I understand), skip to 5:50.
If you're not interested in either of those things, then why did you click on this video? Both of those things were in the title. What did you expect?
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Btw, it's funny to watch my progression through the last few minutes of this video, where my growing hunger begins degrading my brain and I start stuttering more and more and only finish about half of my sentences. It's actually a pretty fascinating case study on food deprivation, if you ask me.




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Comments 80
Madison Rausch
Madison Rausch 13 hours ago
This is literally one of my favorite videos on the RUvid platform. The way you elaborate and put into words the actions and consequences of people is so genius and makes complete sense. Thank you for genuinely being a good human, and props to you for being smart and stuff
Jessi Day ago
The moment he said mid roll ad i got an ad 😂😂👍
William R
William R Day ago
Drew: everyone will forget Nobody forgot
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 days ago
“And I’ll get a mid role” Gets a add right after
Why is Drew Landlord doing this commentary video😭....Btw I love the stuff you do Drew❤.
*hufflepuffs are particularly good finders*
6:54 well played. well played
Joshua Wlazlo
Joshua Wlazlo 5 days ago
Right in the middle of when drew said MIDROLL AD I got a midroll ad
Contemplating life choices On titan
As soon as he said mid roll ad I got a mid roll ad
Dominic Duncan
Dominic Duncan 8 days ago
Drew’s hair...
ashes burning
ashes burning 9 days ago
Why is nobody talking about how Logan Paul has a roblox shaggy on his head?
Mari 11 days ago
this was a Drew Gooden before he knew of coronavirus
MoldZombie 11 days ago
Wait... the landlord is doing a video?
Aubrey Moch
Aubrey Moch 11 days ago
From 1:29 - 2:16 one piece of hair was in his face and it annoyed me so bad
Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie 12 days ago
Also to comment on the copyright songs you know you can ask for the rights to a song to put in a certain video right?
Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie 12 days ago
People usually are more drawn to the type of energy they put off and the IQ that they have and sense the majority of people are dumber and shittier than you that’s why they watch what they watch
Gracie Lu
Gracie Lu 13 days ago
if I were logan id follow his advice at 3:02
Grace C
Grace C 17 days ago
I know this comment might get contraversal, but I want to just put it out there. I think it really stinks that James Charles, who didn't actually do most of the stuff that people claimed he did, and those things weren't close to the Logan Paul drama, lost a ton of subscibers. To add to that, he even has a full and genuine apology and owns his actions. Yet Logan Paul is laughing about suicide and gives a half apology but still gains subscibers. I don't know, it just seems very bias and unfair.
Madison Martin
Madison Martin 18 days ago
When he said," I'll get a mid roll add" I got an ad
Kfroguar 19 days ago
I am so here for angry drew
Ezra Morrison
Ezra Morrison 19 days ago
I got an ad when he said ad 😩
Alex O'Donnell
Alex O'Donnell 21 day ago
That one strand of hair is giving me anxiety.
Just a Weeb
Just a Weeb 21 day ago
With the whole facebook thing there are so many accounts that repost songs by The Clash, David Bowie, The Beatles, exc. Wich are pretty big (the artists are not the ones posting)
darcilyn1982 22 days ago
Man, what did he do?
Slurpee the Unholy
Slurpee the Unholy 22 days ago
How come this whole video is done by Drew's landlord?
Bailey Hakes
Bailey Hakes 22 days ago
Hi Drew, u and Amanda are my parents now u hav no choice
Malia B
Malia B 23 days ago
so I got a notification about a song used in an instagram post. my 10 year old was dancing to a song by little mix and you could hear it. 4 times I was notified then they took it down. yup, a mom videoing her 10 year old dancing is taking down the music industry... yup
Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson 23 days ago
That wiggly hair in the beginning tho
I like trains kid
I like trains kid 26 days ago
I like trains
Macaroni 28 days ago
"Sometimes if I'm lucky, I'll be looking at it and get a mid roll ad" *ad plays*
Lilly Alece
Lilly Alece 28 days ago
Wow, I’m part of the fastest and 2nd fastest army’s on earth
Matthew Giles
Matthew Giles 29 days ago
I love the mid roll ad irony
Nick-E Nicole
Nick-E Nicole 29 days ago
Sorry, mbut I'll never forget this genius recorded & uploaded (on to his very large channel) a video of the body of a man who took his own life. I don't even know how the family, of that man is coping, to this day.
Alexxa Recordzz
Alexxa Recordzz Month ago
Can someone tell me what a "refreshing tissue" in a bento is?
Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette Month ago
Right exactly when u said midroll ads I got one, well played
Hi Month ago
“And I’ll get a midroll ad-“ Me:gets an ad *slow clapping*
OliviaDSM Month ago
Damn, that mid roll add is amazing
Jonarts CC
Jonarts CC Month ago
Great video, although I don‘t really understand why your landlord made a video for your channel
Game With Abby
Game With Abby Month ago
As soon as He said “mid roll ad in the middle of it” and then I got an ad
Simon Lutz
Simon Lutz Month ago
t's funny to watch his progression through the last few minutes of this video, where his growing hunger begins degrading their brain and they start stuttering more and more and only finish about half of their sentences. It's actually a pretty fascinating case study on food deprivation, if you ask me.
W.N.B.A Youngboy
Damnnn, it been 2 years since this. As what rico nasty said, time flies.
asia thomas
asia thomas Month ago
Funny how Facebook will mute videos that use music but they wont show me who shared my personal videos because it would violate the persons privacy. Like what the absolute fuck? Or even my pictures and posts, like why are people even able to share it if I in turn wont be able to see who it was. It doesn’t make sense
Laika Month ago
Hayley chase
Hayley chase 5 hours ago
Same 😂
Deana Mangini
Deana Mangini Month ago
When he said minroll ad I got an ad
Jackson Roelke
Jackson Roelke Month ago
6:57 bruh
Nikki W
Nikki W Month ago
Facebook talking about protecting intellectual rights yet they sold out info to China 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Lilly Month ago
I'm watching this two years late what happened
Christian's World Animations!
I thought...I was dumbass
Croissant Month ago
1:30 that piece of hair is bothering me!!! Overall though, lovely video. 10/10
Queen beez
Queen beez Month ago
Yeah he was barely in trouble after that. I can tell he barely grew from that. I knew his fans wouldn’t go away and at that point I don’t even know why people like him but they do. He did the worst thing I’ve heard on RUvid and he got more fans from it. It doesn’t make sense to me and it shows he doesn’t have to grow at all from the situation.
the saucey donkey
Greg no cregs here
Arianna Franko
Arianna Franko Month ago
No one: The MSPaint drawing: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...”
Jay Hayd
Jay Hayd Month ago
jeez, i thought this was in 2019, not 2018, time sure flies, plus, as far as i remember, Jake never did anything worse to make people forget this, they just got over it in time
Clay Boy
Clay Boy Month ago
I got a mid Roll when he said mid roll ad
Isobel Glover
Isobel Glover Month ago
I love the ad he added
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf Month ago
Like my grandma said shame or guilt. Some people only feel bad when others realise they did wrong, or they feel bad as soon as they do the wrong thing.
Zach Shapiro
Zach Shapiro Month ago
That add placement was frikking amazing
That Guy
That Guy Month ago
Logan Paul said “with great power comes great responsibility” How DARE he use the words of Uncle Ben Edit: It was actually Stan Lee himself who came up with this quote
Vivian Kimber
Vivian Kimber Month ago
LightBulbs From Space
What did he do?
LightBulbs From Space
@Sam.aronson oof
Sam.aronson Month ago
He filmed a person who had recently committed suicide
LightBulbs From Space
I don't know that's why I asked
Queen Quinn
Queen Quinn Month ago
Chloe Lang
Chloe Lang Month ago
I know I'm late, but, the same thing happened to me. I tried posting a video on my private FB page from when I first went to Drag Queen Bingo, and I got that same message. There was another time before that where I filmed a video of our version of the letters/Christmas lights from Stranger Things w/the theme song playing in the background. Same thing Facebook is trash
kate rowe
kate rowe Month ago
2 years later and i think that this incident, along w the numerous others, slowed down the "rise" of the pauls, but you are 100% right. we've forgotten it
Logan Rogers
Logan Rogers Month ago
It's hard being named Logan at the same time as him.
Nathan Burke
Nathan Burke Month ago
I got a midrolls after you said "I'll get a midroll!" Lol
Elmo Music videos
Lol right as he said I got a mid-roll add, I got an add
Isaac Rice
Isaac Rice Month ago
It's so wholesome Drew defending his gal's video
jack Month ago
Was I the only one bothered by the stray hair hanging out into Drew’s forehead
Alorya Mod
Alorya Mod Month ago
Best friend goals😂
Toxic Ranger
Toxic Ranger Month ago
The original quote is actually with great power must also come great responsibility
Patrick Brennan
Patrick Brennan Month ago
4:04 damn, I’m gonna quote that until I die
Sol de los Andes
please please hug me thats all i want
Sol de los Andes
uhhhfhhhsh please please please hug me i need a hug from.you please jjsk pleasdse please hug me
Water Month ago
wait..... why did the *landlord* make this video?
trauriges Lama
trauriges Lama Month ago
1:30 Everybody makes mistakes Everybody has those days Hannah Montana is still living in all of us.
LightBulbs From Space
We go
Chaotic Peace
Chaotic Peace Month ago
On the Facebook thing- I was uploading a funny video to my PRIVATE Instagram account with only like 8 followers on it and they took it down for copyright!! What a scam
Mellie McCabe
Mellie McCabe Month ago
I love when ppl say “mid roll ad!!!” And the mid roll runs lmao
Saint-Saëns SangASong
Got an ad at 6:55 not even mad
Sydnee Bannister
Nothing can top the stupidest thing Logan Paul did when he filmed the subside thing.......R.I.P😞
Teague jelinek
Teague jelinek Month ago
He didn't know wherwe the camera was at the beginning hahaha I am dead literally 😂😂🤣😂
Ryan Stallings
Ryan Stallings Month ago
ok, this is something i wouldn't have said when i first watched this video, and i'm a lil nervous to say this at all, but here goes. you're not his media manager. stop helping him. this is a strange situation, as the help wasn't asked for and it's not widely applicable to other people, but nevertheless, i feel that you would agree if someone said that he's not gonna change his ways because of a youtube video about him. his narcissistic cult will not be toppled by another person paying attention to him. the way to stop him is to deplatform him, and the way to do that is to give his wrongdoings attention, and credit where credit's due, you did that, but i feel that you went a little too far in sharing how he could've handled it better when everyone who's familiar with this dude's persona knows he's never going to do that on his own. he's not just some guy. he's a fuckin idiot. if anyone will fix him, it will be someone who he looks up to, not some rando on the internet.
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