Logan Paul's Pokemon Man Is Mad At Me

Jarvis Johnson
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collectibles guru saw my video and had some things to say

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Nov 17, 2020




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Comments 5 618
Seth Blanc
Seth Blanc 5 hours ago
So does this make this dude team rocket's Giovanni?
Fiend 138
Fiend 138 3 days ago
Pokemon Cards used to be fun to Bad that Pokemon is full of scammers and hackers
Renata Tostada
Renata Tostada 9 days ago
This is someone who wants to control the narrative. That became clear when he started talking in circles. TBH, the first cyclical message he sent to me would have been my cue to leave. I would have told him straight up, "Thanks again for the feedback, but you're talking in a circle. I've asked you for evidence and specifics, and you've provided none, electing instead to lodge the same vague complaints that you already have. I understood you the first time. We're going to have to agree to disagree until you can provide some concrete criticism because at this point it's clear you didn't even watch my video all the way through and are just trying to get me to say what you want me to say."
DoctorDictator 10 days ago
He’s in denial pretty hard
Dim N
Dim N 10 days ago
Carlos E Escarrega
Carlos E Escarrega 13 days ago
Subscribe you took a sip of hint 🤣☠ i almost chocked on my hint
Janetandamocha 15 days ago
His responses have a lot of "You're a cyber bully" Jake Paul vibes.
sadmanxX 16 days ago
Jarvis looks like Jake from statefarm
caviicape 23 days ago
this is sarah z’s homestuck debacle all over again
TheKillzone1511 24 days ago
lol did he even watch ur first video?
Justin Talarchek
Justin Talarchek 26 days ago
Wubby 2024
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer 28 days ago
I wldnt have responded. Dont open your conversation with me with a threat bc I’m not fully stable and while I TRY TO FIGHT MY DEMONS DAILY!!! However, it doesn’t take much to make me forget who I WANNA BE
SchoonerBeanz Month ago
Him being a part of the Pokémon community is 100% bs. He once responded to a comment on a tik tok about him not genuinely being part of the community and caring about the cards by saying it’s just cardboard and all he cares about is it money.
Concedo Vinci
Concedo Vinci Month ago
You looked like Nyjah in the thumbnail,my dude
Every time somebody holds someone accountable for saying the r-slur I gain 30 years to my lifespan.
Morifor Month ago
PeanutQPublic Month ago
this video stayed funny and interesting in spite of the fact that i'm not into Pokemon, Jake Paul, collectibles of any kind, and this video was a read of a conversation with someone who just repeated themselves through an entire conversation. i don't care if you make videos about tech or High School Musical (also i'm not a fan of HSM) i think your best videos are ones that you feel deeply about. in fact if i keep watching your videos i think i might eventually watch HSM on purpose. i hope you have a great day and thank you for your content
Alexander Calderon
Wow you take forever to say the same thing 5 x times in a row
Mochi Raka
Mochi Raka Month ago
Robbie Reijman
Robbie Reijman Month ago
Lmao the fact that this guy is geniuly trying to act smart and intelligent... biggest traits of a scammer. Really sad bald man.
Ayera Month ago
the “barking at the fucking sky” and the way jarvis said it has me crying holy shit lmfaooo
CCT Productions
CCT Productions Month ago
Michael Neuser
Michael Neuser Month ago
New viewer to the channel. This Pokémon selling thing brought me here. In the first video, you were also wearing an empathy sweatshirt. How many do you own and in how many colors? I enjoy your content, the few videos I have seen. Thank you, I subscribed for the record.
Abbie Month ago
It’s like arguing with a 12 year old 🤦‍♀️ Jarvis has actual proof to back up that he wasn’t in the wrong. The other dude was just repeating the same thing over and over again. Congratulations on Jarvis for being the bigger person, the other dude was an idiot, I wouldn’t have enough patience for that.
David Snyder
David Snyder Month ago
You are way too patient with this guy...this guy is a goofball and you have every right to react to a stream. It's amazing that he can't get more people to relate to him, we can literally see ourselves in his head. Shinyboy
You responded so well omg I would not be able to do that
H :
H : Month ago
This was satisfying
I Am Person Light
This shiny-headed guy is giving me Russell Hartley vibes...
Greystorm1619 Month ago
Wow another Jake making a fool of himself online 😂
AX0L0TLFUL Month ago
Oh brother, this guy STINKS!
tania sotya
tania sotya Month ago
jarvis is so well spoken
W Month ago
i can tell you exactly why he didn't realize many of the things you said in the video: he did not actually watch the whole video or potentially didn't watch it at all and just read the title.
Emily Month ago
reminds me of The Good Place when Tahani is like "Attention everyone! ...Do not look at me."
exoploring Month ago
HE KEEPS ON TALKING BOUT SENDING DMs dude just admit you want Jarvis to slide into your DMs 👅👅
Wolf. Month ago
2:53 This DM is copypasta-worthy
Winter Bonnie
Winter Bonnie Month ago
What point would him suing you prove...all you would need to do is show he is a scammer and you win
TossiTi Month ago
I see this clear, he tell us hes kinda rich. But a Coke adict Will always Lie for money. And it would make his bald head shine from sweat at all times😂
TossiTi Month ago
Leonhart sitting with his jacket on like its winter, this bald guy sitting there with hes thin shirt on rolled up arms sweating like hell
pr1mus Month ago
shouldn't have called out wubby to that dude... otherwise solid
Marta Month ago
Jarvis is trying HARD not to get assassinated with those dms
Bald guy's reaction is classic ADHD rejection hypersensitivity dysphoria. Endless claps to Jarvis for being so professional and calm and level headed in the face of an aggressive criticisor lashing out. Please teach me your ADHD emotion mastery ways.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Month ago
hey Jarvis, I get that hes relevant to this story and you probably didn’t know this but PayMoneyWubby said some weird shit about trans people back when NikkiTutorials got blackmailed into coming out as trans and it feels kinda weird seeing him get a shoutout in this vid
Dan Doodads
Dan Doodads Month ago
paymoney wubby has done a lot more than that. he’s often antisemetic, transphobic, sexist, homophobic, and racist. and he kinda just gets away with it because he’s entertaining and people enjoy his streams ?????
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Wildwood Hoppe
Wildwood Hoppe Month ago
I used to collect cards and coins but I stopped because there's too many crazy Neo-Nazi looking skinheads out there making fakes
Wildwood Hoppe
Wildwood Hoppe Month ago
Either the person that sold them did it or he did it flip a coin 50/50 there where new cards in there so also what doesn't make sense is if the person he bought them off of had the cards for that long and there were new cards in there then why didn't he try to throw that person under the bus that sold him the fake cards maybe because he feels guilty seems like he's panicking a lot all this over Pokemon cards LOL nerds
Joey Month ago
Logan Paul’s Pokeman*
Brandon Akers
Brandon Akers Month ago
I had to stop watching halfway through because bro you just keep saying the same thing
Alysia ÙwÚ
Alysia ÙwÚ Month ago
Because the guy kept saying the same thing I mean what do you expect
JoKing YT
JoKing YT Month ago
just found your channel, brilliant stuff!
scye Month ago
the only reason he “corrected” it was bc he hit caught in 4k
Dick Foxx
Dick Foxx Month ago
Even his head is a fake shiny rare. He has a full on mullet really.
Jack Media
Jack Media Month ago
In his defense I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to talk about the Superbowl
Wren Beldy
Wren Beldy Month ago
All of his messages are just trying to manipulate/guilt you into making that video. He doesn't even reply to anything you said. Guy needs to take responsibility for his own actions. People hate him as a result of his own actions! And this situation is not going to help... he's looking childish and I can see his bruised ego
Jeremy Convery
Jeremy Convery Month ago
Did this need a 30min vid?
Aunt bill
Aunt bill Month ago
Yes boy-o
XanderrMS Month ago
Its entertaining imo, so yes
rensaudade Month ago
He just wanted a collab for views. It's very obvious. Dont fall for the trap, jarvis
Big_Pips Month ago
he honestly looks like a wish johnny sins
Cara Furry
Cara Furry Month ago
Don't bark at the sky or at all
Paragon Plays
Paragon Plays Month ago
The demand for an interview is in no way seeking journalistic interrogation of the situation. It's him wanting to get in front of the camera to get more press. You can even see him setting up the narrative the interview is a gift for Jarvis by saying "you can grill me with the information." The implication being 1: it'll be a juicy interview and 2: there's supposedly great undiscovered information on the topic Jarvis doesn't have and wants to get. That's the kind of shit that works on people whose brand is drama (e.g. Keemstar) or pseudo-journalists who tangentially live off drama (e.g. PhillyD). He's not prepared for commentary RUvid.
Daniel Amason
Daniel Amason 2 months ago
12:41 so bury this fucker. You got it!
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith 2 months ago
This video has 1.4 million views and I think I might be .4 million of them. Not kidding, this is my favorite video to have playing in the background even though I don't know a thing about pokemon
Sabin Tee
Sabin Tee 2 months ago
Man I remember having some nice holographic cards as a kid and I sold my whole deck for 40$ which was a shit ton to be back in the day 😭
Rusai 2 months ago
Omg I cant beliebf jartvish jonston did this WTF!11/!/1/
Go Out With Me, Levar Burton
Dude has so many gaslighty buzzwords. Wow
EnZodiac 2 months ago
Anybody that calls themselves "Crypto King" is a delusional bellend.
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 2 months ago
I wonder if I could get James to fight me by drawing a bulbasaur opening its bulb and it’s just his screaming head in there
Eyeofthemourning 2 months ago
Well said! I do sales for a living. If anything is wrong with the product, delivery or service, I take responsibility and deal with what went wrong behind the scenes. His excuses are just that. He's the captain of his ship and is ultimately responsible about anything that goes on with this ship or crew.
Eyeofthemourning 2 months ago
He just keeps gaslighting and burying himself like a sociopath.
Savannah Rain
Savannah Rain 2 months ago
All in favour of baking this man into a pie when the class war hits? Just cause he likes to flex his money ya know?
Jacob Keller
Jacob Keller 2 months ago
"Welcome to my RUvid channel buddy" I'm dead
David Folsom
David Folsom 2 months ago
Hey, as a person who does have the money to own multiple boxes, this guy is 100% a scammer. He tried to sell the same box several times before the dumb money guys got it. He's a fucking scam artist, you're welcome.
canibal burger
canibal burger 2 months ago
Another soul lost to small brain syndrome and a superiority complex 😣😔😢 Truly so sad to see. Our hearts go out to Guru and his family. 🙏🏻❤️
baby_pickleface 2 months ago
I havent even seen the video and i already know this guy an idiot even being a invester
Super late to this but I really appreciate the way you handled this Jarvis, very impressive and healthy approach :)
jarne boesmans
jarne boesmans 2 months ago
I think Guru did the get the real thing but sold a fake box instead. And he knew he whas fucked when they opened the fake box.. So i think that the box he found in the next 48 houres is actually the real box he switchet ik the first place for the fake. I think that is the way he tried to save his own skinn… Im sorry for the englisch btw
chad galloway
chad galloway 2 months ago
Never heard of collectables guru untill all this. He is a clown for sure
Kayla Sweezey
Kayla Sweezey 2 months ago
He’s a narcissist - that’s why he repeats the same thing and doesn’t listen to your comments because he’s focused on his own.
SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter
Wait he said people only talk about him to clout chase? Man i didn't even know this dude existed before i saw your video
theyugibros 2 months ago
Pls do yugioh
GK Edgar
GK Edgar 2 months ago
So wait..... was dumb money or the buyers tryna prank us? They apparently knew it was fake? I’m so confusion
Melvin the Mechanic
Melvin the Mechanic 2 months ago
Ask if he is subscribed
Gregor Clegane
Gregor Clegane 2 months ago
That dude is legit a fool
toadt0ad 2 months ago
jake as a grown man consistently using “u” and “ur” in all the messages makes me so uncomfy like he’s using capital letters n shit but j not saying “you” idk it’s embarrassing
Random_boi_500 2 months ago
I didn’t have Pokémon cards as a kid My parents locked them in the gun safe ;-;
aviendhar idek
aviendhar idek 2 months ago
In journalism it's good to remember 90% of the time if someone big tries to sue you or threatens to sue you... you're on to something.
Buff Mangle
Buff Mangle 2 months ago
Damn, Caillou really hit a new low
Abigail Wollam
Abigail Wollam 2 months ago
I’m a Pokémon girl (specifically the cards: I competed in the TCG for several years) and yes. This Guru man is known as a scammer. However, it is very common for Pokémon players to be this… rude. And ridiculous. And I’m not surprised others had receipts of his behaviour. I’m not saying all, obviously, I met really kind and enjoyable people. But those highly competitive dudes? Nope. A reason I only travelled to tournaments a hand full of times. Insufferable people.
Debbie Ware
Debbie Ware 2 months ago
Jake the fake takes what you make
Strâwßerry Fâñta
I think that he is bald 🥚🥚😡😡 (on behalf of Jarvis Johnson)
Joe Gonzales
Joe Gonzales 2 months ago
Why no magic card opening as well?
lost things
lost things 2 months ago
This man needs to touch some grass holy shit
Dr Dumpling
Dr Dumpling 2 months ago
Douglas Moulton
Douglas Moulton 2 months ago
Taking a sip of water at just the right time haha, love it!
Sophia Solo
Sophia Solo 2 months ago
Also the fact that he can’t be bothered to add an additional two letters in a message like this. “Ur” is so unprofessional
Kahare 2 months ago
Made whole/are whole means they’re not out dollars; basically he was saying that the only person who financially lost out was him.
Kathy Owens
Kathy Owens 2 months ago
Clout chasing... No one knows him tho!!! Uhhhg clout sounds like an std like "hey dude went to the doc turns out I've got tha clout"
Javis Johnson
Javis Johnson 2 months ago
+ 19046600405
Javis Johnson
Javis Johnson 2 months ago
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lindsey nicole
lindsey nicole 2 months ago
i wasn’t really paying attention to your shirt & when i did i could see half of it so like half the video i just thought you had “empty” on your shirt i was like okay jarvis 😅
The N-Word Sanchez
The N-Word Sanchez 3 months ago
Dude keeps saying he got framed but if he really didn’t do anything what would he be gettin framed for? Exactly
Javis Johnson
Javis Johnson 2 months ago
+ 19046600405
Javis Johnson
Javis Johnson 2 months ago
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DARK_REAPER DJ 3 months ago
When I hear pokemon dealer I imagine Logan having to go in a dark ally with one light on the guy smoking and Logan saying "you got the stuff" lol
Jmaster 3 months ago
Again he said that the box was sealed for like 19 years it would be impossible for 2020 cards to appear out of nowhere
pandaacid 3 months ago
Not to be specific but I love how he looks like a Cartoon Network character hahaha.
Javis Johnson
Javis Johnson 2 months ago
+ 19046600405
Javis Johnson
Javis Johnson 2 months ago
thanks for your comments I will advise you to get into cryptocurrency with the aid my of trader James Mack on whatsAp and make good profit.
D. 3 months ago
Grown men and their high school drama lol
Narcissa Deville
Narcissa Deville 3 months ago
It's so wild to me to say "Your video damaged my reputation" my guy... in your OWN LIVE that was filmed before Jarvis' video went up (because that's how YT works) people were calling you a scammer. It seems to ME that your reputation was already sus but you just want a scapegoat for your problems. Like. Most people already didn't trust you, but sure blame a RUvidr reacting to YOUR live stream which was allowed to be LIVE and stay up for why your reputation is bad.
LilEpidemic 3 months ago
Tell caillou to step down
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