Logan Paul's 'Pokemon Expert' and the 375k Scam

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Collectibles Guru is really suspicious as far as I can tell, here is a video explaining my thoughts. With news of the largest Pokemon Box scam in history breaking, now is a great time to bring light to the situation. *EVERYTHING SHARED IN THIS VIDEO IS SIMPLY THOUGHTS AN OPINIONS, I AM IN NO WAY STATING ANYTHING AS FACT* Enjoy!
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Nov 8, 2020




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Comments 5 136
Josh Bailey
Josh Bailey Day ago
Awesome content!!! One the best channels I’ve watched in a while…
Charlie B
Charlie B Day ago
I would never buy or play anything Pokémon
Grow Witch Us OKC
Why trust somebody who owes their soul to Samael
Vic Day ago
I wonder where he’s been at?
ThePhilff 2 days ago
I lost it at chrome drome....
Nathan Hobart
Nathan Hobart 3 days ago
Fucking “chrome dome”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂. Mans a COMEDY GENUIS
Brandon Foust
Brandon Foust 3 days ago
Wubbs I just subscribed to your channel your halarious bud ....👍😂keep up the vids 💯
undercover Key and the Glitchy Curtains
Reminds me of a high end shopping channel.. 🤣 🤣
Velvet Aeon
Velvet Aeon 3 days ago
The value could be anywhere between $0.00 and all the $$.
Guerilla Growers
Guerilla Growers 5 days ago
Shouldve put that call on speaker phone
Sakkun_Leang 5 days ago
Bald man, aka saitama, aka mr.clean, is Logan Paul Pokémon“expert” Not hate to bald people but a lot of hate to Pokémon guru
Koi Design
Koi Design 6 days ago
well i just found out i could be really rich omg
GrahamCracker 6 days ago
I remember the lore. I remember giving into the lore, that my Pokémon cards were worth something, back in, hmmmm, 2002? After all the hype was “over”, at that point-ishhh, going into a collectibles shop, thinking that i had about 100-200 bucks in my vinyl case, and only being offered 7or 8 bucks, so my 12 year old self sulked back home and threw those cards in my closet with rage and forgot about them
bro the fact that he has a pinky ring,has the excuses ready AND DOESN'T cover his nose with his face mask,is a lil sus in my book
Edward Ownbey
Edward Ownbey 8 days ago
This doesn't sound right, the vintage card Pokémon community sounds extremely scrutinizing and intelligent. If he's gonna scam someone he picked the wrong crowd.
Lord Richard
Lord Richard 10 days ago
Rad video
Phil Kirby
Phil Kirby 10 days ago
I love your brand of juicy cringe
Wave420 10 days ago
Only thing that makes me wonder is dumb money coming out and saying guru knew he was opening that box that day he brought it over
Wave420 10 days ago
I think that was Logans original box resealed Logan in on it too lmao jk
Angela Mercer
Angela Mercer 11 days ago
When he said Ziploc bags my soul melted
Will Williams
Will Williams 11 days ago
Nailed everything on the head.
joe lundine
joe lundine 11 days ago
It is really telling that the minute he decides that they’re going to open the box then and there this bald guy goes into the previous owners like why on earth would that be your first thought when he says that unless you’re scamming them
adidas boi
adidas boi 13 days ago
Earned a sub :) love the content man!
Justa Clapper
Justa Clapper 14 days ago
He said it looked good. Not it looks good
pub g
pub g 13 days ago
observational skills to small details 100
Franken Stein
Franken Stein 14 days ago
Never trust a guy who touches his chin in a photo of himself.
topher san
topher san 15 days ago
-when homeboy did the cards on the table like that i had to look away or i'd snap. If you a real card collector of any kind you know tapping the cards like that will dent the edges and chip off paint, edges have to be crispy sharp and shiny at all times. Once you damage the sides the card will start to curl inwards and layers will be exposed. This video brought me back to when i was young and a serious collector thank you bro 🙏.
Shay M
Shay M 19 days ago
I can't watch this video without skipping his reaction to them wanting to open the box live. The second hand embarrassment is too much for me to handle. LMAO Good god
Konyn_ Jump
Konyn_ Jump 19 days ago
Divorced parents? ............................................makes sense....
DARK_REAPER DJ 21 day ago
The security guy is for show the real guy that would tackle a tank is Leon hart one of the real expert
Steven Toney
Steven Toney 22 days ago
scammers must love wearing masks in person
A 23 days ago
No one ever mentions BGS is vastly superior to PSA in terms of authentic grading.
mONEy 25 days ago
I have never ever been into collecting cards before, but I started freaking out when he was started tapping the card on the table to get it to go into the sleeve.
Fwerd 25 days ago
I was in elementary school when this guy was my favorite RUvidr , he still is to this day
Charizard Alex
Charizard Alex 25 days ago
Collectibles guru is a POS!
dosduros 26 days ago
"Dumb Money". There's gotta be a joke somewhere in there.....
Berdo2005 Month ago
Bro that phone call was like when Michael Scott "called corporate" in the Office.
Will Hoehn
Will Hoehn Month ago
Crypto king looks like Lex Luther
Likho - Andrey
Likho - Andrey Month ago
you are amazing
Matthew Poole
Matthew Poole Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-6HsC9fNcZE8.html - This is basically the exact word for word content as this!
Sukmy Dikgoogle
Sukmy Dikgoogle Month ago
Are yugioh cards hot right now i still have a whole bunch.
King Edward The First
yall jumping to conclusions real fast like think about it if jb really did fake the box what would he gain from it since this event was live streamed anyways everyone knows how he looks like say they would have opend it offstream they would have went after bald man anyways
Yuyu Month ago
10? 20? maybe even 30? where the fuck am i? how the fuck did I get here? who are you?
arz_hoax Month ago
what are these guys obssesions of imagcualnte
air142009 Month ago
What's wrong with the pinky ring ? 😆
Smack DaDickus
Smack DaDickus Month ago
Never trust a guy that sounds like that bald dude
Fart Tony
Fart Tony Month ago
The guys acting is worse than the Xbox card bong kid
Oscar Ramires
Oscar Ramires Month ago
BouncyStickman Month ago
The physical CRINGE!
Nick B
Nick B Month ago
This reminded me that I had an entire binder full of of Pokémon cards from the late 90s (charizard, blastoise, venusaur, and many more) all just rotting away in the attic somewhere. The reason he’s trying to pump the cards as “extremely” valuable in timeframes like 10 years down the line is the best indication that he wants to come in, trick a bunch of people into sinking their money into a volatile asset, and get out before the hype ends.
Pamela Soltesz
Pamela Soltesz Month ago
THANK you my friend, you have a new fan..
Curry Month ago
Liaison. Love your work wubby.
Barbara Cleaver
Barbara Cleaver Month ago
19:00 "... I just spoke to the seller of the actual box" -"seller of the actual box" -"actual box" -"actual" Who talks like that? C'mon, now. Obviously, he's lying.
attaboyshorts Month ago
damn i almost didnt notice that. props to you! 👏
Snoogans Lestat
Snoogans Lestat Month ago
When he says No Problem hes shaking his head. Give away that hes lying.
SΛLMON Month ago
One punch man reference. I get it.
Grantsypants Month ago
What are sleeves????? 50 cents? Yeah not worth it for the legendary amount of money those cards are worth.
Luca Lmao
Luca Lmao Month ago
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
I don’t know isht abt pokemon cards. I do understand how to handle anything vintage that is paper or cardboard even i screeched watching him
Daniel Arzola
Daniel Arzola Month ago
SYP Month ago
ai laik dis vidio
Aaron Feldsteen
Aaron Feldsteen Month ago
This would be so much cooler if it were about Garbage Pale Kids.
That’d be cool
Pine Three
Pine Three Month ago
There’s already been evidence of fraud. Pre opening packs and pulling any super value cards replacing them, then carefully resealing it. So I really hope only people with massive disposable income are into this style of “acquiring cards”.
tothar Month ago
Have you tried searching youtube for "hot yoga contortion" yet? Some weird shit going on
eric Month ago
I hate the fact that when someone asks a price of something in my collection and then they say its bs and point to this scammer as proof that we inflate prices also nice vid
Jemis5 2 months ago
raguna mist
raguna mist 2 months ago
Funny thing is if he was selling under market no one in the community would’ve said he was over charging. The market is the average of confirmed sales. Just cause Ebsy are asking $300 more then decent sales that doesn’t make it “the market” the sold listings are the market. Scumbag of a person
Mac 2 months ago
I dont think anyone noticed but shoutout to Pikachu TCG for that banger comment at 8:52
Jeremy Stark
Jeremy Stark 2 months ago
Nice breakdown. I ran a cardshop from 1998-2002 and had 2 cases of 1st edition base and 1st edition fossil & basically gave them away because i nwver thought pokemom would be worth money. Im kicking myself when i see these prices.
MoringAfterStar 2 months ago
Came here from Sam's podcast, you inspired me to put more things in my butt, thank you. Now I'm here.
B3astmod3 74
B3astmod3 74 2 months ago
He is like the grunt for Giovanni nobody likes
pr1mus 2 months ago
What a scam
Cody Allen
Cody Allen 2 months ago
I don't think Dumb Money is being stupid by not confronting him on the spot here. If I were them I'd say sure and nod to everything he said after the box turned out to be fake, then I'd just ghost him and find another dealer. The confrontation isn't gonna accomplish anything, their money isn't wrapped up in it yet. Just send the scammer on his way. Maybe put out there that this dude is shady, "allegedly", so you don't get sued, and move on.
7 1 2 5
7 1 2 5 2 months ago
He got so fucking RED when he was told to open the case.
Oistin Grifig
Oistin Grifig 2 months ago
I was waiting for aka agent 47
CJ 29
CJ 29 2 months ago
I got the pocket monster cards
TrashTank 2 months ago
I missed you to my little chubby-wubby
Gabriel Johnson
Gabriel Johnson 2 months ago
Barbells and Games
Barbells and Games 2 months ago
Sounds like the original seller could have gotten screwed over.
Scott Watkins
Scott Watkins 2 months ago
lol the shiny sheen on his head is a stuck up way of glorifying male patern baldness. my husband is military shaves his head completely. never gets that shiny and the reason why is because he doesn't use oils to shine his head. a bald head doesn't need oil it needs respect and care not glorifying what happens too quickly to men.
Veloxy Month ago
wtf lmfao
Drewism 2 months ago
I have to be honest though, respect to logan. He did sorta bring a community back together, even though it's always been popular regardless
georgie 2 months ago
His shiny head is extremely distracting
Mohammad Farhan
Mohammad Farhan 2 months ago
people really do have more cents than sense
Carlie Flowers
Carlie Flowers 2 months ago
He buffs his head with a Mr clean magic eraser
Eyeofthemourning 2 months ago
Its douchebags like that who kill the passion for these collectables and turns art and icons of a generation into nothing more than a commodity.
Jeff Larrabee
Jeff Larrabee 3 months ago
these guys have obviously never dealt with shady weed dealers in their day.
Very Delectable Dairy Product
pogab lol (nigest_)
Roswell Xo
Roswell Xo 3 months ago
my mans guru was handling those cards like maxmoefoe. May as well fuckin tossed them good god. Didn’t even bring sleeves just baggies.
PulsarGTi-R 3 months ago
Started sweating, shaking, and making excuses and fake stories IMMEDIATELY.
Big Wilson
Big Wilson 3 months ago
That polished head tho on the guru...
Juan 3 months ago
This guy looks like he was waterboarded with olive oil and lacquer
Gury Wullums
Gury Wullums 3 months ago
I cited this channel in my college writing class for content I look to for inspiration. Thanks wubby.
Brookelynn Smith
Brookelynn Smith 3 months ago
I don't know I'm Collectibles Guru I don't know s*** about Pokemon
Brookelynn Smith
Brookelynn Smith 3 months ago
10 2030k
The Artist Of War
The Artist Of War 3 months ago
OMFGs "During the Victorian era, both single men and women uninterested in pursuing marriage could wear a ring on the little finger of their left hand. Especially in the United States, pinky rings also developed an association with criminal activity. *Grifters* were thought to wear such rings, sometimes to provide their associates with a source of funding for their funeral expenses in case of their death, as were made men in the American Mafia. " straight from Wikipedia, Grifters mean conmen... he is literally saying to everyone I meet, "I am a con man or a man that find con men to be a desirable aesthetic" or he is a Canadian with an engineering degree...
LESTR97 3 months ago
Pokemon cards used to be a fun thing for kids to play with and collect. Now it’s become a speculative investment for bad actors who don’t even care about Pokemon
DNT WasteTIME 3 months ago
Can someone hold my hand? The bald guys sussiness is making me cringe.
Barit555 3 months ago
Oh man I know nothing about pokemon collectibles and I cringed so hard watching him push that energy across the table.
luke53285 3 months ago
Bro I found your channel because someone was ripping off your material on tik tok. I'm so glad i found you, but fuck that guy
Austin Martin
Austin Martin 3 months ago
i don’t even like pokémon and this is so interesting 😂
jimmy bluebos
jimmy bluebos 3 months ago
The true victim is Leon Hart. He's the golden boy of Pokemon. Sad he's been associated with that bald fraud
ZemQuintz 3 months ago
I can't believe I'm just finding you