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Logan Full Movie Breakdown & Visual Analysis. Logan Easter Eggs, Logan Trivia, Logan References to X-Men Comics. Logan Final Hugh Jackman Wolverine Film Explained!
Now that Logan has made the rounds in theaters, Erik Voss takes a deeper look at the film and explains all the interesting details you might have missed. Why did director James Mangold decide to use X-24, an R-rating, the setting of America's borders, and a Cerebro-looking water tank? What were the deleted scenes? Were Sabertooth and Cyclops going to be in Logan? What were the subtle clues throughout the film that foreshadowed the reveal of Zander Rice's plan? What are the film's connections to the Old Man Logan, the X-Men comics, and the other Wolverine movies? How did stories like Shane, The Gauntlet, The Cowboys, Children of Men, and The Last of Us inspire Logan's story and look, as well as Hugh Jackman's performance?
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Mar 24, 2017




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Groot the Guardian
Look at 10:33or 10:34 you can see Rip Hunter from legends of tomorrow
Backwards Brain
Backwards Brain 5 days ago
God...old Erik...well I guess it’s young, but....ugh
Matthew Raven
Matthew Raven 6 days ago
The Nosferatu joke is hilarious.
Game Star
Game Star 7 days ago
When you find out ruby was a mutant
MartynJamieson9 8 days ago
I am surprised no one's mentioned the similarties to Metal Gear Solid 4 which also has very similar feel to this movie both that game and this movie feature aging badass super soldiers who usually are damn near unstoppable and are both dying of mystery diseases which are slowly killing them and also both use a type of syringe to restore their health temporarily and allows them to fight one last time, also the lighting in mgs4s opening level also Mirrors the lighting in Logan, also both men are very weak n can barely stand and practically at deaths door by the end of the their respective final adventures, only we don't see Snake actually die where as Logan definitely does die by the end... They are very different in tone and not all match but their is some some definite parallels to both those stories.
derek carmack
derek carmack 8 days ago
Is it just me? Or does EV look strange? Like he's a slightly off clone of himself. Or maybe he's wearing make up.
6ixty6ix Gunner
6ixty6ix Gunner 9 days ago
skyler land
skyler land 9 days ago
what every comic nerd does to warm up before a fight 23:18
bigbodyrover 9 days ago
x-23 looks like a mini amanda nunes
Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta 10 days ago
Very beautiful explanation
SHERRY TRUDE 11 days ago
It's makes me wanna cry seeing Logan die again
TheLegend325 12 days ago
Oh yeah Charles we got ourselves an xmen fan
Jake Nelson
Jake Nelson 13 days ago
I like the idea that this movie exists as a else worlds story that can pick and choose which moves are canon to it, it allows for the universe to keep the happy ending of Days of Future Past
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 13 days ago
Logan was a sublime movie by any standard if you ask me. I loved it.
Caiden Solo
Caiden Solo 15 days ago
Why does Eric Voss look so different?
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly 17 days ago
Well done!
DEAN ALLEN 17 days ago
My idea of the xmen timeline is... first class. Origins..wolverine. Xmen1. Xmen2. Xmen3. Wolverine. Days of future past. Apocolypse. Phoenix. Logan. Deadpool doesn't really fit in..its more of an independant film series with 4th wall breaks of the xmen.
Justice Graceful
Justice Graceful 20 days ago
hah it threw me off when you were referring to that movies universe when you said tigers were extinct. I was like NO😨 haha
Braedon Thorsson
Braedon Thorsson 21 day ago
Let's be honest. Canada has been an asylum for a number of people. So it's quite fitting.
Valley Civ
Valley Civ 22 days ago
Since when were tigers EXTINCT
Jake Nelson
Jake Nelson 13 days ago
In this movies future
allowpanda 1930
allowpanda 1930 25 days ago
Tigers are fictnal an freddy cruger is extinct
M. King
M. King 27 days ago
This is sad 😥
ARVITAR E 01 27 days ago
Did your energy got low?
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 26 days ago
Makes sense
Psychic 27 days ago
Is that weird that I saw this in theaters when I was 10?
1sttobylopez Month ago
Just because the timeline was changed does not mean that none of the events happened. Logan is still been alive for something like three hundred years and Wars and cage fighting will continue to be a human past time no matter what.
Masoakan Modisago
Damn, and I thought this was just a movie, lol.
Kurtis Bush
Kurtis Bush Month ago
Wasn't the tainted water supply thing also from X-men Evolution?
Jamie Glover
Jamie Glover Month ago
Wtf is that lighting
annim hahs
annim hahs Month ago
Also natural mutants don't develop powers before puberty and these did because their artificial which is a great detail
Lorna Dan
Lorna Dan Month ago
Henry Savage
Henry Savage Month ago
Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that Logan ended up releasing the same day as the Nintendo Switch
Paulito Novickis Pichipoothingi
Erik: tigers are extinct Me: waiitttt.... i thought they were NEARLY extinct, ur saying the tigers in tayto park arent tigers... they are close to extinct, not rlly tho
Paulito Novickis Pichipoothingi
@starman jair oh ok
starman jair
starman jair 27 days ago
In thr movie they are
Eric Simmons
Eric Simmons Month ago
Colossus survived it because he’s in Deadpool 2
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 26 days ago
The Deadpool movies are their own thing really
Stone Vollm
Stone Vollm Month ago
coulossis is not dead
QU1CK SC0P3 • 87 years ago
Wow thx youtube recommending this to me 3 years later
Andrew Zabka
Andrew Zabka Month ago
I just noticed the "firefly" posters in the background of the deadpool 2 scene.
Outside the Bubble
It was the Last of Us Easter Eggs
Unknown Entity
Unknown Entity Month ago
tigers arn't extinct?
Unknown Entity
Unknown Entity 26 days ago
@Jim Johnson ohhhh
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 26 days ago
They are in the movie
Shuaizu Month ago
Half the video was just references and explanations of other movie and shows.. yawn..
Jodi Benson
Jodi Benson Month ago
has anyone else noticed the number of thumbs downs on this video is 616? coincidence i think not
RAYMOND Granado Month ago
Fun Fact,this movie came out on my birthday. March 3rd 1996. And I saw it like 3 times that weekend because I loved it and so did my family!!
Flatlegs Month ago
Tigers aren't extinct 🤓 Well I hope not but I'm pretty sure they aren't 😛
Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris Month ago
Are tigers extinct? I don’t think they are
alkeisha edwards
I disagree I would have like to see what happened to the other mutant in the passed or seen any other mutants that could give more insight to what happened to all the other x-men
Chad Month ago
'self promoting asshole' DEADPOOL?
Bad Wolf Bay
Bad Wolf Bay Month ago
You may not need to know the answers but now my OCD's been triggered.
Jaden Potter
Jaden Potter Month ago
i love how hugh was mimicking the actions that were happening on the screen
Epifanio Cruz
Epifanio Cruz Month ago
Epifanio Cruz
Epifanio Cruz Month ago
And maybe they should have shown hugh in the wolverine suit in the manchester incident in a nightmare mid movie
Toq The Wise
Toq The Wise Month ago
9:59 not to mention that fluoride is a neuro-toxin used in rat poison that we put in the water supply for whatever reason and there was a time where the US government was considering adding lithium to the water supply as well.
Leonel Tiqui
Leonel Tiqui Month ago
I just wanna cry seeing my childhood superhero die T-T
Nagamasa Azai
Nagamasa Azai Month ago
3 years....3 years and just seeing and hearing that "no guns in the valley" scene. I STILL cry.....😢😢😢😢
Poudcast Time
Poudcast Time Month ago
I can’t believe I saw this movie when I was six
thebl4ckd0g Month ago
Maybe Deadpool wrote the comics? Self-promoting asshole i a leotard? :D
Nanix Tech
Nanix Tech Month ago
Enybody else watching this in 2020
Nick Callander
Nick Callander Month ago
Carston 101
Carston 101 Month ago
I wanted to watch this video but watching old Eric is really weird...
Rohith Mohan
Rohith Mohan Month ago
I'm a time traveller from 2020 and looking at Eric .. whaaat aree thooseee
david tapia
david tapia Month ago
There was also a headstone at the Cemetery that says "Rogers"
PlaYA Month ago
I think it's called " To be young "
Dwilliam01 2 months ago
This movie reminds me of red dead redemption 2
Evilian818 2 months ago
what happend to eric
We Are Venom
We Are Venom 2 months ago
Lost weight
mattirzz mattimus
mattirzz mattimus 2 months ago
Why didn't X24 heal up after being shot in the head?
#CHUNEETH SAHU 2 months ago
I dont owe anybody anything now thanks to, *l a z y h o m e p r o .c l u b*
K U 2 months ago
20:00 sorry but NO. The TOP of Hugh Jackman was Night at the Museum 3 (Truly the BEST part of that movie!!!)
Carlos Salazar
Carlos Salazar 2 months ago
Bruh I watch Logan when I was 8
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 months ago
Roger Boum
Roger Boum 2 months ago
Less energy booooo
Rahmandi Madenda
Rahmandi Madenda 2 months ago
Wait... this movie story is similar to The Last of Us game ??, is that a coincidence or...??
Guy79 79
Guy79 79 2 months ago
i came from 2020 and gosh erik, is that you? that "hi guys" in the intro tells me that this is a skrull. Believe it.
Spitfire X1
Spitfire X1 19 hours ago
He’s so formal
Xen Dark
Xen Dark 24 days ago
I also came from 2020
Lee Cohen
Lee Cohen Month ago
I had the exact same reaction! Erik are you okay?
joel sanchez
joel sanchez Month ago
All 2020 lol
Joey Owens
Joey Owens 2 months ago
Ricky Thomas
Ricky Thomas 2 months ago
It's one best marvel movie and underrated
Kaos1391 2 months ago
I balled my eyes out in the theater when I watched it. It was a great movie to send off to two main X-men characters.
Albino Polar Bear
Albino Polar Bear 2 months ago
If you watched X-Men Evolution, one episode in season 3 talks about an energy drink that is harmful to mutants and the factory making it flushes out tanks of it into the sewer for cleaning purposes I think and it mixes with the water; poisoning the morlocks.
Raahem Bhutta
Raahem Bhutta 2 months ago
Anyone else hear the porn hub into in the back ground
Youssef Saleh
Youssef Saleh 15 days ago
No you’re just horny.
NokismTV 2 months ago
the camera contrast being so high, makes it look like your nose is bleeding onto your mustache
Apex 3D
Apex 3D 3 months ago
yeah this movie was awesome. randomly turned it on and ended up renting it and watching it again the same day
Help me Killer
Help me Killer 3 months ago
Poor mutants
Airsoft gun’s and motorcycles
Considering that wolverine had to eat and drink I don’t feel it would have been the metal skeleton but the lack of the healing factors ability to counter the the process of ageing
Rockcovers269 3 months ago
The limos license plate is WER maybe wolv-er-ine and the 119 could be a comic issue?
ThumbsTube 3 months ago
Wait so Deadpool might in the future due to the poisoning!
Lionardo Peňa
Lionardo Peňa 3 months ago
More video less pasty ass you please
fresh B
fresh B 3 months ago
I hope the place the kids end up at is magnetos island for mutants!!!!
SaltySaltine 30
SaltySaltine 30 3 months ago
Just now watching this 3 years later
Billy Brouwer
Billy Brouwer 4 months ago
Rip logan
Kayles Sparhawk
Kayles Sparhawk 4 months ago
like in 2020
Ethan A
Ethan A 4 months ago
anyone watching this great Easter egg hunt in quarantine?
MAGNUS Month ago
Watched logan too
Killershdow052 4 months ago
Logan made me cry 😭
Eltoro Boyd
Eltoro Boyd 4 months ago
Mr.Sinister could've made a cameo in the lab scene of the movie .
Richard De Armas
Richard De Armas 4 months ago
You said tigers are extinct....
Mr. Rene Moreno
Mr. Rene Moreno 4 months ago
I want to see the sequel if possible now❄️😎!
Kyle Pirko
Kyle Pirko 4 months ago
Did you just say tigers are extinct? What, like, in the movie they're extinct?
Bryce McKenzie
Bryce McKenzie 4 months ago
Logan was so good. The Noire version is also so amazing. This movie was so great
mathi hari
mathi hari 5 months ago
Tigers are extinct??
Ryan J
Ryan J 5 months ago
Tigers are not extinct...
Damion Sweet
Damion Sweet 5 months ago
5:18 😂 love this movie!!!
Jacobe Vieito
Jacobe Vieito 5 months ago
He’s has grow so much
Super Duper
Super Duper 5 months ago
Another inconsistency about Adamantium is that it should not be able to be cut, pierced or shattered like it was from the Adamantium bullet and the Silver Samurai. If its indestructible then its indestructible even when impacted by other adamantium. This proves that Adamantium is not indestructible, or that it is just another form of Vibranium.
F. Dufresne
F. Dufresne 4 months ago
Is more like diamond, that can only be cut with other diamonds.
Super Duper
Super Duper 5 months ago
I think the Anti-mutagen is supposed to prevent mutations from happening, not reverse mutations that have already happened. Thats why X23 is unaffected by junk food.
anonymouse 5 months ago
Btw the tiger is not extinct
berber 5 months ago
Damn, I cry since logan burried prof X until 15 minute after the movie end
Dora morgan
Dora morgan 5 months ago
X24 looks like sabertooth
Steven C.C
Steven C.C 5 months ago
Ive been on youtube for years. Im subscribed to 4 different places. Im not a fan of being flooded with crap i dont care about or the same crap ive already seen. Love your content. Thanx!!
Jalon Swinton
Jalon Swinton 5 months ago
Flint, MI boys!!! I’m from flint MI
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