Locked in My Art Room for 24 Hours

Moriah Elizabeth
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Hey Guys! Today I'm doing a fun(?) little experiment. Locking myself in my art/craft room for 24 hours. Now, I realize that this is NOT that intense LOL. I had a lot of space to work with, food, an air mattress.....it was a pretty cushy set up. BUT the point of this wasn't really to be super intense or crazy, i really just wanted to see how much stuff I could make, being trapped in a room full of art and craft supplies, in 24 hours. Ummmmmmm. It didn't exaclty go according to plan. I know I was SUPER tired in the video especially toward the end. SORRY!!!! i hope you guys will still be entertained by it 😊
This is the kind of lame version of the 24 hour challenge 😂
If you like this, maybe I can do it again. BUT I'll step it up a notch. Maybe i'll actually keep to just one room. Not allow outside food. ban myself from the internet. Sleep on the floor. IDK, there are many things I could deprive myself of 😂
I did get some fun little projects done. I tested a couple small craft kits. DIY squishy kits (decorate me squeezables and smushy mushy decorate your own squishy kit). PLUS a kit from 5 below with those little squishy, mochi, rubbery things. ALSO, I did get it together and finish a colored pencil drawing in my sketchbook for you guys at the end. I hope you cats and cupcakes!
MERCH STORE: moriah-elizabeth.teespring.com/
The pickle shirt is no longer available. BUT, I just released brand new DECALS!!!! We have a limited quantity and I won't be announcing this in a video until next week. So I'm posting on community, instagram and in this description as an opportunity to purchase before they get sold out!
HERE'S THE LINK: me-merch.myshopify.com/collections/die-cut-stickers?page=1

Every Friday at 4:00pm ET: Alternating Squishy Makeovers, Thrift Makeovers, Craft Kit Reviews, Create This Book, Mail Openings and Miscellaneous crafts and DIYs



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Sep 13, 2019




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Comments 80
EllieKittens 15 minutes ago
Moriah: I think I am gonna draw Also Moriah: *stares at phone for a long time* It was at 7:54
Kaylee Jackson
Kaylee Jackson 18 minutes ago
Moriah:moon walks Me:😮
Sloane Vids
Sloane Vids 53 minutes ago
Wait it’s not normal to stay in your room for 24 hours
Craig Dickinson
Craig Dickinson 57 minutes ago
I lose my mind with Doritos
Jade Johnson
Jade Johnson 3 hours ago
When will ur sister, twin ;n; I dunno. But when will she come backkk? Or did I miss the video where you’d confess that there’s no ‘evil twin sister’ ?
Chad Smith
Chad Smith 3 hours ago
Kyra West
Kyra West 4 hours ago
This video makes me laugh every time I watch it keep up the good work moriah When opi (I don’t know how to spell the cat’s name) attempted to jump up onto the counter had me cracking up😂
L2 Reflex
L2 Reflex 4 hours ago
love your hair girl
Moon Bene
Moon Bene 4 hours ago
I can’t believe I’m saying this but moriah Elizabeth is gettin boring Every like makes me 1 more percent unboring ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
Ava Leonard
Ava Leonard 7 hours ago
I can’t wait till Moriah and Jordan has kids😃😁👍❤️😍🤪
Mackenzie the caticorn that plays roblox
Good job! Your almost at 5mil subs! We can do this!
Elisa Partida
Elisa Partida 8 hours ago
12:00 the pony tail reminde me hanna her *twin* sister
Isha Saini
Isha Saini 8 hours ago
Moriah: This cupcake liner is WACK! Me: I LOVE IT!!!
Frenchescka duck sister
pls do a bedroom tour or house tour
Elìn Ròs Ròbertsdottir
I have been in my room for 26 hours like if you have to😋☺😊😉
Awa laye Gueye
Awa laye Gueye 12 hours ago
at the first part of the video when you said that you were only allowing food in I was wondering how you would get water until I saw that giant jug water
NeyNey Vlogs
NeyNey Vlogs 15 hours ago
Moriah: *zooms in creepy face* Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhh
NeyNey Vlogs
NeyNey Vlogs 15 hours ago
Moriah: iiyy? Me: okay?
NeyNey Vlogs
NeyNey Vlogs 15 hours ago
Cookie Gacha
Cookie Gacha 15 hours ago
I like this intro
Eva Easton
Eva Easton 16 hours ago
Clare Walker
Clare Walker 18 hours ago
I love ART like if u agree you to Moriah!
Gonzalez Ortiz Alexa
O pie is a girl!
Gonzalez Ortiz Alexa
Is Jordan your boyfriend?
Txylxn 21 hour ago
Ello There M8! How are ya? I'm Txylxn, New to this!! I have changed my ways and so im dreaming of being a youtuber! I would LOVE if you subscribed! I believe i can do my dreams. If you decide to come over, THANK YOU!! -Txylxn, The person who wants to be like albert ( Flamingo )
Laine Makepeace
Laine Makepeace 21 hour ago
Moriah: this cupcake liner is wakey Me: I CAN'T EVEN DRAW
Lydia Hedman
Lydia Hedman 21 hour ago
1:53 I am dying 🤣🤣
NeyNey Vlogs
NeyNey Vlogs 22 hours ago
To be honest if I was stuck in that room wit u I wanna squish all this squishies :)
NeyNey Vlogs
NeyNey Vlogs 22 hours ago
Tbh MORIAH GO TO THE PHILLIPINES PLEASEEEEE I wanna meet you.. im filipino anwer me do you have messenger? I will send you my phone number :) I hope I can meet you.. love you moriah
Irma Gonzalez
When she say Opie come here :Opie is like ima eat yah
J Anonymous
J Anonymous Day ago
1:54 is anyone else dying due to laughter 🤣
The holy Taco
At least in quarantine we can have the whole house and backyard to be in People in apartments I will pray for you
Sarah Kirby
Sarah Kirby Day ago
Sunny Time
Sunny Time Day ago
Slime,1999 Day ago
Gumbeaux Day ago
hi i love your channle and i love panitng rocks i hope to meet you someday
Anaya Jindal
Anaya Jindal Day ago
Hibah Bhuiyan
Now everyone is doing the 100,0000 hour challenge!!!!!
matishtha Bisht
Title: locking myself in my room for 24 hours Me: like quarentine wasn't enough
akinator fbj
akinator fbj Day ago
7:52 , 8:40 and 11:18 That's so me when I want to draw something
Zoe Fadale
Zoe Fadale Day ago
I honestly loved your drawing❤
Gacha Luna :3
Gacha Luna :3 2 days ago
Your drawings are so good 😊 🥰😍😜
Gabriella Greer
Gabriella Greer 2 days ago
Moriah: theirs so many things to do later: only makes 3 marker colored squishes and a drawing
Shannon Anderson
Shannon Anderson 2 days ago
i made the same squishy mushy
Joaquin and Michele Ferrao
You draw so GOOD
Roblox Blog family
Am laughing hard bc Toby got ur hand and it said AHHHHHH
Roblox Blog family
uhh moriah:im COOOOOLD me: aww i wish i was cold :C mybrain:shut up its bad me:i dont care
Enchanted_Rose0 2 days ago
Plz bring Back the shirt
Lori Hutchison
Lori Hutchison 2 days ago
You are halaireis on camera
catherine gaile buenaventura
I also cant sleep in silence
Liz Valladares
Liz Valladares 2 days ago
Moriah:i have so many kits,Me:kids?Moriah:showing us the kits,Me:MY MIND JUST FELL APART
Camryn Piazza
Camryn Piazza 2 days ago
I would want to be in that art room for 48 hours
Melody Moo moo
Melody Moo moo 2 days ago
She can actually moon walk 😱
Anna Housley
Anna Housley 2 days ago
I don’t think you realize how good you are at drawing... Nice Job
YouTube Lover
YouTube Lover 2 days ago
Anyone watching this knowing that she was just practising coronavirus defence
chimmy changa
chimmy changa 2 days ago
covid19 is getting better just because she is here making youtube videos
Ananya Nara
Ananya Nara 2 days ago
I love how detailed your colouring is
Maggie McDermott
Maggie McDermott 2 days ago
If I could go anywhere I would go to moriah’s art room
Veronica Stevenson
The drawing looks like your cat who is in a cupcake 🧁
Konnie’s World
Konnie’s World 2 days ago
Why for 24 h
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 2 days ago
I thought she would paint a squishy 😂💗🦋
Isabell Heimuli
Isabell Heimuli 2 days ago
Jazzmyn Anderson
Jazzmyn Anderson 2 days ago
i’m like REALLY SAD BC... i done watched ALL ur videos 20x! and ALL of dollightful videos! AND ALL of simplynaillogical and YALL ARE THE ONLY PPL I WATCH UGH
Me And My Toy World
8:46 did she just say LITTLE!!!!!!??????
Reagan Phelps
Reagan Phelps 3 days ago
Fun Fact: If you are reading this you know what the coronavirus is.
Ilyas Patel
Ilyas Patel 3 days ago
santosh Unichem
santosh Unichem 3 days ago
*I wish I had an art room like Moriah*😅😅 *smiles hopelessly**
The End: When Quarantine is over
My Odd Life
My Odd Life 3 days ago
I love 24 hour challenges
Luke Morphis
Luke Morphis 3 days ago
I love this video
Lara Abdullah
Lara Abdullah 3 days ago
Funny thing is in that when she said quick commercial it put a tampon ad
MILANIA LOPEZ 3 days ago
How are you so some your squishy it
Kitten_ Roblox
Kitten_ Roblox 3 days ago
Little did we all know She was telling us the future...
_ Blue Bunny Gacha_
Wow, now the whole world is doing this, but more than 24 hours
Hibah Bhuiyan
_ Blue Bunny Gacha_ I agree
The Bracelet Queen
Please put that shirt back up. It’s so cute!
The Bracelet Queen
I want that shirt your wearing Moriah! Please put it on your shop.
KARMA_ 3050
KARMA_ 3050 3 days ago
Is the cat in the drawing opi
Leigha Pollard
Leigha Pollard 3 days ago
Your drawings are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good 😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😄😃😄😃😄😃😄
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller 3 days ago
I am sorru u had to stay there but not couse u love your art room
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller 3 days ago
I love your vids 😋
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