Lobster and Egg Mukbang with Body Reveal

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Join Blove for a Lobster and egg mukbang and get a behind the scenes body reveal update. Check out her ASMR Channel: BlovesASMR Eating Her Way:
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May 13, 2019




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Comments 4 744
Bloveslife 7 months ago
GM everyone, if u have any questions about my surgery experience, please leave your questions under this pinned comment and ill answer your questions in a Q and A video. Have a Blessed Day.
TONIA WHITE 6 months ago
What did you do to your face u looks diff and, you look pretty without makeup
The Logan Family
The Logan Family 6 months ago
How was the first day after surgery?
Armani 6 months ago
Bloveslife How much does it cost? How long does it take to heel? What made you get a bbl?
Lavender Shipp
Lavender Shipp 7 months ago
Did you not like your body before surgery? I love u either way 💞
Jasmine Nobles
Jasmine Nobles 4 days ago
You're pretty regardless but you are waaaaay prettier when you look more natural like this🥰
Aretha Scott
Aretha Scott 25 days ago
Looks good
kandie kakes
kandie kakes 27 days ago
It look so funny looking do over !! Wrong doc !! But if yu love we do 2 Still luv your videos doe.
La Toya Woodgett
You look great!
Anita Spears
Anita Spears Month ago
I'm new so I didn't no anything was wrong this is older but I'm glad your in better health.. sexy ass lady 🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘🤩🤩😋😋
Anita Spears
Anita Spears Month ago
Blove I think u fine sis Im new but this video I love the natural look soooo much u sexy and fine ASF skin on point
Sjanie Van eden
Sjanie Van eden 2 months ago
How did you go potty .. ouch
Team Cassy
Team Cassy 3 months ago
Bloveslife I love this outfit on u showing skin in a classy way I say lol see thru but can see the Tatas I love it u look beautiful with no makeup ugh can’t get enough of this look ur old man is one lucky guy he better know that
Sheena Willis
Sheena Willis 3 months ago
Look totally different and younger without makeup
Sheretta Williams
Sheretta Williams 3 months ago
😂😂 You husband in the background when u was talking about did y'all see my butt..😂😂
Sarafina Brown
Sarafina Brown 3 months ago
You look Gorgeous here
David Lunsford- Barlow
I love this page , this the first mukbanger I came across. So no disrespect when I say this but after you have your make over ... if you keep eating like you eat then you end up the same way you way before. Unless you exercise then you good. You should recorded yourself working out to if you haven’t already
Ramona Holmes
Ramona Holmes 4 months ago
You look so beautiful without makeup. Your natural look makes you look way younger
Tammi Robinson
Tammi Robinson 4 months ago
B you are more beautiful without makeup! I love the natural look 👍🏽
Erica Bullock
Erica Bullock 4 months ago
She look so young without her makeup I didn't even recognize her
alyshanelson59 4 months ago
I'm dying! lol cause I sho did fast forward hahaha you look amazing girlfriend
Lakandice Fails
Lakandice Fails 4 months ago
How much did your surgery cost ms. Bloves
Lovegoesalongway 4 months ago
I like how close you were to the camera!!!!🥰 welcome to the “judybotty” club 🤗
Monique Scott
Monique Scott 4 months ago
Do more videos with no make up!
Clara Thor
Clara Thor 4 months ago
where can I get this sauce?
Clara Thor
Clara Thor 4 months ago
just wondering, are you concerned about your cholesterol (all those eggs). Your food always look delicious.
Sachell Cunningham
Sachell Cunningham 4 months ago
You look beautiful with or without the makeup
Jeannette Stewart
Jeannette Stewart 4 months ago
She looks better without makeup because Unfortunately she doesn’t know how to do it for her face and she does look better without it
Kaleema Qaasim
Kaleema Qaasim 5 months ago
Omg I hate her so much that I love her. She makes me so jealous and hungry.
Green Tara
Green Tara 5 months ago
All of y’all no makeup commenters she is wearing makeup with filter(s) lol it’s just not as much. Her wearing no makeup is her in her bbl vlogs
VanD86 5 months ago
I watched the video for your sauce, and seeing this sauce, do you add more onion? It looks amazing!
charlie mae bright
charlie mae bright 5 months ago
What do your husband feel about all of this surgery do he truly understand or do he just love you the way you are 🙏💗
S Dot Cannon
S Dot Cannon 5 months ago
I, I, I.....what a slap in the Most High's face....the scars....SMH dont do no more. It's not ok. I love your show.....but I loathe vanity. Hey the Most High said in the last days we will be vain and haughty.
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson 5 months ago
Does lobster taste like crab legs
Nicole Simon
Nicole Simon 5 months ago
Bah different taste but both good
Pinkyz Up
Pinkyz Up 5 months ago
Take some advice from your subscribers and keep this natural glow!! You look so much better and YOUNGER without it.
Bo 5 months ago
To be recovering, you look good Mrs. B! Outfit on point and you look beautiful without makeup. Your eyes are beautiful. I cracked up when you said you had to buy bigger panties 😂😂
Chandra Styles
Chandra Styles 5 months ago
You look good B. I don’t think you needed the surgery to that extent. I think you would have looked just as good had you done it the natural way but you are bomb af and if you’re happy that’s all that matters
Carla Gee
Carla Gee 5 months ago
You look amazing!!
Bernadette 5 months ago
Why do u eat the same shit all the time...boring af
Monique Flournoy
Monique Flournoy 5 months ago
Yes your booty looks Marvelous. Thank you for sharing.
Pamela Fields
Pamela Fields 5 months ago
Where can I get the sause
Unique Critique
Unique Critique 5 months ago
B love I'm so happy for you, God bless you. When I move to Arizona I'll then will become a you tuber so please keep me in your prayers and remember me. Because I was talking to my husband about changes to my butt and stomach. I love your mukbangs and I wish you the best in everything. Hope you get to respond. 💓
Unique Critique
Unique Critique 5 months ago
Your so bold and I admire that about you.. you seem like a great person.
The Underdog
The Underdog 5 months ago
And, I see your appetite didn't need recuperating..lol. Good!😊
The Underdog
The Underdog 5 months ago
Blove, Gurl! You are lookin' QUITE Sexy on this day, Sis! I'm diggin'the hair, no make up, and the sheer top! You got that 1990's Karen White look goin' on...lol.
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