Llama & Wandering Trader Life - Minecraft Animation

Alien Being
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This video is the beginning of a “Village & Pillage”
Llama & Wandering Trader will be the guide of the story.
And “Villager vs Pillager” story will go on.
Llama & Wandering Trader Life - Minecraft Animation
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Nov 9, 2019




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Comments 9 106
Alien Being
Alien Being 9 months ago
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andrea melo
andrea melo 2 hours ago
endang smariduta
endang smariduta 14 hours ago
@小雪人 lucu banget tuh
nazarihr hr
nazarihr hr 14 hours ago
i like it
Siti Nurhidayati
Siti Nurhidayati 15 hours ago
Bang bagi minilerft betanya banh
Марина Юпик
Adnan Talb
Adnan Talb 21 minute ago
Mario Trujillo
Mario Trujillo 22 minutes ago
Atiqah Rais
Atiqah Rais 51 minute ago
andrea melo
andrea melo 2 hours ago
Paco Nothing
Paco Nothing 3 hours ago
Zombie🧽 🧟‍♀️ should’ve sadistic
Franco Fuhr
Franco Fuhr 4 hours ago
Claro y te dige
Ankaleydi Nilda
Ankaleydi Nilda 5 hours ago
Ivan Lazaroaguilar
Ivan Lazaroaguilar 5 hours ago
Isabela Candiani
Isabela Candiani 8 hours ago
Mohamedmohamed Frahat
Superanja 2011
Superanja 2011 13 hours ago
😍 is so cute Minecraft film
Debbani Chattopadhyay
I want a baby llama!
Heri Siswanto
Heri Siswanto 15 hours ago
bang bagus
Abady 2010
Abady 2010 16 hours ago
Arlene Beraña
Arlene Beraña 18 hours ago
Марина Юпик
Mauro julien Rc
Mauro julien Rc 22 hours ago
ULTIMATERZ gaming 23 hours ago
wandering is nice in the vids but HIS TRADE WAS HORIBBLE
Danh Sóc
Danh Sóc Day ago
Otávio Augusto Amorim
BlueTheYt1 Day ago
BlueTheYt1 Day ago
XxTrYhArDxX 16
Pop noise is soo satisfying
ARMI tay
ARMI tay Day ago
Cómo lo haces me lo dises plis y teincs 🤭
Ximena Benz
Ximena Benz Day ago
is sad
Residente Android
I feel bad for the wandering traders I kill now.. They have bad trades but there peaceful so whybkill em
Julieta Kraiselburd
Eva Lequipe
Eva Lequipe Day ago
ana julia pullini
Oi gente alguém fala br
Romeo Balde
Romeo Balde Day ago
It's so great. I love it. The one villager is so mean! 😡😡😡 but the two Llamas helped him. I love the story 🥰🥰🥰
Iker & Jander
Frengki Yulianto
the wandering trader was do oind
นะรุณี ธนรี
Farhan Gaming
0%Funny 100%Sadness
biba queen
biba queen Day ago
Ооооооо good 💕💕💞💝pls lake👍👍 Manicraft👇
Sasha ***
Sasha *** Day ago
Саша Плей
Бедная лама.😿😿
Agit Rajkop
Agit Rajkop Day ago
Im like this is video
Ej Aps
Ej Aps Day ago
devino dhiraputta
I like it
primos ortega patas de borrega Ortega
Chido es el mejor bideo que e bisto
Habile Gamer 2.0
Habile Gamer 2.0 2 days ago
It's emotional 😢
Kira hule
Kira hule 2 days ago
After watching this I dont wanna kill wandering trader again
s o r a
s o r a 2 days ago
Diana castillo
Diana castillo 2 days ago
máteo Gorondon
máteo Gorondon 2 days ago
very good
Saad Wahla
Saad Wahla 2 days ago
How many people kill these trader for lead. And happiness but so e feel bad
يوسف البياتي
يا حلب يا فاشل
Monika Czajka
Monika Czajka 2 days ago
katarina brlić
katarina brlić 2 days ago
1:35 now we know why we can't buy anything from green villager.
Aastha Sharma
Aastha Sharma 2 days ago
They a sleep on night only
Anika Jain
Anika Jain 2 days ago
So emotional
Wawan Setiawan
Wawan Setiawan 2 days ago
Man Mei Chu
Man Mei Chu 2 days ago
I don't like the llama baby
Man Mei Chu
Man Mei Chu 2 days ago
And the llama mum
Daisy Alvarez
Daisy Alvarez 2 days ago
Arum Diana Nuryantari
Shaolin Defelipe
Shaolin Defelipe 3 days ago
Uhhhhh cute baby LIama🙂🙂🙃
From now on i wont kill wandering traders even if they sell dirt for emerald
مهند و أصحابه
جميله جدا ومحزنه وعايده
Johann Arias
Johann Arias 3 days ago
I Love it
Hello lyana kitty cute
Awwww it so sad😢😢😢
Antonia Da Silva
Antonia Da Silva 3 days ago
Tibor Preg
Tibor Preg 3 days ago
I love you😄😍😻❤
Nemesis Gaming
Nemesis Gaming 3 days ago
I am just love in it😍😍
Martina Pazderková
Thank you video
Dolphin lol
Dolphin lol 3 days ago
Im telling you kids, this is why you shouldn't kill wandering traders
Pingulin 2 days ago
Yes, but in minecraft he doesnt have soul :|
พิชญ กระโห้ทอง
adgarber 3 days ago
Que lindo
amberlily 16
amberlily 16 3 days ago
Wow this is sad
villauala family
villauala family 3 days ago
It's so sad 😢
jessica Saphira
jessica Saphira 3 days ago
So sad
Foxi- Майнкрафт
Супер мне нравится очень кто ето придумал тот молодец
karion 2.0
karion 2.0 3 days ago
Very nice 😌
Eric John blanco
Eric John blanco 3 days ago
I almost cried 😅
ieka hs
ieka hs 3 days ago
Awww i feel ganna cry this story is so sad i will share it
Nancy Bonilla
Nancy Bonilla 3 days ago
Kiaan Gaming
Kiaan Gaming 3 days ago
So cute
Nicolas Facun
Nicolas Facun 3 days ago
Dad villager it's good and that's lama it's good to know who's to cry😭😭 i love that i should never hate the villager and the llama i will not killed now minecraft is the best if there's even their steve is going to be safe is going to save him
Mr. Vojlovr
Mr. Vojlovr 4 days ago
8:23 this is so cuuuuute
Jimin and Kook
Jimin and Kook 4 days ago
Villagers: hah hah mhm
Jimin and Kook
Jimin and Kook 4 days ago
And then I kill him and /or his llamas is depressing...
Bandala Cruz
Bandala Cruz 4 days ago
Que binoto😢😢😢😢
Dark rainbow rabbit
Why do they all looks so nervous 😂
Psy Quick
Psy Quick 4 days ago
This video doesn't deserve any dislike
leonnn 1
leonnn 1 4 days ago
Vidal Armando Lezama Morales
La llama mi pan su su su su su su mi pan ayacus ñam ñam ñam mi aaaaaaaa su su su su su su
капитан Жек варобэй
Sri Lestari
Sri Lestari 4 days ago
I like end love this video is soo cool💓 Amazing
Bimola ?
Bimola ? 4 days ago
Woooooow god
Willard Samar
Willard Samar 4 days ago
Im sad 😭😭😭😢😭
raspberry dust
raspberry dust 4 days ago
Обажаю такие мультики☺️
Oliver Rodriguez
Oliver Rodriguez 4 days ago
Me encantooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
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