lizzo is annoying-- wait oops i’m not allowed to say that

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lizzo, just because you can doesn't mean you should
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Jan 24, 2020




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dangelowallace 9 months ago
in conclusion: the truth hurts lmao anyway I'm doing this everyday. what should we talk about tomorrow?
Nolmart Maridor Gimeno
hah, this is like now apart of Dream’s community.
RoiBoi 4 days ago
Yeah! Yeah! Woo!
Nagisa-kun93 6 days ago
So I watched this video awhile ago long time fan and agreed 100% but then today I just read an arrival where she says "It bothered me for a long time that all people could talk about - or think about - was my size," Lizzo admitted."I didn't like it when people condemned me for it, and it also kinda rubbed me the wrong way when I was praised, like, 'You're so brave,'" she continued. Then she said said "They thought that they were complimenting me by saying that I was unapologetic, and I'm like, 'What do I have to apologize for?'" "I'm sick of being an activist just because I'm fat and Black," the 32-year-old declared. "I want to be an activist because I'm intelligent, because I care about issues, because my music is good, [and] because I want to help the world."..
Darren Nguyen
Darren Nguyen 6 days ago
1. Lizzo is definitely not untouchable, tell that to the cis boys on tiktok 2. She´s confident, there´s people who drag Demi for being insecure, or Billie for being ´depressing´, if Lizzo is trying to show that a thick girl can be more than insecure, she is annoying? This is probably the only video I dislike because you based it off of a single livestream after a scandal, people don´t have to live up to your expectations of confidence, get over it please. It´s not toxic positivity, it´s just you trying to pull the front of Lizzo over her emotions
Bree Bubba
Bree Bubba 14 days ago
BTS and the reason behind why they're so popular. :)
Joshua Thekkedam
Buki 87
Buki 87 4 hours ago
Even if i didnt hate Lizzo and i watched this video I would start hating
NewsFromNY 5 hours ago
But the reality is, you don't actually know her. So, calling her out for being fake or too positive is bs, since you don't actually know how she really is. Also, the whole thing about what she did in the NBA game was that people wouldn't have cared so much if she didn't have the body type she has.
Marko Gjakovski
Marko Gjakovski 10 minutes ago
He does, and his points stand. And about the body type argument is bullshit. She should br called out for something she shouldn'tve done you lizzo stan
I like potatoes
I like potatoes 5 hours ago
White person: I don't like her music Everyone: oh because she's black? Racist Black person: I don't like her music Everyone: no one cares. Who asked?
CC 5 hours ago
That whole Lizzo dress thing was so disgusting. Her entire ass hanging out. I don’t wanna see that on lizzo or anyone at a damn basketball game.
K0s1 E.
K0s1 E. 5 hours ago
Oli London 😭😭 I’m so done with you 👹
skilahbluebyrd96 6 hours ago
I love watching D'Angelos videos so much because he always makes valid points! This is the kind of discourse that you can safely end with "agree to disagree" because he presents his information in a way that makes it clear about how he feels and doesn't try to pretend his feelings are facts. I want more of this on the internet, like multifaceted analyses that also don't lose their perspective. The ways he ends the video with "ultimately who cares" like yes!! Because we can get stuck in these stan worlds of celebrities but we still have our own lives and what Lizzo does in her free time ultimately doesn't effect me much in my life.
Pat Berg
Pat Berg 9 hours ago
Playing flute and twerking at the same time = changing the music industry... okaaaaayy
Jessie 907g
Jessie 907g 11 hours ago
I wore a v similar hat in middle school one day and got dragged. Im mad it looks good on you
Jasper Frost
Jasper Frost 15 hours ago
"we respect women in this household" pls sir i'm literally in love with you
Brenes Bunch
Brenes Bunch 16 hours ago
2:16 Even in his monotone voice reading the lyrics he has more rhythm than most.
j.i.p 20 hours ago
yo respect for respectfully calling shit out
Aquatic_ram 21 hour ago
Off-topic but D'angelo's voice is really soothing to listen to.
Pollyarts 23 hours ago
hannah northam
wtf even was that dress like did she just cut a hole out of it
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata Day ago
So weird to see such a deep voice come out of that cute little face lol. Your videos are always on point, and I like how you can tell the truth without being a monster to people. Keep it up!
l eta
l eta Day ago
I went and listened to Cuz I Love You, and I can't thank you enough for recommending her music. She can sing indeed.
danman274 Day ago
Pretty sure 'why men great til they gotta be great' is the iconic line from that song... You know, the one she says 300 times? Not once?
Kuro Day ago
Y’all reckon we would become flat Stanley if she decides to stage dive or would it be a Atlas holding up the sky type beat
Ricardo De Alba
Probably atlas even tho he’s a Greek Titan
Destini Jarvis
no no... YOU are the toxic one because it doesn't matter what I believe or like or argue abt to anyone, imma believe any and everything that comes out of YOUR mouth and its unhealthy.
Precious Pioneer
Though this commentary is really good, I think that in general it's hard to be self confident 100% when it's constantly tested. I think being under the spotlight would be a definite factor towards insecure behavior because the light would shine on something every single week by millions of people. You're right though, maybe she should market as a woman of growth, not perfection. Because we're all human and I don't think anyone has that 100% confidence.
NFL Prod
NFL Prod Day ago
your all over my recommendation now😭
NFL Prod
NFL Prod Day ago
talking bout wat ever i want 😭😭😭 it’s so hilarious
Marley Rose
Marley Rose Day ago
the way she talks about male artists is not ok. If she was a male artist talking about female artists people would talk about it more.
Danielle Marks
Good job on this video. I think this is on point and the truth allows growth when the artist allows it. Hopefully she allows it and we hear more of her flute skills. Her flute playing skills are amazing.
camille c. g.
camille c. g. 2 days ago
the dress would've been ok if she didn't twerk like wear what you want but don't twerk at kids
Tessa Campbell
Tessa Campbell 2 days ago
I was really sceptical about watching this video, but you are always so respectful and well informed. I love the amount of effort you put into your videos.
lopsided 2 days ago
heh get forked justin boober
FCN_ Art
FCN_ Art 2 days ago
Can you please discuss Beyonce and the whole “untouchable” thing going on with her?
Cassandra Wrenn
Cassandra Wrenn 2 days ago
Toxic positivity? Hah, that's me.
Santino Chiu
Santino Chiu 2 days ago
Tyler Bogardus
Tyler Bogardus 2 days ago
Shes gross and unhealthy fat......dont care what you say i dont want to see cottage cheese ass....at all
Daniel Mistborn
Daniel Mistborn 3 days ago
Had to subscribe, watched too many of your videos in the last week and hitting that like wasn't enough. Keep it up. Cheers from Spain
Brittany Depezynski
Do the KPop video!
Ricardo De Alba
I think he’s done a few
Ace Jantz
Ace Jantz 3 days ago
ngl i dont like any of ehr songs but my mum listens to truth hurts. i hate it unu. Black lives matter btw uvu!!!
ing.l 3 days ago
I subscribed when you didn’t Wang to sat the b word, man i respect you!!!!!!!
Katherine A
Katherine A 3 days ago
plz make a dr phil kpop video
Pot roasted comments
You know, sure fat shaming is a bad thing (I guess), but there is a difference between "Fat Shaming" and "Fat glorifying". To mock someone because of their weight is wrong, but to lie to them and tell them they are perfectly healthy is not fine. No, fat is not beautiful, but not everything has to or will be beautiful.
bri 3 days ago
Hating people simply for being fat and not hiding it or being ashamed of it is ugly. If you have a problem with what Lizzo did at the basketball game, you aren't phobic. Obviously fat people are not a protected class and will always be hated and ridiculed mercilessly. But it does make you a hypocrite and an asshole.
DonWolf Wolfy
DonWolf Wolfy 3 days ago
As a person who listens to Lizzo all the time, I fully agree with this video. I love her music and her as a person, but there are things that she has done that’s just embarrassing. I’m all for body positivity and everything but this just not it, twerking at a baseball game WHERE THERE WAS CHILDREN THERE bothers me so much. I am a fan of her but I’m more of a Billie Eilish Stan. That’s all I gotta say and please don’t take my comment as a hate comment to Dangelo or some ‘snowflake’ no! That’s not the whole point of my comment, the whole point of my comment is yes, you are allowed to criticize her, like actually. Anyways I love ya Dangelo😊✨💕💜💕✨💕💖🦋
n2b8r 3 days ago
gurl why ur voice so deep?
DonWolf Wolfy
DonWolf Wolfy 3 days ago
Krazy WitaK
Krazy WitaK 4 days ago
puppy the cat
puppy the cat 3 days ago
Kahoot name hue jaynes ?
DonWolf Wolfy
DonWolf Wolfy 3 days ago
Katherine Adams
Katherine Adams 4 days ago
Obviously the topic isn’t as main stream, but the toxic positivity in the teaching world is insane.
Rouge Warrior Nation RWN
Lizzo = why fat women think they’re beautiful (some are)
DonWolf Wolfy
DonWolf Wolfy 3 days ago
Her body isn’t about her personality. Her body is beautiful but some of her actions are 😬
Connor Iquada
Connor Iquada 4 days ago
Literally never even heard of “Lizzo” in my goddamn life.
spectar 4 days ago
Me: I don’t like lizzo’s music Everyone: yOuR bOdY sHaMiNg
Call Me Celeste
Call Me Celeste 5 hours ago
YoU aRe RaCiSt AnD fAtPhObIc
ValleyMermaid Designs
😂 I haven’t even watched your video here yet, but your intro make me laugh so hard every time😂!
Alina Scotsman
Alina Scotsman 4 days ago
when i saw the title of this video i was so relieved that i wasn’t the only one that doesn’t like her and everyone who i say that too claim i’m fat shaming her. i don’t not like her because of her weight, i just find her personality kind of annoying
The Reviewer
The Reviewer 4 days ago
this is not about lizzo but I feel like diangelo is really annoying because he literally calls about everybody and trashes them on his channel
puppy the cat
puppy the cat 3 days ago
speak english please
robert adriano
robert adriano 4 days ago
What about the fact that truth hurts sounds exactly like black Beatles, at least the chorus
Ombbyy 4 days ago
That FFXIII music tho
BeryyLemonada 4 days ago
from one of ur earlier points i definitely think kpop is 100% manufactured, i’ve been in the fandom for 5 years and anyone trying to disregard that are completely in denial.
Eli M
Eli M 4 days ago
Shes weird!!!!!!!! Idk
CreatorChan210 4 days ago
I'm not hating on her body or skin color, I just don't enjoy her music, calm down everyone.
DonWolf Wolfy
DonWolf Wolfy 3 days ago
I like her music and it’s ok if you don’t! You are still a great person😊✨💕
soltan alosmi
soltan alosmi 5 days ago
Yeah she also promote obesity but he can never say it.
chloe comics
chloe comics 5 days ago
Normal people: watches this video in there free time. Me: watching this video in my physical science class while we're learning about kinetic theory.
Margaret Max
Margaret Max 5 days ago
Well that was my first time listening to Lizzo great voice and songs but for fuck sake put your darn clothes on. I am sick a female artist’s thinking they have to strip to sell a song. Beyoncé, GaGa, all of them. Show respect to yourself
PettyLaBelle 5 days ago
I like her music, I appreciate her talent but her forced energy is exhausting. so... I just kinda search for the music and ignore the hype.
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry 5 days ago
Song lyric pet peeve: She probably didn't know who wrote it at first. People say things and phrases become popular all the time and when you put it in a song how are you supposed to track down the history of the phrase. That's like saying when Lil Jon said OKAY he was supposed to find the creator of the word okay and give credit.
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry 5 days ago
lol your number one pop song. Also same for Beyonce you can criticize her without getting hate.
Koty M
Koty M 5 days ago
Make the Kpop video
corxpse_ 6 days ago
I love Lizzos “confidence”, but she always gets saved by the “ur body shaming” and it’s so annoying
Nell 6 days ago
i got a genuine question tho abt the basketball game thing, when rihanna showed up on the red carpet with her nips out saying the legendary line "do my tits offend you" or when kendall jenner wears a shirt where her nips are out and about thru her shirt which she does a lot on a daily basis, it's called fashion, but when lizzo does it it's offensive or being insecure? thats the only point that didn't sit right w me.
Ryan W
Ryan W 4 days ago
It's a thin line to walk for sure. Being at a red carpet event does help the case for avant garde fashion in Rihanna's case. And the jenners kinda do what they want but I don't think many people would have a good case to say that they should be considered role models. Plus, with women's breasts, I often think of the 'free the nipple' movement that's kind of fizzled out because of more pressing femenist issues that have popped up over the past few years. I'm all for desexualizing women's breasts, but I think there's a time and place, but celebrities often do stuff to grab people's attention. Lizzo was in the middle of a public event with kids where nobody expected to see anything like that. I'd compare it to a streaker at a football/baseball game in that as an adult you can laugh and accept it as funny, but if you're a parent you might be upset that someone thinks they can flash their ass at your kid without consequence. It's a tricky subject but I think there are distinctions.
Nagisa-kun93 6 days ago
So I watched this video awhile ago long time fan and agreed 100% but then today I just read an arrival where she says "It bothered me for a long time that all people could talk about - or think about - was my size," Lizzo admitted."I didn't like it when people condemned me for it, and it also kinda rubbed me the wrong way when I was praised, like, 'You're so brave,'" she continued. Then she said said "They thought that they were complimenting me by saying that I was unapologetic, and I'm like, 'What do I have to apologize for?'" "I'm sick of being an activist just because I'm fat and Black," the 32-year-old declared. "I want to be an activist because I'm intelligent, because I care about issues, because my music is good, [and] because I want to help the world."..
Mariojesus Pena
Mariojesus Pena 6 days ago
Fat positivity is not good especially for your health and yes yes I do have the “slim privilege”
Alexandra Galindo
“We respect women in this household” YASS 👏🏽
Marcos Avila
Marcos Avila 6 days ago
Dude i begun to watch your videos yesterday (24-oct) and you are a smart very analytical fair human being, you don't belong to the left neither to the right you are spot on in the center, well done, Hugs from Portugal
MrsMT TheCreator
MrsMT TheCreator 6 days ago
Not half a song away 😵😓😂😂😂
evelina 6 days ago
Amor Cardenas
Amor Cardenas 6 days ago
Dude ...thank you!
Ava Wibbe
Ava Wibbe 6 days ago
how many times did he say basketball in this video? sum1 count 😌
Makenna D
Makenna D 6 days ago
7 I think
su tart
su tart 7 days ago
D'Angelo: Lizzo basically represents toxic positivity. *how could you say something so brave yet so controversial?*
Star Gazing_Gazer
fudge another test
Vaughn Haney
Vaughn Haney 7 days ago
There's a point where positivity turns into denial and invalidating negative feelings. That point is toxic positivity.
Nusrat Niha
Nusrat Niha 7 days ago
Seren Barnes
Seren Barnes 7 days ago
I never really have an opinion on celebrities, but this is indeed outrageous. I can't believe she would do that at a basketball game- and there were CHILDREN? Mhm, sis no. I don't really like Lizzo, but when someone says they don't like a colored celebrity, it's racist? Even if they just dont support the music? Everyone needs to learn that everything doesn't have to do with race. Yet, everyone takes it as offense, even when it's NONE of their business. Lizzo be tripping 👹💔
Thine Frick
Thine Frick 8 days ago
if you only see someone as their weight and think that criticizing someone means criticizing their weight, that’s just as bad as fatshaming
Soporific .
Soporific . 8 days ago
not gonna even lie I just listen to Truth hurts on repeat for 10 mins and let me tell you I’m a new person *CUZ I LOVE YOU IS SO FUCKKKKING GOOOOD AHAHHADJKSKSJDKRKRJJR*
mary 9 days ago
yes yes yes pls make a video about K-pop but pls don't only focus on bts
Marium Khalid
Marium Khalid 4 days ago
Kpop is bts and blackpink only to western gp. And honestly that's probably for the best. If they get their hands on every single group, all the fandoms will get super super toxic and messy. Plus their music would change and start catering to the west
Ashley K.
Ashley K. 9 days ago
"We dont say that word because we respect women in this house hold"
Kitty Orleans
Kitty Orleans 9 days ago
I only felt secure enough to watch this video because I trust deangelo to not fat shame a woman he doesn’t know haha.
Alif Fadzly
Alif Fadzly 9 days ago
This guy shouldnt be a guy. Like he can identify as an attack helicopter if he wants, but not a male guy thing.
puppy the cat
puppy the cat 3 days ago
Nick 9 days ago
Lizzo's dress was basically just assless chaps
Lance S
Lance S 9 days ago
Finally someone is saying what I’ve been afraid to say lol
J E 9 days ago
Lizzo could be thin and I still wouldn't like her music or persona. She bugs.
Stacey Pickren
Stacey Pickren 10 days ago
I concur.
AriettaTheWild17 10 days ago
You actually hit the nail on the head when you said that finding out that it was fake confidence was disappointing. Now imagine being someone so insecure that they idolise and want to be like this beacon of positivity and you find out that they’re NOT okay with who they are. When the guiding light turns out to be just a whisp, it’s been leading you astray, and now you’re completely lost. This is a real problem that you can run into with celebrity worship culture. How someone like that would act depends on the person. It’s okay to find the messages inspiring, but putting someone on a pedal above all criticism does not make them a god. They are human. Maybe she even used to be more confident than she is but beat something into someone long enough and it eats away at you. We all have our insecurities. Negativity increases that. Being overweight or obese has been rather common in the opera scene pretty much forever by the way. That’s where “it ain't over till the fat lady sings” originates from after all.
Darky Doom
Darky Doom 10 days ago
.....who the fuck is Lizzo? Watching this just to answer that question. **looks up basketball video** that dress is for the bedroom!!
LaVey 11 days ago
the food thing too... I- OH MY GOD LMAO she's gross in every way lmao she had to have been so mean over a burger lmao grosss
LaVey 11 days ago
"I inspired it"(so its mine) lmao how entitled and ignorant her and her music is annoying not sorry
Jessica Christine
Jessica Christine 11 days ago
Dude I love your vibe
MaryEllen Murray
MaryEllen Murray 11 days ago
This video makes me sad 😔 assuming any woman is insecure and is lying about it because she claims to be confident and unbothered by showing her body and the hate she receives for it is a disappointing opinion from my pov. Be happy for her she’s broken the bonds of shame women have been subject to for hundreds of years 🥰
tallie 11 days ago
The Justin Bieber shade had me screaming 'oh snap!'😂😂
Alyssa Foreman
Alyssa Foreman 12 days ago
I would like to see a "KPOP is Manufactured" video because it is. Like idols state that ALL the time... I don't understand why people refuse to believe that.
puppy the cat
puppy the cat 3 days ago
He made one lol
Chris ThaWave
Chris ThaWave 13 days ago
I totally forgot Lizzo even existed
Marcus TheConcept
Marcus TheConcept 13 days ago
Wait, what? Glizzo??? Yes. Glizzo
Iced Banilla
Iced Banilla 13 days ago
Omggg please do the kpop manufactured image video 💗💗💗
puppy the cat
puppy the cat 3 days ago
He made one
Bree Bubba
Bree Bubba 14 days ago
OMG THANK YOU!! At first I liked Lizzo and was totally here for the messages she was trying to send or whatever. But like overtime of watching her tik toks and videos, I was starting to feel like she was doing too much. It was like the things she had been saying were directed towards herself and her trying to CONVINCE herself rather than other people. Like sometimes she'd even sound aggressive when trying to empower others. I don't dislike her or anything but...yeah. PS> sorry about the grammar. I Am a dumb fuck.
Jessica Dia
Jessica Dia 14 days ago
She is a beautiful woman. However I was done after the basketball game. I understand I'm the odd man out when I prefer modesty. Sex does sale, I can understand being insecure in that field. We are all human,I still appericate the talented ,beautiful woman she is. She is very fake and annoying and she doesn't have to be. I wish she would see that.
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