Liverpool's Mohamed Salah has been struggling with the little things - Hutchison | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC's Don Hutchison, Shaka Hislop and Craig Burley react to Steve Nicol saying that Mohamed Salah makes his head spin during games. Hutchison says the little things have been off for Salah this season. Burley adds that you have to deal with the frustrating play at times with Salah because of the amazing things he's capable of doing.
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Jan 20, 2020




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yung Mandemn
yung Mandemn 12 days ago
Who’s here after salah scores a hatrick
Gamer Doodo
Gamer Doodo Month ago
Oh 23 goals 13 assists and football was banned from march to june only 3 months and in three months thats alot of games mo salah can score in so just imagine now if there was not a 3 month ban salah wouldve scored atleast 30 goals with atleast 15 assists why would they sell him its like selling messi from ur own team and people say he is overated how is he overated messi scored 34 goals this season and its 11 more goals from mo salah and comparing it to the best player in the world its insane
Ethan Luhtjarv
Ethan Luhtjarv 5 months ago
As a Liverpool fan I think mo salah should be sold to bring in a big name right winger. Mo makes terrible decisions in the box and he only has his goals due to being a poacher. If this was his first season at Liverpool he would’ve been dropped
Yandel Ward
Yandel Ward 6 months ago
🔥🔥 *what if there were no football* 0:34 💛💜💞 👇 👇💯
Chris Long
Chris Long 7 months ago
So he scorrd 18 goals in all comp and has 10 assist thats 28 games he has played. He played 21 rpm games has 14 goals and 8 asisst the year before he scorr 14 goals in 22 and had 7 assist. The difference is he only had two goals in UCL. This term he has 4
GA1 8 months ago
Typical English analysis!!! Happy with you when do good, one mistake I’m so rubbish
Isaac Farid
Isaac Farid 8 months ago
Salah had a phenomenal season, if you take into consideration that hr is not getting as many assists this season from his mates, you also take into account the world cup and Egypt national team disappointments, and his ankle injury thats still lingering, and how defenders now mark him all game every game ....yes, he frausterates in a few touches but thats completely understandable considering all the mentioned factors and more...
Aaron T
Aaron T 8 months ago
salah just needs to pass more
billy bob
billy bob 6 months ago
Aaron T he can’t pass
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala 8 months ago
Ok..he s not passed the ball to Minamino and Ox when Liverpool vs Wolves, but as long as Liverpool winning and unbeaten, i don t mind with Salah s ego in front of goal
Shraya Rajbhandary
Shraya Rajbhandary 8 months ago
Salah is awesome but home boi needs to pass the ball in the box...you can be selfish after the team is 2-0 but what do I know...
Tox iedo
Tox iedo 8 months ago
this season salah is the only player in the league to score vs city mun spurs arsenal and an assist vs chelsea and still have a game if he scored vs them just give him the goldenball he deserve to win it after what he have done for liverpool look at liverpool before him and now .. this man is the key
billy bob
billy bob 6 months ago
Tox iedo where was he before Liverpool? What did he win before Liverpool? Stfu you dumb Salah fan boy
Max Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez 8 months ago
Salah is great, but he's had his moments of selfishness. Other than that he's still amazing, his goals and assists back him up but I feel like he could have more assists if he let go of the ball at times, if Hendo didn't pass to Firmino for the winner against Wolves Salah would've probably taken the ball back from Hendo.
lalo38th 8 months ago
He's garbage and overrated.
Ewan McGoldrick
Ewan McGoldrick 8 months ago
Wow, i must have alzeimers, because i dont remember asking for your opinion
Orners Lee
Orners Lee 8 months ago
Well hosted... Brilliant narratives. Enjoyed them...
Yacoub Abu Ghosh
Yacoub Abu Ghosh 8 months ago
I think people set rediculous standards for Salah because of what he did in the last couple of seasons, which is, to say the least, quite unfair if you compare him to practically any other player in the world other than Messi. I mean in the last match alone all three forwards and a couple of midfield players missed some ridiculous chances, some of which Salah set up, but no one seems to mention anything except the one Salah missed. All of our players are having an amazing season and the thing that people dont seem to realize is how exceptionally hard they are working to achieve this, everyone in Liverpool today is a true hero of the match and set the standard for everyone who will come after.
Mo 11
Mo 11 8 months ago
Do not compare him with the goat.He miss such easy chances.A 12 year old could be a much better finisher than him
Emre P
Emre P 8 months ago
1: his first season is to crazy to copy a task that is hard. 2. Most teams learnt his technique and play style adapting, this can be seen many times with 2 or 3 players marking salah now. 3: salah plays a different role then befor opting to be more of a space maker and supporter rather then finishing and last runs, this new role is klopp and salah answer to denie every team that marks salah. 4: he still has a crazy good season stfu and enjoy
Mo 11
Mo 11 8 months ago
Pundits are 100% right.They are there for a reason
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 8 months ago
Salah should watch Mané DVD’S this is coming from a united fan btw
QD Gamer
QD Gamer 8 months ago
It's the egotism that comes when success and competition is in the same building. Between the trio more than anything. Not sure if I'm reading into it too much but it happen before. Ronald n Ronaldinho. Messi n Naymar. The fifa rating. Especially Mane getting upset with Mo's goal hungry decisions at times etc. Just my opinion
Rivaldo Ronaldinho
Rivaldo Ronaldinho 8 months ago
They wouldn't talk in this manner about a white english player. Its double standards. What do they expect from Mo Salah. These guys are jokers!
houssam h
houssam h 8 months ago
Man there is a squad around him that should play also ,when he play around 3 or 4 defender ,no one say that he create space for his team mates, no one say that he played man city matches struggling with injury
a 9
a 9 8 months ago
In my opinion I think salah is better as a striker than a winger
Sam The Marketing Guy
You can't expect more from Salah, as long as Mane is in great shape and sharing goals with him + every single player on the pitch is able to score.
Christopher Hylton
Christopher Hylton 8 months ago
The Egyptian king!!!
Fuzz Mantra
Fuzz Mantra 8 months ago
Yup I’m living with it 👍
Steven Ssembajjwe
Steven Ssembajjwe 8 months ago
King Salah is a round kings ......
MrBurdekin 8 months ago
Steve is spot on....his ball control and passing at time is absolutely frustrating
liam hooks
liam hooks 8 months ago
Was thinking the exact same thing. His ball control and mainly his confidence is off a bit which I believe he drives off or gets lumbered by if it's low; which I believe it is when he isn't replicating the showing in previous seasons
streaky 8 months ago
I didn't see one moment in the match where Liverpool looked even slightly nervous. Crowd very slightly edgy, but the team no.
Anwesh shrestha
Anwesh shrestha 8 months ago
Liverpool legend steve nicol??
Big Boy
Big Boy 8 months ago
He has scored 11 goals more than Jesse Lingard this season. What are u talking about?
bumdog 8 months ago
He is fine...the team is fine...what?
Waranle 8 months ago
Liverpool should trade him full stop 🛑
Arvin Raj
Arvin Raj 8 months ago
Shaka Hislop is 50! Does that look like a man who is 50 to you? 🤯
Good Affirmations
Good Affirmations 8 months ago
What I've observed was Mo Salah lost confidence and belief in himself after that slothful tackle by Ramas that disslocated Mo's shoulder.
Clinton Max
Clinton Max 8 months ago
I honestly think MANÉ is a whole other lève as compared to salad 🥗
Mad Red
Mad Red 8 months ago
Why has Shaka Hislop's voice been dubbed over wirh Tom Jones?
Jago 8 months ago
The only thing I want Salah to improve on is beating players from a stand still like Eden Hazard, Mo would be next level then.
Safwan Abdo
Safwan Abdo 8 months ago
J. Klopp knows the capabilities of his players in the squad. That's why he pulled off Mane & Firmino to enhance the midfield, and left Salah in his own to do the wonder. Salah lived up to the challenge & DID THE WONDER.
Selim Veli
Selim Veli 8 months ago
Odd analysis - no footballer is infallible, C7 and Messi included. The problem is that Salah has created such a high benchmark that he gets measured by the same, all the time.
afotE 8 months ago
Y’all just hatin 😂😂😂
Ricardo Cota
Ricardo Cota 8 months ago
This video and analysis is just plain stupid, what do these guys expect from Salah? He appears when he has to and if he has a vad game luckily we have Bobby, Mané and a whole bunch of other great players who can step up.
Alaa Atia
Alaa Atia 8 months ago
Thing about Salah, Salah determine the tempo and tense from the team, since he came he lifted the spirit and sat the bar higher , Salah impact is very big Klopp know it and he keeps him even when SALAH’s focus ain’t level cuz he knows whah he is capable for. King leading mentality
Robert Huffmann
Robert Huffmann 8 months ago
When are you guys going to address the Liverpool hacking scandal?
Crom91 8 months ago
This is how he was at roma
Lee Illman
Lee Illman 8 months ago
He will get better now he has competition from minamino,
Kakashi 8 months ago
The stupidity of these commentators. Salah has a great record
Nader CLe
Nader CLe 8 months ago
Liverpool cant be better. Right now. Klopp management style is magic lol
Ahlawy Masry
Ahlawy Masry 8 months ago
SALAH's the top scorer ...... 15 goals ( premier league & champions league) ... VS 13 only for Mané (who played 2 games more than SALAH)........ Mané wasted 15 big chances ..... VS. 10 by Fermino .... & 8 by Salah
Ahlawy Masry
Ahlawy Masry 8 months ago
The most wasteful players (strikers) in Liverpool this season are Mané & Fermino .... 15 & 10 BIG CHANCES wasted respectively .... Whereas Salah has wasted 8 chances only ..... And scored his goals from Zero-chances that were very basic passes outside the penalty area or awkward passes in general ..... And he possesses the highest accuracy % STATS amongst Liverpool players 😊👍✔️
Quadricolore Prop
Quadricolore Prop 8 months ago
Mr Nicol this why you're a small pundit and Klopp is lfc manager... got it ?
Language Chest
Language Chest 8 months ago
People want him to be like Messi, Ronaldo or Maradona, and he is not and probably will never be. It's not fair comparing him to those guys and expect him to score a ridiculous number of goals year after year. He is an excellent player who should be respected for the player that he is.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 8 months ago
If he is bad, why not sell Salah. Trust me EPL will notbe the same.
Andrica Ion
Andrica Ion 8 months ago
Mo for hat trick next game
Zainb Zamzam
Zainb Zamzam 8 months ago
Salah for liverpool 133 games involved in 123 goals scored 86 G& provided 37 assists !!just incredible amazing player Salah is liverpool decade goal scorer despite playing only 2 &1/12 seasons Exceeding Saurez(82 G)and Torres (81goals) This season he scored 15 goals in all competitions ,provided 8 assists!! This Steive is always against Salah,always attacking Salah !!what do you need more?!Salah is a brilliant player any team is lucky to have him !!you will never know the value of Salah except after you lose him.
Mad Fooker
Mad Fooker 8 months ago
The whole front 3 have been missing too many chances lately , the wins are amazing but could of been better
Lord NASA 8 months ago
As long as he continues to annoy defenders, cause troubles and draws attentions to his side that should be enough.
Hisham Niaz
Hisham Niaz 8 months ago
Jürgen Klopp and his "family" are changing the vocabulary of football right now, they are doing this by refining the meaning of what a TEAM is through by giving priority to human values ​​rather than favoring one above the other or relying on the talent of spoiled stars as some managers do. In his team EVERY BODY is great and communication is so vital there. Now if this is not what sport is all about then I don't know what is. It's a shame to see some media "experts" getting caught up in trivialities and microscopic nonsense (maybe it's a byproduct of extended air time that has to be filled with commercials anyway) , but switching sides like that when a player scores or doesn't score is pathetic and make some people really look like idiots ! Salah is a great player already, so are all the team members, their style of playing is maturing more and more and the result is the monstrous machine we see right now. As for Salah, he scores, makes killer assists and most importantly creates space for his other teammates to shine and he's happy playing a vital role in a historical team and he knows that! Many don't know that yet ! Well done Sir Jürgen Klopp, you have my respect !
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan 8 months ago
He is more than a goal scorer, he plays his role and he hasn’t got as many goals due to Liverpool sharing the scoring opportunities more. Do your research.
Do Ibrahim
Do Ibrahim 8 months ago
Greatest player in the world , Salah
Do Ibrahim
Do Ibrahim 8 months ago
All the best to Mohamed Salah from Egypt
Morad Mansour
Morad Mansour 8 months ago
liverpool wouldnt be relevant in this era if it wasnt for mo salah
Ardishpal Singh
Ardishpal Singh 8 months ago
The thing is he has set standards too high for himself from his first season at liverpool.
JustAdreamer Forgood
Remind me when Salah ever comes close to scoring 17 and 14 goals in a single Champions League season like Ronaldo and Messi respectively did
Mo 11
Mo 11 8 months ago
@Armand Koochekzadeh They are still human lol.It's a matter of hard work and dedication.Those two guys never miss easy chances like salah.That is why they are still successfull
Armand Koochekzadeh
Armand Koochekzadeh 8 months ago
Yeah but those two players are non-human it is kinda unfair to compare them to salah
Kareem Ismail
Kareem Ismail 8 months ago
The man has the golden boat for two years in a row, is the record holder for most goals in a 38 game English top league, and is probably the most heavily marked Liverpool player in any given game he is in. I agree that there is scope for him to improve his game, but it is really scary that he is that good already with these flaws.. where would he be without them?!? Doubt English football would be even able to keep him then.
cjewelz 8 months ago
It looks like he's trying too hard every time. He just needs to be a little more composed.
Amir Aziz
Amir Aziz 8 months ago
I totally agree with what they are saying, the basic stuff Mo can’t execute but he executes the impossible which is a bit frustrating. The one thing I have been noticing, he puts the pressure on himself and that not healthy for any player, he doesn’t seem relaxed on the ball in certain situations and his decision making is a bit awful sometimes, that being said, I don’t think he missed that many chances this season, in fact Mane has missed some crazy sitters in Pl and CL
عالم الرياضة
What a moment's when salah scores goal so much drama emotions what a atmosphere. Great player salah I just love him
leo_messi_surfing n_sneakers
He doesn’t need to be perfect their club as a whole is the best in the world now. He’s bound to make “little mistakes” give him a break...
ur mums a baldy
ur mums a baldy 8 months ago
That 18/19 season tho 👀 🐐 Level
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes 8 months ago
Maybe you can say Mo isn't playing as well as he could or that he isn't as consistent as he'd like to be, but to say all this other stuff is just stupid.
Ndonga Dara JR
Ndonga Dara JR 8 months ago
Ndonga Dara JR
Ndonga Dara JR 8 months ago
no salary very nice
hamim hameem
hamim hameem 8 months ago
Appreciate what u got ... This world is temporary . Peace be to all. 😊
Tasker Matic
Tasker Matic 8 months ago
I think Mo needs to relax a bit. He’s too tense sometimes so in those moments where he’s got an easy pass or shot on goal it effects his accuracy judgment and timing. When he’s got a difficult chance where he’s not expected to score he doesn’t feel that level of expectation and stress and so is more able play to his potential and score from stupidly difficult chances. If he can learn to calm down a bit he’ll become more consistent again, like he was in his first season. Back then he was more relaxed as he had less of a weight of expectation on his shoulders. He could learn a lot from Firmino. Now he’s got a cool head!
Omar S
Omar S 8 months ago
He’s a two time golden boot winner WTH are you talking about not being consistent
Salad Dodgers.
Salad Dodgers. 8 months ago
He'll score in 7th European cup final .
Maamu Faith
Maamu Faith 8 months ago
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Redwaan Maxamed
Redwaan Maxamed 8 months ago
Terrible commentary from ESPN Fc and stevie nicol in particular. Guy just doesnt like Salah at this point. He is currently joint top scorer and chance creator for the leauge leaders that dropped 2 POINTS SO FAR in the leauge. Yes he can improve some parts of his game, but in the most important aspects of his role as a forward which is to create chances and score goals he is very ELITE. Yet all I hear hear from Stevie etc is moaning all the time! Ingratitude at its best!
ahmed mustafa
ahmed mustafa 8 months ago
I get that passing or tika taka play is not Salah's strength but what klopp and liverpool ask from him, he gets that job done perfectly and he will prove to be important alongside Bobby and Sadio. And i am really happy and grateful that Mo Salah has given us a lot and will keep on going this way😃
Chekka T
Chekka T 8 months ago
Mo Salah is the 2nd best player in the world behind Neymar.
GetMotivated 8 months ago
.. and de gea wanted to go forward for the last minute corner kick.. once rejected he was disappointed ... Mo Salah showed him why he shouldn't 😎
Riuda 8 months ago
Klopp sees things no manger ever sees in a player , and that's what he finds in Mo , He likes to give him the space - by letting Mane runs all over the place all the time and tearing the defense apart - , the time and the chance to find his touch that will produce that magic . Liverpool is not what it was 2 years ago when Mo was on fire , they changed so much , and his role as well . They play to win now , in fact , Mo has become crucial to that win recently by the way he assists . I think , he is , as Bobby , under the judgment as long as he doesn't score - despite the fact that he does all the time - , those guys need to look at how the team plays as one piece , and then judge the individual performance . In fact , let me break it here , Mo is the new Bobby . And seems to play that role perfectly .
Murat Koçoğlu
Murat Koçoğlu 8 months ago
Salah is a one season wonder.
aman 8 months ago
So we are not criticizing Ronaldo today ???
Mohammed Hanif
Mohammed Hanif 8 months ago
I have to admit Salah has not been the same player from last season but he has 2 world class comrades to bail him out and they do !! Hate to say this but Sancho would be a great replacement but Klopp knows best right ??
Seb Fox
Seb Fox 8 months ago
Yes, Klopp knows best. Before Klopp came we were in and out of the top 4, and now we are the best team in Europe, having won the Champions League, and are also on track to win the League for the 1st time in 30 years. So I'd say that Klopp definitely knows best.
ASHVIN RAJ 8 months ago
Steve Nicol is stupid. He has no idea about Salah that he should just shut his mouth
Emmanuel Mensah
Emmanuel Mensah 8 months ago
yeah, he drives me crazy... scores the harder one and fluffs the easiest one
Seb Fox
Seb Fox 8 months ago
@Mo 11 Salah is currently better than Sterling. He scores more goals and has a bigger impact on games and on his team in general.
A S 8 months ago
@Mo 11 did you just say Sterling is better than Mo? You are joking right?
Mo 11
Mo 11 8 months ago
@Seb Fox Sterling is much bettet in every aspect.Don't give excuses like these
Seb Fox
Seb Fox 8 months ago
Sterling does that too!
Tan S
Tan S 8 months ago
Time for Minamino.
Admin Unit-IT
Admin Unit-IT 8 months ago
Glamer has touched his head, hence down. Stay humble and rise up again. Mane stayed humble and focused and hence player of Africa
Dev S
Dev S 8 months ago
He plays bad in full match , and scores one odd goal
abdishakur said
abdishakur said 8 months ago
As good and important as his goals are, Salah needs mentoring of some sort, the guy seems like he can't even receive a ball properly, I remember last season against Munich in the UCL liverpool possessed the ball for 3 minutes after the kick off, we lost the ball when it passed to Salah in the 3rd minute, and against United he was the worst player until the last minute when he scored.
top don top don
top don top don 8 months ago
Season isn't over yet
Lan Todak
Lan Todak 8 months ago
Mo Salah is important for Liverpool if he not scoring he give assist to mane or others! Its ok if Liverpool not dependent on him only to score goal. All Liverpool player can scores.
Mario Mills
Mario Mills 8 months ago
anyone know a better football talk show other these rubbish pundits?
Sir Switch Crookington
Salah is decent but overrated, he would not be where he is if he didn't have pace.
Ayaan Ibrar
Ayaan Ibrar 8 months ago
Only negative thing about Salah is if he puts away the amount of chances he misses he would be scoring 30plus goals a season. His conversation rate ain't great. For every 4 chances ge scores 1
Asad Ch
Asad Ch 8 months ago
Salah is overrated, Mane is much better!
Henesi Crane
Henesi Crane 8 months ago
Steve has always problem with Salah like he has with Ronaldo. He said the same stuff about Salah last season while praising Mane though they end up with same goals but Salah had far more assists. And even though Salah is missing chances he still misses less than Mane yet for some reason his misses are the only ones he remembers.
Seb Fox
Seb Fox 8 months ago
@OA Orelana No one talks about Mané's missus because he's not married. Although there were rumours that he was dating Melissa Reddy and Kate Bashabe!
OA Orelana
OA Orelana 8 months ago
I don’t know why no body talks about manes misses
Henesi Crane
Henesi Crane 8 months ago
The only game the Liverpool didn't win this season is the one Salah didn't play. I would love to see Steve's spin on that.
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