Liverpool made Manchester United look half decent - Craig Burley | Premier League

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Steve Nicol break down how Manchester United managed to hold Liverpool to a 1-1 draw in the rivals’ surprising stalemate at Old Trafford.
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 518
jonathan sotelo
jonathan sotelo 5 days ago
The title should be the other way around. "Man Utd made Liverpool look half decent" smh
Mohiuddin Ghazali
Mohiuddin Ghazali 25 days ago
congrats for winning the 'we drew liverpool at home' achievement. Enjoy ole at the wheel.
konquer247 27 days ago
No its rather Manchester United who made Liverpool, look poor 😁😁😁😁 Regardless of VAR, LFC had full 90 min to slash a poor relegating team. Shambles.
Vedant Kapoor
Vedant Kapoor 28 days ago
This show should be renamed the Manchester United tv show. All Craig and Steve do all day is talk about united Despite the fact that united is close to relegation. They should discuss Chelsea, city and other teams. The truth is they earn their living because of united 😂
Tarek Wazzi
Tarek Wazzi 28 days ago
Another point that ESPN didnt bother to talk about is Pereiras performance. He played his socks off and was very effective. I remember one of the ESPN pundits not even considering him as a player. Lay off the negativity and give some credit to the players. It shouldnt be negativity all the time just to get more viewers and hits on RUvid....
IJAS MUHAMMED 28 days ago
This guy has no idea what he is saying.. United made the game so hard that made Liverpool to play in its worst form...
Isaac Onyach
Isaac Onyach 28 days ago
always trying to find a universal explanation for everything. Football is unpredictable, that's just how it is
Thomas Grønhilder
Thomas Grønhilder 28 days ago
Terrible pundits, change the studio
Marios Charalambous
even when they know that man united played well they still find a way to not give them credit. such biased views against united all the time
King Ous
King Ous 28 days ago
These muppets, Liverpool were not poor, United shut them down, wer better on the day. Ave said it all last week, United dnt struggle against the big teams cuz there is space in behind for their pace. They struggle when teams sit deep.
Sylvester Byll
Sylvester Byll 28 days ago
Its a shame the accessions some of these pundits make. Man United didnt possess the ball enough n yet made Liverpool look ordinary up until the ending parts when they equalized. And it wasnt a walk in the park for Liverpool. When they play bad,u are right to call them out on it and vice versa. Please dont lean to one side as if Liverpool played their second or third team thats y they got the draw.
Paul Harris
Paul Harris 28 days ago
Pundits r dumbfucks. They predicted a win for Hilary Cl8nton. They had tools. Liverpool said they wanted to put teams out early. It means a running game. Man u has runners too. Open game. 60% in favour for Liverpool. Here r the pundits again failing to observe the obvious. Dumbfucks one and all
Craig Cassidy
Craig Cassidy 28 days ago
Analysis 😂🤣😂😂🤣
Mandel Abraham
Mandel Abraham 28 days ago
How can anyone have respect for ESPN anymore. Headline so stupid. No longer subscribed. 😂😂
Gavin Woods
Gavin Woods 28 days ago
Liverpool/Man U games has always been about who wins the midfield battle and Man Utd won that yesterday. Liverpool finished stronger but where were the ideas in the previous 80 minutes? Ole did his homework!
selorm cudjoe
selorm cudjoe 28 days ago
So if United is bad and showed some spirit why can’t @Craig Burley show some respect and say the truth. And to even add they should ask themselves whenever the last time Liverpool was any where near good at OT before
Chris Prud
Chris Prud 28 days ago
Can’t stand these 3 bellends
Tatsuya SIGH
Tatsuya SIGH 28 days ago
Liverpool do struggle against low-block teams. Their counter-pressing and excellent fullbacks help them sustain pressure and create chances from crosses, but they have failed to really carve open lots of teams this ss
Victor Kirui
Victor Kirui 28 days ago
Looking for an excuse now? Poor clowns
Lim Bora
Lim Bora 28 days ago
It reminds me of Liverpool usually win against a top table team and lose against mid table teams lol 😂
Mettin Kaytaz
Mettin Kaytaz 28 days ago
"Liverpool made Manchester United look half decent" Does this statement not infer that Man Utd are the epitome of the word SHITE? Ha Ha Ha how the mighty have fallen!
Angry Bird
Angry Bird 28 days ago
everyone hate Liverpool except Liverpool fans
Paul McNamara
Paul McNamara 28 days ago
Really you know that sure do you idiot.
david o sullivan
david o sullivan 28 days ago
Liverpool v Man u isn't a game its an occasion
Orie Robinson
Orie Robinson 28 days ago
Tired of hearing the same bs about liverfool "of colour" that's why United played the way they did , I have always said it that Liverpool is a good team because of the coach's philosophy and the hard work the players put out there before last season where was liverpool they haven't beat united in how long their front 3 only scored 2 goals against united. We have a young team and a young manager and they got it right yesterday and they made liverpool look scrapy because of the way united set up and the effort placed on the pitch.
fred jones
fred jones 28 days ago
And here starts the liverpool choke job,,AGAIN....
fred jones
fred jones 28 days ago
these two old fools are soooo scarred from the beatings Sir Alex put on them,,,,,they cant possibly bring them selves to say say ole outsmarted klopp!! even klopp said he we confused ...3 decades and no title ,,SUCK ON THAT SCOUSES!!!!!
Thurein Daniels
Thurein Daniels 28 days ago
It's funny that teams like Manchester City and Liverpool are struggling against teams which pretty much park the bus and counter attack (teams like Man U and Wolves). I remember when Mourinho was at United, everybody was against his tactics. They seem to be quite ok with other managers doing the same thing these days tho.
Joel Henry
Joel Henry 28 days ago
They just like to talk
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 28 days ago
Liverpool played the occasion instead of the match
LV 28 days ago
Next it will be at Anfield
K. Benzema Is God
K. Benzema Is God 28 days ago
When rashford had the ball he pushed off van dijk like it was nothing, dijk almost fell to the ground having to use his arms to throw himself back up. Outmuscled.
K. Benzema Is God
K. Benzema Is God 28 days ago
How is nobody talking about rashford outmuscling overrated van small dijk? Best moment.
paul mccarthy
paul mccarthy 28 days ago
Manchester unoted showed liverpool are overrated and that Craig talks nonsense
grtsharma 28 days ago
What a bunch of old, biased, idiots... United played well, period. They made Liverpool play bad, its not that Liverpool decided to not play well. The amount of hate for united among these sore losers is insane....I mean what did united ever do to you lol
Karen Angella Brown
I like how you guys don't even mention Atkinson's shocking performance. He was the 12th man for United on the pitch.
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase 28 days ago
Karen Angella Brown he allowed Liverpool’s defenders to body slam United like fucking crazy without calling it, I’d say he saved Liverpool from at least 4 free kicks in their front porch
K Yute
K Yute 28 days ago
For former professional footballers, their views, understanding and reasoning of games are really average.
Bikram Gurung
Bikram Gurung 28 days ago
Next game NORWICH 3 MAN UTD 0🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
firered504 28 days ago
Theses guys are the worst .. leading up to this game all across you guys said thats a easy win for liverpool all base on form and now give United no credit and thats coming from a Chelsea fan...
Lars-Arne Frostad
Lars-Arne Frostad 28 days ago
The punters have to explain how they got it so wrong and they blame Liverpool for playing below par. The truth is Solskjaers tactics worked. Manchester United made them bad.
Glenda Hawthorne
Glenda Hawthorne 28 days ago
Mancs parked the bus.
Drew Smith
Drew Smith 28 days ago
Unless L-Pool up there game and start scoring lots of goals they ant winning no EPL ..there last three or four games they have been poor ..it will be City's again
Drew Smith
Drew Smith 28 days ago
Unless L-Pool up there game and start scoring lots of goals they ant winning no EPL ..there last three or four games they have been poor ..it will be City's again
Drew Smith
Drew Smith 28 days ago
Unless L-Pool up there game and start scoring lots of goals they ant winning no EPL ..there last three or four games they have been poor ..it will be City's again
Drew Smith
Drew Smith 28 days ago
Unless L-Pool up there game and start scoring lots of goals they ant winning no EPL ..there last three or four games they have been poor ..it will be City's again
ANTHONY KAMAU 28 days ago
These guys are always hating on united, biased punditry always.
ভাইসাব Bros
Liverpool is a known bottler. What do you expect?
Vijay Iyer
Vijay Iyer 28 days ago
This is no. 1 bullshit. This seems to be the analysis everytime. When man city came here in march and couldnt play well, it was man city had a bad day today. Same with arsenal. Same here. Lets accept it. Man utd play well against these teams because of being good on the counter attack. And yesterday it was solskjaers tactics for sure which nullified liverpool in first half. This bullshit about, oh yesterday was an off day for them...garbage
Sir Alex
Sir Alex 28 days ago
What has Burley ever won in his career ?
Sir Alex
Sir Alex 28 days ago
united made them poor. You bitter motherfcuking arshowl.
Hariram Goviselvan
Hariram Goviselvan 28 days ago
Its a joke to see liverpool to hard beat man utd who were not good and have not key players Now tell whose the worst
Imah Sickhunt
Imah Sickhunt 28 days ago
I think Old Trafford got to them tbh
Sabre Flurry
Sabre Flurry 28 days ago
United snuffed out Liverpool midfield for 60 minutes Craig.
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper 28 days ago
Liverpool have been lucky all season. They haven't played excellent football. They just somehow snatched victories. It was on the cards. Though that's what you need. Some luck and grit. They've been getting victories and that certainly overshadows how they've won those matches.
miyahtallulah 28 days ago
70% possession, doing what? What did Liverpool do with it? MU looked far more dangerous in the first half. "Way off color"? MU exposed Liverpool's less than stellar midfield.
Alwayne Gordon
Alwayne Gordon 28 days ago
You all are just having sour tastes in your mouth because you all thought utd were gonna be thrashed. As if you have ever seen us been thrashed. U wanted to see 4 or 5 and you knew it wouldn't happen
Alwayne Gordon
Alwayne Gordon 28 days ago
Really. I think tactically they were outclassed. Just the fact that they drew made liverpool look good because they didn't deserve this point
Travellingisagift 28 days ago
No one won the match. Man U is now 10 pts, a team that had a good day, at least 2 pts higher than the relegation zone. Liverpool, on the other hand, played bad. But still did not lose after many games.
Football Highlights HD
We need a stricker we can't score more than 1 goal
Tarek Wazzi
Tarek Wazzi 28 days ago
There is a huge difference in quality of punditry between ESPN and SKY Sports. Theyve been bashing them and expecting them to be trampled over yet United put in a decent performance especially in the first half. These guys looked like idiots after this match. ESPN should lay off the Manutd obsession and focus on other teams or at least give Ole and the team for their performance...
Beerus 28 days ago
Give credit when its due Man utd played well and deserved to win
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