LIVE VIEW | Protests in metro Atlanta continue on Saturday afternoon

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Atlanta is bracing for another round of potential protests this evening, many appearing to be spontaneous or loosely organized, in the wake of demonstrations that turned chaotic downtown Friday night.
It's not yet clear exactly where or when protests may emerge, though Gwinnett County Police confirmed a group went through Sugarloaf Mills Mall. The mall has now been closed, police said.
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Published on


May 30, 2020




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Comments 80
Sleeper Tesla
Sleeper Tesla 3 days ago
They’re all gonna die of COVID-19 now lol
Danny B
Danny B 5 days ago
comply and stay alive
Danny B
Danny B 5 days ago
police need to shoot all of them and this will stop its that simple
Danny B
Danny B 5 days ago
let Atlanta burn, its the Mayors black racist fault
Robb Miles
Robb Miles 29 days ago
Drunk Lives Matter, so do all the innocent lives that were on the roads when his family n friends let him leave in that state of mind. Shame on them... Global Lives Matter 🌎
Pastor Gene Williams
Cnn takes up for riots calling them "peaceful protests" this is a war dance. I wouldn't be surprised if they tear up or burn down cnn too... ruvid.net/video/video-oJ7iQr4yYpU.html
david johnson
david johnson Month ago
Perfect 1-2000lb jadam will end this quickly
john striker games
Here we go again
Beach Waves
Beach Waves Month ago
This is not the way..Stop destroying Cities because you people want to make a point..Im a young girl ..what kind of example are you teaching us,,,STOP Please !!! I know its sad what happened to these men but why mess up my City ?????????
Scott Frost
Scott Frost Month ago
Scott Frost
Scott Frost Month ago
THESE THUGS NEED TO BE STOPPED! My god enough is enough! Innocent people are being harmed! TRUMP NEEDS TO SHUT THAT CITY DOWN!
malsikcuf 9/11
malsikcuf 9/11 Month ago
Let me find out
Saretta Brooks
Saretta Brooks Month ago
The police put on gloves snd picked up the shells from the bullets. Why? Why do wr think they did that? I want to hear them report that. Attorneys said they picked up shells. Isn't that tampering with evidence? Unacceptable shooting an unarmed man in the back. Period.
Bob Scorpion
Bob Scorpion Month ago
Todd Crain
Todd Crain Month ago
keisha coward Bottom ... shes a bottom feeder all right
Todd Crain
Todd Crain Month ago
Grandma pelosi needs a new set of false teeth!
Todd Crain
Todd Crain Month ago
only a lunatic would cut down on police after seeing these scummy idiots looting the mayor is a cowardly sniveling idiot
Roxann Bryant
Roxann Bryant Month ago
02:10:37 13:05 34:07
Ben Durden
Ben Durden Month ago
We have a few of these folks in Hamilton Mill today. Gwinnett PD has them in check....
Arnold Broussard
Protesters look like animals that were never outside !!!!!
This is NOT funny HOSTAGE2EVIL
Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer Month ago
Please can somebody send me some gas money please 1220 fallon Dr Clarksville Tn 37043
Desmond Bangura
Desmond Bangura Month ago
Black lives matters! I stand with Floyd.. I can't breath
Kamchatka,The 2nd Pacific Naval Squadron.
hahahaha communist get fked
QUENESS YOMy Month ago
Mister Air
Mister Air Month ago
learn in Ukrainian police how to work with riots ruvid.net/video/video-0OrervdZTSE.html
Esther Arsenenko
I understand their goal but would someone explain to me how this helps? And when will they stop? Change doesn't happen overnight...
Saretta Brooks
Saretta Brooks Month ago
You said you understand the goal. Really, do you because right now the goal for black men is survival. Breath from day to day. So, if you understand that then you should definitely understand these isn't time to see when changes are coming. Changes should have already occurred. How long do you think they should wait to determine if they are go3to be murdered from day to day? Please educate yourself. I bet you could be a great asset in the resolution if you would educate yourself. Please.
Esther Arsenenko
@Just Indifferent I don't want to read an article from someone who makes their best guess as to why this is happening, I want to know exactly why from someone who actually goes to these protests and does the things that these people are doing in the video. I wanna know what's driving them to do what they do and why they feel it will help the problem. That's just not something you can really research, and the best way to understand is by hearing it from someone who is right in the middle.
John Christensen
no more virus/ no more social distancing/ no more fines/ no more climate change/ no more arresting criminals
Justin Timbers
Justin Timbers Month ago
Well, now we know who the real thugs are! These people will destroy their own cities so they can show us how peaceful they are.
Tom Shad
Tom Shad Month ago
Abby D
Abby D Month ago
Too many years of peaceful protests with no change from the government. It is time overthrow the government. We are more than them
Justin Timbers
Justin Timbers Month ago
@Why Are We Still Here Just To Suffer? That's some deep stuff, you'll be Assistant Manager of that Pizza Hut in no time.
dont_worry about_it
@Justin Timbers learn to listen my ass😂, African American ppl still get shot to this day for doing nothing, we are protesting to end police brutality and racism..I guess to you thats not much tho💅
Justin Timbers
Justin Timbers Month ago
@dont_worry about_it if you want to be heard you need to learn to listen. Go back and read all the questions I asked that were ignored. This is what happens when the self centered become "Activist". You want to make demands when you aren't even capable of carrying on a 2 sided conversation.
dont_worry about_it
@Justin Timbers he said that we have been peacefully protesting for years and still no result..while I don't stand with the violence I do know that there needs to be changed and for some reason y'all aren't listening💅
Natalie Meredith
Comic Guy facts
Nifty 5Øz
Nifty 5Øz Month ago
“We should respect tha police, for standing their ground “🤦🏾‍♂️ during a protest for justice against cops killen African Americans, yea aight, 🖕🏾12, (dude sound real STUPIDDD!!) #BlackLivesMatter
Flipper Month ago
@SiNaE listen to jesse lee peterson and spread the word
Trace McClintock
@SiNaE ok I'm not saying that you aren't mistreated sometimes, but the media makes it out to be terrible and its not. The media portrays something worse than reality. They show us the bad stuff to get reactions out of us. And white privilege doesn't exist. Ik you didn't say it did im just clearing it up. Black people have more financial aid than any other race in America. For example, if your black you can get a scholarship for being black but whites don't get scholarships for being white
SiNaE Month ago
Comic Guy You saying all lives matter is like making it a competition...we aren’t saying anti white! Black Lives Matter is a movement and is saying that blacks aren’t treated like other races and still aren’t treated that way, so we need to make it known by saying BLM and for that reason we had this “protest”. It’s not a competition! We are just fighting for justice! #BlackLivesMatter
Trace McClintock
These have become riots. They are stopping it from becoming a riot. What they are doing is illegal anyway you can't stand in the middle of the road. These rioters have killed 4 ppl already. Guess how many cops killed. 1. I hope they put Marshall law in. Nobody is doing this for George floyd anymore. If you believe you are, go look up what Floyd's brother had to say. And ik it can work peacefully bc MLK did it and burned 0 properties, destroyed 0 vehicles, and 0 innocents were killed by the protesters. The only time a riot started was when MLK died. What ab the 77 year old black ex police chief shot and killed by rioters while ppl watched and did nothing. Heard of that? Probably not bc for some reason ppl don't care. What ab the innocent dying bc 100s of ppl gang up on them and BEAT THEM TO DEATH bc they tried defending their selves. Those were innocent ppl killed by rioters. Why isn't that a big deal? Is it bc a cop didn't do it. Is murder only murder if a cop does it? What ab the man who served this country and lost his job bc he was rude to a rioter. He didnt deserve that. That man is 10000 times better than you idiots. He fights for a selfless cause. You all kill innocents for a selfish cause. Floyd's death was a tragedy. May he rip. But that cop did NOT intentionally kill him so stop acting like he did. If you're in a fight and you're on someone waiting for police and they say they can't breathe do you get up to give them a chance to run away? Apparently not bc yall didn't give up killing those innocent ppl in the riots, The ppl the rioters beat to death prove that those rioters are just as bad if not worse than that cop. If you hate America leave. We do NOT want you here. If you think that killing 4 innocent ppl is justified bc 1 person died you yourself should be killed. Beat to death in a riot so you know how those innocent ppl feel.
Justin Timbers
Justin Timbers Month ago
#Alllivesmatter Assh@le
John Swilley
John Swilley Month ago
I find it fascinating that everyone subconsciously made the crosswalk a visible line. Like insects walking on paper, refusing to step on any ink.
Unise Mendez
Unise Mendez Month ago
These media networks love making Black people look so BAD!!! ITS DISGRACEFUL!!!! Black America should SUE them for this narrative the media has portrayed of them SO LONG!!!!!!!
Emerald Archer
Emerald Archer Month ago
The protesters are not from Atlanta.
Tom Shad
Tom Shad Month ago
Yes but they just went there to visit their families and loot a few stores!!
Jane Simmons
Jane Simmons Month ago
The protesters arrested last night in Cincinnati aren't all from here either. Louisville had protesters from Detroit. People from other areas aren't going to care about our cities like locals would.
A K Month ago
Sure most are.
rocksteady 211
rocksteady 211 Month ago
Nothing is going 2 change until someone from families of the people being killed by police and racists..sacrifice there lives and kill the persons responsible each and every time this rerun takes place.
Erubiel.H Month ago
Start riots on Wall Street.
Todd Crain
Todd Crain Month ago
start a riot in Greenwich conn where all the assholes live
anezzyX Month ago
There so much cases know couce of that
Frank Me
Frank Me Month ago
The cure is worse than the disease. 💯
Frank Me
Frank Me Month ago
@Someboi The lockdown and closing down businesses was worse than leaving them open with specific measures to reduce chances of exposure to the virus, a virus that will not have any effect on most people that are infected. Any sociologist should know that if you have a lot of young men without jobs and nothing to do. Riots and looting will take place. When they started to lockdown over corona there were a lot of people speaking of riots and lootings coming. But as always blame in on the black guy. And come up with some scam to screw people over the rigged economy again.
Someboi Month ago
So your saying we should keep covid 19 and have not have a cure, and we should have all the diseases we cured making our lives better and just keep it so more people die and die. Plus, you do know that you’re probably because of cures. Maybe also your loved ones, so please. Think what you’re about to say.
yunlong CHEN
yunlong CHEN Month ago
According to the experience of the 2019 Hong Kong protests, if the protestors start throwing petrol-bombs/Molotov cocktails at the police, then the New York Times would start calling these protests "overwhelmingly peaceful" and the European Union will start calling these protestors heroes!!!
Kerry Yin
Kerry Yin Month ago
yunlong CHEN such double standard SOB when are they going to stop intervene someone else’s business 🤷🏻‍♂️
Charles Wang
Charles Wang Month ago
Make America Great Again - the greatest joke of the contrary.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Month ago
Bruh all these people that are "protesting " are gonna be put under martial law if they don't stop
Trace McClintock
Rock-n-Roll Month ago
Well, we always knew what Marta stood for. Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.
house2homeplus Month ago
I blame cnn,the mayor and democrats for creating these antifa monsters who are destroying Atlanta. Thank to killer mike for call cnn out for inciting these terrorist protesters
tj hessmon
tj hessmon Month ago
Don't forget folks Riots are tackled in stages ... Stage 1 is local police forces ...... who use mild methods to disperse crowds ... ................................. Stage 2 is where the National Guard is brought in to assist the civilian police force... they begin arresting people and using mild military tactics to dissuade those Rioting..... From arrests, they will interrogate and discover the radicals and their funding groups...... (going on now) .................................. Stage 3 is where stage 1 and 2 are ineffective and there is a need to obtain order .... this is where Martial Law is invoked... Never want to go there folks as the constitution is stayed at that point and the entire population is subject to a Commanding General, his/her orders and military force based upon the necessity .... These folks rioting, would not survive a military interrogation for longer than 10 minutes. The methods the military has at their disposal will quickly contain and identify the instigators and successfully interrogate those Rioting and those funding them.... Police firecrackers are nothing when compared to a real flash bang.... believe me..... you will feel the impact internally, you will be completely disoriented for hours, and your ears will ring for days or weeks when you encounter the real thing...... It already appears these riots are dwindling and fizzling out.... As they eventually will....
100 subs by June
Frank Me
Frank Me Month ago
Yea wait til marshall law. Which will look the same as the last 3 months.
Number One
Number One Month ago
@100 subs by June ruvid.net/video/video-fSMmcS18NNc.html
Number One
Number One Month ago
@A K ruvid.net/video/video-fSMmcS18NNc.html
James D Drake
James D Drake Month ago
Not a riot it's a peaceful protest.
les arundel
les arundel Month ago
Hello from England. Just to let you know that protests for George Floyd have started in London. Peacefully. I reckon the whole world is understanding you. Good luck with your fight against tyranny.
Crimson Hitman
Crimson Hitman Month ago
Thousands of people were let out of prison because of the pandemic. I bet almost all of them were rioting.
Todd Crain
Todd Crain Month ago
if they wanted to they could squash this stuff in one second - its beyond me why they dont do it . we got marines army navy police etc etc why are they allowing this to go on?? all the great stores in nyc got wrecked now what where do we go to shop for diamonds ?????
tj hessmon
tj hessmon Month ago
Don't be foolish and assume these "Riots" are not well organized and well funded. People being arrested in Atlanta are not from Georgia... ............. It takes big money to mobilize these Communist, Radical subversives on a moments notice.... With theses current riots it took nearly a week to get them onto position... Who paid for that? .... Here are comments from officials from other states....... ................. In Detroit, 37 of the 60 people who were arrested in overnight protests did not live in the city - and many came from nearby suburbs, police Chief James Craig said Saturday. Although Detroit is about 80% black, many of those arrested were white......... ................................ St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said he’d been told all of those arrested in his city Friday were from outside the state, he later learned some of those arrested were actually from Minnesota but clearly not all of them..... .................. “I think about a third of the people are from out of town here to make the city burn,” said Justin Terrell, executive director of the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage. “It is just putting black people in a crossfire not just between fascists and anarchists - but putting us in a crossfire with the National Guard.”......
Note... this is how the fall of every country in the Middle East started.... Marshall law is required.
For 50 years blacks have been permitted to mix with whites and the experiment hasn’t worked.... should we go back to segregation?
sierra4344 Month ago
Kevin Hanes
Kevin Hanes Month ago
Keep proving to America what you actually are, a bunch of thugs!! What? You aren’t? Then why are you acting like it? Peaceful protests are protected by Constitution!! Rioting, looting and destroying property isn’t! You deserve to be shot down in the streets for your actions but think God that the same police you are attacking have shown restraint!! Grow up and go home! Protest peacefully
ابوخالد راحال
Go out trump no need📢🚫
The bottom line WE WANT JUSTICE THOSE OFFICERS WHO ACCOUNTED FOR IN THE DEATH OF GEORGE FLOYED NEED TO BE ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED IN COURT OF JUSTICE.Thats what we the American people obviously see that hasn't happened then WHY the injustice America WHY?
Zeit Geist
Zeit Geist Month ago
This is the result of a decades-long proggressivel building Nazi Police State.
Jeremy Barrett
Jeremy Barrett Month ago
I've came to the conclusion after this weekend that black Americans are the worst group of human beings in the world. What a disgrace and embarrassment! I'm not talking about the real African Americans. Those are mostly good people. I am good friends a real African American. He came from Uganda a few years ago. Even he can't stand black Americans. He said he embarrassed when people call them African Americans. This is what Jesse Jackson and rap music does when the kids grow up listening to it. Worst human beings on earth!
sick turrett
sick turrett Month ago
hundreds of thousands together without masks; may covid bless you
sick turrett
sick turrett Month ago
@Frank Me we have statistics of deaths daily in my city since 2015 and this spring it was about a hundred more daily-higher than confirmed cases. And what profits with a disease without a cure. I understand you know nothing about economy, cause economy worldwide is fucked since the outbreak. Even a conspiracy theorist should have a little bit of logic and fact behing their theory lol
Frank Me
Frank Me Month ago
@sick turrett There are no more deaths this year than last. Only thing that changed is how they died. Wonder why? Profits. Keep believing their lies. Stay home and don't go out. Stay scared. The devil will find work for idle hands
sick turrett
sick turrett Month ago
@Todd Crain devil makes three (just came into my mind, a good band lol)
Todd Crain
Todd Crain Month ago
the Devil takes care of his own
sick turrett
sick turrett Month ago
@Just Indifferent 600.000 deaths in 3 months worldwide and still growing... it's bullshit? I bet your iq level is two digits and i hope you socialize more and kiss your family members daily lol
Alex Nosov
Alex Nosov Month ago
Exactly the same scenario was made in Europe in France with the so-called YELLOW VESTS led by the pro-Russian opposition organized by the KGB. The rally and riots forced Emmanuel Macron to go to Russia to Putin and ask for peace, as well as support in the elections. After this, the riots in France stopped, and Macron sharply changed his policy towards Russia from criticism to open support in all matters, even becoming a lawyer for Russia in the European Union
Vincent Chabot
Vincent Chabot Month ago
Stupid comment.
tj hessmon
tj hessmon Month ago
Your on the right track.... The Democrats in America are loosing the 2020 election... they needed this event to separate the races, this is why its occurring now and is well funded..... They had lost the battle with SARS-CoV-2, and Americans going back to work were winning..... They desperately needed something else to change the focus.. so there you have it ..... Riots.... during a global pandemic.... You think Democrats actually care these people are spreading the virus? ...... Nope.... it works to their advantage that they do spread the virus..... its supports their false claims..... Watch ..... Their next targets will be the vulnerable population .... they will start Riots at old folks homes.. ..., spread the virus and intentionally kill as many as possible..... Unless the military puts a stop to them....
Sajkeena's Informative channel
Honestly I don't think it's wrong, because no matter how many times we peacefully protested, they never listen. So what else can we do? It's time to take action, not a knee not a fist anymore. This time we're going to make them listen, no matter what it takes..
Kevin Hanes
Kevin Hanes Month ago
Sajkeena's Informative channel action will just reduce your population!! Riot and burn and sooner or later they will shoot you down in the streets. Just saying! The government doesn’t care if they have to kill you
Flav Month ago
3:03:32 Real classy 🙄
Blake Month ago
All lives matter
Alex Nosov
Alex Nosov Month ago
In these protests, the ears of the Kremlin and KGB Putin stick with which Trump is rubbing his genitals
sel1hotmail Month ago
stupid president now you get what you deserve
bale cruz
bale cruz Month ago
2:20:00 you dropped your water bottle almost dropped your backpack i reckon it’s time for you to go home rest and get some sleep
Anthony Brill
Anthony Brill Month ago
Pelosi: a beautiful sight to behold. KARMA!
Todd Crain
Todd Crain Month ago
Pelosi nana pelosi wears her mask on her shriveled up neck when she needs it to hide her bad false teeth
Ubaid Rehman
Ubaid Rehman Month ago
Very cheap don't time west 😣
Robin Martz
Robin Martz Month ago
It’s just too bad that nobody can ever have a PEACEFUL protest. It’s just not possible
Kevin Mathews
Kevin Mathews Month ago
Robin Martz no such thing as a peaceful protest
Anthony Brill
Anthony Brill Month ago
Pelosi: a beautiful sight to behold. KARMA!
Felicia Parivechio
I agree it,s example for what they wont marshal law next ,when there in rage going down and wounder why is because there is enough of people willing to help so this can be handled in a proper manner ,in regards to other,s that could get cought in the middle of this rage a totaly innocent civilian God has this one way or another in the end ,best regards to all stay healthy and ne safe
Kevin Hanes
Kevin Hanes Month ago
Felicia Parivechio GEEZ, it’s MARTIAL LAW
miracle clay now Clay
we must stop the anarchist that has the only paid agenda to destroy America , it has nothing to do with the killing of brother FLOYD IT IS an anti America plot . we know who they are . look at them most of them travel from others state well organice to vandalize and destroy our country . God bless America , it time to see the real deal people . shame on them .
Ricardo Elias
Ricardo Elias Month ago
Porque la gente está afuera; ? Y el covid19?
oakgrove1965 _
oakgrove1965 _ Month ago
We have KEMP .not a wimp.great GOV.
djw80158 Month ago
🖕🏾his slow talkin dumbazz
Martinez Whitfield
I wouldn’t burn down others people’s things but I think their point is if racist things continue then they will continue to riot I guess but they are still hurting innocent people’s jobs and lives by rioting
john striker games
I think the point of it was to give the police a hard time
Justin Timbers
Justin Timbers Month ago
@Kevin Mathews What about it?
Alan Baeth
Alan Baeth Month ago
Just like when they rioted over Rodney King i was in Las Vegas & they burned down the welfare office in North LV then they were upset & wondered why they didnt get their welfare checks or food stamps! STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS LMFAO
Martinez Whitfield
Kevin Mathews it’s still happening do that could be why also
Kevin Mathews
Kevin Mathews Month ago
What about 400 hundred years of slavery...........
Killer Pickle
Killer Pickle Month ago
Hope this doesnt come to canton
Sajkeena's Informative channel
Oh it's coming
Anthony Brill
Anthony Brill Month ago
Pelosi: a beautiful sight to behold. KARMA!
motoboy420ify Month ago
The city closes most of the parks and then bitch about ATV'S being a nuisance. They were riding ATV'S in Atl years before you gentrifiers showed up with no respect for the culture. Being out of touch means you're part of the problem.
Evan Himebaugh
Evan Himebaugh Month ago
this is the fundraiser for the arrestees in atlanta. All the money goes toward bail and legal fees. If you wanna talk and confirm the validity of this link feel free to contact me at Dameron68@riseup.net. We can all help these people from being further persecuted by the state. actionnetwork.org/fundraising/support-justiceforgeorgefloyd-protesters-in-atlanta
Petty Police Man
More ATVs need to hit more 👮‍♀️ Hopefully the 🐷 is 💀
Petty Police Man
TheTimeTraveler2025 So what? Black or white he was a pig right?
Petty Police Woman nope... he was black. Most APD are black
No way would I invest in a business anywhere near these cities...
Sajkeena's Informative channel
Or any city at all at this point 😂
Jay House
Jay House Month ago
Select a leader then take your fight to City Hall! Destroying your own town and stealing from your neighbor's stores is disgraceful, despicable, selfish, shameful, unwarranted, savage and ignorant! Anyone caught and arrested should be given a choice; help rebuild or prison!
Crimson Hitman
Crimson Hitman Month ago
They are proving why stereotypes exist
Time to take back the $1200 from these people...
Mustard gas them...
LA TODDYxxx Month ago
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