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The very best moments from Nye County, Nevada, including the arrest of a wanted fugitive at a local hotel and a couple attacked in their home in a drive-by shooting. #LivePD
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Jul 19, 2019

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Comments 1 858
A&E 2 days ago
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!
Danny Porras2
Danny Porras2 4 hours ago
F**k the police
isabella c
isabella c Day ago
Michael Simion
Michael Simion 9 seconds ago
God I would not want their jobs.
noah kohs
noah kohs 30 minutes ago
Who runs in a prius
Vooryjoni Spion
Who runs away in a Prius?
John Roberts
John Roberts 2 hours ago
We have the whole place surrounded.... *breaks out of only other exit
Alex Wrench
Alex Wrench 2 hours ago
Bonnie and Clyde in a Prius?? Just ducking kill me.
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez 2 hours ago
Those two old guys had me DeAd😂
Bonathan 3 hours ago
How it should’ve gon “R u victor” “No this is Patrick”
Ramon Hernandez
Ramon Hernandez 3 hours ago
Legend has it the up to this date Carlos is still with that officer
XainonN 4 hours ago
1:57 slenderman
XainonN 4 hours ago
1:58 We have the whole building surrounded.
Eli L.
Eli L. 4 hours ago
At 17:03 "When you make a sandwich..." LOL
Bri Guy
Bri Guy 5 hours ago
Just here to check the comments on the cougar mom 🤣
Cozy 5 hours ago
Imagine they just run out of gas
Psychosis 7 hours ago
gta6 graphics are great
Devin Young
Devin Young 9 hours ago
17:34 Dep. Sedrick Sweet sounds like Toby from The Office.
ChiPrincess23 9 hours ago
Camera ppl are faster then the cops most the time 😐.
Gord Desm
Gord Desm 11 hours ago
Ok, lmfao ! With these two seniors at the end here.
ueowsdows 12 hours ago
So many trash people in America is seems...
장민제 15 hours ago
Grandpas were hilarious
Damien Patrick
Damien Patrick 18 hours ago
The two old men cracked me up😂
Andrew Washington
Andrew Washington 22 hours ago
I’m sorry my pants fell down there
John R. Timmers
16:47 Quotes the preamble to UNESCO and claims she wrote it while on heroin. wtf
Gord Desm
Gord Desm 11 hours ago
She might of wrote it, I wrote this - "Reality is the physical form of consciousness. The human body is a flesh and bone vehicle for the spirit, an avatar for consciousness. We are all one in the same" People somehow write the same things I guess.
Nick Kiedaisch
Old dude in the green pants looks like Mr.Lahey at 19:44
Ccwcole Day ago
Is her name karen
Lilly Garner
Lilly Garner Day ago
“I’m a pin head”
d3spis3m3 Day ago
Atleast he does leg day, muahahahahhaa
SanDiegoEric Day ago
No comments about the first guy trying to get away...in a Prius??!!! Lol.
Jeff Buse
Jeff Buse Day ago
Nobody thought to guard the other exit???
Stag Day ago
"This guys got 15 felony warrants" ....and you idiots kept letting him go because...???
Drake Bunch
Drake Bunch Day ago
"All you need is love" methed out chick.
Milan Davis
Milan Davis Day ago
10:35 🤣🤣🤣
Gavin Aahz
Gavin Aahz Day ago
"The whole buildings surronded" you sure bc that dude got away quick 😂😂
John Gassmann
John Gassmann 2 days ago
First cop said they had the building surrounded. He either lied or their cordon sucks.
gregory mceaddy
gregory mceaddy 2 days ago
he had 32 b's
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 2 days ago
Was that an effing Prius?
aaron presta
aaron presta 2 days ago
Its sad, how pretty these girls can be and be using meth, here's one bet anything a black guy or kid is part of this.
SIV 475 Paul
SIV 475 Paul 2 days ago
Honestly the old guy who was giving the papers seemed like a chill guy
William 2 days ago
Break the window as a distraction, walk out the front like a boss
Mick Funny
Mick Funny Day ago
William so who was driving the Prius🤷‍♂️
Bruh. I know drungs are really bad, but two felonies for being high on "meth"?(they where def on heroin) Like ruining two young lives just because they have drug addiction? Nonviolent drug offenders should NEVER get a felony.
Juan C Salinas
Juan C Salinas 2 days ago
8:34 "Talk about dodging a bullet huh?" Too soon bro
cody 2 days ago
6:56 Sounded like bubbles from trailer park boys
Brett Carlow
Brett Carlow 2 days ago
Poor dude tried to run in a Prius
Mick Funny
Mick Funny Day ago
Brett Carlow gets good mileage tho
Lisa Locke
Lisa Locke 3 days ago
They are yelling we have you surrounded and not one cop is outside by the window. 🤦🏼‍♀️ come on!
Myasia Robles
Myasia Robles 3 days ago
When that old man pants fell down I lost it 💀💀💀
DJ Doble U
DJ Doble U 3 days ago
I was so hype when they broke that window and took off.
Ceddo Dtm
Ceddo Dtm 3 days ago
I bet the police was mad asl , they took forever waiting for the old man to get the the house
Ceddo Dtm
Ceddo Dtm 3 days ago
Yea he’s the girlfriend 😂🤣
Montessori Webinars
First incident: I thought they had the building surrounded.
J430 3 days ago
lol Karen
Red Rabbit
Red Rabbit 3 days ago
😂 I lost it! 20:01
Dee p
Dee p 3 days ago
"Drag racing in a prius" "Yeah... I dont win often"
califisher 3 days ago
I lol'd when they said he has 15 felony warrants but they didn't bother to put a unit behind his room allowing him the ability to take a hike. That was a pretty silly situation. Err.. a pretty Nevadien goof ball move.
lil chxrrpp
lil chxrrpp 3 days ago
That 27 year old you can tell tried to tell the 22 year old what to do
lil chxrrpp
lil chxrrpp 3 days ago
He's facing 10 years plus of course he wanted to run.
Seventy-Three David
I was going to say two shooters just on the basis of the different casings, brass and aluminum, but if a driveby shooter was creative enough to load different cartridges to throw the police off then bravo.
Margaret Mosca
Margaret Mosca 3 days ago
Any time I get stop just be humble and respectful nor need to dis cops you won’t win
CasualNG / FIZM
CasualNG / FIZM 3 days ago
“Im going to go to mah room ta play on mah ehbo “
lx-_Dre 3 days ago
Old people arguing be funny afff😂😂
Flynn Rose
Flynn Rose 4 days ago
That cameraman most be in hella Good shape😂😂
MRkIng games
MRkIng games 4 days ago
Isn’t there idea maybe before he drives off I should shoot the tire
shmorev2 4 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore 20:01 the mans pants fell and he didn’t notice💀
Sandude 2 days ago
he said he was sorry
shmorev2 4 days ago
Cop:why you shaking so bad Guy:it’s co-(voice crack)-ld💀
William Young
William Young 4 days ago
Just sat through 5 ads on a 20 minute video... this is getting old.
Bryanna Dacumos
Bryanna Dacumos 4 days ago
Bro same
jake Clarke
jake Clarke 4 days ago
One thing came to mind in the first clip. That one thing being cowabunga it is meme
CoolChannel Name
CoolChannel Name 4 days ago
That first guy lost his bra during the chase
Mick Funny
Mick Funny Day ago
CoolChannel Name got the big ole tan mitties
Courtney Ratkosky
They thought they were gonna get away in a prius 😂😂😂
Michael Bad eye sucks
Cop- “Why’d you go out the window” Me- cuz you was at the door” 😂😂
Claire Boyle
Claire Boyle 4 days ago
With the first one, this has got to be the first time that Bonnie and Clyde has been made into a verb: Bonnie-and-Clyde-ing it
Greg Wamboldt
Greg Wamboldt 4 days ago
Meth heads are always making themselves feel better with philosophical rhetoric. Strange.
clayton kettell
clayton kettell 4 days ago
im going to be honest i only clicked on this cause i thought it said "best of bill nye"
Natalie Luders
Natalie Luders 4 days ago
I DO NOT LIKE THAT NYE COUNTY COP ive seen him afew times in live pd he's an absolute power hungry control freak notice you only hear him talking the whole time
Alexander Dück
Alexander Dück 4 days ago
Doesn't that cop at 12:37 sound like Paul Lieberstein aka Toby Flenderson from the office?
Noah Ocker
Noah Ocker 4 days ago
I'm confused, why couldn't they just do a pit maneuver on the first one?
CHARLIE BENT 4 days ago
didnt realize that Toby from The Office is a cop now. I thought he was the Scranton strangler.....
Kacee Broham
Kacee Broham 4 days ago
First 1 was badass
Flex Nation
Flex Nation 4 days ago
Pretty extreme for a man that wants to kms
Henry Tilghman
Henry Tilghman 4 days ago
"I didn't hit him!" "Alright" "If I had hit him, I'd have marks on my hands" "Why you shaking so bad???" "IT'S COLD!!!!!!!" "Alright"
AR_119 5 days ago
Is nobody going to talk about the fact that he ran from the cops in a Prius? 😆
Chris Shanklin
Chris Shanklin 8 hours ago
Lmao who did he think he was
califisher 3 days ago
Yeah... and the det says he has balls lmao, rookie.
Rhett graham
Rhett graham 4 days ago
He must’ve seen the Super Bowl commercial
Ben Martz
Ben Martz 5 days ago
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