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The very best moments from Nye County, Nevada, including the arrest of a wanted fugitive at a local hotel and a couple attacked in their home in a drive-by shooting. #LivePD
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Jul 19, 2019




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Comments 3 708
A&E 2 months ago
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!
Jeff DeWitt
Jeff DeWitt 6 days ago
@dustiest spade No, and that really wouldn't work. When you fire a gun the hammer hits the primer in the casing (which leaves a unique and identifiable mark), which then fires the bullet. The only part of the gun that normally comes into contact with the bullet is the barrel, and at that point the bullet moving fast. It's the scrape marks made when the bullet is going through the barrel that can tie a fired bullet to the gun. In a handgun the casing is ejected, but doesn't go very far and can be collected pretty easily by the shooter. In fact this is often done and the casings reloaded, saving money on ammo.
dustiest spade
dustiest spade 7 days ago
@Jeff DeWitt cool did they ever pass the law to have the gun stamp the bullets as firing?
Jeff DeWitt
Jeff DeWitt 9 days ago
@dustiest spade No, bullets don't have serial numbers and there is no way to track a bullet to the purchaser. However, when a bullet is fired it gets scratched up a bit by the barrel of the gun its fired from, and each gun leaves a slightly different, and unique pattern. So if a bullet isn't too badly damaged and they find a gun they think might have been used to fire it they can verify it.
T S 22 days ago
He should have busted the window then went out the door 🤦🏾‍♀️😂
La Longue Carabine
La Longue Carabine 23 days ago
Yeah watching Captain Shopping CART give two girls a felony charge for tricking them into saying they were high is top tier entertainment.
Bencer Sparney
I love how the pursuit was like 3 patrol cars the whole time then the second the get into Vegas they pull a shadow clone jitsu and there's just a sea of highway patrol
Yt ice Dragon
Yt ice Dragon 2 hours ago
GTA be like
Yt ice Dragon
Yt ice Dragon 3 hours ago
This looks fun
Jonathan Wahono
Jonathan Wahono 8 hours ago
Cops: put your hands behind your back don’t move Guy: am I a joke to you?
Jonathan Wahono
Jonathan Wahono 8 hours ago
The officer didn’t wear his seatbelt
rrios283s73 10 hours ago
Those last two guys are funny
Geo Z
Geo Z 11 hours ago
11:24 tf was that running
john tinoco
john tinoco 12 hours ago
oops forgot the window.
3:55 13 hours ago
She wasn't wrong about tons of shootings in Yakima
jamie Elizabeth
jamie Elizabeth 14 hours ago
Did they figure out who did the drive by shooting that grazed that badass’s head?
Freezo 14 hours ago
20:16 ..bruh what an amazing life this man lives
Jatchetto-_- 15 hours ago
Those 2 old heads goin at it 🤣🤣
Sam? Sam!
Sam? Sam! 16 hours ago
Someone count how many times that woman said Yakima
Sirus Demon
Sirus Demon 21 hour ago
18:40 squidward and spongebob fighting sounds lit
PRO v SH4DOW 22 hours ago
13:05 Xbox
Colby Jones
Colby Jones Day ago
Good ol Yakima
lima bean
lima bean Day ago
The old dudes pants falling off after being evicted was the greatest combination of tragedy and comedy ive ever witnessed
Bryan M
Bryan M Day ago
Onfroi Day ago
that blonde girl was sooo stoned
Respectful Man
What if Carlos was Victor the whole time?
John Morrison
Reno 911 irl
Qs Dr3ams
Qs Dr3ams Day ago
Vareyl Morvain
“Misdemeanor stops actually turn into something big” Arrests 2 tweakie birds who weren’t causing any harm
Isamel Campos
That actually does happen in Yakima lmao
GO-STUDY Day ago
wonder why nobody shoot the tyres while they are all standing around the vehicle
Josh Pierce
Josh Pierce Day ago
Somebody has been a bad boy!
GO-STUDY Day ago
these two meth kids and they are left going, that's so American
Julie Roth
Julie Roth Day ago
The first one gave me SUCH GTA vibes
Титус Манович
Anyone else binge watching these?
PE 4str
PE 4str Day ago
Canadian asking why do so many officers go on a chase??
Andrew Peterson
Some people call cops for no reason man
Bobby Libby
Bobby Libby 2 days ago
7:55. Yakima.😂 💯💖
Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz 2 days ago
“How about you?” The look on the deputy’s face! 😂😂😂 15:12
rennan bruns
rennan bruns 2 days ago
Why did you jump out the window? Are you ok, did you get shot. You have the right to remain silent sir. Me: wtf
LiL-UzIツ 2 days ago
Officer:what are u gonna do tonight Guy:gonna play Xbox all night
Reed Tardio
Reed Tardio 2 days ago
0:21 so shootouts with the police happens ALL THE TIME? I doubt it.
Kerri Ruder
Kerri Ruder 2 days ago
Why didnt you SHOOT THE TIRES while he was in the parking lot❣❣
Random Kiwi
Random Kiwi 3 days ago
Dam Carlos got locked out
Jack shiflett
Jack shiflett 3 days ago
In the first clip amazing just going somewhere for a weekend check into a hotel and then that happens
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