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The very best moments from Calvert County, MD including an intense shots fired call that doesn't go as expected, a guy trying to hide the wrong thing and the answer to how many cops it takes to lift a pick up truck. #LivePD
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Jun 14, 2019




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Comments 2 960
A&E Month ago
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!
SleepLess 24 days ago
A&E lmao you crazy
socc 27 days ago
chandler gallagher
chandler gallagher 9 hours ago
Cold steel espada xl for the win
Christina Saali
Christina Saali 10 hours ago
That person whole neighborhood knows what house the cops r there for
richard kaye
richard kaye 14 hours ago
So the communists in maryland dont allow their minions to even have a knife?
James Al
James Al 22 hours ago
Anyone else notice most of these guys that got off are white?
Zaria Vlogz
Zaria Vlogz Day ago
Why dont officers wear long sleeves and long bulletproof JACKET?
Bringing a new meaning to lifted truck
Ansterdan Viana
14:53, what did you say officer? Where do you work 😂😂😂
Dominicandante 2 days ago
Culonary purpose
Jodie Bowens
Jodie Bowens 2 days ago
Smokin a blunt in the car you sell drugs out of. Darwin award right there. LOL
Ray Dolinger
Ray Dolinger 2 days ago
Oh yea ..... Some strange people migrating here to calvert county..... :) Lusby, the drug capitol of maryland
Joe Hayting
Joe Hayting 2 days ago
my guy with the freezer gloves is on that Cold Steel tip respect King ✊
DJT183 2 days ago
Lmfao having a knife is a criminal offense... but I guess guns are all good? 'merica
bluelink142 3 days ago
1:11 Shane scouting for walkers
Derick F
Derick F 3 days ago
Well, you got a little weed and a couple knives off the street. Super cop.
Art Medina
Art Medina 3 days ago
Who tf grips a steering wheel at 100 mph like that @0:25
Dymond WINGFIELD 4 days ago
The culinary guys a serial killer and they just let him go. Because he laughed and he’s white. Welcome to America where you’re allowed to be a serial killer legally if you’re white.
- PlumpPilot -
- PlumpPilot - 4 days ago
Oh God he has weeeeeeed, man if feels weird to live in a state where weed is totally acceptable and look at neighbor states where people are arrested for very little.
chris doc v
chris doc v 4 days ago
Poor guy doesn’t know how to shoulder a rifle.
NoobPilot831 5 days ago
Giving weed to the community, man deserves a hug not to be put in jail
Luke Winter
Luke Winter 5 days ago
I got charged with stems and seeds in floorboard
Noah Gore Hoe
Noah Gore Hoe 5 days ago
Yes the freezer where I store my bodies sir
Bryan Young
Bryan Young 6 days ago
That’s so me. You have anything to drink today sir? No I was just crying. 😂😂😂😂
T 6 days ago
felt bad for that dude in the truck with just a grinder and a knife, seemed like a good guy
Gabriel Barboza
Gabriel Barboza 6 days ago
Any dude with their hair in a bun..should automatically be searched for drugs
Jon Ram
Jon Ram 7 days ago
This dudes letting everyone off lmaoooooo
Melissa Monts
Melissa Monts 7 days ago
“All over a tag light too” yeah cause u guys are dicksuckers
Samuel Gibbs
Samuel Gibbs 2 days ago
Lmao just don’t break the law haha like just follow the rules lol
Alfred Morency
Alfred Morency 7 days ago
The cop going on about the butterfly does not know what he is talking about. Butterfly knives are not prohibited in Maryland and folding knives of any size are legal to carry as long as they are not a "switchblade or automatic knife". Also, many edged "weapons that are illegal to carry on one's person are not illegal to possess.
SubSonic 7 days ago
Any state that declares butterfly knifes illegal is just purely idiotic
Dusty Fred
Dusty Fred 7 days ago
"If you stab someone in the chest with this, right. Something to get off the street." I could just as easily stab someone in the chest with a pair of scissors. This cop is either stupid enough to buy into a nonsense law, or he's just giving it lip service because he's on camera. Either way a bad sign.
Clearly_ 4 days ago
Can’t be a cop and disagree with a law on TV, no matter how stupid the law. It’s a good way to get fired I guess.
Eric Bergeron
Eric Bergeron 7 days ago
What's this? ..Oh thats just a foldable machete. And this? ..Bigass b.b gun. And this? Ski mask and gloves?... Ok sir your free to go. Lmfao
xX_makkapakka_Xx 8 days ago
Feel bad for that guy with the butterfly knife
Evan Hudson
Evan Hudson 9 days ago
MrAlexdimm 9 days ago
Where is the line between drug dealer and farmer
K M 9 days ago
I didn’t know butterfly knives were criminal 😱
SubSonic 7 days ago
Only some states, I have like 10 of them and I live in illinois
Ernesto Gonzales
Ernesto Gonzales 9 days ago
Good he was a redskins fan.
Bizaro Tree
Bizaro Tree 10 days ago
All of a sudden I want to move to Maryland
MN_psychonaut 10 days ago
I respect cops but one on here truly seems like the picked on dork from high school
jour de flamme
jour de flamme 10 days ago
Another serial killer set free ...to take our woman and children at free will....
Christian Ulibarri
Christian Ulibarri 11 days ago
13:00 I think the frustration got the best of him tonight. Right in broad daylight 😂😂
XPCreeper 11 days ago
13:03 "Tonight" Boi do u see how bright it is
drog 11 days ago
14:53 hadeshedaboo cacasherfsof
Pedro Sequeira
Pedro Sequeira 11 days ago
Juan Napoles
Juan Napoles 11 days ago
Used his own scale to weigh the weed. Oh the irony
Brittany R
Brittany R 11 days ago
I never get to see things from my home state. Figures the one TV show featuring MD is Live PD. Oh well
Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton 12 days ago
The very first cop CLEARLY was released from training FAR too soon. Smh Green as a jelly bean.
Enzo Tersini
Enzo Tersini 12 days ago
Are we going to gloss over the cop having a stroke at 14:54?
KianiGEE 12 days ago
Why do people say yes to drinking 😂
Mike Peskar-Murphy
Mike Peskar-Murphy 12 days ago
This officer is a total duuuuaaaade
Justin Grant
Justin Grant 12 days ago
A butterfly knife seriously? Come on man most people who have those hurt themselves more than anyone else! Gee Fing Whiz guy
Icie Holliday
Icie Holliday 12 days ago
“I knew you were gonna make that assumption..-“ “I did!” “ *I know!* “ 😂
MentalWarFare 12 days ago
I’d probably cry a little bit too if I damaged my truck🍂🥜🐿🍂
Ghost99143 13 days ago
I thought butterfly knives were legal in the states
Sam LSD 13 days ago
So where does all the confiscated weed goes to?
Sam LSD 13 days ago
WTF is wrong with American police? They really need to stop arresting people for having a knife. Literally anybody could take a knife with them from the kitchen, or the arrest for the weed is even worst. 🤣🤣😂
Sam LSD 13 days ago
99% of America is drugged up? 🤣🤣😂
Sam LSD 13 days ago
I live in here since 1989, knows about the neighbour more than her life probably.
Kabelo hlomane
Kabelo hlomane 14 days ago
But do u shoot a snake realy
Ghost 14 days ago
Is it just me, or every time they introduce themselves to whoever they pull over its like "Hi this is Deputy Shmsishms withtheShmismsSheriffs office."
Vaggelis Kalogirou
Vaggelis Kalogirou 14 days ago
11:00 why you don't telling him the truth bro I AM AN ADDICTED PLAYER OF CSGO BROO
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