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The best moments from Slidell, Louisiana, including police breaking up a bar fight and a thief shoplifting at a pharmacy. #LivePD
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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 80
A&E 8 months ago
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!
MrJWall 23 days ago
moodi a the guy was right tho
Jacob Hanlin
Jacob Hanlin 27 days ago
s. i
s. i Month ago
Someone needs to investigate the berwick police department They are trying to push a witness to kill herself. They and their drug friends won't stop until she is eliminated one way or the other. God will punish these evil demons oh yes He will.
DGR PYRO Month ago
Lol first guy did say they are gonna let him go n they did
D. 2 months ago
Hope Slidell Christ can come to the studio and bless the crew
dcfanchris Hour ago
2:23 -When did Suge Knight and Keegan Michael Key have a kid?
Yo that first dude just blew my freaking mind he was right about being released 🤯🤯 still isn’t my lord and savor tho i need further evidence 🙄
IZNBRG ETiHW 2 hours ago
How did that guy know he would be let go?!? WTF
omg Trey
omg Trey 4 hours ago
He really was Christ. He made that happen hahahahaha
Nick Cantu III
Nick Cantu III 11 hours ago
So you admit to playing beer pong the entire night and they let you go? Thats crazy lol
Remii 13 hours ago
Hold on if someone was shot by a 40 cal... Theyd either be dead, on their way to or in the hospital. Just saying. Dude was in the family planning aisle... I find it funny how the aisle of family planning goes tampax, lubrication, condoms, pregnancy test then the baby aisle is right next to it. 😆. Dumb dumb dude gift cards arent activated until its done at the register. 🤦
Jacob Hitt
Jacob Hitt 14 hours ago
turns out black Jesus was the real shooter
Jakob Ihli
Jakob Ihli 22 hours ago
11:30 driving behind the car. I smell weed coming from it... ok
Hen. Jamz
Hen. Jamz Day ago
Who knew Jesus was from Louisiana
CeezDawg Day ago
Man Joe Biden is trippen
Eric Norton
Eric Norton Day ago
8:10 tells him he was playing beer pong all night cop: ok he's been drinking give him the gun back and send him on his way 🤣🤣
Decabyte Gaming
“in about 5 minutes they’re going to let me go...” ... and they did.
Giovanni Rosario
Officer Zachary starks has some southern country swagger to him
¿SeriouSly PeoPle?
Ahh yes, the black Jesus thing works everytime!
Flanker BSD
Flanker BSD Day ago
Who is the first black guy?
SssS9372 Day ago
- You stealing this? - No - Did you take it? - Yes!
Nicholas Alexander
Black Jesus said “in 5 minutes they gonna take these handcuffs off me and ima hugg emm and ima blesss Emmmmm!”
Derek Smith
Derek Smith Day ago
i was playing beer pong. get into his car he does the drunk lean! lmao!
Indiana Casas
At first everyone thinks hes crazy for saying hes god, but then everyone lowkey believes him.
Stubben Gee
Stubben Gee Day ago
The weird kid when the teacher is late to class and the door is locked 15:26
Anthony D’Angelo
I know they didn’t get the guy with the same gun as the shell casings but man he at least should have been arrested for DUI. Look at him try to get back into his vehicle
Cesar Angel
Cesar Angel Day ago
So they let that dude go,after he just said he had been playing beer pong all night.while he just left the bar 30 minutes ago...great job officers.
Merc _vrii
Merc _vrii Day ago
That first guy is so sassy zamn zaddy 😂
sarah andersen
HA as a fellow nervous puker i felt that poor dude gagging over a joint... i have over less it’s so bad my friends coined the term “hurly girlie” just for me >:(
Kierstian Johnston
1:00 wut 🧐 lol
John Carpenter
John Carpenter 2 days ago
2:00 how did that guy do that
Darnell Summers Jr.
The first video kills me every time 😂
Mystical Ninja
Mystical Ninja 2 days ago
Ryan 2 days ago
Look at that.. Guy with a gun gets pulled over. Even though he has done literally nothing wrong, he stood there, and said "take whatever you want, because you got the wrong guy" Notice he didn't get mad, or upset, he just let them do their job really quick, then he was on his way. If you are wrongfully pulled over, or anything of that nature, just stay calm cool and collected, if you have done nothing wrong, fight them back in court not on the streets.
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 3 days ago
Gas station lady was high lol
Shae Hebert
Shae Hebert 3 days ago
band cat dog vanout Jali
JK 3 days ago
2:13 that traffic stop is me after having gummy bears past my bed time
millicent squirrel hole
Hey, yo, it ain't Sly-dell...nope...it's Slu-dell...Looseana...ya' dig on tha'...?
Destynee Monroe
Destynee Monroe 3 days ago
This man worried abt his knife braking when their could be a body in their
Anya Squared
Anya Squared 3 days ago
putting someone in jail for 1 joint............. yea really fighting the good fight coppers
Lee ZhangWei
Lee ZhangWei 3 days ago
Arrested for a joint. SMH
Daniel Varela
Daniel Varela 3 days ago
R.I.P Bathroom door
Lee ZhangWei
Lee ZhangWei 3 days ago
This is how stupid people get killed. @ 0:25
Fresh Afro
Fresh Afro 3 days ago
Wtf the first guy?..
Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson 3 days ago
Half a blunt bruh...that cop was just dying to lock somebody up
Steve M
Steve M 4 days ago
Arresting a guy for having 1 joint? Sad
Mario Ramirez
Mario Ramirez 4 days ago
The Who I am got really lucky
that guy ch2
that guy ch2 4 days ago
Dude in white truck with gun was drunk ASF
justaplant 4 days ago
anyone else hearing what word they bleeped out like faintly like half a second after it bleeps?
Lol In A Face
Lol In A Face 4 days ago
Video of jesus colorized 20 a.d
will parker
will parker 4 days ago
You know your weed loud when he smell it before he gets out his car
spiko 1337
spiko 1337 4 days ago
Jesus wasn't even lying ehen he said "in about 5 minutes they gonna let me go" 😂
Ryan Tabet
Ryan Tabet 4 days ago
The first guy was the 5th string wide receiver for the Saints practice squad. Shame you guys didn’t know.
Christoph Clayton
Anybody else notice dude stumbled getting back into the truck lol "I was playing beer pong alllll night"
Randy Marshii
Randy Marshii 5 days ago
The guy with the gun with the house shooting that wasn’t really the guy , was stumbling getting in his car ...
person cool
person cool 5 days ago
Sound like a dad at 9:37 ..."You stealin this?"
The pressure of being black and having a small Johnson must be enormous 😂
Dawson O'Keefe
Dawson O'Keefe 5 days ago
Well is it just me or did anyone think mr Christ was high
Tony Rigatoni
Tony Rigatoni 5 days ago
What if that guy really was Jesus, tho...
Evan Springer
Evan Springer 6 days ago
Yo that first guy was insane wtf 😂
King Lafayette
King Lafayette 6 days ago
*Joint not blunt
King Lafayette
King Lafayette 6 days ago
“Why you got all them gift cards on you” “Cause ima gifty person”🤣 My mans quick on his feet for show.🤣
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson 6 days ago
It shows how a serious situation can sober up somebody, the first guy was very clearly on something but the second shots fired came up and the officers had to split this fool goes from being awkward with them to being like “I want you to take a deep breath before you go to this serious situation”
Haley, Just Haley.
Cop:You stealing this? Him:No Cop:You pay for this? Him:No
Talking to bufoons
the guy with the 40 cal s&m is drunk lmao watch him stumble at the end when he's getting back into his vehicle
NiHaoMal MalHaoNi
You know who I am *procedes to look up* Did this bum really just call himself a higher power
ItzRy_ 6 days ago
Anybody realize the club was playing shaggy lmao
Gerald Little Owl
Literally thought I was watching a Reno 911 episode for a sec with the first dude LOL 😂
Godzo 6 days ago
Kanye west
Equalizing while Rising East
Umm.....I found the 🔑. Yeah, tell that to your boss in the morning when he sees that f'd up door lol.
Mikkel 7 days ago
"I left half an hour ago from the tarvern, I've been playing beer pong all night" *Gets back into car and drives away*
Elijah Hassan
Elijah Hassan 7 days ago
No reason to hold him any further? He just said he was playing beer pong all night.. and now he's driving....lol.....he could barely get in his car.
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 7 days ago
Girllll, Black Jesus got some POWERS
Robert Craig
Robert Craig 7 days ago
Dude pulled the Jesus card. Got outta jail lol
TheRacinGolem 7 days ago
Wait Black Jesus didn't hug them and bless them like he said he would! Absolutely gobsmacked!
William 7 days ago
U can tell a ton of cops get nervous when detaining someone by their voice this is sad how are u gonna be a cop and scared
Lance Ashley
Lance Ashley 7 days ago
There’s more evidence of the black guy being the messiah than Jezuz.
M Bryant
M Bryant 7 days ago
leredheadkitty 7 days ago
"I found the key 🔑 !" 😐
cameryndavis00 8 days ago
12:30 me whenever I try to talk to someone I don’t know
TheEpicOne 8 days ago
TheEpicOne 8 days ago
BeauJames59 8 days ago
So, Mr PCP One, claiming to be Christ, gets to go? And they persue Mr PCP Two, iron worker?
Antonio Alcala
Antonio Alcala 8 days ago
The guy running the gun sounds like Joe Rogan
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