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The best moments from Slidell, Louisiana, including police breaking up a bar fight and a thief shoplifting at a pharmacy. #LivePD
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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 2 512
A&E 2 months ago
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!
Adrian Wilson
Adrian Wilson 24 days ago
A&E why they do Mike Epps like that ?
moodi a
moodi a Month ago
Jesus peace be upon him is not a GOD or a son of GOD Jesus is just a humans being GOD specialist him with the message of peace love and morals like all the other prophets peace upon them all like Moses Noah Josef and the last prophet ever Muhammad peace upon them all they are all humans were chosen and given gifts to convince the people and to deliver the message of peace love and morals GOD is the great the only he have no son the only holy book thats never change is the Quran all the other holy books changed by king and priests to control the people we muslims believe in the most what Christians believe like we believe thats Jesus is going to come back in the end of time thats in the Quran
Cheyenne Month ago
Pathetic reuploads shows trash.
Sarcastamus Raconteur
Yeah,it's alright.. Sorry,no.can do..that's the same day I take Mr Scruffington to get groomed...
nonya Xdova
nonya Xdova Month ago
First dude probably had a lb of weed in the car and got blessed
Glen Manning
Glen Manning 4 minutes ago
Man, they put Jesus in handcuffs!
ilnss 5 minutes ago
17:26 juul ad on the gas pump
Yung Seasons
Yung Seasons Hour ago
was that Joe Budden?
Eddie Cobain
Eddie Cobain 3 hours ago
15:27 look at his right hand AHUSAHSUHAUHS IM DYINGGGG
Marcko Cisneros
Marcko Cisneros 4 hours ago
The officer that showed up in the last video makes me want to clear my throat every time he speaks...ugh horrible. Haha
FortBro Gaming
FortBro Gaming 4 hours ago
8 minutes in and they've let two drunk people drive lol.
Scope 4 hours ago
Yeah lets try to press a deadbolt with the tip of a knife 4head
Patrick Edward O'Toole
7:38 Maybe "I've been playing beer-pong all night" is not the best cover to use with the police when pulled over driving...
Richard Bowman
Richard Bowman 6 hours ago
No way the boy predicted that the cops would let him go I thought he was crazy to start with
Wild Lyles
Wild Lyles 7 hours ago
Who are you? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris Ludwig
Chris Ludwig 10 hours ago
Lol do you know who I am
Phelan 12 hours ago
Hight on PCP?! Your free to go... Hight on weed!? We are going to have to take you in.
Phelan 12 hours ago
2019 and we are still we are still arresting people over a joint!!???? I don't want my tax dollars spent like this!
J CAR 13 hours ago
2:07 got me dying ☠️😂 😂
iceman305555 15 hours ago
Cop : why you nervous Broke tailight guy : uhh nothing 🤣🤣
iceman305555 15 hours ago
Cause I’m a gifty person 🤣
Jimmy B
Jimmy B 16 hours ago
Guy is drunk. They let him go? He almost fell over getting in his truck. Tells them he was at a tavern playing beer pong all night. They let him drive?!?!
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 20 hours ago
The only reason they let the first guy go was because the guy was an undercover cop, obviously he need it to act and say the stuff about jesus christ but you can tell the face of the cop who was searching the car 😎
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 20 hours ago
He said they were going to let him go lol
Kenn's Instagram At: i000
🤣 He did say in 5 minutes they'll be talking the cuffs off.
scatman crothersghost
That brother was wasted out his mind and they let him go drive home? Funny if they didn't have to leave I'm sure he would have went str8 to jail and or loony bin.
Bigrell Tooreal
Christopher Joyner 😍 I didn't see that coming
Lmf 252
Lmf 252 Day ago
8:02 looks like Jacob Berger finally became an actual police officer
Matt_Nolan _
Matt_Nolan _ Day ago
Yo I live in like the most dangerous city in Louisiana so I’m like rEeee
David Hill
David Hill Day ago
Someone could be dying in that toilet And the officer says I don’t want to break my knife wow
Colton Minger
sup rednose lmao
Ravefamisforever Blog
if he was god he woulde called the cops by name
frankc941 Day ago
Cops let a guy drive way who literally said he was playing beer pong all night 🤣🤣
Krownatious K
Dude who said he was christ's whole demor changed when he heard shots fired and was like this my name be safe take a deep breath lol
Mike Lawry
Mike Lawry Day ago
I thought he was Crazy until everything he said Happened 😳😳😳😳
Me U
Me U Day ago
He called on God and it worked
LoloBeauty Day ago
19:08 DAYUUUUM that cop is HOT
neil Chapman
neil Chapman Day ago
Did you ever notice that the younger the cop gets the tighter his arm sleeves get lol
Ur Abusive Step Dad
Kenny Day ago
Officer Chopin mf *BUILT*
Sekada Day ago
9:42 bruh
Video starts and cops are already lying lmao. "He ran that red light, good thing I was watching or we would've crashed" (video starts hes probably 15 car lengths behind the next car)
Decline To state.
2:50 bet you 50 bucks he organized that hit. He wasnt lying about his friends you cant see. xd He sneaky. Bet you he got someone to pop rounds nearby.
Melkyn Rosario
Melkyn Rosario 2 days ago
First dude hadd me deadd
Aidan Burley
Aidan Burley 2 days ago
That man looks like demarcus cousins
KTM Kidd
KTM Kidd 2 days ago
Anyone else here from Slidell? 😂😂😂
Eddy Luther
Eddy Luther 2 days ago
Was that man really trying to get a deadbolt open with a pocket knife... lmao
demarkus wilson
demarkus wilson 2 days ago
OMG! i need to get my BA back in church. Wont he do it!
Mr99RICH99 2 days ago
So the guy was playing beer pong and they let him drive away
Mr99RICH99 2 days ago
Where are the southern accents
0sky88 2 days ago
Why didn't the fire department just knock the hinge pins out? They are facing the outside....just ruined an expensive door.
Andrew Harre
Andrew Harre 2 days ago
The Lord set that man free.⚡
Josh Basset
Josh Basset 2 days ago
She gonna get fired for having the door damaged for no reason
reaccionapr 2 days ago
-Uncooperative/trolling -Shots fired over the radio -Yes sir, no sir. You take it easy out there tonight -
dstnyisurs 2 days ago
God I couldn't be a police officer. I just don't have the patience to deal with these people and humor them while they try to take control of the situation.
j meeks
j meeks 2 days ago
The first guy in the beginning just imagine him and Kanye having a conversation 😂😂
DeathKing 510
DeathKing 510 2 days ago
Officer: when did you leave the Tabron ?” Man: “ not even 30 minutes ago, I was playing beer pong all night “ mans just incriminated himself
M 229
M 229 2 days ago
In America, you just need to kill a fly or wave your hand, and youre being detained. 😂😂😂 Is it possible not being detained? I dont think so.
Randy Booker
Randy Booker 2 days ago
Glad weed is legalized lol
S.P.S. G.E.
S.P.S. G.E. 2 days ago
Gang Gang
Mad_Max 2 days ago
Maybe he was really Jesus.. Maybe he was just really lucky hahaha
tibo 2 days ago
I swear the guy with the firearm that hadnt been used he was drunk man they just let m off like that... gg to that guy wow
hHarVv 2 days ago
Less than 5 minutes...
Mike M
Mike M 2 days ago
Definitely stupid cops. They stop guy who has gun in holster on the door thinking he's involved in a shooting. Guy says he was at a bar all night playing beer pong, but hello he was playing beer pong all night and driving ?? They should of given him a breathalyzer test at least for admitting of drinking at a bar all night lol. Dumb cops.
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