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Check out the best moments from the Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department including a disobedient teenage boy who is scared straight by an officer, and a woman who is arrested for drug possession. #LivePD
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 80
mudderjen 46 minutes ago
João Tava
João Tava 57 minutes ago
He is a dealer that’s for sure. The kid was lucky because maybe he might learn not to go down that road of drugs/dealing/guns. That cop maybe saved his life
Jm Jm
Jm Jm 2 hours ago
This is one pathetic law, the point at where you must turn your signal light on at 200 feet before switching or turn into another kane or block, all this law is to give an officer to pull someone over to see if they can find other laws they are breaking, I can guarantee you no officer knows exactly where 200 feet is at any point while traveling themselves. It's ridiculous because officer's all day in their patrol cars on duty break this ten times a day but yet do they get a ticket, a citation for breaking the law. If you are an officer just be straight up and tell them I'm pulling you over because I suspect your break the law don't use a unjust reason for your action's.
Jeff Lamb
Jeff Lamb 2 hours ago
Good Job, Get that Punk off the street
Evelyn Watson
Evelyn Watson 3 hours ago
That guy with the red suv talked to much. What a stupid move. If he would just shut the f up he would have been ok.
Richard Bruce Music
I get the 4th Amendment. But the 15th? Was he on his way to a polling place or something? ;-)
Evelyn Watson
Evelyn Watson 3 hours ago
Never give a cop permission to search anything unless they have a search warrant. Never say anything shut the f up.
Heisenberg B.B
Heisenberg B.B 5 hours ago
Bro. You said You are a minor and would like your mother present..dude you driving around with gun and drugs. You should have tell your mom to carry them for you
markcudder 6 hours ago
He just ruined his whole life, so stupid.
Thao Brewster
Thao Brewster 8 hours ago
America has gone down the pan because of drugs . It’s the devils work and that’s what happens when you do not honor the Lord Jesus Christ .
svs inc
svs inc 9 hours ago
Jaund 10 hours ago
Nice Fingerprints on Pistole, Officer..are u a Beginner?
Mark z
Mark z 10 hours ago
Where are your gloves officer?
Paul Love
Paul Love 10 hours ago
Did y'all black peoples learn anything from these white peoples.
Pennywise 3 hours ago
Lmao 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Paul Love
Paul Love 11 hours ago
Black peoples should watch this white boy cooperate with the police n take note from it.
meetpoorfor crowinsfo
"Funny" how eomen don't know what's in their purses..... ---A female
cameron novini
cameron novini 11 hours ago
I really like the cop tactic with the kid. Very smart!. Hopefully he will now respect and listen to his mum!.
Marcfj 12 hours ago
If the cop didn't care about the guy smoking marijuana then why did he ask the guy if he did?
Jordan Griesa
Jordan Griesa 14 hours ago
Now is not the time, never never never say what you have in the car. They will not give you any deals people
Jordan Griesa
Jordan Griesa 14 hours ago
Never talk to them
Paul Hicks
Paul Hicks 15 hours ago
Awesome, awesome, awesome job, Officers. Please. Keep taking the trash off the streets before they can kill our children.
John Smith
John Smith 16 hours ago
Both of those idiots...IT IS THE 5th AMENDMENT.....
Solve at Coagula
Solve at Coagula 16 hours ago
13:15 This is a good trained dog.
Pennywise 3 hours ago
My old neighbor trains Jeffersonville K9's.
George Portela
George Portela 16 hours ago
Not a good cop
Chad K
Chad K 17 hours ago
I think he was just embarrassed about the gun being pink.
Michael Vick
Michael Vick 17 hours ago
Cop with a barb wire tattoo yikes
Spencer Evans
Spencer Evans 18 hours ago
all cops are bad
tibbs123100 18 hours ago
They should add mugshots to the end of all the videos the last one i saw was hilarioooousssss
Timothy Hall
Timothy Hall 19 hours ago
WHAT?! A White person being restrained by Police officers?
Ramarao Velagapudi
Ramarao Velagapudi 19 hours ago
Wow, the police is extremely nice and stick to rule book, very courteous and thorough. I am impressed and like to complement them. I don't find that in my city! Sad but reality.
James Moran
James Moran 19 hours ago
I thought the Fifteenth Amendment was letting blacks vote.
La shonda Washington
If this is what the youth are up to then you have failed as parents.
Kirubel Tadesse
Kirubel Tadesse 20 hours ago
Kid: " am I allowed to invoke my fifteenth amendment right" (right of equality in voting) Cop: yes Attorney: " AHA! Mistrial" Kid: "surprise motherf**ker"
NiCk 69
NiCk 69 21 hour ago
My mans duplicated him self at 0:55
NiCk 69
NiCk 69 21 hour ago
any thing in the ve-he-cool?
PAPA DAPA 21 hour ago
Is this what my tax dollars are paying for, arresting a guy for a plant..? Defund
Larry Hickman
Larry Hickman 21 hour ago
WAIT!WAIT!WAIT! He's not black. See it happens to white people too, well except he didn't try to run, fight ortry to get away.
Ty Reitman
Ty Reitman 22 hours ago
When a police officer say "cooperate" what they actually mean is give it up now!!!
Randy Miller
Randy Miller 22 hours ago
"Omg, are you serious? Its not mine."
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Day ago
These people are sick - they are not criminals. Glad this show got cancelled.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Day ago
It’s just weed. Wow good job donuts in blue. Way to waste taxpayers and this innocent man’s time.
Pennywise 3 hours ago
It's not legal in Indiana. Get over it.
Linda Inglis
Linda Inglis Day ago
I would throw out the boyfriend before I ever called the cops on my son.
Crystal Phillips
That cop with the 13 year old was a very stand up man.
Kevinator _
Kevinator _ Day ago
Funniest part if this entire show is a&e had to find THE WHITEIEST part of Merica to avoid showing police arrest black person after black person 🤣🤣
Pennywise 3 hours ago
Black people get arrested in Jeffersonville too.
Kevinator _
Kevinator _ Day ago
Cops busting peoples balls for pot smoking 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kevinator _
Kevinator _ Day ago
I want my mommy and 14th amendment
Alin 7777
Alin 7777 Day ago
Is someome who can explain me please why the people do drugs???? They dont feel good or what? I never tried and i feel good like i am now...
Bò Sữa
Bò Sữa Day ago
i love police American. Good.
Randall Trantham
a lil' late for the Fourth
Claude G
Claude G Day ago
You love her !! Dude no really 😂
Luis Salazar
Luis Salazar Day ago
No entendí ni j pero esta bien
CrAcKa HaCkA
CrAcKa HaCkA Day ago
World of Warcraft players gone wild...................
Rich Jones
Rich Jones Day ago
“I’d like my mother present”
Rayan B.
Rayan B. Day ago
So guy Lied to him but tricked him into getting arrested
LiftOrGTFO Day ago
Pretty sure if the lady said she had heroin/meth in her bra, the cop would've still arrested her...
Brad Boswell
Brad Boswell Day ago
Pleez get over it,like or supposed to be privileged cause ur blk.lmao!! Get a life.racist my,behind.ur the racist.
Spencer Hunt
Spencer Hunt Day ago
If the guy in the Honda had just kept his mouth shut!
siurek1135 Day ago
Why he's talking about she's lying? Would he let her go if she confessed? Stupid moron.
Bob Symonds
Bob Symonds Day ago
100Bearz Boss
You were going 40 in a 35 !!! Lol some people do that to bluff the cops !WRONGGGGG GO THE speed limit
Rasta Man
Rasta Man Day ago
1:00 Are they twin 😂
Riley O'Reilly
The low-life costume consists of a black T-shirt and numerous tattoos. This should be probable cause to search anybody who's wearing these alleged clothes. Or they could just hang a sign around their neck that says scumbag junkie at wheel
Chef James Jr.
Im dead at little pineapple express
Space Monkey
Space Monkey Day ago
Just be honest so I can arrest you.
remitable 2 days ago
This the good cop channel ?
Brad Jordon
Brad Jordon 2 days ago
Noone wahts to be honeat to a police officer when there trained to find a proablem when there is none or create more proablem when they are involved period they are not obligated to protect anyone
Don Corleone
Don Corleone 2 days ago
He said 2 bendles not bundles
Goiter Jelly
Goiter Jelly 2 days ago
2-parent homes create good kids. Not always, but the kids at least stand a chance.
Brandie Ogaz
Brandie Ogaz 2 days ago
The first video looks like two big brothers playing cops and robbers with the guy they pulled over 3 bald brothers
james tavernier
james tavernier 2 days ago
Why are these cops searching all these cars off of traffic infractions? They only smelled marijuana on one of em...
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Day ago
Exactly. What a waste of taxpayer money and a tyrannical way of stripping people’s rights and futures all for a legal harmless plant. I’m glad this show got taken down.
Beaver Pete
Beaver Pete 2 days ago
Attention Everyone Please boycott A&E for cancelling Live PD they turned their backs on law enforcement and our communities.
Paulina De Luca
Paulina De Luca 2 days ago
How it’s the first dude a minor when he has toilet seat male pattern baldness ?????
j t
j t 2 days ago
To baba in the can,,,,,, "I'm a minor I want ma mama present". Baba says, "come to mama!!".
John Murphy
John Murphy 2 days ago
Tough guy, knows his amendments, has a firearm and dope... Then he says he's a minor and wants his Mother...
Valu Proxy
Valu Proxy 13 hours ago
Lol I wouldn’t say he “knows his amendments”, dude said he wanted to invoke his 15th lmao
Kemmy Boi
Kemmy Boi 16 hours ago
@Demon Joker but what about the real gun?
Demon Joker
Demon Joker Day ago
It's an airsoft but ok
Phil Brennan
Phil Brennan 2 days ago
Why don't they just comply & take the softer option even when it's offered. Otherwise they are going to have to face trained narcotics police & dogs etc investigating them. They lack common sense & regularly ignore the law, so what do we do with these sociopaths & low IQ individuals? Don't put up with their repeating dumb addict behaviour - endlessly report them to the police.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Day ago
Because cops always lie. It’s a tactic for you to guilt yourself-cheapest trick in the book. Any lawyer will tell you that. And these people for the most part are sick-they are not criminals.
Tyron Longdon
Tyron Longdon 2 days ago
The veee hickle
David Hefner
David Hefner 2 days ago
Skabanis Malaka
Skabanis Malaka 2 hours ago
If you got something to hide
billiebob123456 2 days ago
Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy 2 days ago
I don’t understand what fun there is to be dependent on a chemical BY YUOR OWN WILL.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Day ago
It’s a disease, not a choice. People can be addicted to anything-all they need is a catalyst.
Arturo Fernandez
Arturo Fernandez 2 days ago
Lmao that guy invoked his 15th amendment-right to vote lmao
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