Little Person Bride Wants a Stylish & Sexy Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

Say Yes to the Dress
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Steph's SEDC makes it difficult for her to find a wedding dress that fits her. Will she be able to visualise these dresses in her size?
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May 25, 2019




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Comments 231
Raevyn Elicia Adams
Her mom is so sweet
Janet Vazquez
Janet Vazquez Month ago
i came here for Gok. where’s Gok??
Alana Kim
Alana Kim 2 months ago
She's really polite and lovely
andina18 2 months ago
I didn't see that end coming! Totally melted my heart
xXxArizzillaxXx X
xXxArizzillaxXx X 2 months ago
Awww they are so cute together! 💕
Debbie Vidal
Debbie Vidal 2 months ago
The first one was the best, more flattering
harry potter gameing
I know steph she is related to my brother in law
Amelia Wilkes
Amelia Wilkes 2 months ago
The fact her fiancé is “a little person” too is adorable.
Nicole Pinelook
Nicole Pinelook 2 months ago
They aren’t called little people!
Andrea McKeehan
Andrea McKeehan 3 months ago
Omg that ending 😭 Im not crying your crying
Elizabeth Alberico
Elizabeth Alberico 3 months ago
You look so beautiful from Lizzy ❤️💕❤️💕
gia 3 months ago
She got nice muscular arms
Mia Cray
Mia Cray 3 months ago
The first one was so much better ahaha
Increased Standards
Increased Standards 3 months ago
Unnecessary to title this video 'Little Person'. It's insulting. She's a person. Period.
shravya shetty
shravya shetty 3 months ago
She looked beautiful in all 3 dress 😍
Meese Meese
Meese Meese 3 months ago
Stephs smile is cute and Oh man I loved the first dress
Donna Green
Donna Green 3 months ago
Mum didn complain Because she never thought the day would come Take note moms She raised her to be strong Name notes mums if brides Aunty was not fun like my Aunt Marie
wh 3 months ago
this bride is amazing and I’m extremely happy for her and i’m sorry but her laugh is just-.. a w k w a r d . .
Candace Foley
Candace Foley 3 months ago
Loved the 1st dress on her, but we all have different tastes I guess
Mor Xiong
Mor Xiong 3 months ago
She looks much better in the first dress. Fitted dresses aren’t for flattering for her figure.
Suzuki Yomosan
Suzuki Yomosan 3 months ago
Idk gusy but I have a question..... If someone had the same syndrome as them....if I just like really really so bad to hug them and tell them they are so adorable and cute would they feel offended bad or sad and maybe they would hate me.... What do u think...!! I'm just afraid that I will make them sad.. But they are really looks so beautiful and cute... But I'm a bit afraid... 🐸💔
Mona Pizzalover
Mona Pizzalover 4 months ago
How adorable 💙😭😭😭💙💙 they’re so cute together
Kasia 4 months ago
It's very unprofessional to have a bride try on gowns that are over her budget. She might end up falling in love in one she couldn't afford and a drama could ensue. I really think the 2nd and 3rd dresses were vulgar and making her look twice her age, like an old cougar desperate to get a hubby.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 4 months ago
They don't ever even respect the budget, SO WHY DO THEY EVEN ASK?!
yulyu 4 months ago
why tf are they putting her in dresses substantially over her budget? jfc this ppl have no respect. with alterations, accessories and shoes the price is gonna skyrocket
Jenny W
Jenny W 4 months ago
Do consultants not know what a budget is. Plus all the alterations for the dress, the price is going to be significantly over budget.
Zara And Marta
Zara And Marta 4 months ago
The last part made me cry 😢
em&ems 123
em&ems 123 4 months ago
Lancashire has the prettiest wedding dresses I have ever seen.
Valerie Clark
Valerie Clark 4 months ago
First dress was looked so much better
Liora Sitelman
Liora Sitelman 4 months ago
What a shame! The first dress she tried on was the prettiest on her.
Monkey Hall
Monkey Hall 4 months ago
the first one was over her budget
Mojos Bigstick
Mojos Bigstick 4 months ago
Oh, such a happy appointment, and they leave it on a sad note.
Lindsthestudent 4 months ago
I’m excited for her!
poppy shilling
poppy shilling 4 months ago
I hate how they say their budget then the people deliberately go over it. It’s so annoying and disrespectful
Morgan Voorhees
Morgan Voorhees 4 months ago
It is the blue,, , old,, new borrowed and blue
Nicole Pinelook
Nicole Pinelook 4 months ago
**Lil person** shut the f*** up!!! Dork call them lil person!
Kara Marzetti
Kara Marzetti 4 months ago
Yeah...not awesome. She was just dressed in two dresses over budget. Why torture a bride like that? What would habe happened if she didn't have the extra money. Not cool.
Bharti Gill
Bharti Gill 4 months ago
so cute
ValiantsFelines McCarty
I really feel the first one who did her better looked beautiful on her body, she has a really nice back, her aunt was wrong, and they drove her out of address, that really was the best dress for her so sad.
Indri P
Indri P 4 months ago
I got tear in my eye!
Rachel Jenkins
Rachel Jenkins 4 months ago
Gok's not here...why am I watching this, LOL?
Dee S
Dee S 4 months ago
Why was there no warning for missing Gok? I spent the whole video waiting for him to come and save the day.
Belle Hussin
Belle Hussin 4 months ago
The ending got me. 😭😭😭
SGT US Army Girl
SGT US Army Girl 4 months ago
Shes such a gorgous bride. I love the dress she chose. Her Mother is amazing, at the very end ensuring her Father was with her gave her a special gift.
Carrie Shepherd
Carrie Shepherd 4 months ago
Say no to the dress
chucks 89
chucks 89 4 months ago
Snow White and seven dwarfs
The Eclectic Pagan
The Eclectic Pagan 4 months ago
only a few minutes into video.. and am again shocked.. why do they *always* put brides in a dress so far above what had been stated as a TOP budget?? good grief...it's gorgeous on her, but shite on the part of the consultant to do that with so much confidence.. why bother asking a person about a budget when there is obviously no consideration for it?
Savannah Jacobs
Savannah Jacobs 4 months ago
I was all fine till mom gave her the ring. What an emotional but gorgeous moment that was.
Brittany Valadez
Brittany Valadez 4 months ago
This makes me so sad! Love how they honored her father. Love how the mother completely supported her daughter's choice, and the daughter went with her choice!
Annika McPhail
Annika McPhail 4 months ago
the clip of her with her fiance was so cute
Susirajantakaa 4 months ago
I really really dislike them going over the budget. Especially in this case when the dress is going to need a lot of alterations and the total price will be even more. I count this a bad customer service :/
Tamika Driver
Tamika Driver 4 months ago
Hater auntie of her pretty shoulder omg she was pretty glad her mom was not bad
Andrea Blamire
Andrea Blamire 4 months ago
Where is Gok?
BORRERO FILMS 4 months ago
Great Channel!!!!
Shir BM
Shir BM 4 months ago
I actually really liked the first one on her! Was beautiful
Monica Hay
Monica Hay 4 months ago
I’m so done with them going over budget
Tracy Morris
Tracy Morris 4 months ago
i personally like the first dress but this show had me in tears when mum brought out dads ring
Deepa D'cruz
Deepa D'cruz 4 months ago
I felt Flared dresses looks better on her body.
Hamilton.Is.Life 4 months ago
The first was the best :/
Hamilton.Is.Life 4 months ago
It’s her day...this is so dumb but yay for that girl
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