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HEY EVERYONE! I'm so excited to show you ALL 10 shades from my brand's new lipstick line!! I'm such a HUGE FAN of lipsticks in general, I had to put my twist on a class item and make my own version! In this video, I reveal all of the colors and personally swatch them on my lips!
WATCH THE LIP AMMO commercial ► ruvid.net/video/video-VPxjGHNT7L0.html
Baby Spice
Jeffree's Girl
Ice Cream Blvd.
Popsicle Dream
Celebrity Skin
Unicorn Blood
Grandaddy Purp
Beauty Pageant
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Sep 11, 2016




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Comments 80
Michaela Jurčová
Simmering pink💄💄💄💄And The Dark Red One is Amazing
Miss Spicy Today DivaLuscious
Kids still Look up to YOU!!!!! You wear too Many Fabulous Glitter Clothes!!!! Makeup!!!!!! Just like When I wear my Regular clothes I wear TOO MUCH GLITTER!!!!!! Kids attract to that!!!!!!! ITS TRUE!!!!
600firefly1 Month ago
They look a bit dry. I like the gloss lips
Cece's Paranormal adventures
i ordered "BROWN SUGAR" Can't wait for it to get here. all the reviews on beautylish said some formulas like UNICORN BLOOD & CELEBRITY SKIN & EX SUPERMODEL WERE GRAINY AND HORRIBLE. hope that's not true
Maria Svard
Maria Svard 2 months ago
You need your own line of foundation. I'd love to have one. I only trust in you for everything I put on my face/skin..
Cazzy 002
Cazzy 002 3 months ago
He needs to release foundation
Andy Best
Andy Best 4 months ago
Who's watching this at 2020
darkangel666 4 months ago
Omg seeing Nate and jeffree kissing after their recent breakup... 😪
Primmy Dharamadhaj
Primmy Dharamadhaj 5 months ago
I love pink lipsticks, but since I have a mix of a tan-beige skin tone; I feel like a lot of the pink I use from Revlon don’t fit me - so I’m definitely thinking of buying one of Jeffree’s pinks from the Lip Ammunition line
Erica McGhie
Erica McGhie 6 months ago
How cute is Nathan here! There relationship is so amazing. I’m so happy for them, you can tell how supportive they are, they are so lucky.
Naly K
Naly K 6 months ago
I can’t concentrate on anything but Jeffree’s eyes
Felicia lorbacher
Felicia lorbacher 6 months ago
i love al of your reds. that are sooooooo AMAZING i wish i had all of your lipsticks and liquid lipsticks.... i love you jeffree star
Leah Sersch
Leah Sersch 6 months ago
3:35 bishhhhh you have NO IDEA
tattooangel 56 Doane
You're lips are so sexy! I know Nathan likes those sexy lips around his cock, Why he looks at your Gorgeous face.
El phat cat
El phat cat 6 months ago
Nina Watts
Nina Watts 6 months ago
I finally got a liquid lipstick 😊😊😊
Nina Watts
Nina Watts 6 months ago
I finally got a liquid lipstick 😊😊😊
Lucy Rshtouni
Lucy Rshtouni 6 months ago
Im bing watching alll ur old tutorials n yassss booo grand daddy purple wS my fav strain at this time im a budtender in la so u know i tryed some bomb gdp
Yana Z
Yana Z 7 months ago
I love how he actually says the truth about his stuff. Like he doesn't say only the pros but the cons too. Love him for that.
Michael Morris
Michael Morris 7 months ago
Jeffree looks stunning in this video!
Hunter Cuyler
Hunter Cuyler 7 months ago
i love every time jeffree says "gosh darn it"
Ulzzang Beauty
Ulzzang Beauty 7 months ago
I definitely miss that he doesn't do lip swatches anymore. Now he just swatches on his hand but I'd rather see them on his lips.
Paula Ewen
Paula Ewen 7 months ago
Lov love love the hair
Adrienne Fontaine
Adrienne Fontaine 7 months ago
Every color looks good on you. Excellent
Geremy Rodriguez
Geremy Rodriguez 7 months ago
Anyone here October 2019??
Melanie 7 months ago
is anyone else just binge-watching all JSC’s old releases waiting for the Conspiracy Collection?
Louise Dunn
Louise Dunn 7 months ago
Lol me
Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee 7 months ago
Unicorn Blood is literally the most flattering red ever made.
HSIN LING TSAI 8 months ago
• Amyyy •
• Amyyy • 8 months ago
here in 2019, and im just watching okd videos before bed because i love jeffree so muchhh 💜 also the new shane series comes out tomorrow and I am so excited. Its only Monday and this is has me feeling so low. I can't wait to escape into the world of Jeffree Star though I know it is certainly not a easy world to live in. We love you 💜💜💜
Jacquelin Lopez
Jacquelin Lopez 8 months ago
Why do they all look so good on you 😩
Zackary D
Zackary D 8 months ago
Ugh when you were applying the lipstick right after Jessie's girl died out.... Mama you looked STUNNING. Those gorgeous eyes and flawless cheekbones. Work. Bitch.
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume 9 months ago
It feels weird to see Jeffree with eyebrows. It doesn't feel right 😂
arkhamhaus 9 months ago
Unicorn blood is a harry potter things.
region gayoso
region gayoso 9 months ago
Baby Spice is Emma Bunton of Spice Girls aware this shades of J Star?
region gayoso
region gayoso 9 months ago
Baby Spice is Emma Bunton of Spice Girls aware this shades of J Star?
Cara Cox
Cara Cox 9 months ago
I really like the look you have here. I love your natural eyes but find it interesting when you change their color❤️ also, I’m a wig wearer and you do a fantastic job getting yours to look so natural. Keep up the fantasy!😍💁‍♀️💖
Gabriela Fonseca
Gabriela Fonseca 9 months ago
All nudes make me look dead and my lips turn all reds orange, no matter how "blue based" or "cool" they're supposed to be. It's a shitty superpower or something . That's how I know Jeffree's cosmetics are different
Grace Lambert
Grace Lambert 9 months ago
You should wear those colored contacts more often! I'm living for themmmm
Nia Rose
Nia Rose 9 months ago
When they were kissing and being silly. OH. My heart!
ESV _ 10 months ago
Will you ever have one named Deadly Night Shade, inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas? Seems to suit your style for some reason.
Gunjan Vyas
Gunjan Vyas 11 months ago
2019 anyone?
LeeAnn Schutte
LeeAnn Schutte 11 months ago
Lol I love how he did the kiss test lol so funny
gabriel quesada
gabriel quesada 11 months ago
I love this video so much ❤️
Miku Watkins
Miku Watkins 11 months ago
Anyone gonna pay attention to that crazy thing around his neck?
김세네스 11 months ago
Jeffreestar's lips is sooo daaamn perfect
Stephanie’s Brain
6:50 Anyone else notice he says “midium pink”??? 😂🖤
TheJriecken Year ago
This was super cute.
TeeTauntYen Year ago
I have purchased just about every brand out their from Mac, Chanel, Armani and every one in between. So I purchased his Blue Velvet, Granddaddy and No Tea No Shade. The packaging is totally cheap! Blue Velvet's formula is horrible and so is No Tea. Granddaddy is decent but I will never purchase this garbage again!!
Clara-Simone Roberge
Jeffree star putting on lipstick for 17 minutes straight😂
Ελενη Κυριζακη
Seriously you look scary with those eyes
Cassidy Dorinda
I love how he named a shade jeffrees girl cause of his mom thats so sweet
ImJust Kim
ImJust Kim Year ago
Catching up on my Jeffree vids here in April 2019 and just loving them! Those eyes are gorgeous! 😘❤️💄💯
Bobi Jakovcev
Bobi Jakovcev Year ago
Your next shade name is ,,Come on pigment''
Tiffany Layman
Feeling the vampire look 😍
lobo en la luna
Cute kisses💙
Rachel Philip
Rachel Philip Year ago
That first color is really pretty on you🌹...what about ooooo edible lipsticks and lollypop🍭flavor the same as the lip scrubs mmmmm I would buy them!!!
Tammy Oliver
Tammy Oliver Year ago
Can you please make a lip ammo out of candy ass? I live for that shade
Natalie White
Natalie White Year ago
2 0 1 9 ?
Alyssa Fizzy
Alyssa Fizzy Year ago
i just got one! it is so creamy and nice. I had the liquid lip of Calabasas for so long and always got compliments on it but honestly I wanted something more creamy and the lip ammunition was so nice.
glits glam Aj
glits glam Aj Year ago
Just bought some 😍
Raseen Ahmed
Raseen Ahmed Year ago
i thought these were designed as dicks o-o
Alexis wilson
Alexis wilson Year ago
They are a must have
Alexis wilson
Alexis wilson Year ago
Where do you get your wigs 😻😻
Teri Bussard
Teri Bussard Year ago
I need ex-supermodel in a liquid lip
Vanessa Smalls
these contact lenses oh my god .. this colour looks stunning on you 😍
celツ Year ago
I don't see anyone commenting about that kiss-proof scene and I'm overall disappointed.
Priscilla Hun
Priscilla Hun Year ago
relationship goals omggg
itisjessie Year ago
My name is jessie so I was DECEASED at 9:39
Melissa Sandoval
Omg love the red one😍💄
Adilyn Robinson Baxter
my friends and just ordered a pizza to be delivered to the school and they need a form of id and i payed and i had to leave help
black lives looters
what the fuck
Tena Hausafus
Tena Hausafus Year ago
What is that necklace though?!??!
Noah Yaworowski
Jeffree needs to come out with like a skin care line
jane haviland
jane haviland Year ago
hqppy_teqrs Year ago
Oh hi jeffree starfish nice to see you again
Patrick Maes
Patrick Maes Year ago
Why do Jeffree looks like a snake here?
Marjorie Villanueva
Those lenses
Tyler McCarson
Medusa's sister is back, in charge, and coming for a bitch.
Sassylipgloss Year ago
How old are u and Nate my friend told me 50 but idk
Ruby Lola
Ruby Lola Year ago
I think he's like 30. Maybe. Definitely not 50 though
Brianna McMillion
Def need a tutorial on the unicorn blood look!
Jeffree:”You are going to have to reapply if you’re a shady b*tch” Nate: *he just smiles XD*
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