Lionel Richie Greatest Hits - Best Songs Of Lionel Richie

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Rock Singers
Rock Singers Month ago
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Natalina Quartieri
@Marisa Vilella Surur e
Jannie Davis
Jannie Davis Month ago
T Mon
T Mon Month ago
Marisa Vilella Surur
Boa noite lindo amei obrigado 💚💙💖💜💛
Elaine Andrea
Endless love o filme booooomm demais assisti todos eles isso q era romance n essa de fica
Elaine Andrea
Lionel forever❤
Pamela Hall
Pamela Hall Day ago
Truly a natural soulful talent Lionel ! Never tire of any of your songs, be. May you still be crooning when you are a 100!!
Mona Lind
Mona Lind 2 days ago
Tack snälla för dina trevliga låtar octopus lite till hjärtat
freeman moore
@mona Vilken fin sång ...
Beatriz Rodriguez
es mi idolo lo escucho todo los diasme traspasa paz
Beatriz TELIS
Beatriz TELIS 4 days ago
Ohhh dios que hermosa Música gracias x permitirme el disfrute.
Stelamaris Silva
Stelamaris Silva 5 days ago
Adoro esse cara, ele têm uma voz maravilhosa, eu tinha esse cd,emprestei e nunca mais vi. 😢😢
Maria Snowden
Maria Snowden 5 days ago
Cecelia Moeng
Cecelia Moeng 6 days ago
Ohh Lucky me I’m going to his concert tonight 🤗😲🤣😘Hard rock casino Atlantic City 🙏🏿And my sister too
Lizzie Ann
Lizzie Ann 2 days ago
I just saw him pass by me outside of Radio City Music Hall
Angeles Yumul
Angeles Yumul 7 days ago
my favorite singer & my favorite song "Still" thank U Mr. L. Richie.
Ingrid Akkermans
Ingrid Akkermans 7 days ago
Betifol songs love it always thanks jou ingrid akkermans
Virginia Leal
Virginia Leal 7 days ago
No ablo ingles, pero llegan a mi corazon
Arlethe Van Oordt
Arlethe Van Oordt 12 days ago
Never comuniqueishon inglish
Rena Alves
Rena Alves 15 days ago
Amy Lia
Amy Lia 17 days ago
I love all songs Lionel Richie ❤😘🌹💖
José Osmar
José Osmar 21 day ago
Autos som para quem sabe curti umas das antigas como era bom di mais 🙌
Giocolignio Super
Giocolignio Super 23 days ago
Beautiful music ,beautiful voice. The best singer. Thank you for the beautiful l moments of the best. Lionel Richie.
Patrícia Martins
Patrícia Martins 24 days ago
Jane Vercesi
Jane Vercesi 24 days ago
I love Lionel Richie Because the Songs when I first met my Boyfriend I he is a Great Love artist he will be around for a long time 🌹
Elle Meek
Elle Meek 24 days ago
Elle Meek
Elle Meek 24 days ago
rocknrallsoul94 Rockero
What album is this?
Jennifer Nutting
Jennifer Nutting 29 days ago
Ageless beautiful songs ❤️
Norwegian Cobra Commander
Congratulations with the 70th anniversary Lionel Richie! May your lovely voice and music live forever!
Daniel Arevalo
Daniel Arevalo 29 days ago
Feliz cumpleaños númer0 70 á Lionel Richie
Noe Rapane
Noe Rapane 29 days ago
Oh, que saudades.
Eguinaldo De Jesus
Amei e amo Lionel Richie 😍😍😍
Elle Meek
Elle Meek Month ago
Rhonda Ceaser
Rhonda Ceaser Month ago
I have always loved Lionel even when he was with commodores. He will always be apart of life his music is the best and I have gotten through a lot listening to this awesome music.
Ian Swartz
Ian Swartz Month ago
Uncle Lionel is amazing, but who was that last singer?, in chinese or something, it was amazing too, even though I had no idea what he was singing about.
ika04 Month ago
Man i knew most of these songs without even knowing it was Richie.
T Mon
T Mon Month ago
Shit bag channel
T Mon
T Mon Month ago
you are worse than the greedy ass radio you ad playing nobody fucks, anybody liking your greedy ad playing is dumb. Fuck your ads. Lionel hates you for making money on him. I do too.
T Mon
T Mon Month ago
song 3 more ads you greedy fucks
T Mon
T Mon Month ago
one song two ads first two ads after cut off song you suck greedy ad bastards
T Mon
T Mon Month ago
fuck your ads greedy ass
Linda Pazevic
Linda Pazevic Month ago
I love this
nombuyiselo lukhele
my favourite person i wish you could adopt me....because you have a wife you cant marry me...thanks for the song
Ami Contreras Barrutia
Romantic, original style. Lionel Richi. Beautiful music around the things of the heart.
Magic Screen Music
melis tüzün
melis tüzün Month ago
Sucesso e saudades para sempre amém jesus 🇧🇷💕🙏 Thanks Richie your songs filled my broken spirit.. 😁😁
Eos Eos
Eos Eos Month ago
Stuck on You, Truly, Still, Sail On...all-time favorites by Lionel Richie. You played a big role in music in my youth💙
Jannie Davis
Jannie Davis Month ago
Old school music , music from the heart . Loveit.!!!
Tomas Wassuluvala
Belas canções 👌🏾👌🏾
Neil Weager
Neil Weager Month ago
Thanks Richie your songs filled my broken spirit. Thank you for sharing , i really like it much.
Sila S
Sila S Month ago
Sucesso e saudades para sempre amém jesus 🇧🇷💕🙏 My greatest teenager life ,80s Awesome Album. 👍
Ana Cunha
Ana Cunha Month ago
Esse é meu ídolo aqui na terra FANTÁSTICO!!! 💓
Andréia Lua
Andréia Lua Month ago
Lionel 4ever ❤️
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