Linus Tech Tips INSANE Studio Tour!

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Huge thanks to Linus for letting me tour his incredible studio! Check out the Mac VS PC video we did on his channel here: ruvid.net/video/video-thc9iLZf0HQ.html
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Linus touring my house/studio: ruvid.net/video/video-a1sU82JmY1s.html
Setting up my new server with Linus: ruvid.net/video/video-quouML5-UZI.html
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Jul 12, 2018




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Comments 100
winn nexx
winn nexx 50 minutes ago
an ijustine pretty face with a shocking reaction to 25drives
Pragyasree DebBarma
Well... those two are like the best nerd!🤓 They are just like Brother and Sister, talking about StarWars, Technology, Games, Which is best Mac or PC... etc. Best Tech Duo! 😇
Alan Liang
Alan Liang 14 hours ago
3:30 LMAO
Rahul生き甲斐 17 hours ago
man what a studio
Gumi Gumila
Gumi Gumila Day ago
This is the best studio tour I've ever seen,,
Jaxon Olson
Jaxon Olson Day ago
Pratham GUPTA
Man ü can open an amazon warehouse with that area of stuff 😂
Terry's Twig Reviews
Justine you are my RUvid crush. Thanks for sharing
YTRobloxGuyy 2 days ago
I got Microsoft Office for Windows for the Computer in the Office and Windows for the Office that has a Computer that has Microsoft Office for Windows.
GadgeTronix 3 days ago
dam he is definitely a tech guy but he needs to organize all stuff.
Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar 4 days ago
Cersei Lannister.
riothero313 4 days ago
Linus now has an arri alexa??
Kudasai 5 days ago
the funny part was when they walked into the dark room with the bed and cameras... yall thought what i thought?
Mr Tyler
Mr Tyler 6 days ago
Who remembers the lightsaber that linus found during justine’s studio tour 😏😆😎
The Egg
The Egg 6 days ago
The RRCE have a ps4 and a keyboard a mouse to
elite kill
elite kill 6 days ago
what kind of work you do here? play games? u hire lot of people just being youtuber?
Jonathan Marquez
Jonathan Marquez 6 days ago
I'll take that LTT beanbag
Tarun Banka
Tarun Banka 6 days ago
Bro who thinks they both are flirting
BS Chetan
BS Chetan 7 days ago
19:36 eh
santiago landeros
If linus wasn't married, I think justine and him would make a great couple lmao
CtrlAltDel 5 days ago
Extra martial affairs are common in US though....so.....
Raymond Cai
Raymond Cai 9 days ago
Linus and Justine are like brother and sister- always insulting each other
Zach Draper
Zach Draper 9 days ago
we all know linus hit
Tyler Furrison
Tyler Furrison 9 days ago
"Do you even have Chuck E. Cheese's here?" "Yes!" Not anymore
Vincent Cuevas
Vincent Cuevas 9 days ago
dang. looks like linus needs an interior designer and an architect.
Dunc P
Dunc P 9 days ago
20:38 - Some good hang time from Linus!!
pim1234 10 days ago
Justine is smart, funny and cute ! Favourite channel ...
100k subs challenge with videos
Whoever subs to me Will be a billionaire 🍀 Good luck
Majestic Jai
Majestic Jai 10 days ago
all this just for a yt channel? or not?
Sharuh93 11 days ago
Love the dick-butt on the fire extinguisher in the beginning xD
toxic squid
toxic squid 11 days ago
my god your Kringy
Ba Ab
Ba Ab 11 days ago
Justine : ??? Me : 🤣🤣🤣
Grey Wolf-San
Grey Wolf-San 11 days ago
I find it funny that only noticed I was on Justine's channel Six Minutes and Fifty Two Seconds into the video.
DDC ll
DDC ll 11 days ago
8:02 The face I make when dealing with ICBC, Service Canada, CRA, and financial advisors
DDC ll
DDC ll 11 days ago
I think iJustine represented a lot of us if we were to tour LMG's office.
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani 11 days ago
Linus s crew is big brain
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani 11 days ago
Linus is so funny lol
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani 11 days ago
5:14 I also eat from the floor lmfaoo Then I get sick and then do it again looool
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani 11 days ago
Omg so many editors Imagine if malware spreads to all
Danny Lugo
Danny Lugo 11 days ago
Watching this after the neuralink conference lol
RaydanZ 12 days ago
Hm.. A dakimakura He is indeed a man of culture.
Jae Jun Ha
Jae Jun Ha 12 days ago
thats 5 chairs for a 1 chair lunch table.
IRAQi PRO 12 days ago
Who’s here after the RTX 3090 is able to play 8k 60 FPS with one card and the new 8K samsung 85" Class Q950TS QLED 8K UHD HDR Smart TV
Luke castellan
Luke castellan 12 days ago
I’m so down using Justine for science!
Stealthydragon 13 days ago
Justine: "This was my favorite game ever! Can I play?!" Linus: "Sure, but only my controller works, so you can just watch..." #GoodGuyLinus
wolverineiscool 13 days ago
justine is so cute and i think they were flirting a little
yorcharturo 14 days ago
I'm amaze to see the size of Linus offices and the amount of stuff (cool most of it) there, amazing!
Ryan Fellers
Ryan Fellers 14 days ago
I love this video lol
Mark Ortega
Mark Ortega 15 days ago
Linus and Justine have great chemistry.
JustJamesGames 15 days ago
Yoga Tech Tips
bloons family
bloons family 15 days ago
ltt studio is like a tech version of disney
Lourens Basson
Lourens Basson 16 days ago
Its oky to be a nerd. Just don't be weird then!!
AlphaLynx 16 days ago
Linus: "Here's our 6k gaming setup, but he's changing it to a 10k gaming setup." Me: "I have one 1600 x 900 monitor." Oh, and Linus, i'll happily take that Linus Tech Tips beanbag chair!
Himanshu Iwanati
Himanshu Iwanati 16 days ago
Who watched this full video...is a legend
MAHESH KARIYA 16 days ago
This not studio this is factory of linus
TRY-WAVES 16 days ago
alot of places she can get stuck she said hmmmmmmmmmmm
PatrickIamonfire 17 days ago
Even now they’re still discovering more wrapping paper around the building. Well done Nick well done.
Hephaestus 17 days ago
ELOTE- MEN 18 days ago
WG The_Vene
WG The_Vene 18 days ago
Linus flexing that his light saber glows 😂
Sobhin Thomas
Sobhin Thomas 18 days ago
Why is she so obsessed with iphones & apple products
stevensko 18 days ago
She is unbelievably annoying
stevensko 13 days ago
@wolverineiscool she is an almost pretty
wolverineiscool 13 days ago
no, she's cute and you're a moron
Dennis Meyer
Dennis Meyer 18 days ago
imagine what a pain in the **** it is to move anywhere with all the stuff haha
Croax Gaming
Croax Gaming 18 days ago
ijustine :" i love pigs , pigs are my favourite animal!" me eating a pork: *seriously right now?*
Sumít Míttal
Sumít Míttal 18 days ago
She is really brave. Used to find AREA-51!
VirtualThug9 19 days ago
New Mac Joke: *If apple made a car, would there be windows in it??*
VirtualThug9 19 days ago
Get it?? "Windows" in apple.
ninja 19 days ago
When are you going to dye u r hair blue for windows
Piotr Fidler
Piotr Fidler 19 days ago
this is definitely better than 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'
Govind Kumar
Govind Kumar 19 days ago
Watching this and me playing forza horizon 4 on a 1024×768p spec at 20fps. 😭 Hopefully waiting to set up a proper build. Too much inspiration flowing from this channel.
Evan Hansen
Evan Hansen 19 days ago
I was just called poor in 100 different languages.
Pat D
Pat D 20 days ago
linus at the end of the tour: "Let me check your pockets"
Eyob Bushie
Eyob Bushie 20 days ago
Pigs are my favourite animal??? 🤷😂
Auto Lovers
Auto Lovers 20 days ago
She dtf bro
Taubitz Gamer
Taubitz Gamer 21 day ago
That body pillow is an anime character named Erza Scrarlett
Faceless 21 day ago
Linus yoga tips pls
Minemaster2112 22 days ago
Yoga tech tips pooooogggggggg
Willie Turner
Willie Turner 22 days ago
Anyone else watching old linus videos and quarantine?
Husain B
Husain B 22 days ago
damn that bin is dirty af where ur cleaners at son
Husain B
Husain B 22 days ago
ijustine is a bad B
Legendary Noob
Legendary Noob 23 days ago
I'll take your bean bag chairs. Linus's too 😆
SnowLily Official
SnowLily Official 23 days ago
Do you like green eggs and ham, Linus?
Ali Mehrabi
Ali Mehrabi 24 days ago
I'm just confuzed!!!!
Lamar Games
Lamar Games 24 days ago
Justine your are the best girl that I see
Feels Flows
Feels Flows 24 days ago
Cute and adorable!
Rajat Verma
Rajat Verma 25 days ago
17:29 etherium mining by linus .
Shubham Bhendarkar
Shubham Bhendarkar 26 days ago
Right now at this moment both of your studio tour videos have 6.1 M views. Coincidence, I think not.
Anne Jessica Vargas
You both look good together... 😍
Okwool 27 days ago
shashank A
shashank A 28 days ago
i used to use my yoga mat as mouse pad,lol.
shreyas sekhar
shreyas sekhar 28 days ago
My tech items in my house is One laptop 2 TV's PlayStation 3 that's it 🤣
infamous crafter
infamous crafter 29 days ago
Joseph 29 days ago
Linus Yoga Tips
Anthony Pulmano
Anthony Pulmano Month ago
Alright, hear me out. Hide and Seek in the Office.
Sorito Quinker
Sorito Quinker Month ago
yoga mat LMAO,.............
Yeet_Boys Month ago
Linus Yoga Tips
Itsbj246 Month ago
Linus do be eating the C H E E S E in the form of a sphere
Minecraft player 2010
13:00 Linus yoga tips
Susmitha P
Susmitha P Month ago
iJustine you are shocked for working for 4 hours,my dad works for 22 hours straight
Kylie A
Kylie A Month ago
I feel like they should have open the rapping paper and rap stuffing his office
CaptDF97 Month ago
Lol Taran is so adorable he’s not getting iJustine’s jokes at all 😂
David Hübert
David Hübert Month ago
Its like a big big big Company yk?
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