Linkin Park LIVE in Grand Central Station: "In the End"

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Linkin Park performing their song 'In the End' live in the subway of Grand Central Station in New York City, NY on May 16, 2017.
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May 17, 2017




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Comments 100
rhysjune samayla
rhysjune samayla 10 hours ago
John wick in drums
Lynne Senit
Lynne Senit 12 hours ago
The crowd was so happy. I would be, too, if I was there. Thank you for this opportunity to still see and hear Chester sing. Oh, how I miss him!
NAKIB SAYYED 13 hours ago
RIP Chester, Linkin Park the only band of which the whole freaking crowd knows the lyrics.
R-Tec Simsport
Damn....i miss em
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown 2 days ago
It's like why did you leave us Chester??
George Bautista
George Bautista 2 days ago
Damn I choked up 2:27....
Leo W
Leo W 3 days ago
The crowd is actually really good!
Cali Loyalty
Cali Loyalty 3 days ago
Miss you my guy. Glad I was able to see you sing live at a concert.
Yajat Sharma
Yajat Sharma 3 days ago
I miss him so much!
Sindy Mausi
Sindy Mausi 4 days ago
Im crying now😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
Mich Mon
Mich Mon 4 days ago
F*ck why......🙏🏻😓💙💙
Tom Smyth
Tom Smyth 4 days ago
That fucking woman’s screeching voice at the start ruined it.
naga pro
naga pro 4 days ago
who else is watching in 2020 and crying over chester?
Idayu Hassan
Idayu Hassan 4 days ago
that guy just like from FGGTV
Cătălin-Andrei Necula
In this moment this video is just pure damage... Each and everyone present out there singing the lyrics and we are right here living and realising that we won't have the same special moment to scream those lyrics along with this awesome man at the same time. Thank you Chester for one of the biggest changes that ever happened in my life!
Rap 2018sS
Rap 2018sS 5 days ago
Porque chester porque hermano, descanza en paz
Jeymis Rodriguez
Jeymis Rodriguez 5 days ago
Desde el pupo del planeta ECUADOR te recordaré siempre
Jeymis Rodriguez
Jeymis Rodriguez 5 days ago
En el fin .donde quiera q te encuentres DIOS t bendiga maestro
Tracey McDermott
Tracey McDermott 5 days ago
I would happily be sacked, to witness this on my way to work. A huge loss 😔
Jaafar Alsalman
Jaafar Alsalman 6 days ago
Rest in peace brother
Matheus de Souza Barroso
mike watching chester with a beautiful smile...I miss it
Deano 6 days ago
I bet this would never happen to Despacito. RIP Chester ❤
Besheny Propeller
Все гениальные люди не от мира сего никто не знает что у него на душе было
Vicky Sonar
Vicky Sonar 6 days ago
The way Mike looks at Chester if everyone in this world looks at each other with that respect, joyfullness and lovingness, the World would be a much better place to live on... Rip Chester my hero ❤️❤️
Kenan Samuel
Kenan Samuel 6 days ago
Kangen euy sama Chester dan Linkin Park
ta420 nk
ta420 nk 7 days ago
This is incredible
Nakisaka Rymbai
Nakisaka Rymbai 7 days ago
Fuck im crying...We miss you Chester❤
Morte Negro
Morte Negro 7 days ago
Верните Честера!
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng 7 days ago
RIP Chester
Hex 7 days ago
I had the honor of seeing them live 6 times and I wish I could do it 100 more times. He was an amazing performer and an amazing soul. His voice helped guide myself and so many other people through some of the hardest times in their lives and still does today.
Agustin Dallo
Agustin Dallo 7 days ago
Dani Nagy
Dani Nagy 8 days ago
Mike and Chester wouldn't have had to sing. They could have just stand there, and have the fans do all the singing. I am 100% OK with that.
Radosław Bartmański
pisgi 28
pisgi 28 8 days ago
Miss u Chester Bennington 🙏😇😭 the way you choose to left this world its just like my father 😭😭😭
jobigman2008 8 days ago
Chester was a bum. JAY Z made them famous
FaRidwan 9 days ago
tbh I'm really miss this guy :")
fa2_l 9 days ago
That girl screaming in the background..
imam fadhila m
imam fadhila m 9 days ago
miiiiiss them so muuuch😔❤
Subash Shrestha
Subash Shrestha 9 days ago
Miss you Chester
misterightnow 9 days ago
2020 who here with me?
Dustin Brown
Dustin Brown 10 days ago
Mike's Smile says all that needs to be said
Bonnie Monaghan
Bonnie Monaghan 10 days ago
Please come back. We miss you so bad.
cloaked glue
cloaked glue 11 days ago
RIP chester 💔 your my hero 🙏 always and forever sleep well my brother
KP [45
KP [45 11 days ago
This man was so loved
Nie mals
Nie mals 11 days ago
I miss you Chester your Voice filled an Empty Spot in my Heart
Okami 11 days ago
man yt needs to stop recommending me these things, and i need to stop watching them cuz every time i listen/watch it i cry
kiralaison 01
kiralaison 01 11 days ago
Poor dude, you wouldntve picked it. RIP
Suphawit kanthamoi
Suphawit kanthamoi 11 days ago
Amin Ahmad
Amin Ahmad 12 days ago
I'll tell my boss the whole train system was breakdown. Nah, i wont go to work after this coz i want to stay at home whole day remembering the best day i had today
Amin Ahmad
Amin Ahmad 12 days ago
I'll tell my boss the whole train system was breakdown. Nah, i wont go to work after this coz i want to stay at home whole day remembering the best day i had today
gr4verrr 13 days ago
Chester seems so happy and achieving here. Legend will be missed!
Lunous Cade
Lunous Cade 13 days ago
Im not crying rn yall are!
rock Everest top
rock Everest top 13 days ago
God bless Chester in the sky .
Elizabeth 14 days ago
straight up sobbed.. Fuck Chester..rip.. love youu
luca Gentile
luca Gentile 14 days ago
ChEsTeR...MaNcHi CaZzO!🖤
zach kreider
zach kreider 15 days ago
Hi Chester. You are still here. The realist
efieszeta 15 days ago
Made me miss the States. Spent 5Y at east coast and folks were so open and friendly. And gas was so cheap:)
Bootleg Bubble
Bootleg Bubble 15 days ago
Still makes me sad when I watch this. It is now three years since Chester left us. Hope is now at peace.
Владимир Поляков
Terry M
Terry M 15 days ago
Mike encouraging Chester to sing "put my trust" bit. so dope! love from london. rip C. x
Yagami Light
Yagami Light 15 days ago
The part where MIke joins the rap alongside his friend :(
กัฟ คนเดิม
R.I.P chester ,you so good and you are legend of metal song
Heretic 3.0
Heretic 3.0 16 days ago
and in the end, he's still gone......
Cassie George
Cassie George 16 days ago
When I saw Chester I just couldn’t handle it 😭
Андрей Хоба
Улыбка Майка, это нечто
Алексей Бутков
Вот уровень звёзд мировой величины🤘🤘🤘 наши же фили всякие на х у й пошлют при встрече с челидью..
Pew Laser
Pew Laser 17 days ago
R.I.P Chester. Fuck mental illness :(
SavageDaddy79 17 days ago
The way Mike kept looking at Chester is priceless. You saw nothing but love the way he was smiling. Miss you Chester.
tristan magana
tristan magana 18 days ago
RIP Chester 😭😭
tristan magana
tristan magana 18 days ago
Tearing up as I’m watching this smh. And the crowd giving me hella chills rn
Kevin Baltazar
Kevin Baltazar 20 days ago
all these working adults were probably in their teens when this song came out. just like me :)
Ryan Beers
Ryan Beers 21 day ago
That chick that yells thank you and we love yoooouuu has SUCH A HIGH PITCHED VOICE 😠🙄 unless that was just their microphones that made it seem so high pitched 🤔🤷‍♂️..!!??
Ryan Beers
Ryan Beers 21 day ago
MIKE was always the sound mixer for the group or so his job title it says in their albums
Ryan Beers
Ryan Beers 21 day ago
Ahhhh what's mike talking about he plays piano/keyboard on all their songs 🤔🤨🤣 this song and new divide one step closer ARE EASILY THEIR 3 BEST SONGS EVER 👍🤣 DAMN I MISS HIM SO SO MUCH 😢😠👎🤬..!!
Josue Montano
Josue Montano 21 day ago
This has me tearing up😓
Seb 22 days ago
i'm crying right now. fck...
Aleksandr Lopatkin
Aleksandr Lopatkin 22 days ago
Где бы , у нас , услышать , среди простых людей , такая группу , Звёзды , незабудем никогда ..
Tim Janssens
Tim Janssens 22 days ago
Chester showed us all that in the end, it really doesn't even matter.
Andrew Woodburn
Andrew Woodburn 22 days ago
I'm a grown ass man and I starting crying listening to this now.....RIP Chester
Nik Ahmad Fadhil bin Nik Mohd Hilmi
Chester... I miss you... Rob, Dave, Brad, Mike, Joe... I fucking love all of you.....
R B 22 days ago
it's crazy how he killed himself just two months later. Life is a roller coaster man. Keep your mind strong people. Good days are ahead of you as long you never give up.
BlazeOfGlory717 23 days ago
I remember the exact place and time when I read the news that he went away. It's been 3 years but it's still so vivid and I don't think I'll ever forget. Their music meant so much for so many of us, I honestly don't know any other song that everyone starts to sing word by word when it comes on.
Rescue 24
Rescue 24 23 days ago
Still believing Chester was murdered. Same with Chris Cornell and robin Williams. They died like Michael Jackson, murdered.
What now
What now 24 days ago
mikes smile says it all
vlogging with alex
vlogging with alex 24 days ago
rip Chester 🙏🏼
Thomas Labelle
Thomas Labelle 24 days ago
The security guy in the blue dress shirt means business, once you see him you can't unsee him lol. Rambo ready for war looking everywhere.
Fábio Henrique Canata
Nunca me canso de ver esse vídeo. Imagina a sorte dessas pessoas, poderem participar desse momento, poderem cantar junto com o Chester. Daria tudo pra viver uma coisa dessas =/
Orange County Productions
I was 10 yrs old the first time I listened to Linkin Park. Became the biggest fan. I'm really happy I went to all the concerts I could go to. No one will ever have the voice Chester had. Always hurts when I listen to LP
An Ni
An Ni 25 days ago
Miss you Chester 🖤
8 26 days ago
damn that's a good looking leica
Pee Two
Pee Two 26 days ago
I really miss chester so bad
Patrick Tivey
Patrick Tivey 27 days ago
L1711 27 days ago
Mike shinoda's a fucking angel. Look at him. Really look at him looking at him. And everyone, for that.
Cristo Sub
Cristo Sub 27 days ago
Check the @eastvillageallstars
Dan 27 days ago
Eterno! 🤘🇧🇷🙌🙏
Emily H
Emily H 26 days ago
Sem palavras
Lana O.
Lana O. 28 days ago
I feel like I miss him more and more. Forever in our ❤️
Cris Samson
Cris Samson 28 days ago
When the world was a different place back then, music is sooooo important
Anggu Singsit
Anggu Singsit 29 days ago
We miss you Chester ❤️
Remy Dupuy
Remy Dupuy 29 days ago
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