Linkin Park - Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Jorge Gonzalez
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01 One step closer 00:00
02 Lost in the echo 02:35
03 Somewhere I belong 06:01
04 Given up 09:35
05 Papercut 12:44
06 Waiting for the end 15:50
07 Burn it down 19:41
08 Lying from you 23:32
09 Leave out all the rest 26:27
10 Crawling 29:56
11 Iridescent 33:25
12 Castle of glass 38:22
13 Faint 41:47
14 Bleed it out 44:29
15 In the end 47:14
16 Roads untraveled 50:50
17 From the inside 54:40
18 Shadow of the day 57:36
19 Place for my head 1:02:25
20 Numb 1:05:30
21 What I’ve done 1:08:38

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Feb 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Yuu Kagura
Yuu Kagura 2 hours ago
Always my favorite band. I love you chester. u'll be always in my heart.
ツحَسَنٌ 5 hours ago
In the end you make my day 💜🎶~
Станислав Гаврилов
Вы легенды. Вечная память Честеру Беннингтону.
Tyler Shull
Tyler Shull Day ago
the best thing ever is right hear
Givson Kamson
Linkin Park is always in my heart.. Every songs begins with interesting tune..
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Viul Batsis . Bir lintahak. Instaitut Aminumtin Baki dan Biarbeer. Kamat-A visual dalam kaedah naungyu trip ex- maris .
QuantumStriker 003
In the End, Numb, What I've Done, Leave out all the rest....these are some of my faves. Breaking the habit should make the list too :/
Alex Zambrano
Alex Zambrano 3 days ago
Excelente trabajo, solo con pasar sobre la linea de tiempo te muestra los nombres de las canciones. Te pasaste.
Avneet Bussan
Avneet Bussan 3 days ago
I like shut up when I am talking to you because I laugh when I hear it
linkin park songs
So sad. "when my time comes" .... Huhu
ANNIE LUZ 4 days ago
k- amigu!
k- amigu! 4 days ago
Please don't go,please don't go.
ishan kukde
ishan kukde 5 days ago
Annoying,so much ads !
English Slava
English Slava 5 days ago
Who else was here for In The End and Somewhere I Belong? Those are my top favorite.
activate ryan
activate ryan 5 days ago
one of the world music best ever
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 6 days ago
Ambot maayo mana a cgro
shawn burnham
shawn burnham 7 days ago
Franco Ortiz
Franco Ortiz 7 days ago
2020 y los escucho como el primer dia! gracias linkin park!
dangdut koplo hot
acoustic likin park music cover ruvid.net/video/video-pcV5WUrOWiE.html
Najara Cristiano
Najara Cristiano 8 days ago
Linkin Park Forever....
Cutie House คิ้วตี้ เฮ้าส์
ยิ่งฟัง ยิ่งคิดถึง
Road Runner
Road Runner 8 days ago
I'm just on a random playlist day, hearing this full album now. I knew a few of their songs, but never heard them all. Damn they have some good tunage.
J.Marques 8 days ago
cadê os Br?manda Salve
fishpop 8 days ago
Was gonna say "If this is Volume 1 then where's Volume 2?" Here it is: ruvid.net/video/video-g0vBm74mAfM.html
Боня Власова
RIP CHESTER . Ты жив в наших сердцах. Дальнобой.
Bintang Satria
Bintang Satria 9 days ago
1. One Step Closer 00:00 2. Lost In The Echo 02:35 3. Somewhere I Belong 06:01 4. Given Up 09:35 5. Papercut 12:44 6. Waiting For The End 15:50 7. Burn It Down 19:41 8. Lying From You 23:32 9. Leave Out All The Rest 26:27 10. Crawling 29:56 11. Iridescent 33:25 12. Castle Of Glass 38:22 13. Faint 41:47 14. Bleed It Out 44:29 15. In The End 47:14 16. Roads Untraveled 50:50 17. From The Inside 54:40 18. Shadow Of The Day 57:36 19. Place For My Head 1:02 :25 20. Numb 1:05 :30 21. What I've Done 1:08 :38
Thomas Rayner
Thomas Rayner 10 days ago
My Favourite One In The End , was In The End!
Tony Grubb
Tony Grubb 10 days ago
Left out Battle Symphony, Talking to Myself, By Myself, When They Come For Me, The Little Things Give You Away, and The Catalyst (my favorite). Good list though overall.
I G 10 days ago
No hay fin. Una mejor que otra!!!
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera 11 days ago
Linkin park el mejor grupo
Martin Zega
Martin Zega 11 days ago
js k
js k 12 days ago
1:12 :03
Adriano Silva
Adriano Silva 12 days ago
🇧🇷🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🇧🇷 💙💚💛
jsh0216 13 days ago
린킨파크는 meteora 앨범이 짱이었는데 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
SlSA 69
SlSA 69 13 days ago
Richard Ridgway
Richard Ridgway 14 days ago
I started listening to rock music because of Linkin Park. Without them I wouldn't be the man I am today and losing Chester to the same illness that I suffered with my entire life is a kick in the teeth. What a tragic loss the world suffered.
Rodrigo Akiyama
Rodrigo Akiyama 14 days ago
Richard Ridgway
Richard Ridgway 14 days ago
Mark HC
Mark HC 14 days ago
González! This is GREAT! THANK YOU!🇺🇸
it's perfection
it's perfection 14 days ago
One more light 🤔🤔
manita bussan
manita bussan 14 days ago
Muy buena calidad de música, bien juntas y excelentes canciones, ¡bien hecho!
Michelle Andrés Benassi Sandoval
Me gustaría conocerte
manita bussan
manita bussan 12 days ago
@Michelle Andrés Benassi Sandoval ¡Hola!
Thanarath Nakum
Thanarath Nakum 15 days ago
Animol 15 days ago
Thanks, a man for all this diamond
Виктор Кочетов
Линкин Парк отлично! Но слушать невозможно. Реклама по полчаса после каждой песни. Выключил. Нервов не хватило.
João Matheus
João Matheus 16 days ago
só pra quem ta ouvindo em 2020 na pandemia
Ash Moreno
Ash Moreno 16 days ago
I love Mike's long hair its handsome
1:12 :04
Manash Pratim Goswami
Where is catalyst?in my remains?
Lo Mac
Lo Mac 18 days ago
Невероятно сильные эмоции и нервы в голосе у ЧЕСТЕРА ! 🎤 🎶 😈 😞 👂👂
Luz Dary García
Luz Dary García 18 days ago
Leszek Sound
Leszek Sound 18 days ago
pedjay parado
pedjay parado 19 days ago
Back in highschool😔😔
wizz747 19 days ago
IRIDESCENT one of my fav all time songs 💯
Bert loyd Maslog
Bert loyd Maslog 20 days ago
Ryan Lumbres
Ryan Lumbres 20 days ago
Walang akong paki basta kusto ko 😍
usup kukar
usup kukar 20 days ago
nice songs... i.like
Carrie g v Hyndman
Carrie g v Hyndman 20 days ago
You helped me through some hard times , much love x
Oscar Lovo
Oscar Lovo 20 days ago
Que canción saldría si se pelean 2 umpalumpas?
Анна Морозова
atamagashock 20 days ago
No doubt that’s a great track listing! Only thing better would be making it, using their best live performance of each song
Chiqui 73 Chiqui 73
buena recopilación de una de las bandas de mi vida
Jamie loxton
Jamie loxton 20 days ago
0:00 one step closer 2:35 lost in the echo 6:01 somewhere I belong 9:35 given up 12:44 papercut 15:50 waiting for the end 19:41 burn it down 23:32 lying from you 26:27 Leave out all the rest 29:56 crawling 33:25 iridescent 38:22 castle of glass 41:47 faint 44:29 bleed it out 47:14 in the end 50:50 roads untravelled 54:40 from the inside 57:36 shadow of the day 1:02 :25 place for my head 1:05 :30 numb 1:08 :38 what I've done
Jamie loxton
Jamie loxton 19 days ago
@Jacko Nugh np g
Jacko Nugh
Jacko Nugh 19 days ago
Wow! i really appreciated it man! 😁
Wahyu Utomo
Wahyu Utomo 21 day ago
Yang lagi putar lagu ini dari indonesia 👆
DENIL prabumi
DENIL prabumi 22 days ago
Michael Mota
Michael Mota 22 days ago
Very good!
Noel 4 Dizaster
Noel 4 Dizaster 22 days ago
Thank you for the music
Head toons
Head toons 22 days ago
some songs from the hunting party and some songs from one more light are missing but this is still an amazing list
Candice K Mitchell
Candice K Mitchell 23 days ago
This mix is a whole lot of YES ❤️
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon 23 days ago
Very proud LP soldier still here in mid 2020. This band has made a lasting impact on so many. I (like many others) felt such a connection to Chester and his inner pain. How this band stayed professional throughout the years,loved their fans and never took anything for granted is so incredible. Chester is gone physically but his legacy lives on in his music. The surviving band members have so much to be proud of. Thank you Linkin Park for getting so many through times of darkness. Your dedicated soldiers are here for life. Take care everyone in these times,life is short and precious. Live it to the fullest and make an impact. We all matter.
The Hunter
The Hunter 23 days ago
No A Line In The Sand or Guilty All The Same? I think you didn't apprecciate me
Vitor Carleto
Vitor Carleto 24 days ago
This time... I finally let you go 😭😭😭
JAEG3R MV 24 days ago
When the na na na of what i've done comes , i start crying
Mokrane Hamid
Mokrane Hamid 24 days ago
Remember the old days
Charlene Angel
Charlene Angel 24 days ago
00:00 06:01 12:44 29:56 47:14 54:40 1:05 :30
Lovely Otaku
Lovely Otaku 19 days ago
Lili Costa
Lili Costa 25 days ago
Eu tou quase fazendo o que o chester fez☹️um dia a coragem vai vim
Crisca Concursada
Crisca Concursada 26 days ago
Anthony Golo
Anthony Golo 26 days ago
I love Linkin Park song
OSROJUBLA VelOrn 27 days ago
Pro fessional
Pro fessional 27 days ago
and u HAD TO put ads in between songs.... DISLIKE!
Gator W
Gator W 27 days ago
I loveeeeee this hit list 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😊😊❤️
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