Link Gets Hypnotized To Love Tomatoes

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Did you ever think you’d live to see Link eat a tomato and not gag?! Check out his crazy hypnotism session with Glenn Rottmann! GMM #1508
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Mar 21, 2019




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Comments 100
Erin Wages
Erin Wages 19 hours ago
I spot Merle
Siddhant Rath
Siddhant Rath 22 hours ago
Stevie is beautiful...
link and his funny tomato juice=peak joy
Dannotme 123
Dannotme 123 Day ago
BigAss Abi
BigAss Abi 2 days ago
I’m taking a dump
Timothy B
Timothy B 3 days ago
If this is fake then Link deserves an Oscar.
Kristin 3 days ago
How can you not like cats. wtf
Tux Draws
Tux Draws 5 days ago
10:34 even the hypnotist was *wheezing* at links opera
Liah Wemhoff
Liah Wemhoff 5 days ago
This was the guy who did colleen ballinger to!
Epic7Ate9 6 days ago
Haha that drink it’s FUNNY
Josephine Coffee
Josephine Coffee 9 days ago
Harrison Saunders
Harrison Saunders 11 days ago
1:33 what
Crispy Chrispen Chrispers
Ive never laughed harder than when he started singing 😂
Lily Josette
Lily Josette 18 days ago
y o u n e e d a p e n y o u n e e d a p e n - Link 2019
Scoop Cannon
Scoop Cannon 19 days ago
Link needs a “big metal piston spike” (Michael reeves)
Qwerty Art328
Qwerty Art328 16 days ago
LIVERPOOL 96 25 days ago
This is so fake!!! It’s a little embarrassing to be honest
Lasercop Gaming
Lasercop Gaming 27 days ago
why does that man look like Professor X?!!
THRILL SLAVE 27 days ago
Stack the tomatoes!
Nolan Studdard
Nolan Studdard 27 days ago
and hypnotism is not real i tried all sorts of hypnotism and nothing works
The crazy kid
The crazy kid Month ago
Charlie M
Charlie M Month ago
I couldn’t be hypnotized I would be giggling the whole time
Laylah Dabney
Laylah Dabney Month ago
LMFAO the way link looked at him after
Pizza Gamer
Pizza Gamer Month ago
So now he finds tomatoes funny..?
Linux Lucas
Linux Lucas Month ago
Is this fake??
Christian Blandford
It’s because he’s just had bad tomatoes
MaxKombo Month ago
I like tomatoes but even I couldn't just bite straight into a tomato without making a sour face lol that's how I know this is real. Link can't even eat the small cubed tomatoes
Anna marrero
Anna marrero Month ago
lets go WI
“ *sweet* “
ItsSquid Month ago
By far my favourite part of this is when link just starts laughing when he’s drinking the tomato juice as if it’s the funniest thing he’s ever done
poppy roper
poppy roper Month ago
~s w e e t~
They should’ve said “Linky linky linky can’t you see the hypnotist is gonna hypnotize ye “
DerpyKey ;3
DerpyKey ;3 Month ago
Attention, links soul has left his body.... and it came back
juan Anonymous
juan Anonymous Month ago
I know he hates them but i know for just a couple bites he would do it for a video
Nina Feenstra
Nina Feenstra Month ago
Red tomato
Ben Month ago
My step sis loved this excersize
FairTooWell Month ago
if the placebo effect works and this works? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Lily Gunn
Lily Gunn Month ago
Rhett doesn’t need to be hypnotized to feel differently about cats. Just let me tell him the story of how I adopted my ESA cat and how she literally saved my life. ❤️
Potato Man
Potato Man Month ago
He has hypnoses hax
Soulplexis Month ago
Give link an heirloom tomato
Phase Month ago
I want a tomaaaaaatooooo And I ooooonly want the tomaaaatooo
Rohan Narahari
Rohan Narahari Month ago
HelloTardis Month ago
So he’s pretty much saying, This will only work if you’re willing to PRETEND THAT IT WORKS. Nonsense.
I love how he looked professional while hypnotizing him while on movies or tv shows was like close your eye if i clap you are chicken like that
Erin S.
Erin S. Month ago
Hardik Garg
Hardik Garg Month ago
I didn't believe it till OPERA!
Dallas Burge
Dallas Burge Month ago
Stevie looks si evil
sara kate
sara kate Month ago
everyone who doesn't like tomatoes l \/
Ella Yagnich
Ella Yagnich Month ago
Ella Yagnich
Ella Yagnich Month ago
No one Literally no one Link:I ONLY WANT TOMATOES
Ella Yagnich
Ella Yagnich Month ago
Link is right tamotos are gross
Lydia Zylstra
Lydia Zylstra Month ago
I’m pretty sure link just wanted to have a nap most of his session 🤣
astro.mp3 Month ago
hypnosis makes me wanna snap at things for no reason
Official DRIVER Studios
Sorry, just can’t believe any of this
Fikri Fadhlurrahman
try one yourself, meet one practitioner and talk your problem with her
cassidy vlogs
cassidy vlogs 2 months ago
Cats are better than dogs
bobby zabel
bobby zabel 2 months ago
I love when he turns to Stevie and tells her she doesn't need make up
mojo 2 months ago
I agree with Rhett about cats ❤️
Wheat Eater
Wheat Eater 2 months ago
Funny juice
Brown Dwarf
Brown Dwarf 2 months ago
Welp they lied to their audience basically.
J.R. Ramirez
J.R. Ramirez 2 months ago
The sheer confusion on Link's face at 11:24 convinces me this couldn't be fake.
H B 2 months ago
Anyone here love tomatoes? Cherry tomatoes are my favorite, but I’ll also eat a Roma tomato like an apple. 🍅
Starsong 2 months ago
I love tomatoes
Ella Yagnich
Ella Yagnich Month ago
Tomatoes ARE GRoSs
Kelli Sees
Kelli Sees 3 months ago
Link seems truly disturbed by what happened here. He’s definitely not the type of person to believe this type of thing
Rina McElyea
Rina McElyea 3 months ago
Make Rhett watch the talking kitty cat it will change his prospective on cats
vivian leonard
vivian leonard 3 months ago
Do seaweed!! That'll be awesome!!!!
Nate Deleon
Nate Deleon 3 months ago
this is the best one ive ever saw
Poop Stain
Poop Stain 3 months ago
You know it’s not fake because he didn’t smile once
ronan looney
ronan looney 3 months ago
just stack it! just stack it!
Cassia T
Cassia T 3 months ago
They should’ve hypnotised Rhett to love liver!
Katelyn Rose
Katelyn Rose 3 months ago
I can't believe I'm just now finding this episode. This is the best thing I've ever seen
Operator BeygX
Operator BeygX 3 months ago
Stevie is absolutely gorgeous 😍
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter 3 months ago
Stevie is loving this.
Tyler Crosiar
Tyler Crosiar 3 months ago
You need a pen
Emma's wide world
Emma's wide world 3 months ago
Ok I got hypnotized by watching this is that normal?
Clifford Powell
Clifford Powell 3 months ago
man this was funny!!!
Emily Gheart
Emily Gheart 4 months ago
I was not ready for that cough! 🤣🤣
NUNYA Business
NUNYA Business 4 months ago
Tbh your videos are helping with my frustration and sadness. Always a good laugh watching your videos
that one guy
that one guy 4 months ago
"Did you ever think you'd live to see link eat a tomato and not gag?" Bro I always gag when he eats a tomato
Liliana Gridley
Liliana Gridley 4 months ago
Can we just take a second too realize that Stevie is sooo pretty!
R - Series
R - Series 4 months ago
Is this actually real.
Conan Otoole
Conan Otoole 4 months ago
Linky, Linky, Linky, Don't you know! After this you will like TOMATO! (my own version)
Stephanie Ayala
Stephanie Ayala 4 months ago
Does he still like tomatoes???
Levi Lynch
Levi Lynch 4 months ago
I wish that was my job
Teresa Munoz
Teresa Munoz 4 months ago
You know it’s real because he didn’t laugh
Dakota Von Quack
Dakota Von Quack 4 months ago
“You need a pen” *You need a pen*
Milzzz 4 months ago
Damn faker then trumps hair lmao
Big Tasty
Big Tasty 4 months ago
nut coatz
nut coatz 4 months ago
And the Oscar goes to link
Jewell Lowe
Jewell Lowe 4 months ago
*"You need to be sad"*
xShaaMetalheadX 4 months ago
Honestly this is my favorite GMM episode ever
Jack Van
Jack Van 4 months ago
Unus Annus unus annus
Petar Nikolaev
Petar Nikolaev 5 months ago
Why is Pitt Bull hipnotising them ?
Hare Brahs
Hare Brahs 5 months ago
stevsie is gorgeous
Emory 5 months ago
i’ve been listening to gmm playlists to go to sleep and let me just say, i had extremely vivid dreams about being hypnotized to love tomatoes
Bacontoast 5 months ago
Hypnotize me into liking mushrooms. |O-O|
Bethany Rose
Bethany Rose 5 months ago
Did it work??????
kaleigh Miller
kaleigh Miller 5 months ago
Can I try this 😮😮😮
cassidy vlogs
cassidy vlogs 5 months ago
He said he hates cats. I have a cat next to me. YOU HEATHEN
Lorraine 5 months ago
You need a pen. Link, you sweet soul.
bamboodream 5 months ago
Link sounded like a Karen when he ordered the pizza
Bqbblxs 5 months ago
Links new favorite food tomato aka peach
Taylor Fulton
Taylor Fulton 5 months ago
This is honestly the funniest thing.
T rell
T rell 5 months ago
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