Lindsie Chrisley's Lawyer Slams Todd Chrisley's 'Repugnant' Reaction To Her Extortion Claim

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The legal drama surrounding the Chrisley family has taken a sharp turn. One day after "Chrisley Knows Best" stars Todd and Julie Chrisley pleaded not guilty to 12 federal charges on tax evasion and fraud, news broke that Todd's eldest daughter Lindsie had accused him of trying to extort her with her own sex tape. Lindsie, who's currently estranged from the family, filed a police report in Georgia last month claiming brother Chase Chrisley purchased a sex tape of hers. In the report, Lindsie alleges both Chase and Todd threatened to release the tape, reportedly if she didn't lie about a certain "incident." In response, Todd called his daughter's allegations "a complete lie" and outed who he claims are two of Lindsie's alleged lovers, Bachelor Nation stars Robby Hayes and Josh Murray. While Hayes did not respond to Access Hollywood's request for comment, Murray told Access that he and Lindsie have been friends for years and that Todd and Julie should "probably focus on how not to be imprisoned for 30 years rather than spreading gossip to try and hurt their daughter." Meanwhile, Lindsie's attorney Musa Ghanayem told Access that he found Todd's response "repugnant" but wasn't surprised by it.
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Aug 15, 2019




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Donna Bornstein Flohr
Donna Bornstein Flohr 11 months ago
Lindsey is full of bunk. I don't believe anything she tries to come up with. She's jealous and trying to be vengeful .
Froot Luips
Froot Luips 11 months ago
“We’ve tried to keep her affairs private” / then why did you use their names? Dumb shit
Kallie Dolbeare
She is just jealous because she doesn't have there fame. All over just fame. This is disgusting.
Bernadette Cordova
Lindsie is unattractive
THE Noellian Freebird
Wow. This is getting UGLY! It’s sad how money & fame drive people to do crazy terrible things to each other.
bob wazboom
bob wazboom Year ago
Why did i see this on the family movie topic lol
Rhonda Spencer
Love this family and pray his 2 children from his first marriage get it together! Pray for Kyle and Lindsie 🙏🙏🙏
Jennifer Momma bear
Now Tennessee took it over. And it will be part of the case now. Plus Todd can’t say anything, because he cheated on his first wife with Julie. Lindsie had been separated from her husband when it all happened from a nanny cam.
James Nunez
James Nunez Year ago
Every family has issues
Ashley Russell
If Todd and Julie were such horrible people, they wouldn’t have gotten custody of their own granddaughter. Which let me remind you that Chloe’s Dad and Lindsie share the same mom...just food for thought is all I’m saying.
R Johnson
R Johnson Year ago
Now Lindsey to say she afraid for her life on news. Look what fame can do to a family. Oldest use to say degrading things and now oldest daughter. Black mail, etc. When its all said and done and lights off they all will still be family and all will have to do a little soul searching.....got to be heartbreaking for Todd and Julie.
R Johnson
R Johnson Year ago
its not a point of liking or disliking. i would love for this to be untrue! however, again if its true then they like many other wealthy ppl get caught up in the fame and do illegal and immoral things to keep up that image! Trump is a good example lies, not paying taxes, etc. thats why it hard for me to get caught up with any of them shows. so much evil in the world it was refreshing to see a show like the Chrisleys.
Panamanian Thing Scene
This is sad. I really hope this isn’t true...I don’t think Todd would be this grimy..
P Michael
P Michael Year ago
These people are gross. They desire all of this.
Teresa Michael
I love this Family. I just don't see them doing all these things. God Bless
Frances Welch
Frances Welch Year ago
why would your own child do this...
Sheila Hollingsworth
I love this Christy family! All of them!
Marley Hendrix
Money doesn't change who you are...it just accentuates what's really inside you....
Tanacious Simmons
Illuminati want them to do something they WON'T DO.Claim yours an move on. Keep doing y'all. Just an IIlluiminati thing. Stay Strong
Tanacious Simmons
I love the Christleys. Y'all keep on moving on. Lindsey just want attention. Fuck her
Mia Blackwood
Mia Blackwood Year ago
Gossip girl stuff...These people!
Shannon Year ago
I do not believe Lindsie's so called claim. Just an attempt to hurt her father due to the ex wife's jealousy. I love this show Chrisley Knows Best.. I DVR it every week.. My prayers go out to Todd Julie and their kids.. God will walk with y'all through this difficult time.. much love from Texas..
Renee Rosas
Renee Rosas Year ago
The president never paid his taxes why isn't he in jail..I hope Julie and Todd get out of this mess
Pamela Niboonkit
Don't trust that lawyer or Lindsey.
Vero Escobar
Vero Escobar Year ago
Prayers to the Chrisley's. They will overcome all of this. Watch and see !!! #TeamChrisley
EmJey Fantauzzy
When Is Todd coming out of the closet. Ive never seen a “straight” man act so feminine. 🤣
samone Brown
samone Brown Year ago
Welp he just told that about her on national TV so I believe he threaten. Her
Sondra Allen
Sondra Allen Year ago
Let me tell you that's his first families kids and they are jealous of the other ones that is so popular the sun apologize and he owned up to his drug habit and how crazy he was acting in tide was trying to deal with him and he told him you still my son he apologized profusely they're not putting that on the news but this girl what Dad would try to bribe you with a s e x tape I wouldn't want my father to know anything like that about me she looks like a trouble s l y low down person is just sour grapes
Aqua Juwel
Aqua Juwel Year ago
Creepy family.....
Rosetta Scott
Rosetta Scott Year ago
Praying for Todd & Julie that everything will be well with them & that God’s favor will be upon them 👏🏽
Curtis Allen
Curtis Allen Year ago
MS.TODD HONEY HE A GURL ALL DAY LOL i wonder if they had them naturally or inserted thur a doctor into his wife. I cant see todd hving sex wit aa woman. Julie has to be getting paid to be quite
Curtis Allen
Curtis Allen Year ago
TODD? LOL AKA LOSE BOOTY T. THATgurl. Todd is fakin in tryna mk it. I wonder how many bfriends her actually hv, theres no smk wit out a flame. Lol n todd is the biggest flame of them all. I hurt fo his wife n kids. They deserve better
Londie J
Londie J Year ago
This is some Petty, Petty, Petty Shit, for real. What ever happened to Family First??! 😒😕
Debra Miller
Debra Miller Year ago
I like the Chrisleys..But think it is strange that he would throw out those 2 guys names..Saying how they tried to protect her with the affairs...Why would Lindsie want to bring this to the public ...
Jeannie Guel
Jeannie Guel Year ago
Seriously the daughter is a idiot but as parents will always love our kids
J Stewart
J Stewart Year ago
These people vote?🤔 explains alot
Yankee Mockingbird
She's not that good looking same ole same ole look
Sierra Dawn
Sierra Dawn Year ago
Just leave nanny Faye outta this .
T DMJ Year ago
Lindsie looks like she’s got more issues than Todd. Leave that girl alone!
brooksism Year ago
I can believe it. I can’t stand him.
joy powell
joy powell Year ago
Love the Chrisley's!! shame on Lindsie!
Ashley Russell
joy powell exactly! She’s never wanted to be associated with the Chrisley’s. Even though Todd and the rest of the family try act high faulting, Lindsie has always had that stuck up, I’m better than you vibe. So she needs to have a seat and calm her tits. Her money must be running low... Edit: I love Todd and they rest of the family. This wasn’t an hate comment towards them. Just wanted to make that clear lol.
Sue Allen
Sue Allen Year ago
Children are imprisoned in privately owned Concentration Camps making $750 per individual. We need to be outraged about that! Outrage at 45's flip/flop on just common changes to gun control over background checks! And... pretty sure todd & julie sell their souls for a story line to keep the money rolling in. I stand with Lindsay! Pretty much like Cody Brown from Sister Wives, he's already proven how desperate he is for TV time. Unfortunately, those that surround these nutcases are blinded by fame & temporary money. Loyalty to family values come got pushed to the bottom.
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill Year ago
Todd wrote her and Kyle off many years ago because she married behind her dads back and Kyler was/is a druggie. Who can’t even take care of his own kid. I can see why she would do this to her father so sad.
Bratt_777 Year ago
The attorney looks like a real winner! Come on who the hell wears a suit like that as an attorney other than a slithering snake. This is why people hate attorneys. Absolutely no class.
Jeff Harder
Jeff Harder Year ago
SB Wallace you’re right. He looks like an attorney you find on a poster board at a bus stop or train station. Total greaseball
Suzanne Reilly
No one is buying Lindsey’s story.
Psychic Zee
Psychic Zee 11 months ago
That girl isn’t lying the proof is right in front of you!
Kerry Cavanaugh
Kerry Cavanaugh 11 months ago
I do. Her father is a bully and so is her family. They ganged up against her to make her seem evil when it's those cowards that come off evil.
Michelle Rodriguez
I love this family. I dont believe the bs media. Until everything falls through I'll continue to support.
Patty Miller
Patty Miller Year ago
Good luck Todd.
Grab Your Popcorn
Jimmy P
Jimmy P Year ago
Lindsie is probably just mad that chase and savanna are attractive people and she looks like a Malnourished extinct bird
Jess Kinzel
Jess Kinzel Year ago
You are SO wrong for that!! 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mel Osixosevennine
I’m just glad everyone in the comments are on the same page. We like the Chrisleys , not guilty unless PROVEN otherwise.
fresh B
fresh B Year ago
When keeping up with the joneses goes WRONG....
Wanda Ratliffe
I love and support them.
Sloan_005 Year ago
Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered. They have a looooong history of financial dirty deeds.
Jasmine Orchard
How to stay relevant.... Rule #1
Jazzy Meh
Jazzy Meh Year ago
I still love the Chrisley not including Lindsey, hopefully she’s gone forever on the show. The only she can do to make up story and hurt the family..
B Joyce
B Joyce Year ago
Of course conservatives that’s why they go after them
Kaylee Y
Kaylee Y Year ago
She will do anything for a damn buck
Tilayha Barber
I don’t believe none of this bull. Though Todd is Brutally REAL! he is still truthful and honest and like i said. REAL. #freemymansToddandJulie
Theodes Lewis
Theodes Lewis Year ago
That ugly ass girl please...she look like a damn bird...i wouldn't want to see that shit...
Gerri Dilts
Gerri Dilts Year ago
Her attorney looks like a shykster! Yikes. Sounds like she is jealous of their fame. It’s too bad. I love the Chrisley’s. The one son also tried to smear the family name a couple years ago. I think he was into drugs. It’s too bad!
Jacqueline Kane
He was in the past. Supposedly he’s been clean for some years now. He’s currently married to an African American women.
mrdefinite Year ago
We don’t believe you!!! We support Todd and Julie!!!!! 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾
Pamela Niboonkit
@Tonia Kilman she is a shameful biased person and Kyle Chrisley is on his dad's now . Kyle explains how his biological mom and lindsey have conspired.
Tonia Kilman
Tonia Kilman Year ago
You're blind then @withoutacrystalball explains how they really are just try n listen its very eye opening.
C E Year ago
Lindsie is the black sheep for many reasons. She needs more then holistic therapy, maybe, a real psychologist? And obviously her morals and values mean nothing either...she fits right in with society today and exploits HERSELF. Probably why she can't hold a man or a decent relationship! I truly feel sorry for her son. I sure hope he is not bullied in school someday because of his mother's lifestyle and the way she raises him.
Carmen Jackson
I just love them. They are so cool!!
Mary Knis
Mary Knis Year ago
OMG I still love the Chrisley family
Nyesha Harris
Nyesha Harris Year ago
I don’t believe the daughter Todd seems like he has great morals that would make him look bad. It is funny how she does that right when she was asked if she would do reality tv again and she said yes if it was based on her and done the right way
Michael Miller
That whole family is a MESS!
Kim Kincaid
Kim Kincaid Year ago
Her attorney looks ewww.
tashibia Chambers
I'm so sick of this shit Todd is a dam good father his kids are his life and yes I bet he does have the sex tapes of her .but I bet it's was to keep it away from the public she should say thank you and not talk shit about her dad
Loretta Reed
Loretta Reed Year ago
I will forever be a fan of the Chrisley
Stephen Lane
Stephen Lane Year ago
Todd is a horses ass. Sooo Arrogant its digusting. The feds dont indict on 12 counts on fake paperwork. There is guilt somewhere here. Considering it looks to be hes all about worshiping the dollar it looks to be jail time in somebodies future.
The Neutral ZONE
I thought Todd and Lindsey patched things up... WTH!
Keith Moran
Keith Moran Year ago
Chrisley Knows Better ?
John Guzman
John Guzman Year ago
I believe none of these allegations Todd or Julie, I love y'all, and will support y'all and continue to watch both shows every Tuesday nite!!
Roshon Willams
Todd is Everything she's your daughter no matter what... She has one of your grandchildren... Nanny Faye is the star of the show
Shyann Green
Shyann Green Year ago
This is exactly why the world is so f@$#&d up! Some ppl just can't live life without being in someone else's business. Who freakn cares?!
Cyndia Dawson Hammonds
Todd has showed his character. he has great character. He doesn't need money from his oldest daughter to extort her. y'all are god-awful to people. Shame on y'all...
@Tonia Kilman ....its spelled "hear"
Tonia Kilman
Tonia Kilman Year ago
Seriously did u not here this .
It wasn't money he wanted from her. They said he wanted her to lie about a certain incident.
Cyndia Dawson Hammonds
Really you had to go on the news. Shame on your business. Tumultuous times call for family members Getting Back Together quit putting a wedge in between them... if I recall it right Todd has more fans than your show. STOP ditching on him.
Maya Harris
Maya Harris Year ago
Wooooo child..when it rains it pours😂
Alfred Maracaj
Fake it till you make it!!! Till Uncle Sam knocks on your door!!!
Alfred Maracaj
Carmen Jackson I am not judging anybody I was just saying what I heard over the media and the news about them, I hope they got billions for what I care bc they not taking anything from me nor giving me anything so HOLD THIS L HOME GIRL!!!!
Carmen Jackson
So stop judging then. The people that work for the IRS probably not paying taxes. Lol
Alfred Maracaj
Carmen Jackson why don’t you look at the history and see how much they have, and as for my taxes, they take it out themselves out of my pay check, I ain’t rich like that budddy
Carmen Jackson
They have plenty of money so when they come knocking they can pay. Just hope you can pay yours when they come knocking on your door. 😂😂😂
Nikki Worm
Nikki Worm Year ago
Alfred Maracaj Good one!😂
Wanda Jones
Wanda Jones Year ago
Trump bragged about not paying taxes I guess they bvb found the same loopholes
Carmen Jackson
So go after Trump ass to. This world fucked up!!
Wendy R
Wendy R Year ago
Word on the street is So Sharpton showed them the loop holes
beverly a
beverly a Year ago
Lindsie knows she is the ugly duckling out of all the kids. Plus her husband divorced her . She is irrelevant on the show and she knows it. Todd cares more about his family than anything else so she is trying to attack him where it would hurt the most. Lindsie should have gotten some mental help a long time ago.
Patrick Hickson
There are starving children in America... Focus on that.
Patrick Hickson
Truly disgusting
Sue Murray
Sue Murray Year ago
I still like toddl and julie. They will come out ok
janki bane
janki bane Year ago
@Charlette Richson that's not nice nor right to say. We don't know the full story about anything. We should just wish the whole family, including lindsey well and blessings that they overcome this, but don't say negative things especially about someone you don't know.
partyguy35 Year ago
Susan Henry I’m sure you will anyway! You support Trump even though he pays zero tax! So kindly STFU!
Susan Henry
Susan Henry Year ago
I love their cute show. Unless proven I will continue watching in support of them.
Charlette Richson
Crazy his daughter is ugly
Kathy Lolley
Kathy Lolley Year ago
I don't like him he won't do good in prison but he wont go because of money
David Year ago
Shit flies when the chips are building up against you. Todds queen mouth saying crap about his daughter ? Hhum? Hes being slowly cornered. Twelve counts of felony is awful but his daughter seems to know the truth. What exactly was the thing she knew about Todd was the hush up extortion all about anyway? I bet it was that his money means more to him than anything else in the world. More than family , more than life itself. He's guilty and so is that gay son of yours too guilty. Daddy says get rid of all your luxury fast so you can pay back all that 48 million dollars you stole from every body else for to only show asset of 4 million and losing 48 million is not possible.
Tiny little Meap
Lindsey looks like an ostrich
Sierra Dawn
Sierra Dawn Year ago
Tiny little Meap it’s true lol .
Tiny little Meap
@Sierra Dawn 😂 😂😂 LMAO
Sierra Dawn
Sierra Dawn Year ago
It looks like she asked her plastic surgeon to give her a Ivanka Trump look and the end results failed .
imanii moore
imanii moore Year ago
miss todd lok like he diong shady shit
Melinda Cook
Melinda Cook Year ago
Did Chase buy the tape from a person or a website?
Latrice Mobley
This is fucked up
Giselle Joseph
This us real drama
Famous Jet Jackson
I dont believe this at all... sorry God is with you guys we love you
Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson Year ago
I love it when Christians get exposed as hypocrites. "Do as I say...not as I do."
shaq2jack Year ago
I call 'em Hypochristians...
Keisha Henderson
Rose Stanhope
Rose Stanhope Year ago
I hope Todd and his wife are cleared of all charges. And the video of Todd's older daughter I hope this family would not do anything so degrading to hurt her, especially her father and brother. They all should be rallying around each other and not trying to distroy each other. All your boys are handsome and all the girls are beautiful. So Todd stop showing favoritism. Savannah is pretty but so is your other daughter in her own way. All this is not gonna look good on anyone of you. If it keeps on your TV time maybe cancelled. You guys are not Jerry Springer material or lets hope not.
Tamara Arledge
Tod said that is a lie. She is his daughter and he loves her. He loves his whole family!!!!
Curt Richardson
Supporting the Chrisleys always! Praying for you guys.
Wendy R
Wendy R Year ago
@C E what the hell has this got to do with Donald Trump??? Lol. You are pathetic.
C E Year ago
@Wendy R look at the morons supporting Don the Con - seriously, you have not valid point - just a hater!
C E Year ago
@shaq2jack - like you think (if they are guilty) they are the first (look a Trump) and WON'T be the last - seriously, what is your point ?
shaq2jack Year ago
@Wendy R He's not worth praying over.
Wendy R
Wendy R Year ago
@shaq2jack right. Look how long we have been praying for Al Sharpton.
Tamara Arledge
Lindsay they make meds for you.
Tamara Arledge
@Kristi Arnold let's not forget ex wife ... This is just a big mess. I pray for all the kids they even have custody of the oldest son's child. His oldest son from first marriage is the one that said all this because Todd made him go to rehab. Now sober he has apologized to Todd. Does anyone know where granddaughters mother is? The whole family needs prayer now.
Kristi Arnold
Kristi Arnold Year ago
@Tamara Arledge I hear you. But if her dad is as threatening as she says..I just read an article by Todd's ex-wife that he was very abusive and came after her with a knife. And now Lindsie say he blackmailed her and has been in fear. Idk if he also blackmailed her to be on the show or if she was afraid of disobeying him....but I wouldn't assume that he didn't, given the scenario. Hopefully he is not as bad as the claims but it looks pretty bad
Tamara Arledge
@Kristi Arnold I fully agree nevertheless CPS is evil. I myself would not have said a word till court. What she has done is put her child on all the shows with her family. Now she is saying this about her family. She brought the papparatzzi on her own doing...Prayers to the child🙏🏻
C E Year ago
@M J - and the truth hurts....it's okay to accept help!
Kristi Arnold
Kristi Arnold Year ago
@Tamara Arledge That would be a uniquely evil reason for CPS to take away someone's kids 🙄 She has the means to take care of the threat, that is good. How you can you possibly fault her for papparazzi stalking her and noticing she had body guards. CPS can take your kids over the stupidest things, the best protection against them is Jesus and prayer, because that matter is spiritual warfare
Scott Holbert
Scott Holbert Year ago
Todd's ex wife must be a real piece of work. Look at the genes that the oldest brother and now seems like she has has shinning through. Pure evel blood genes from that part of the DNA. Always seemed like she could be a really bitchy person on the show. Except when she wanted something i.e. fake titts that made her feel like a better person. Lmmfao 😂😂😂
Susan Henry
Susan Henry Year ago
People online has an article from the eldest son. He tells what really happened...who hatched this story.
Tina Hang
Tina Hang Year ago
I support Todd
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