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The "Chrisley Knows Best" star discusses how her marriage with Will Campbell is coming to an end. Plus, Todd Chrisley reveals why the "respect wasn't there."
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Lindsie Chrisley Opens Up About Divorce | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows


Published on


Aug 26, 2016




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Comments 100
Amoya G
Amoya G Month ago
I was wondering how long it would have take her to see that her dad is making the effort to get to know Will and to confront Will about his disinterested in knowing her family. That was just crazy. Never liked him anyways. Too stuck up and disrespectful.
MsAverielle Month ago
Todd keeps it all the way 100
5nallycomplete Month ago
Yes Todd! Preach!!!
E J Month ago
If you have a close relationship with your dad, you don’t marry a man without his blessing. My dad and I are very close and I would never marry someone without his blessing. Never.
ladivinapr 3 months ago
Her expression!! What's her problem??
Ruby k
Ruby k 5 months ago
Todd is a great father!
beverly miller
beverly miller 10 months ago
You know Todd scripted her response.
Summer Tummer
Summer Tummer Year ago
It is DOUBTLESS to anyone who has eyes and ears that Todd is gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay...COME OF THE CLOSET CHRISLEY!!!!!!
Terri Thompson
I think Lindsey should go talk to her dad and forgive
Amy Michael
Amy Michael Year ago
I tell yeah Lindsay , having problems with her daddy in the past concerning your x , To drag Julie through something like this ,I'd be asamed...
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Year ago
Lindsie just don't have the personality the family has..she is more laid back conservative and that's ok..just is not to entertaining type..nothing wrong with that again as I'm that same way
pizza licker
pizza licker Year ago
time has a way of exposing liars. personally I would never "condone" people like this to be called americas. people that wrap themselves with their deceits always get revealed in the end, then they can enjoy the eternal hell fires that they worked so hard to achieve.
karl jesaitis
karl jesaitis Year ago
She’s a cheater who sleeps around and now has a child from a broken home good Job chrisleys
a.jewell10RN Year ago
Ugh.. Lindsie looks like she’s miserable 100% of the time! I don’t know if it’s just her face, or what!! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Year ago
I like Todd's honesty
Ronnie Davis
Ronnie Davis Year ago
Todd is looking at her like girl....don't say something stupid and ruin our show.....don't worry Todd she is much smarter than Savannah....
? Year ago
Todd paid all that money for Lindsay to get fake titties so she could keep her husband and he still dumped her. She's too freaking weird to keep a man, seriously look what she feeds that poor little boy Jackson
KLM Hooked Moore
The Chrisley women wear waaay too much make-up.
Kira Butler
Kira Butler Year ago
Just to turn around and get back to together with him
Heather Dabdoub
Anyone else think that her ex husband Will looks A LOT like her dad, Todd!!! The episodes that I did get to watch her ex, he was a real and arrogant jerk to her both parents. In that episode her parents were really trying and he just put a wall up and was really rude to them all. Good for her moving on!
Patricia Vigil
Lindsie is beautiful
Alecto 79
Alecto 79 Year ago
I dont understand how he can consider it respectful to ask for his permission. Its not his permission that is required, its hers. In fact i think its disrespectful to her to ask her father for permission because it implies that she doesnt have the right to make that decision on her own.
Angela Thompson
Alecto 79 it’s not permission. it’s asking for his daughters hand in marriage. And that is the traditional way to do it. If the man doesn’t even have the guts to ask the woman’s father for her hand in marriage then he doesn’t respect her just like he doesn’t respect the father. It has nothing to do with permission like you are assuming. You are asking for the fathers blessing.
Focused Won
Focused Won 2 years ago
Respect Todd and with a Dad like that. Lindsey will be fine.
THELEGEND 27 2 years ago
Ohmy gosh
Ohmy gosh 2 years ago
I love how honest he is and that he didn't bash the guy
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 2 years ago
He is just like my Jamaican grandma
Bella Passanisi
Bella Passanisi 2 years ago
He is so gay!
Cheryl Collins
Cheryl Collins 2 years ago
Todd was very respectful to Will even when he don't really care about someone he is still respectful of his grandchilds dad that's class classic Todd and Southern manners an upbringing he didn't put blame on will either but actually bragged on him as provider an dad an husband he knows it takes two to make or break a relationship love me some Todd Lindsey will have plenty of support that is a strong family and they look out for each other through thick an thin
VF1100rider 2 years ago
it's like another Kartrashian family.
Talonpilot 2 years ago
Click bait! It’s not about HIM getting a divorce as they imply...it’s about his daughter getting a divorce. It’s great that he’s supporting her but a cheap shot to get a view (which is what click baiting is, right!)
Pearlie Jones
Pearlie Jones 2 years ago
Todd Chrisley is a wonderful man that stands by his family I love it ...
Shelta Banks
Shelta Banks 2 years ago
Glenn Ford
Glenn Ford 2 years ago
We dont live in the 1900's anymore, he was marrying Lindsie, not Todd, what if he disliked him for some stupid reason that was unfair? Is he not gonna marry her then? It wasn't disrespectful, it wasn't his question to answer, and if that's what he got hung up on instead of his daughters happyness then he's too proud and got issues himself.
Sandra Mercado
Sandra Mercado 2 years ago
She’s imitating ivanka trump don’t you 🤔
Diana Dobson
Diana Dobson 2 years ago
Love the show have it recorded so i don't miss a episode
Todd Chrisley is a very sound person, and brutally HONEST and I love that about him
Dope Chick
Dope Chick 2 years ago
Love Todd. His daughter however, has always come off as a snob. Her face is strange
Selma Hajlakovic
Selma Hajlakovic 2 years ago
Dope Chick , THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
My Fathers Daughter
I'm,so,glad she is not on the show. She's a Debbie downer
Cameron Lighty
Cameron Lighty 2 years ago
Jason Germain
Jason Germain 2 years ago
Lindsey is the ugly daughter. Daddy Todd is in the closet
George Taylor
George Taylor 2 years ago
Perhaps Todd should discuss how his marriage is a farce.
Td_Clappie clappie
Td_Clappie clappie 2 years ago
Nobody will believe this but my uncle cuts the chrisleys hair his name is Chadd Bryant he is my step uncle
Giselle Joseph
Giselle Joseph 2 years ago
DavidJiinx 2 years ago
When two people are adults, they have the right to marry without anyone else's opinions. Yeah a blessing may be respected and appreciated but it is in no way required. Period
Angie Coers
Angie Coers 2 years ago
That's what happens when you get hot and itchy down there. Only dumb women get pregnant in today. Women get pregnant to trap the man, the man is just there to have a good time. Young marriage end up divorce. Same old story.
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 2 years ago
He's a beta Male that's why
Sherrie R.
Sherrie R. 2 years ago
More illuminati puppets/pawns... Turn this trash off!!! Southern kardashians
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz 2 years ago
He is such a bottom
mali saili
mali saili 2 years ago
Todd is probably my favorite "father figure" as far as famous people. He is real, just and brutally honest. His money management issue that I hear about is none of my business. It should not be yours either. Take a look at your finances and tell the world if you are on top of it. Probably not, even Donald Trump filed BK. Todd is taking care of his children, I can't say that about many dads. I hope the Chrisleys stays on TV for a long time. The family dynamics from Grandma to baby Chloe are just perfect.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 2 years ago
Troy Bradley
Troy Bradley 2 years ago
He lets his children learn on their own but he’s there to nurture!nothing wrong with that !savannah learned her lessons
Rina and Mike Sullivan
I love seeing that family hope it goes well for he lil Jackson ✝️✝️✝️
Ms. Jennifer's Life
I feel like It was obvious that they wouldn't last.
C J 2 years ago
I knew her marriage wouldn’t work. The bad energy between her husband and her dad was pretty obvious. The son in law’s was really standoffish and rude sometimes.
queen Maleficent
queen Maleficent 2 years ago
She seems passified!
queen Maleficent
queen Maleficent 2 years ago
He looks so upset lol
L. R.
L. R. 2 years ago
I have always respected Todd for his honesty and impartiality. He's a man who has certain morals and values which he imparts to his children and he doesn't condone any nonsense from them unlike other parents who would take their children's side even when their children are in the wrong. Respect to Todd. We need more parents like him and his wife in this world
Sařa Hevesi
Sařa Hevesi 2 years ago
I didn’t know there was another kid , can’t really blame Todd he is right
Laila Visesio
Laila Visesio 2 years ago
Love this man!
NYC 42
NYC 42 2 years ago
Why is he even talking?? ha ha ha
Lauren Hahn
Lauren Hahn 2 years ago
Todd is so great
foreigncarsrule 2 years ago
Yeah that is if the dad is a good dad.
Ra El
Ra El 2 years ago
I love Todd. He’s a good dude. Lindsey is a sweetheart. Hate things didn’t work out for her with her marriage. She’s a good person.
Merry Apple
Merry Apple 2 years ago
Love the Chrisley family. Wish her good luck. Julie is my most fave, she is caring and loving. Todd loves his family deeply and is a straight shooter. I have a lot of respect for the both of them. That Chase always makes me laugh and smile. 😋 God’s blessings on the whole family! 🙏
M Louise T
M Louise T 2 years ago
Chrisley.... im in UK and absolutely love ur show, family and accent👌👌👌
Cherie Mcrae
Cherie Mcrae 2 years ago
I love this family and I don't care what people may say they are what alot of us need to be saying more to our kids.
TRICIA BROWN 2 years ago
love Todd💖💖
Teresa Basinger
Teresa Basinger 2 years ago
The oldest daughter is Todd's from a different wife, I think.
cubs fan
cubs fan 2 years ago
Teresa Basinger yes kyle and lindsie are fro. His first wife
Steven Vanvoorhisjr
Lord why do people get a TV show.then Everytime they get way to much work done.she looks so much better first time I saw her in frist season.
CHELLE MANN 2 years ago
Enough surgery dear. Your mouth doesn't move normal anymore.
Carmen Valenzuela
Carmen Valenzuela 2 years ago
I've always liked him.
Angie's Doing Trucking & Things
I know I'm a year late.
Georgann Wortman
Georgann Wortman 2 years ago
Angie's Doing It
Angie's Doing Trucking & Things
This scared me, I thought this was Todd getting a divorce.
Kelly Vasquez
Kelly Vasquez 2 years ago
she's a little witch
Merry Apple
Merry Apple 2 years ago
Kelly Vasquez Lindsie is a young mother with problems like the rest of us. How would you feel if it was said about you. Read your bible. Ye who is without sin cast the first stone. Shame on you for judging her and calling her names.
purple rain
purple rain 2 years ago
12/ 18 / 17
purple rain
purple rain 2 years ago
Why the fake breasts ? 😯
Victoria Elizabeth
Victoria Elizabeth 2 years ago
Great dad
Lovely 1
Lovely 1 2 years ago
love you Todd!
real talk
real talk 2 years ago
I like him and I don't he is gay
FYOGBentley 2 years ago
I enjoy the family dynamics of this family . Todd loves his children and he makes me laugh, you can’t try to outsmart him.
Swara Luna
Swara Luna 2 years ago
Todd tell it like it is
CJ9900 3 years ago
I don't respect Lindsie for how she treats her real Mother just because her dad spoils her.
LadyASolveg 2 years ago
How does she treat her?
Merry Apple
Merry Apple 2 years ago
How do you know how she treats her mother. You are very judge mental.
cubs fan
cubs fan 2 years ago
cassiejames9900 d Did they ever show how she treats her mom Julie is HDR stepmother
Ness Ness
Ness Ness 3 years ago
He's a Great a father. They are all so bright and beautiful..
Ness Ness
Ness Ness 3 years ago
Lindsie is So Freaking Gorgeous
Bebe. xo
Bebe. xo 3 years ago
I absolutely hate Todd. He was such a douche on the show and totally odd. She should find better.
Alisha Rose
Alisha Rose 3 years ago
Lindsie I've never liked!! She seems very stuck up on the show! I'm glad she left the show!
Deborah William
Deborah William 3 years ago
I love Todd, I love everything about him, if he straight or gay I will go out with him in a minute, and I'm a 56 year old black woman, I'm sick of all these haters always got something to say about if he gay or straight, don't nobody pay his bills but him, so all these minions need to get a life
tracy reed
tracy reed Year ago
Exactly right girl I'll be glad when ppl see who ever makes you happy that's who you need to be with. Love above everything. ❤
LadyASolveg 2 years ago
Deborah William 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏
Caroline de Haas
Caroline de Haas 3 years ago
Persuade separation protection privacy crack persuade pack.
Joseph Preston
Joseph Preston 3 years ago
Is it not the gay bloke getting divorced?
Stef with an F
Stef with an F 3 years ago
What happened?
Delissa Fleming
Delissa Fleming 3 years ago
Well I do hope that the crisltlys can get through this situation my God be with them
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset 3 years ago
wow she is only a 26 year old young girl, but looks way older......like not even 36, like 40
Soli Huckaby
Soli Huckaby Year ago
Miranda Summerset all that makeup and extra extensions
RellupNorth Year ago
Not a white 40 😂😂
Todd Lavigne
Todd Lavigne 2 years ago
sorry, she looks around 26-30 ish. Her feature make her look mature and serious, and we associate that with age. I would put her at 30 if I had to guess.
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz 2 years ago
She looks 48
Bre *
Bre * 2 years ago
She looks very different 😞🤔... That's the Older daughter? Dhe does look better😒... But i agree w/the fact that she looks MUCH Older.😒.....An she ALWAYS Looks Miserable, very Unhappy &bothered all the time. An that look on your face makes you look older as well. I like Savannah better.😊
Jackie Ashley
Jackie Ashley 3 years ago
when is the show coming back on USA channel cable tv
Rosey Day
Rosey Day 3 years ago
That Will was a total dud.
sweet november85
sweet november85 3 years ago
The girl has a strange lookibg face...
Yanna Adderley
Yanna Adderley 3 years ago
mr fete
oink 3 years ago
Believe me The Chrisleys are racists to the core. They are closet racists typical racist you see in the dumb south ga sc al ms tx ok nc all over the south
English Garden
English Garden 3 years ago
She needs to lose some of that makeup!!!
Betty Bartley
Betty Bartley 3 years ago
Wish there were more dads like Todd..really love him
Phaedra pruden
Phaedra pruden 3 years ago
A very reasonable and well spoken man. You know an ass hole when you hear one. He loves his family, this is Sigmund Freud speaking.
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