Lindsey Stirling - We Three Gentlemen (Medley)

Lindsey Stirling
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Director: Lindsey Stirling and Graham Fielder
Producer: Lindsey Stirling and Graham Fielder
Editor: Lindsey Stirling
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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 100
Trista Perpetua
Trista Perpetua 13 hours ago
lindsey, dear, you look good in dreads
Виктория Притула
Hasna Hammemi
Hasna Hammemi 4 days ago
She is so good at this this is one of my favorite songs by her
Jeff 4 days ago
why it's not longer, when it's so good ... it's too short! ;)
Robin Garrison
Robin Garrison 7 days ago
Great medley fusion. Can't wait to put this on my Christmas 2020 playlist. Stirling offers an absolute virtuoso performance.
Bridget Rosiere
Bridget Rosiere 8 days ago
o ya
Bradley Champion
Bradley Champion 9 days ago
Oh my gosh, that was great. Location was awesome, playing was beautiful, and you were lovely as can be, as usual. Loved you attire. Those kicks, at the end, tickled me especially, cause I love your dancing.
Raquel Mayta
Raquel Mayta 10 days ago
Wow I'm just delighted!!! I'm so glad I found your music👍 that violin is everything😍
Wilfried Jansen
Wilfried Jansen 14 days ago
Kayla Ashby
Kayla Ashby 15 days ago
L Jermyn Duchesne shebang j ah cyan seen rdrgdbffxsgdxnxcdjstf
Nathan kapiivara
Nathan kapiivara 15 days ago
Bereket Studio
Bereket Studio 15 days ago
Beautiful music
Ally Waldron
Ally Waldron 19 days ago
Who needs Americas got talent...? not Lindsey
Timo Wallin
Timo Wallin 19 days ago
Is it Christmas allready? Sounds like it is... Sorry Lindsey. Please hire some people! You are great but hearing same song 5 years on role................................................. .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Charlotte Taucher
Charlotte Taucher 20 days ago
One of my favorite Christmas songs.
Vicente Rivera
Vicente Rivera 20 days ago
Hermosa melodía
Maurizio Argiolas
charlee paradis
charlee paradis 21 day ago
Qui l'écoute encore en août ?
Adnan Uslu
Adnan Uslu 21 day ago
Müthiş 👏🏻💯💯
rosita belmont
rosita belmont 23 days ago
La amo😊❤️❤️❤️❤️🌺
shvasya 24 days ago
Мелодія просто чарівна
Lillie Hostetter
Lillie Hostetter 24 days ago
Your music always makes me tear 🥺 so beautiful
i amissangel mua
i amissangel mua 25 days ago
Love the middle Eastern tribute
Александр Александрович
Lss 29 days ago
Очень красиво)
Briella Callao
Briella Callao Month ago
Lindsey you are favourite violin player
Shazz Beach
Shazz Beach Month ago
You are a true violin fairy. Your clips are beautiful. Thank you for this happiness 😘
Russell Rinerson
Lindsey, (you should refer to the Beach Boys' cover of "We Three Kings".) I will preemptively take your thank yous. - Russell Rinerson.
Russell Rinerson
Lindsey, burn it down. - Russell Rinerson.
Russell Rinerson
Lindsey, I will play both of these songs with you, sans medley, in their own rights. I will be your gentleman, so I do find this a cunning merge. However, it causes Yahweh too much pain to not hear "We Three Kings" in its morose entirety. - Russell Rinerson.
triskalion ,
triskalion , Month ago
Beautiful but stolen eh...
Leila Brown
Leila Brown Month ago
Bir shar
Bir shar Month ago
Es hermoso como toca y es poca la gente que siente la música ❤
Recursos Humanos
me gustan tus canciones
Fat, sleepy panda
Carisa Coe
Carisa Coe Month ago
I am your biggest FAN
Юрий Казаков
Три Джентльмена
Nathan kapiivara
Tem algum br escutando em 2020
Petunia Wigglebottom
Never heard Shchedryk done so well in my life.
the amzing trinty
Would you happen to have any lessons for a little girl age 9 on here for her to watch and learn ??? My daughter is in love with her violin and absolutely loves you. If you could help me with trying to figure this out I'd appreciate it. trinitytrace2918@gmail.com is my email
Zoraida Pino
Zoraida Pino Month ago
Andrew Gr
Andrew Gr Month ago
The Main Theme of this composition - are "Carol Of The Bell"?
karina cubilla
karina cubilla Month ago
Geniaaaaa me encanta 🇦🇷🇦🇷♥️♥️♥️♥️
Maria Sol Rizzo
Maria Sol Rizzo Month ago
Hola lindo tocó el violín y yo aprendí a tocar con tu mucica
Maria Sol Rizzo
Maria Sol Rizzo Month ago
Hola Lindsay
ABE AME Month ago
The best luthier 🤭😍
Алина Сморчкова
How strangely, it recalled the work of Carol of theDid I remember "Carol of the Bells" alone? I'm not from America or England, so I apologize for my mistakes😅 And the melody is still cool!!!
Alex Nafiknada
Alex Nafiknada Month ago
Ты правильно понимаешь. Это украинская Щедривка. Исполняют на рождество.
HIGHLANDERS-TV 2 months ago
очень красиво нет слов. привет из россии.
The Silent Majority
The Silent Majority 2 months ago
I could do a Lindsey parody video so well lol
William Harrell
William Harrell 2 months ago
The Lady Gaga of the violin, talent often hidden in costumes and staging...shame that as she is really a good player.
AnaxErik4ever 2 months ago
Lindsey, her violin, gorgeous outdoor scenes, and a medley of minor key Christmas carols. What more do you need for a lovely listening experience?
Never Again
Never Again 2 months ago
Harcourt / Hobart Too!
Never Again
Never Again 2 months ago
Is This Woman Married ?!
Never Again
Never Again 2 months ago
This Woman Is Rather Beautiful !
Never Again
Never Again 2 months ago
This Woman Dictates !
Never Again
Never Again 2 months ago
This Woman Commands !
Never Again
Never Again 2 months ago
Wow !
Оленка Play
Оленка Play 2 months ago
Ukrain song
Машлег Елеулонович
Очень красиво😍😍😍
Grivo Basta
Grivo Basta 2 months ago
Elizabeth Archer
Elizabeth Archer 2 months ago
Our pixie has become a beautiful snake!!
wow wow
wow wow 2 months ago
Best pilots ruvid.net/video/video-Ofj7t0AaTBs.html ;)
Filiberto Saca Jilari
El sonido la interpretación la música inspira eliminar fronteras me toca el sentido más allá del gusto. Fuerte abrazo desde el corazón de Sudamérica.
Gabriella Prosszer
Gabriella Prosszer 2 months ago
Ki érezte kicsit magyarosban ezt a részt? 😎😎😎🥰🥰🥰🥰Írjátok mi is adunk neki elismerést
Aloisio Araujo
Aloisio Araujo 2 months ago
Isso não é Carol of the Bells?
Saadia Mehmood
Saadia Mehmood 2 months ago
SUNIL KUMAR 2 months ago
She play nice
Paul Ösörįö
Paul Ösörįö 2 months ago
La AMO ♡
ROBERT VELAT 2 months ago
perfect lindsey
Vivi Rowe
Vivi Rowe 2 months ago
I have been playing violin for almost 7 years and I think I have played this song it is so beautiful
tianna cameron
tianna cameron 2 months ago
this is calm and nice i love that sunde
Василий Сковородников
Очень красиво привет из России!!!!
Miss béton
Miss béton 2 months ago
I love you i love it
Раиса Захаровна
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Mirla Esther Ceron Estrada
I love you
İsmail Yüce
İsmail Yüce 2 months ago
Kalite tesadüf değildir .
vl. F
vl. F 3 months ago
просто сводишь меня с ума своей скрипкой !!!
Elisa Cristiana
Elisa Cristiana 3 months ago
I love you
Олег Рябчиков
She is getting old. Not so pritty as before. Pitty
Vahagn Chakhoyan
Vahagn Chakhoyan 3 months ago
the same music as the "Carol of the Bells"
TYT ovesc
TYT ovesc 3 months ago
Eres la mejor y siempre lo seras
Canal free
Canal free 3 months ago
❤me encanto
Alix Ariza
Alix Ariza 3 months ago
No sé como describir el amor que le tengo a la música de Lindsey. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
tackless 3 months ago
I don't know I just listened to three of her songs in a row and to me they all sound quite similar. They all had that Carol of the Bells vibe to them .
Fuck You And Your Ideology
That's cuz you're a simple person.
Sudharsshan S.Y
Sudharsshan S.Y 3 months ago
This song is totally beautiful and is a bit like her's Carol of bells by herself
Laupather C
Laupather C 3 months ago
Mareman11 3 months ago
Ліндсі, ти добре граеш і процвітаєш. Я тебе часто критикую, но повір, це все для того. Щоб ти не застаївалась, а продовжувала бути краще. Всім критикам на зависть. Концерт в Києві пропустив. Жалію. Давненько було. Але люблю твою творчість з самого початку Мий руки милом, скрипку смичком. Продовжуй не здавайвайся ; ) Любим тебе
EDUARDO MANGINI 3 months ago
Lograr lo que uno ama es lo mas.............
Skwiby gear4th
Skwiby gear4th 3 months ago
I can't believe you're real...
해피CEO happy.ceo
해피CEO happy.ceo 3 months ago
We're with the POETRY loving bandⓒ시詩사랑 band.us/band/58487176/post/8057
Kara Yellowstep
Kara Yellowstep 3 months ago
Shes actually the queen of violins.
Paloma Norabuena
Paloma Norabuena 3 months ago
JOYITA PURAAAA (la unica latina papiiiii, bueno que yo haya leido JIJIJI)
ликири грозный волк
Линдси спой пж!
Djo hokin
Djo hokin 3 months ago
О щедрик
NJ_Not_ NG
NJ_Not_ NG 3 months ago
Ling Ling disapproves
تٌآيَ تٌآيَ / ţάέ ţάέ
It is like the style of the Arab style 🙂🤩
Abigail Viljoen
Abigail Viljoen 3 months ago
I love this now i can listen to christian music
Сергей Бригинец
Чудесно, чудесно!!!
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