Lindsey Stirling - Between Twilight

Lindsey Stirling
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Directors: Stephen Wayne Mallett & Lindsey Stirling
Production Company: Green Glow Films
Choreographer: Derek Hough
Editors: Lindsey Stirling & Stephen Wayne Mallett
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Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves Mallett
Producer: Hans Boysen
Cinematographer: Niels Lindelien
VFX: Daniel Craven
Colorist: Loren White
Rep for Stephen Mallett: Laure Scott


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Jun 23, 2020




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Comments 60
Katarzyna Pietrzak
Katarzyna Pietrzak 3 hours ago
Thank you for this video. Magical
Chocolate_Wonder 200
For all disliked dis u could have just left the video why go through some much trouble pressing the dislike button
Briana Acosta
Briana Acosta 7 hours ago
you play the beautiful violin
Alyn Cook
Alyn Cook 7 hours ago
guroranko 17 hours ago
It's soooo pretty!!!! I love the atmosphere, I love the music, I love the story behind it and I love the dance. I've rewatched it at least 12 times in the past 3 days. Awesome work!!!!
I honestly came to watch this for the dancing. And now, I want to find someone who I can dance with. Am I alone with this feeling...?
Poe Day ago
It's very beautiful...
Luis Utria Acevedo
She is in Pandora, with Jake Sully.
feflechi Day ago
Amazing production, beautiful song and Lindsey is frisky as always.
Isylium Day ago
très beau merci lindsey
Azumi Day ago
Such beautiful scenes, such craptastic violin play
Amani Ali
Amani Ali Day ago
I will never get over how absolutely magical this is. Everything from the song to the costumes to the choreography to the cinematography!
Susana Ríos
Susana Ríos 2 days ago
When someone asks you What´s magic? show them this video.
Simone Sant' Ana
Simone Sant' Ana 2 days ago
Lindo! Lindo! Lindo! Emocionante e maravilhoso.😘👏👏👏❤️💖💝
Vito Rodríguez
Vito Rodríguez 2 days ago
Tu música es lo más hermoso que hay en el universo ❤️😍
Chacalus bleutus
Chacalus bleutus 2 days ago
Jessica Saylor
Jessica Saylor 2 days ago
So beautiful and magical 😍
Илья Юриков
When I see this video, I think about one scene from Tolkien's Silmarillion - when Beren met Luthien
Katrina Amstutz
Katrina Amstutz 2 days ago
Let me just say... you are an INCREDIBLE actress, WONDERFUL and CREATIVE dancer, and BEYOND talented musically. Your eye and ear for creativity blows me away. Not to mention the production crew you have doing all of your media is absolutely in their lane and ROCK everything they do. LINDSEY... you are DEFINITELY doing what you were gifted and called to do.
Hayley Tennyson
Hayley Tennyson 2 days ago
Music is stunning and choreography is really beautiful. Amazing video.❤
Joanna Lamb
Joanna Lamb 2 days ago
You take two wonderful talents and combine them into something most wondrous and emotionally charged. I must say I have cried at each and every video you have put out. Thank you so much for sharing and making the world a better place.
FanFolkMetal 2 days ago
If I tried those dance moves, I thnk that I would have killed myself (several times)
Mbwa Koko
Mbwa Koko 2 days ago
Why does the guy look familiar? 🤔 I don't know any dancers to say he stands out as one I actually know. Or does he have a generic handsome face that makes it seem like he might be any number of actors?
Steven Driskill
Steven Driskill 3 days ago
A midsummers night's dream vibe
Music you need
Music you need 3 days ago
How beautifull
Mia Ukrainetz
Mia Ukrainetz 3 days ago
this is so whimsical!!!! wow Lindsey you're so amazing and i adore your costumes
Barbara Langille
Barbara Langille 3 days ago
This song makes me so happy. Its so beautiful on so many levels.
Lace Carter
Lace Carter 4 days ago
Nooooo!!! Is her your I've waited years to finally be able to go really canceled in New England this August?? If it has I haven't gotten any emails or refund if the $220..
Carol Nataly Santamaria Gomez
The butterflies are so beautyfull
Mandisa F
Mandisa F 4 days ago
Absolutely magical 😍🌟
Cintia Araya
Cintia Araya 4 days ago
Shajara ya Taita Taveta
PuncheyTV 5 days ago
Impressive. Amazing. Beautiful. Magical.
Chris SV
Chris SV 5 days ago
Toujours aussi beau.
xmaswitguns 5 days ago
She just keeps getting better.
Evil_Juggalo_ 6 days ago
Simply Beautiful, Sandra
B Rivera
B Rivera 6 days ago
You never stop suprising and me. This is a complete love fairytale. God Bless your and your Talent.
Joann Wright
Joann Wright 6 days ago
Absolutely love this talented artist. She's one of a kind and amazing!
Casilda Alachi Jaillita
Tu musica me inspira, bailas hermoso, una bailarina guerrera. En tu rostro reflejas tu sensualidad de mujer. Tu cuerpo transmite el sonido de tu violin. Tienes una manera unica de tocarnos el alma con el sonido de tu cuerpo. Haces las cosas de una manera unica, se que no es facil de hacer, pero tu lo haces unico y especial, que trasciendo fronteras, idiomas y culturas. Es interesante ver tu creatividad, no hay ni una palabra, pero con el sonido de tu violin nos dices muchas cosas. Amanecer, agua, hielo y selva nos hacer ver el equilibrio de tu cuerpo con el sonido de tu alma. Tienes una manera creativa de vestirte, como una villana de nuestros corazones. Princesa guerrera, nesclas tu dulzura con el coraje, nos das un flechazo en el alma, nos atrapas con el sonido y la imagen de la selva, esa armonia de tu cuerpo nos dice, lo que no se dice con palabras.
l.xtasy 6 days ago
Had no idea she can dance like this... Wow
J T 6 days ago
This would make even J.R.R. Tolkien speechless. I honestly remember innocent parts of my soul when I'm watching this.
yessi leuno
yessi leuno 7 days ago
Hermosooo te amo!!! 💖😍👏
KATH ZH 7 days ago
sounds good
Antonio Liguoro
Antonio Liguoro 7 days ago
Amo questa artista, sa regalarmi sempre tante emozioni con la sua musica 😌😌😌
Ookyspookyspider 7 days ago
so this is what the cool people are doing during lockdown
Nina 7 days ago
Wow it's so amazing 😍❤️❤️❤️
Melaher Mehari
Melaher Mehari 7 days ago
Raschelle RoseOn
Raschelle RoseOn 7 days ago
Lindsey Stirling is an incredible artist ♡
DJ VKTOR 8 days ago
John p amick
John p amick 8 days ago
This video leaves me breathless!
Katharos 8 days ago
I looooove so much when she "really" dance, without her violin, it's a beautiful choregraphy ❤️❤️❤️
Bonnie FayeLee
Bonnie FayeLee 8 days ago
Shes such a beautiful dancer. Such grace.
Chrystal love
Chrystal love 8 days ago
Whenever the little girl in me sparks and wants to play I'm always drawn to this💚💚💚
Gina Payne
Gina Payne 9 days ago
Every time I hear this song, no matter how many times, it makes my heart soar🥰I can’t wait until I walk down the aisle to this song. This song perfectly says what my sweetie does to my heart🥰
Moses Moon
Moses Moon 9 days ago
Luthian anyone?
Luu Villasana S.
Luu Villasana S. 9 days ago
love your music and videos... thank you... I really enjoy it...
xNimuex 9 days ago
When I feel sad I re-watch a Lindsey video. It makes me happy.
Xaris Villa
Xaris Villa 9 days ago
Play at 1.25.
James Sissem
James Sissem 9 days ago
Lindsey sterling Dancing With The Stars,Lindsey already won so judges,PAY UP Puppies!
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