Lindemann - Yukon (HQ)

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Your soul is black
Your blood is cold
Your skin is rough
You have a heart of gold
Your face so dark
With clammy hair
Upon your flesh
Wet creatures everywhere
Gives me a shiver
Wild river
You stole my eyes
Never gave them back
You tried to kiss me
And sent a shiver
Round my neck
Wild river
Wet golden shrine
You sold my mind and
Tried to kill me
Sent a shiver down my spine
You hate the sun
But rain is nice
You love the snow
But you are afraid of ice
You're dressed in mud
Unsafe to dive
I want your gold
But you want my life
Wild river
You stole my eyes
Never gave them back
You tried to kiss me
And sent a shiver
Round my neck
Wild river
Wet golden shrine
You sold my mind and
Tried to kill me
Sent a shiver down my spine
You tried to drown me
Never mind to swimm
And tried to eat me
Put shiver on my skin
You tried to hold me
With million fins
And tried to heal me
Wash off my sins
Your kingdom come
We're Kneeling on the planks
All the trees bend over
On the banks gives me a shiver


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Jun 30, 2015




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Comments 588
Berkay Aksakal
Berkay Aksakal 12 days ago
Old lindemann singing about river but still more badass than you
Ksü Ksü
Ksü Ksü Month ago
Unbelievably talented in anything he goes on with, heart-breaking body, soul blowing voice.
Slone Preoni
Slone Preoni Month ago
White golden shrine you stole my mind! And tried to kill me
Slone Preoni
Slone Preoni Month ago
Till is the coolest guy ever gives me a shiver
MilkTrafficker Month ago
This one is good but most of the album is trash.
redbesenman 2 months ago
The Only he knows what we feel when we listen this Absolut perfekt Musik and Lyrics. Thats Live , thats the way we make
Ингвар 2 months ago
Линдеманн матёрый! И музыка классная)
DOCU CAT 3 months ago
This is so unlike Rammstein, yet similar. I like.
Alex Dou
Alex Dou 3 months ago
Flo ter
Flo ter 3 months ago
I heard this song somewhere and never got the chance to know what the name of the song is. I heard it again years later - some guy played it in his car, had to ask the name of the song and now I am finally here
Rosa Vetrov
Rosa Vetrov 3 months ago
Till sings great and his lyrics are beautiful. And of course thanks to Peter for writing such divine music! Peter is a genius.
Mike C
Mike C 4 months ago
How in the name of fuck do 338 down vote this piece of musical brillance?!?!
Momiat Tran
Momiat Tran 4 months ago
elton brahimi
elton brahimi 4 months ago
Greyt song congrats
samy nah
samy nah 6 months ago
weit weg vibes.......
Benedicta Valentina
Benedicta Valentina 6 months ago
I wonder what inspired this song 🤔😏 maybe a groupie he liked as much as she IDK 🤷🏻‍♀️😁
Benedicta Valentina
Benedicta Valentina 5 months ago
R B oh many thanx for telling me something I didn't realise 😊✨
R B 5 months ago
The Yukon is a river that runs through Alaska and Canada.
Guss Kvist
Guss Kvist 6 months ago
Good song has a real poetic lyric with real reference
Просто убийца
Красивая песня
Mr. Pickles
Mr. Pickles 6 months ago
I’m in love with this song . I can’t stop listening to it
Валера Медведев
Lindemann is fucking best
Деннис RTtech
Деннис RTtech 7 months ago
Most powerfull voice en the world
Kievan Rus'
Kievan Rus' 7 months ago
Although some ideological differences between me and Till, he is my favorite singer and composer. This guy really rocks in everything that he does!
Батька Син
Батька Син 7 months ago
Onkel Dölf - Braun is Beautiful
Till Lindemann überzeugt wieder mal mit Hammer Stimme, aber der Akzent ist etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig.
Wenanz Channel
Wenanz Channel 8 months ago
DJ RAY 8 months ago
The lead singer of Rammstein is the singer of Lindemann for those of you who just found Lindemann
DJ RAY 8 months ago
I did my research and results came out mostly positive ( exact percentage _ 89.25% of 100% ) ( 8/10)
Magdalena Wieliczko
Magdalena Wieliczko 8 months ago
Ten głos... Aż ciarki przechodzą.. Nikt na świecie nie ma takiego głosu. Kocham od x lat i na zawsze.
Zane Holland
Zane Holland 9 months ago
This is beautiful.
Aaron Priestley
Aaron Priestley 9 months ago
google lyrics says its white river.
Basic Anime Guy
Basic Anime Guy 9 months ago
Till lindemann is one of the very best musicians, change my mind
Andrew Wayne
Andrew Wayne 9 months ago
This one is really good. The others are funny/odd.
steve b
steve b 9 months ago
He's showing Joey Ramone some love in his delivery of " you tried to hold me with million fins" ..at times it sounds like Joey singing "my brain is hanging upside down"
Ali Sh
Ali Sh 9 months ago
Only an Olympic swimmer can write a lyric like this !!!!
Mark G
Mark G 9 months ago
Awesome music.
Ste Anton
Ste Anton 10 months ago
i love this song
Kitty Stevens
Kitty Stevens 10 months ago
This is about nearly drowning, but holy shit does it apply to soul mates too You stole my eyes never gave them back You tried to kiss me Sent a shiver down my neck 💘 ...
Jack Mioff
Jack Mioff 11 months ago
If you play it at 0.75 it is little fucked up on audio but damn is it more intense
I dont wanna use my name
Spirited away lol
a normal gamer
a normal gamer 11 months ago
Justin Tucker
Justin Tucker Year ago
Go to Lindemann Official and play this. Don't give views to this channel.
ᠨᠧᠭᠣᠯᠦᠮᠢᠶᠠᠲᠢᠭᠠ ᠹᠠᠮᠣᠤᠨᠠ
It is about the 1890s Yukon Gold Rush in Alaska. In 1897, more than 100,000 individuals set their focus on the Alaskan waterway with expectations of striking gold. Out of that gathering, under 30,000 individuals endure the outing to the disastrous stream.
Lanny Shadok
Lanny Shadok Year ago
I love you 💙
Tom Rovný
Tom Rovný Year ago
This song is literally two of my exes talking to me and blaming me of everything i did lol
Claudii Year ago
My favourite one from this album *-*
SyrDoN Year ago
Thank you. From florida
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm
A love song about a place in Canada? That's a first...
marsha kwanten
This was wild from start to finish
Raven jeck
Raven jeck Year ago
Agraelus 2018
Cristian Tejeda
Temason,Till es un maestro!!!!!!
Maurice Heider
Fuck yeah 🤟🏼🤯
MoraKrasher Year ago
Шедевральная песня от шедеврального исполнителя
кан кан
кан кан Year ago
похожая песня есть на русском языке,но я не могу ее вспомнить.
gorrodok Year ago
Aase Engerdalen
Rammstein is top ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥
Andrew Shaman
Andrew Shaman Year ago
Like, йопта!
Sticky Nut Juice moved
kind of reminds me of a more metal version of momocashew's "Tarantula"
hyuga hyuga
hyuga hyuga Year ago
But you ..you want my life...
Joy Year ago
He sings as if he were a vampire, and i love it
John Doe
John Doe Year ago
Заебатая песня
Ianis Constantin
This is so good!
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