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What does the German song 'Knebel' by Lindemann translate to in English? What is the meaning behind Till Lindemann's lyrics?
Let's find out in this video! :)
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Nov 3, 2019




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Comments 64
VlogDave - All About German!
Thanks for watching! What do you make of this one? Really looking forward to watching the music video soon! :) Also, thanks for 30,000 subscribers! :O - Dave
Matrix S
Matrix S 6 months ago
I think it's about a person who enjoys natural and truly beautiful things in life, and shuts up the other person with a gag who doesn't appreciate those things. As if this person with a gag would ruin the beautiful things in this world, so he shouts in the middle 8 - "I hate you".
Peter Knagge
Peter Knagge 6 months ago
Oh no I f'ed up (again)! I've had a bit more time to process it and I now think it is about Left and Right Wing "Cancel Culture" and how people hate being told the truth. It's a bit more of an aggressive and darker tone than I first imagined. It is like a reply to the Rammstein cover of "Stripped" and the following controversy and MTV banning of the videoclip. Banning a song about freedom of expression is a tad ironic don't you think? Sometimes when you are right you are right!
Alex Wanamaker
Alex Wanamaker 6 months ago
The uncensored video is absolutely nuts! Definitely worth watching if you can find it (hint: check on Reddit). The censored version, with the constant "Censored" bars distracts
Tomasina Covell
Tomasina Covell 6 months ago
Ok, so well just answer my questions, you over paid jerk.
Jeanni Kistler
Jeanni Kistler 6 months ago
I read an interview with Till once where he said he used to write in second or third person but was concerned that some of his listeners would feel insulted so he switched to first person.
ponium88 Month ago
Thanks. Have you ever thought to be a language teacher ? I have learn more with you than my online classes . Thank you ...
MikkKatillaz 4 months ago
Great song, great video, great material. A real enjoyment for a linguistics soul. Thank you!
DemonRazor88 4 months ago
I loved this song before i know what it meant but after i found out,i love it even more.
MichelleMyBelle 5 months ago
My thoughts are that the song is about a man who is accustomed to controlling "his" woman. He likes her best when she is submissive (with a gag in her mouth, but not necessarily literally). He thinks he is otherwise a positive person: he likes other things that people normally like, like the sun, palm trees, ocean. But he just as easily likes when she has a gag in her mouth. I don't think it literally means that he is physically torturing (although maybe he is). It could be that he is figuratively restraining her. Like controlling her actions through manipulation and abuse. Similarly, when the lyrics mention responsibility, this solidifies this theory even further in my mind, because that type of man thinks that it is his job to "take care" of the woman. Since he thinks he is the authority figure in the relationship, he feels it's okay to control her. He is disappointed in their relationship, feels that perhaps she provoked him (which is something many abusers use as an excuse as to why they abused someone), so therefore, he feels that his actions against are justified. "The mouth" instead of "your mouth" shows that he objectifies her, as mentioned in this video. He feels that she is his property, and not worthy of being treated as though she's equal to him or as much of a person as he is. Another thought, he probably doesn't like her father, because the father doesn't like him too - or he feels that he is in competition with her father.
Michał Hoffmann
Michał Hoffmann 5 months ago
German lessons should be like that, would be much easier ;-) Thanks a lot, fantastic explanation with a context
nabokov orbust
nabokov orbust 5 months ago
I would let till litterally beat me to death, and then thank him.
Support Worker.
Support Worker. 3 months ago
Wonna re-create this video together?
Alaa Al Dafrawy
Alaa Al Dafrawy 5 months ago
Frau&mann translation plz
Alice Depaul
Alice Depaul 6 months ago
When you watch the video make sure to watch the uncensored version
Cloud Foxwell
Cloud Foxwell 6 months ago
I can't help but think "knob" as in the English slang for "penis" 🙃
kay espedal
kay espedal 6 months ago
I really like your vids. Keep it up.
Marta Behrendt
Marta Behrendt 6 months ago
Lovesong for experinced...
Chindit1961 6 months ago
I'm not sure if Knebel has the same double meaning in German, but 'knob' in English is also slang for male genitalia (and 'knob gags' a genre of jokes about them!) She'd still be quiet regardless of which was in her mouth, but just in case you didn't already know ... :-) Thanks for explaining the song, Dave, I love it, and was disappointed in being too late to buy tickets for the London Lindemann gig - they were sold out after an hour :-( I'm looking forward to buying the album from which it comes tho'. Bis zum nächsten Mal!
Lecactus of Borg
Lecactus of Borg 6 months ago
Take that all flat earthers, Till has confirmed that its round.
Gregory Hart
Gregory Hart 4 days ago
@JagsCustoms206 a circle cut out of paper is round and flat, right? Like at the edges are round lol. A triangle is flat but not round. I was thinking the exact thing at first though! I don't think Till is a flat earther, so he probably meant round like a globe, but it's a dumb thing to argue over anyway 😂
JagsCustoms206 3 months ago
Sergey Romanov - WHAT?? lol. They believe it’s flat AND round? ...Like an ellipse or a curve? ...I’m not sure I understand your comment lol 😁
Sergey Romanov
Sergey Romanov 6 months ago
Flat earthers believe the Earth is flat and round (not triangular). There is no contradiction.
Foster Switch
Foster Switch 6 months ago
I love your videos and they are very helpful to me and I'm native American and I speek my language and I love till and Rammstein and sing all songs word for word and I think the same way about the song too
tagtag66 6 months ago
thanks, insightful
Zeig Dich
Zeig Dich 6 months ago
Lindemann is kinda meh. I think they just lack the punch that Kruspe and Landers provide. It may just be that my expectations are a little too elevated. Not bad, but feels like it could have something else.
Douglas Higgins
Douglas Higgins 6 months ago
Till just wanted to honor type O negatives Blood Moon with a video
Lady Satanga
Lady Satanga 6 months ago
I personnaly think that it's related to BDSM (Knebel says it all) but I'm not very sure about it because I'm not a native German, although, I understood the lyrics before checking it out on Google but I can't understand the "hidden" meaning of the song. Dave, if you saw the video, I would love to know what you thought about it
Strahlen tod
Strahlen tod 6 months ago
Woher kommt eigentlich die Strophe " Ich mag leichte Mädchen und weine wenn sie schwer Ich mag deine Mutter, den Vater nicht so sehr Ich mag keine Kinder, ich tue es hier kund Und ich mag dich mit einem Knebel in dem Mund " in den Lyrics her? Die Strophe kommt weder in der unzensierten noch in der zensierten Fassung vor, steht aber auf allen Songtextseiten und auch hier im Video.
TheQnebra 6 months ago
Well, that song was originally written for "Hansel & Gretel" stage perfomance. And was really straightforward with context of those.
Brandon A. Deimel
Brandon A. Deimel 6 months ago
This is a nice folky accoustic song. Very different than Lindemanns past until WAAAA!!!! Blew me away
Eloiska Pole
Eloiska Pole 6 months ago
Thank you for another great video, helps with getting subtleties a language learner can not always grasp. This is my interpretation of the video as regards to the song and I'd love to hear what you think about it: At first we hear a girl say "dein Knebel in meinem Mund" or "dein Knebel, mein Mund" suggesting it's her who is submissive to start with. Then it starts with snow and a cold universe, with Till chained, then, it's fast but we can see a close up on a snow globe that the girl holds and in it we see the abandoned house, the water and Till at the entrance to the building. The prisoner girl looks at the globe, is it a memory, or does she see her destiny and that of Till? Till looks at a hollow book, maybe a bible with no sense (I think of the marriage metaphor and how one could feel trapped), or a kind of punishment because he has sinned and wants to repent. And then we return to Till chained, desperate, before seeing the eel. When I saw the eel for the first time I immediately thought of a local legend to me of the 'Vouivre', about a young naked young woman living in the marsh, who appears to men under woman's form when happy and snake when angry, she guards a ruby ​​(here the blood maybe?). The eel is therefore transformed into a woman to satisfy her needs, her pleasures which, by their revoting appearance, are a punishment for the man who has sinned. And since everything happens in the snow globe, we imagine that the thing is perpetuated, without end, Till prisoner forever. Blood, perhaps, can also represent life, or what keeps Till alive.
tina 6 months ago
omg this is such a great interpretation! thank you for taking the time to share it!
bosephdfrog 6 months ago
The music video blew my mind...but hey it’s Till what did I expect
PhantomsDesire 6 months ago
Everyone knows he's always talking about BDSM. Lol. I'm happy to say, I'm studying German, and I understood a good portion of this. :) You Rock!
Jeremy Schneider
Jeremy Schneider 6 months ago
The uncensored video is insanely beautiful. I'm glad I was able to download and save a copy before was deleted from the internet.
Tomasina Covell
Tomasina Covell 6 months ago
I'm more confused about this one than ever. I wish you'd also reconcile it to the imagery, it just seems like he's killing women again, or he's donning on his hairshirt of self disgust & lust is killing his victim even sooner?
Tomasina Covell
Tomasina Covell 6 months ago
@Pretty Bad At Everything - Well it's too verbose in a way, I should have said that as "Donning his hairshirt", the "on" is implied already.
Pretty Bad At Everything
Please tell me what your native language is. "Donning on his hairshirt" is one of the best things I've ever read.
AS NOEL 6 months ago
I understand the word "weine" in a different (or complementary?) way. I think it refers to "wines" (die Weine) rather than "cry". Then it would give: "I like flighty/light-weighted girls, wines when they are full-bodied" Don't you think it would make sense? Or maybe it's a pun between "cry" and "wines"?
Peijuuni 6 months ago
Hah! Loved the ending you so funny 😅😂 Thank you for video... Nice to know what Till is singing about 😉😊
Jeanni Kistler
Jeanni Kistler 6 months ago
I read an interview with Till once and he said that he used to write his lyrics in the second or tbird person, you or he/she, but he was concerned that some of bis listeners would be imsted so he switched to the first person, I.
Tom Johnsson
Tom Johnsson 6 months ago
Uncensored version on reddit!
punk coyote
punk coyote 6 months ago
Woa, man. You're so fast! Appreciate that! Also.. AMAZING SONG, I love this new album so far! And tickets for tour were announced today! So yay! Also also.. Watch the uncensored version, it's really good! ;D Greetings from Poland, german boy!
Monika Elizabeth
Monika Elizabeth 6 months ago
Love love love these videos! I find it very interesting to go deep into the meaning and I also love learning new words and phrases in German.
Amanda E
Amanda E 6 months ago
Can anyone explain why till's eating a female out on her period?..is it period blood?
Robert Gray
Robert Gray 6 months ago
I saw it as humans draining the life blood of mother earth. He's being greedy and gets what he deserves after draining her dry. She will be fine and recover but he/humans are fucked. Hoisted on their own petard.
Lenhardt 6 months ago
good luck finding the uncencored
Lenhardt 6 months ago
@Cat Nip oh boi if only reddit is not blocked here in indonesia for some dumb ass reason lul
Cat Nip
Cat Nip 6 months ago
Its on reddit
SuperNovaThomas 6 months ago
I also heard that the song is about censorship in a way.
Damir Islamovic
Damir Islamovic 6 months ago
Soo, yeah Gonna play myself knebel again for who knows how many times now... Thanks Dave 🤙
ebon432 6 months ago
When you watch the video go for the uncensored version cause it will make more sense. You can find it on Reddit.
Arminiusz Armin
Arminiusz Armin 6 months ago
hehe. knebel allegro.another borrowing.
Rebecca Hogan
Rebecca Hogan 6 months ago
I have to admit that I’ve struggled with this one a bit. Saw first the censored and then uncensored versions. I read the English translation between viewings. First censored view.. “I don’t get it”. Second uncensored view, stunned silence followed quickly by “ok I need to go find vlogdave because I’m out of my depth here. I had so much fun with first album, this one is makin me squirm.
Ferdi the Tank
Ferdi the Tank 6 months ago
IMO, The first verse and "country-like" motif is likely a reference to common folk humour about their wifes being better if they didn't talk much. However, the upcoming rhytm and lyrics show this song as a story of a person who tries to redeem themself through torturing someone else(sort of reverse "Bestraffe Mich"). The contrast between positivity of first verse and screaming(literally) pessimism of the ending also suggests that.
Der Harlekin
Der Harlekin 6 months ago
I'd say the part about faith and destiny is more a question "Is it destiny?" and not "it is destiny" The lyrical I is questioning himself and what is happening, but wit the subtext of "but well, what can I do about it?" I also think that the lyrical I and the victim, the person with the knob in the mouth, aren't familiar with each other, and that the lyrical I merely sought a victim to let their own inner pain out at. I also think, that the lyrical I doesn't understand why the soul is wounded and in pain. It was always like that, outside of control, life is hard and so on. Hence the question if it might be faith and destiny. Despite that, there are other indicators the lyrical I has problems, like liking empty streets, animals but not people and so on.
Der Harlekin
Der Harlekin 6 months ago
I love this anaylsis! Would you consider making such german to english translations + anaylsis with more unknown German bands as well? Like "Janus" or "Samsas Traum"?
Anarkisti 6 months ago
Your videos have helped me alot with my translations. Greetings from Finland o7
Ike agey
Ike agey 6 months ago
I enjoy woutchin your vids, I like lerning about the Germmin langwig, And Plees ,dont stop talkin , your funney,but im not laphin at you. im laphin becous of you.
lizclifton35 6 months ago
I have been waiting for this video! Thank you from Alaska!
Tiffany Hallmark
Tiffany Hallmark 6 months ago
I could only watch the "safe for RUvid" version on the Lindemann channel. It's fairly heavy and the big, black censor bar really makes me wonder what is hidden. Vielen dank
Tiffany Hallmark
Tiffany Hallmark 6 months ago
@Ferdi the Tank Found it, watched it, wasn't as bad as the censor bars might lead you to think. I was expecting way worse than a particularly bloody encounter of that nature.
Ferdi the Tank
Ferdi the Tank 6 months ago
There is blood and nudity, be aware before researching.
Heather Cargill
Heather Cargill 6 months ago
I think it's an S&M song. I really like his lyrics usually, but this song feels like a lazy, shock-rock song. Not saying that the S&M community is a joke, but more that he's still playing on the trope from the last album. Like Praise Abort. That song was silly but the attitude I got from it was "wow look at me, I'm so shocking and crazy, I'm going to sing about abortion!!" A lot of shock and little substance.
Damian Starzyk
Damian Starzyk 6 months ago
You can find the uncensored version on reddit, much better experience
nabokov orbust
nabokov orbust 5 months ago
ONEIROSGAMES 6 months ago
Danke dir auf Andere schöne video. 😊
Galao 6 months ago
The Song is original written for Hänsel und Gretel, the Interpretation found you there in the modern Fairy Tale , not so good in the Video
KSR NAN 6 months ago
sehr informativ.
Rona Kane
Rona Kane 6 months ago
Ausgezeischnet video Vlogdave, Ich mag Till mit einen Knebel I'm dem Mund! I don't agree however I find Till Lindemann's poetry filled with BDSM. He obviously is a big bad daddy dominant.
MichelleMyBelle 5 months ago
I actually think a lot of his stuff that sounds like BDSM actually isn't. For instance, a lot of people think that Ich Tu Dir Weh is about a BDSM relationship. I think it is someone talking about their relationship with themselves. The whole time it sounds like he's talking to someone else, but then: "Ich seh im Spiegel dein Gesicht" - "I see your face in the mirror." I think that is the key line that explains the entire song.
Brittany Nelson
Brittany Nelson 6 months ago
I immediately looked for and watched the uncensored version as soon as it came out....yes please :3 Also I really enjoy these videos. German isn’t my main focus but I study it passively. And these videos are nice for learning new vocabulary
Support Worker.
Support Worker. 3 months ago
Id love to re-create this video with. 😜
Fred ticoman.
Fred ticoman. 3 months ago
Brittany Nelson you like rammstein ?
D D 6 months ago
Great vid as always. 😁
Battery Acid
Battery Acid 6 months ago
When you watch the video, look for the uncensored version. That one, with your translation makes so much sense! I loved the video!
Delia FM
Delia FM 6 months ago
Just don't waste your time watching the censored version here on YT, cause you'll loose sthe whole sense of it
Wojciech Kuske
Wojciech Kuske 5 months ago
NO!! Wathing censored befor uncensored make nice surprise. It's like 2 clip make from one surce/RAW.
Lady Satanga
Lady Satanga 6 months ago
@Laura Pfeiffer on the censored version, everytime that there's something sexual that happens, there's a big CENSORED on the screen, I personally think that the censored version is kind of pointless because you're missing the whole point of the video
ebon432 6 months ago
@Laura Pfeiffer what do you need clarification on?
ebon432 6 months ago
Agreed, the uncensored version is better.
ToSa 252
ToSa 252 6 months ago
Yes, search for the uncensored version on Reddit.
Ece Demirci
Ece Demirci 6 months ago
you're so cute when you do the german accent 😁😁
JagsCustoms206 3 months ago
Red Pill Satori - 😂 I thought the same thing. “When you do the German accent”...so, u mean, all the time? 😆
Ece Demirci
Ece Demirci 6 months ago
@Jeff yeah literally i meant that, thanks for the explanation ☺
Jeff 6 months ago
@Red Pill Satori Think Ece means at the end, when he lathers it on a little more by accident.
Red Pill Satori
Red Pill Satori 6 months ago
.. Huh? Isn't he German?
Panda Mcmuffin
Panda Mcmuffin 6 months ago
Just wondering cause you reffered to it, will there be a video on Hallomann?
Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson 6 months ago
What did you think of the music video?
bitchbrry 6 months ago
it sounded almost like it was about bdsm, because the verses and chorus until the bridge could sound like a what a dominant would say to a submissive, but the bridge throws me off that theory also the outro had me screeching omg
Support Worker.
Support Worker. 3 months ago
I thought it was about BDSM?
Trusko y sus aventuras
Being Lindemann, that would actually make more sense than it being about just torture, this wouldn't be his first song to reference sadomasochism.
Thunder Bird
Thunder Bird 6 months ago
You haven’t watched the video..brace yourself 😱
Support Worker.
Support Worker. 3 months ago
Its by far the sexiest video ive ever seen. That womans body, arse and pussy are stunning... The blood somehow makes it sexier?
sent4dc 5 months ago
that's a great video. what are you talking about?
Kath Beck
Kath Beck 6 months ago
Cattle Decapitation still has the most extreme vid though.....ouch
Michael Myrick
Michael Myrick 6 months ago
For real lol it is hardcore thought.
THE EMPTY SET 6 months ago
So when referring to objects like the moon, would I say: Der Mond, es ist groß. Or Der Mond, er ist groß
Sergey Romanov
Sergey Romanov 6 months ago
@Venelin Genev "actually it's more correctly to use "der" instead of "er"" Says who?
Ganja Man
Ganja Man 6 months ago
Not every object has er (der) or es, there is also sie/die (she/female) but there is no rule to find out which word has which article, it's just like that. For example Das Auto / the car Die Pflanze / the plant Der Tisch / the table Probably one of the hardest things when you learn German. PS Im German
The Martin
The Martin 6 months ago
Red Pill Satori
Red Pill Satori 6 months ago
@Venelin Genev ..sounds right to me
Venelin Genev
Venelin Genev 6 months ago
second one, actually it's more correctly to use "der" instead of "er". But in the text we see "wenn"-"when" so this means we need to put a subject "er". Btw correct me if I'm wrong!!!
Rhianna C Spiers
Rhianna C Spiers 6 months ago
I was waiting for this video to come out. Thank you once again Dave! BTW, out of curiosity, what did you think of the music video?
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