Lin-Manuel Miranda Stuns Emily Blunt By Rapping 'My Shot' from Hamilton! | The Graham Norton Show

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Dec 20, 2018




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AdmrlLocke 13 hours ago
Lin-Manuel seems extraordinary humble for such a successful guy!
Isabelle Ween
Isabelle Ween 15 hours ago
3:23 is the part you came for 😗
corryjookit 18 hours ago
Lin-Emanuel Miranda. My son took part in the Tall Ships sail Race which moored in your beloved Puerto Rico. It's a thing I do with names. I believe we are joined by our brains hyperactivity, or Gene's. I can point out where a connection took or might have taken place. It's quite good fun people enjoy it, and don't get serious. My point of beginning was listening to and watching Hamilton. A musical can almost write itself , but it's harmless fun. Take it from there or here. A kind of musical Sliding Doors.
PellyK20 Day ago
Emily blunt real touchy huh
Angelina Dallas
Megan and Harry: feeling happy to see the show Lin: 👁👄👁
Philip Münch
As a German, I‘m really glad nobody was clapping along...
Yrok24 Day ago
Krasinski better look out. Lin-manuel’s coming for yo girl.
The Pencil
The Pencil 2 days ago
Oh so Lin can rap the entirety of My Shot in public and he gets applause, but when I do it I am "being a nuisance" and "ruining the funeral". Totally unfair!
OhanaDog 2 days ago
I was trying to sing that one day and forgot how to spell alexander
Louis Dead Fish
Louis Dead Fish 3 days ago
Graham: prince Harry Me: one direction flashbacks
Daniel Esprit
Daniel Esprit 4 days ago
Balling!!! Awesome!!!
carys 4 days ago
i only clicked on this video bc he voiced my favourite book i listened to it on audio and omg he sounds different
Randall Laue
Randall Laue 5 days ago
Well done that man.
Shantanique Johnson
That literally gave me chills
Celestia Aizawa
Celestia Aizawa 6 days ago
This man is so freaking talent d can we just appreciate how he looks so anxious and rocked that on the spot like wow just wow ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nancy Wright
Nancy Wright 7 days ago
Julia Schwartz-Manne
its so different hearing him on his own vs with the whole thing
million 0
million 0 7 days ago
Icy Paws
Icy Paws 8 days ago
I feel so proud, I’ve got “my shot”
Just Me
Just Me 9 days ago
Never had I'd watch old clips again and again but fate and lockdown have their ways.
Don't Get Mad Get Wise
I do not like rap.
ducks magic bean cart
your opinion is wrong
Erin 9 days ago
haha I rapped my shot with Lin-Manuel Miranda what’s a bigger flex than that *only if he could hear me through the screen*
ducks magic bean cart
lmfao same
Dawn 9 days ago
I cant believe i missed the show in pr ToT
Gayaneh Kahvedjian
Lins hands be yeeting
Frank Helman
Frank Helman 9 days ago
Emily Blunt can chill with the bros
Sage The Starfish
My shot sounds so different without music!
Angel Fox
Angel Fox 10 days ago
She watched it four times but I watched itseven try to beat that
redheadinNC 10 days ago
Ugh I'm so in love 😍
Corey johnson
Corey johnson 11 days ago
the view today
Rosie Hamilton
Rosie Hamilton 12 days ago
ivan martinez
ivan martinez 13 days ago
I have a crush on this guy since i discovered him XD
blackstorm !
blackstorm ! 14 days ago
If Emily Blunt grabbed my hand like this, I would have panicked
RiZe Wolfz
RiZe Wolfz 14 days ago
“It’s something like that”
Rachel Dawe
Rachel Dawe 14 days ago
Ayda Moore
Ayda Moore 14 days ago
Was I the only one that was waiting for Pippa to start beat boxing 😔
Paige McAlister
Paige McAlister 14 days ago
Heather Hansen
Heather Hansen 14 days ago
I've seen hamilton 30 times no kidding
Curiouspuppy65 15 days ago
‘I am not throwing away ma shot, itsgoessomethinglikethat
NewfieDoofie105 15 days ago
Its sad that I can sing along with him and sing futher as well.
Airsoftsniping101 15 days ago
I will learn that song just for emily blunt to look at me like that
Mia Donnan
Mia Donnan 15 days ago
nobody: literally nobody: Lin’s hands: ✊👊✋☝️👋🖐🤟✊🤙👈🤏
Edenic7 15 days ago
Why should a tiny island from across the sea regulate the price of tea😂 It's Boston tea time from an American immigrant🤣🤣 Lin is a total genius... 👍👍
100 Subscribers No Videos Challenge
She saw it 4 times. I saw it 7 times.
monyae houston
monyae houston 16 days ago
I like how he says ill try then kills it
Izzy 9717
Izzy 9717 16 days ago
You rapped along with him didn’t you? Don’t lie to me, you did
Jenna Peckman
Jenna Peckman 16 days ago
lin is the most talented man on earth rn bruh
Lilly Cueto
Lilly Cueto 16 days ago
I'm sorry but him asking "can I stand?" Is literally the most- Sir you are a grown adult. Who's a guest on one of the most known talk shows ever. And you're like "uhmmmmmm" like it's asking for ketchup packets at McDonald's.
Chiara 16 days ago
Lin's hands while singing: 👈🖐👆✌👉👇✋👊👋👌👐🖖👍🙅🙆💁🙋...
Kenley Clements
Kenley Clements 16 days ago
Me mindlessly reading the comments: I’ll get a scholarship to kings college.... My mom sittin next to me: should I be concerned
Josh & Isaac Playz
Josh & Isaac Playz 16 days ago
Something like that
Vero Fernández
Vero Fernández 16 days ago
His apologetic gestures when British humor lmao, he's amazing
Conman0033 -
Conman0033 - 17 days ago
He looks like tony stark
The Tiny_Kaylee
The Tiny_Kaylee 17 days ago
Me being 12 and knowing all the words and hearing him say he doesn't know them all: .O.
Aimee O
Aimee O 17 days ago
cafesmitty 17 days ago
Brilliant guy. He is just a brilliant human being!
AddictedToYou1999 17 days ago
Must protect Lin at all costs
lost619 18 days ago
I love him hes so fun and down to earth. Is it sad I know all the words lol im obsessed!
Turtles begaming 2.o
I am proud to say I rapped with him every word exact, the entire time
Matt Hintz
Matt Hintz 18 days ago
I'm so used to seeing Miranda in his Hamilton costume with a ponytail that it still shocks me when I see him with his hair cut and wearing a sweater. He looks like Al Pacino!
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy 18 days ago
I hope Lin's wife was with him on this tour or he might be writing the Blunt Pamphlet.
Jair Mendez
Jair Mendez 18 days ago
This is that lip bite guy with his cringey white people bars that white washed history for money. Way to make a play about someone who bought slaves and not think to stop when you came across that info. Hamilton is for all the fake liberals that only like rap when its white washed and praising slave owners
MimiMeows Larios
MimiMeows Larios 18 days ago
I rapped that whole part and didn’t realize this was still in my system lmao
charlie sheen
charlie sheen 18 days ago
tran trung tin
tran trung tin 18 days ago
chris smoove
Bárbara Teixeira
Bárbara Teixeira 18 days ago
I love the fact that he just raps the whole lyrics correctly and yet in the end he still says "something like that"
philip kundi
philip kundi 18 days ago
that is Talent!!!
Ana Paula Lamoglia
Ana Paula Lamoglia 18 days ago
When she hugs him after he sits down, my heart🥺
Rainbows And Sunshine
me: I've seen it on Disney+ 30 FREAKING TIMES
araceli ramirez
araceli ramirez 19 days ago
DaMutantFreak 19 days ago
Wtf is going on
Piper Elizabeth
Piper Elizabeth 19 days ago
I swear that his fans know the lyrics to the musical better than he does
NekoLoon 19 days ago
I would marry that man
Jeni Richards
Jeni Richards 19 days ago
The pic of the vid is SCREAMING I AM THE A L E X A N D E R
JPN's W.O.W 19 days ago
did anyone here the "you werent that good" in like the last 10 seconds? no, just me ok
Robyn rocco
Robyn rocco 18 days ago
JPN's W.O.W “you earned that-you earned that drink”
Abigail Hajjar
Abigail Hajjar 19 days ago
every one who didn’t like Hamilton( not really but still): I don’t see why every one likes it so much Disney+:JUST YOU WAIT Ps this is inspired by I comment I saw earlier
heather franks
heather franks 19 days ago
beastie boys
Danielle C.
Danielle C. 19 days ago
He was still trying to work even though he was sick he is the real life Hamilton TAKE A BREAK DUDE.
Ken Rianne Baran
Ken Rianne Baran 19 days ago
Bubbles 19 days ago
Lin: *raps perfectly* Also Lin: “it’s something like that”
Maddy Moo
Maddy Moo 19 days ago
Street Vulture
Street Vulture 19 days ago
Lin: "I have to stand" (otherwise I will hit someone with the hand gestures)
Ishani Mazumder
Ishani Mazumder 20 days ago
I signed up for tickets for this screening for my mums bday and she was so excited when he rapped! Sad that I couldn't go bcos of the age limit but my parents had a great day 😄
Amber Finley
Amber Finley 20 days ago
The fact that Lin gradually became Hamilton as he did the song is just. Everything.
Rose Bourdeaux
Rose Bourdeaux 20 days ago
Lin: If you can get through My Shot, you've got the show teehee guys I've got the show
Casie Whitlow
Casie Whitlow 19 days ago
Rose Bourdeaux me too
DejaJourney21 20 days ago
How is the audience not singing along? I would have have been his background forsure
*Insert Creative Name Here*
Lol now I feel proud that I can rap this. Also, how he holds his glass has to be one of THE MOST adorable things I’ve ever seen.
Chelsea Drye
Chelsea Drye 20 days ago
If you say you didn’t sing my shot with him ur lying
Michaela Jenkins
Michaela Jenkins 20 days ago
i came here only to ask why that would stun her....he wrote it......
That One Starkid Fan
me: is British also me: proudly raps My Shot and guns and Ships as if im American and theyre not making redcoats redder with bloodstains
Chesca Aguas
Chesca Aguas 4 days ago
SaraSong2653 8 days ago
Jasmin P
Jasmin P 21 day ago
I'm amazed and astonished.
Eventing Pebbles
Eventing Pebbles 21 day ago
“It’s something like that.” BOY THAT WAS PERFECT!
sok wen
sok wen 21 day ago
Dragonfly Divine
Dragonfly Divine 21 day ago
Face masks
XxStardust PlayzxX
Wait- is the host of this show that annoying guy in father Ted....
Jack Staines
Jack Staines 21 day ago
Hamilton the Musical! Reaaaaaaalllllllll hip hop!
IOI-Mike 21 day ago
3:20 your welcome
Jill Blunt
Jill Blunt 21 day ago
i love you ..Lin - Manuel Miranda ...God has given you so much talent ..thank you so SO much for sharing, donating and loving it with us. ...truly the best
Nicole Song
Nicole Song 21 day ago
how much is... 104.... in celsius............
Belfast Biker
Belfast Biker 22 days ago
I think Lin just impregnated Emily Blunt....
Jenny Kruschke
Jenny Kruschke 22 days ago
Nails it. "It's something like that."
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