Lily's Garden Ads: STOP (Badads 5)

Danny Gonzalez
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We're takin a good long look at Lily's Garden Ads. Also update on the Troy Becker situation. Everyone watch the whole video or else.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on RUvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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Jan 8, 2020




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Comments 100
Chloe Bailey
Chloe Bailey 9 months ago
You should decorate with stuff
Unknown 22 days ago
CREEPY CAT 27 days ago
the real tsuyu asui
sofia royo
sofia royo Month ago
Rob and Wanda Blanton
Why does this have so many 𝐿𝑖𝑘𝑒𝑠 bruh
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 2 hours ago
Jesus died for our sins and loves us
Cait Kendall
Cait Kendall 4 hours ago
Hi Greg my name is greg
R 0291
R 0291 4 hours ago
Lily started the pandemic to force you to play the game
Sandy Mandy67
Sandy Mandy67 7 hours ago
I'm still getting those ads every now and then it makes me think of this video
cszzen — ie
cszzen — ie 10 hours ago
I actually thought he was in a hallway
AA_Certified_Weirdo 17 hours ago
not lily's garden ads-
Elisabeth Benjaminson
Ok, that Netflix idea was good because it IS relatable. I always turn the volume way down because when I log into Netflix and it still BLASTS. That could have been an amazing skit he just exacuted it the wrong way.
Sal G.
Sal G. Day ago
There's a new ad for this game that has the same pregnancy backstory but it shows her getting depressed and then getting an abortion before ut just shows this game! like wtf
sapphire delusions
cover your wall in bandaids
sapphire delusions
when paul zimmer made the sound he literally became a bird
Spleens The Cat
D-did anyone else see that little nutcracker man holding a knife?! No no... I’m just crazy.. haha haha....
Leigh Ann kaminek
*ThIs iS nOt HoW i WaNtEd To StArT mY 2o2o*
Danica Vandenberg
Danny: "this is not how I wanted to start 2020" 2020: "Oh? Really? Why would you want to start 2020 at all?"
nikalachite Day ago
laughyloff Day ago
Emily Fae
Emily Fae 2 days ago
We all need some wine after watching Troy Becker
Diggy 2 days ago
oh the nutcracker guy had a real glowup
bagelthehorse! 2 days ago
yes _
yes _ 2 days ago
lillian franks
lillian franks 2 days ago
I never knew it was actually called Lily's garden lol I just thought the ad was tailored to your name
Shadow Fire
Shadow Fire 3 days ago
Danny you should do a video where the soldier just moves forward in the video and not upload for a while after that
Elizabeth Williams
Decorate your room with the souls of your enemies
mountain the sandwing
"Thats better he glowy* My mind: glowing like demon
Jay Bimson
Jay Bimson 3 days ago
you should decorate your room with funny meme pictures. Also if you see this im such a big fan!
Gacha Vlogger
Gacha Vlogger 4 days ago
Ella Powell
Ella Powell 4 days ago
Ever since this video I have routinely checked Lily’s Garden every single day
lily nicole.
lily nicole. 4 days ago
It’s nice to know that Danny is invested in my life lmfao
WolfLarissaHoyle 5 days ago
Okay I know this video is like 5 months old but bro he sounds like the turtle on the shoe if you know that vine: turn on the shoe: AHH
Ash D
Ash D 5 days ago
That's because Troy Becker is a word-for-word knock off of Paul Zimmer.
Sereńe 6 days ago
My notifications are onnnnnnn
Colinz World
Colinz World 6 days ago
apples just apples any apple but it has to be apples
Farragut class Destroyer
Wow this was uploaded on my birthday
Basically Steven Universe
Troy Becker probably just googled “script” and clicked on random articles
Eva Parent
Eva Parent 8 days ago
Danny: Flies off the couch... Noah Centineo: Bimbo flying, somebody catch him!
Bill_2.0 9 days ago
Danny is feeling a bit sick... Everyone now: oh God no
Jackson Adkerson
Jackson Adkerson 9 days ago
She's sitting on a dryer, dryers dry things, which is funny because she getting dry.
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander 9 days ago
Bruh PewDiePie made his Lily's Garden video five days after this
Ya he also copyed peter knetter bad ads
gamefan1017 10 days ago
decorate with the word greg
DrOrb 11 days ago
But spooky (something) on your wall.
CrafterJunkie 11 days ago
stille-jagter 11 days ago
I am truly greag
RageyPageyRaye 11 days ago
Okay so I’ve actually played this game (it’s awful but still). The actual plot is that shes dating the blonde guy, he cheats on her, her grandma dies and leaves her this old house so lily leaves and moves to the house. The neighbor is the dark haired guy who helps her out around the house as she restores it and fixes the garden
Phillip Davis
Phillip Davis 11 days ago
wait, what if blond man was driving for baby stuff?
Minty Fox
Minty Fox 11 days ago
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s *AH HA HAAA!*
SATAN 11 days ago
I'm badazzled
R3K0R! 12 days ago
The real badads at 7:38
R3K0R! 12 days ago
5:23 what's that effect
The Werewolf
The Werewolf 12 days ago
Thats me every time my mom orders pizza
Magazineto Raver
Magazineto Raver 12 days ago
There still going just in different variations now...
phillipAmorris 13 days ago
I skipped to the beginning of the video just to notice the nutcracker had moved!
Jennifer Cooper
Jennifer Cooper 14 days ago
I *just* got the Lily's Garden pregnancy ad today. I was incredibly unsettled. Why does this exist.
R .S
R .S 15 days ago
“This isn’t how i wanted to start my 2020” may be the most reliable thing you’ve ever said, Danny
Melissa Hill
Melissa Hill 15 days ago
You with a inhaler
Emily M
Emily M 15 days ago
Danny and the nutcracker should be married
jt kalolo
jt kalolo 15 days ago
0:34-0:49 proof that Danny will be the best father🥺
Hope Lindquist
Hope Lindquist 16 days ago
I have the same nutcracker
shattered diamond
shattered diamond 16 days ago
who is watching in 1933
•[Cłøüđy Jaden]•
Lily x her dryer
kosta poop
kosta poop 17 days ago
I am truly greg
Jane Creer
Jane Creer 17 days ago
100 HourFlipping
100 HourFlipping 18 days ago
Movie’s or tv shows
Mateusz G
Mateusz G 18 days ago
I got an ad for a dating sim where 2 girls played Rock, Paper, Scissors but whoever lost had to take off 1 bit of their clothes which the other girl chose. They even ended it with one girl almost showing her chest but they cut away before it disappeared … the internet is drunk again. Edit : Game Theory "What is the story of the Lily's Garden?"
Titanic SeaTurtle
Titanic SeaTurtle 18 days ago
Pewdiepie hates Lilly's garden as well
Titanic SeaTurtle
Titanic SeaTurtle 18 days ago
Decor your room with things you like
Shabnam Ravanbakhsh
Danny kissing his nutcracker is so cute and wholesome...in a strange way...hmmmmmm-
Benedictus Parama
Benedictus Parama 18 days ago
PewDiePie also did a commentary on this, check out his video
Mason Crabb
Mason Crabb 18 days ago
Esther Espinal
Esther Espinal 20 days ago
Lily has a whole story! LOL It's soo twisted... ruvid.net/video/video-FhC9_PljD4I.html
James Burns
James Burns 20 days ago
lily: well everybody's left me her 2 seconds later: WHAT FLOWER BOX DO YOU LIKE!!!
elfen gamer
elfen gamer 20 days ago
the nutcracker is my sleep pyasis demon
Ba-dads or Bad-ads, one of those is what i think every time i hear badads
Abby Bouck
Abby Bouck 20 days ago
“It looks like I’m in a hallway or something” who’s hallways look like that mine are full of pictures
Micah Guillemette
"I dont have this much time to care about cartoon characters!" Lmao you've NEVER been in a fandom!
ᗪᗩᑎI TᕼE ᗩᑌTIᔕTIᑕ ᗪᑌᑕKI
Decorate with Greg DUH
Canalave Maiden [plz look at my playlists thnx]
I think the one with the guy who leaves lily for being pregnant...man, that really is a *badad*
Banana 22 days ago
You should go back to your old room
Jean Starnes
Jean Starnes 23 days ago
*Continue with the Lily ads please :(*
TheFarmingPickle 23 days ago
i farted when i laughed at 10:25
TheFarmingPickle 23 days ago
why did i comment this? 😎🤣༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
D.E.A.M 5
D.E.A.M 5 23 days ago
5:13 now that's illegal
Ari 23 days ago
Danny you're a king for the gross joke alerts 👏🏼✊🏼 I really respect that you don't make dirty jokes, or at least I've never heard any.
Absolutely_not 23 days ago
Sorry if someone already said this (there’s waaay too many comments to be sure) but I too would like a Lily’s Garden ad that wraps things up on a positive note. I worry about her as well.
Chris Hartman
Chris Hartman 24 days ago
Probs the best way to start 2020
AviAnimates 24 days ago
This “Lily’s Garden add” was created by a fake account. I traced the account and, low and behold, was an account by a “6789-hjje” (Preggo one is try tho) But game is actually cool
Grug The pirate caveman
0:43 WAIT HE CAN LIGHT UP!?!?!?!
Widow QueenOfAntagonists
8:37 You can hear Danny's soul quiver with fear.
BRODYfrickinREEL 25 days ago
he blocked you
Jessica Wilkinson
Jessica Wilkinson 26 days ago
Lily's Garden has SO MANY ADS 🤣
Kate Archclaw
Kate Archclaw 26 days ago
I turned on notifications
Tess Tickles
Tess Tickles 26 days ago
I took a swig out of my wine bottle at the same time that you sipped your wine glass. I feel so bonded with you
Cristian-Ionut Apostol
Y u wearing lipstick?
— connor
— connor 26 days ago
that's his natural lip colour
jjj lll
jjj lll 27 days ago
'this is not how i wanted to start my 2020' aw man :*(
Clara Goll
Clara Goll 27 days ago
Nooo I love that gamee😣
Manahs Jsnsis
Manahs Jsnsis 27 days ago
i don’t know if this is just me but i genuinely just thought drew copied a video that danny did but turns out i cant tell if they are different people 😃
[ G O O S E ]
[ G O O S E ] 27 days ago
For some reason that gross joke police bit sounds REALLY like a rick and Morty bit lol
anonymous axolotl
anonymous axolotl 28 days ago
danny u prob had the rona
lolnyny 28 days ago
"this is not how I wanted to start 2020" infamous last words
Trinity W
Trinity W 28 days ago
There is more.. And they are worse. A lot worse.
Charles Lack
Charles Lack 28 days ago
Decorated with Greg mas
Rainbow CatTail
Rainbow CatTail 29 days ago
10:15 I keep rewatching this part 😂
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