Lily Loses It on Charmaine | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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Lily and Charmaine get into an altercation over Danielle's role at Loyal Ink.
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In the streets of Chicago, success is the only way out. Black Ink Crew Chicago follows a passionate and ambitious group of friends through the unforgiving streets of Chicago as they band together to create new identities for themselves, their families, and their business.
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Lily Loses It on Charmaine | Black Ink Crew: Chicago ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Jun 30, 2018




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Comments 80
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty 6 days ago
Lilly should've been gone long ago. Danielle and Charmaine should've jumped her.
Amber The Magnificent
Lmao clearly Charmaine getting something done seeing shes got a net worth of 1-5 million, and Lily Net worth is between 100k and 1 milli so she just coming off jealous. 😅😂😂😂
mz rozzy81
mz rozzy81 8 days ago
I wanna see lily run up on donna...she swear she so bad
Diamond Christin T
They punks they know Charmaine don't fight 😑
dont trip
dont trip 9 days ago
Oo, Charmaine CAN NOT FIGHT ‼️ At all
Nick Howard
Nick Howard 10 days ago
Lily is a drama starter and runs her mouth
Kris_plays_roblox 12 days ago
Charmaine Kant rlly fight bc this fight lily won
Ryelee Scheel
Ryelee Scheel 14 days ago
Bro I’m just like lily when I get to the point I’m pissed I start swinging
Diona Jackson
Diona Jackson 17 days ago
Charmaine cannot fight
Mirso Konjevic ASMR
Y'all need to watch the uncut mobile phone footage. Char actually ended up getting on top of Lily.
Paige Toney
Paige Toney 21 day ago
LAYLAY NATION 22 days ago
Charmaine can’t fight like she trash
Sam T.
Sam T. Month ago
Lilly is no joke.
Keshaun M
Keshaun M Month ago
What are y’all watching !? Lol Lilly took an L
Jocelyn Alfaro
Jocelyn Alfaro Month ago
I love lily she beats Errry'body up she never backs down
jennifer m
jennifer m Month ago
I don’t get why everyone blames lily like everyone on that show is perfect
Destiney Hart
Destiney Hart Month ago
Omg that hit 😱😱 I would have lost it 😡😡😡😡😡
Young Jay Riches
Charmaine and Danielle sarah lee bread honey wheat soft😂😂😂
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet 2 months ago
i wanna see lily fight one of the New York crew members she most def get her lil ass beat. Sky or Donna would definetly knock sum sense into her ass maybe even bae
Jewel M.
Jewel M. 2 months ago
Ctfu but Charmaine what you do other pull her hair cus that’s all we see
Adelarene Guzman
Adelarene Guzman 2 months ago
I thought charmaine could fight thats sad
W Jack
W Jack Month ago
Idk wtf made you think that. You can tell she can't fight by how she talk.
Kitrina Clemons
Kitrina Clemons 2 months ago
Lily needs to grow up and quit thinking that she can whoop everybody ass
W Jack
W Jack Month ago
Or you need to watch something else
nahja thomas
nahja thomas 2 months ago
I want lily to try sky or Donna
Crazybros 2 months ago
I can’t wait until charmaine is not pregnant again because we need to see charmaine and lily fight
Wok3 2 months ago
1:03 if you cry after a fight you know you got that ass beat😂😂😂
Kayonni L Way
Kayonni L Way 2 months ago
Lily be whooping ass tho
niyaa tv
niyaa tv 2 months ago
Why they actin so bougie y’all niggas in the hood 😭, actin like they neva seen a fight
IEESHA MCMEANS 2 months ago
Lily won that fight, she’s a good fighter
Swifty Fox
Swifty Fox 2 months ago
Don't mess with lily damm
elsy djassi
elsy djassi 2 months ago
Lily talks to much
Destiny Whidby
Destiny Whidby 3 months ago
She whooped Lilly’s ass why she still talking😭😭
W Jack
W Jack Month ago
Sarah Davidson
Sarah Davidson 3 months ago
Lily wasn’t raised right lmao
Lil Javone
Lil Javone 3 months ago
Charmaine won. There’s cell phone proff
celeste sandoval
celeste sandoval 3 months ago
Lily is that Mexican machismo I’m girl form 🤣🤣
sabrina sbn
sabrina sbn 3 months ago
Briana Moore
Briana Moore 3 months ago
Danielle's favorite : "Absolutely ..." "My cousin Charmaine" ...if she doesn't stfu lol
Ok Yesssir
Ok Yesssir 3 months ago
Charmine was just dragging lily across the mf floor lmaoo
Akaila London
Akaila London 3 months ago
Lily ain’t no lily she a Venusflytrapp 😂
Beauty.Forever 3 months ago
I love lily idagf 😂she’s putting everyone in their place
MIA H. 3 months ago
Lily smacked the bejesus out tha girl
ViVi lashaY
ViVi lashaY 3 months ago
Cj Prince
Cj Prince 3 months ago
She lost her mind and found Charmaine’s face with her fist lmao.
Tamyris Jones
Tamyris Jones 4 months ago
Charmaine dressed like a minion 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️
Dar Eus
Dar Eus 4 months ago
All this woman or child does is fight can't have a convo she seems to have aggression issue because I see no reason why she started fighting because she was speaking loudly as well makes no sense
Makeup by Nikkii
Makeup by Nikkii 4 months ago
Lily a mf QUEEN 😍
Leeshas Leesha
Leeshas Leesha 4 months ago
Lily was NOT WRONG‼️Y'all must didn't remember when Charmaine was running around fighting Over Don getting dusted by Ashley, drinking falling all over the place when she was supposed to be a receiptionist 😳‼️Not to mention,niether one of them brought in any money at all‼️ Lily just popped on them because they TALKED TO MUCH‼️🤷She was never wrong about what she said,WHAT WERE THEY THEIR FOR ‼️🤷They got rid of her because she wasn't playing PERIOD ‼️
Shasay Coolay
Shasay Coolay 4 months ago
She fat as hell now
Yazmín López
Yazmín López 4 months ago
Like i said lilly fight everybody in this show 🙄
Ally B
Ally B 4 months ago
I just wanna rip all of lilys hair out her head for some reason.
J Bo
J Bo 4 months ago
always cutting off the fight scenes :-/
Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong 4 months ago
Lily about that life
REDBONE MARRIED 4 months ago
Ima need Charmaine and Danielle to take some boxing lessons or something gah damn! This don't make no sense...behbeeeh bite the bitch or something Charmaine 😂😂
QBee240 5 months ago
Lily knocked Charmaine;s second skin off with that strike..I don’t like her much but she can go with them hands
Antrax 666
Antrax 666 5 months ago
Charmaine grabs Lily to the ground!¡
Sydnie Marieee
Sydnie Marieee 5 months ago
Lilly vs donna i wanna see🤣
Nikisha Mitchell
Nikisha Mitchell 5 months ago
Lilly going to find herself in jail or dead. It's only 2 ways things can work out for a woman like this if she don't change.
KiyahTv 5 months ago
Sky vs Lily.... Lol
Anisha Germain
Anisha Germain 5 months ago
Is it me or does lily look like cardi
Dess Walker
Dess Walker 5 months ago
CUZN 5 months ago
Lily smacked Charmaine and Charmaine dragged her You know you fight too much when the ppl you could normally beat up start turning the tables on you.🙃
Tt Kell
Tt Kell 5 months ago
Everybody pause it at 0:16. That ain't right
testedatried 123
testedatried 123 5 months ago
Char got that asz beat.
rahma A
rahma A 5 months ago
Lily is out control
Maria Flores
Maria Flores 5 months ago
Lily is annoying af
MARCUS lee 5 months ago
Charmaine isn’t a fighter lily got serious problems and belong in jail
Brown_Giiirrl Magnificent
Wait didn’t lily throw up in a cup
k.o Rocky
k.o Rocky 6 months ago
*charmaign stay getting beat up. & Lilly’s accent is cute.*
katherine martinez
katherine martinez 6 months ago
Ew they would end up and evil olive lmao
jamila muzamil
jamila muzamil 6 months ago
So am I the only person who peeped every body pushing lily off charmine
YafavS 6 months ago
Once again Danielle witness her cousin get her ass beat without helping, I can’t with these “cousins”
tamera williams
tamera williams 6 months ago
The war charmain started? girl u the one who hit her
LÉMIAHS AVENUE 6 months ago
That slap 👋🏽
Jaquana 6 months ago
if yall watch the fight in slow mo you can see charmaine dusty self getting her ass beat
Kiana Jonesk
Kiana Jonesk 6 months ago
I love lilly
gotto kboy gyspy gane
I love lily she go for real
Life with tanisha
Life with tanisha 7 months ago
Lily won
aidan garrett
aidan garrett 7 months ago
Lily is a little chode she definitely got bullied
Jade Matthews
Jade Matthews 7 months ago
Don’t like lily woulda beat ha
Tina Casey
Tina Casey 7 months ago
Damn I wish Donna was on this one
Seihara Major
Seihara Major 7 months ago
That slap was CRAZY
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