Lily Fights Gina | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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After getting into it with Brittany Slam and Bella Tatted, Gina provokes Lily who fights her over their responsibilities at 9MAG.
#BlackInkCHI #VH1
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Lily Fights Gina | Black Ink Crew: Chicago ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Jan 9, 2019




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Comments 80
TeaChannel 4 days ago
Lily: *tries to fight Sky and Donna* Sky and Donna: *SO YOU’VE CHOOSEN DEATH.*
Nyla Khan
Nyla Khan 6 days ago
Why is she wearing a wig when she's not even black or bald 🤣
Katasha Tidwell
Katasha Tidwell 6 days ago
She fights more than she do tats
E IKE 7 days ago
Is there an episode where they're actually inking a customer? Or the place is just a prop?
Jordan Simmons
Jordan Simmons 11 days ago
I think lily won
daniel lopez
daniel lopez 12 days ago
You know what would be a cool fight? Cola vs Donna now that’s a squab lol
Madlib Beats
Madlib Beats 12 days ago
Why do you have a cat Williams long hair man bun let's start there
Roy Jones
Roy Jones 15 days ago
I wish RUvid would stop hiding the damn comments
Genesis Argueta
Genesis Argueta 18 days ago
I like lily RT lol
through rihads life
Lol Ryan has an allah necklace
Günter P. Gunt
Günter P. Gunt 22 days ago
The should make white ink
Panta Rei 83
Panta Rei 83 25 days ago
The way women behave in 2020 is horrendous.. Black women in particular
Jana Tiamber
Jana Tiamber 26 days ago
Im sorry but the people in the comments talking about she needa fight this or that person is really irritating me like why yall so worried about who she fights? yall acting like yall at the scene.
Irma Caballero
Irma Caballero 28 days ago
I love lily 😂❤️
Miss White
Miss White Month ago
Ryan...so fine.
Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K
Honestly Lily would never fight Sky or Donna...she needs to pop them sometime
s_xoxo Month ago
Lol that rat “Gina swung on lily” but don’t mention lily threw water at her like a petty b*tch first haha
TyrranicalT-Rad Month ago
I wonder what colleges they went to . 🤔
Aisha McConnell
Aisha McConnell Month ago
Adelarene Guzman
I hate how they be recording they be reckrding otger people if u gon record the fight record the whole thing
David Martinez
David Martinez Month ago
They charge for tattoos lmao I won't get one from them if they did it free
Toi Dozier
Toi Dozier Month ago
thevelvetdead Month ago
“I tattoo, bitch.” 😂😂😂 I die everytime
Killahoe 187
Killahoe 187 Month ago
Lmao when Brittney got on Gina😂that’s loyalty right there
N L Month ago
just can never be white as much as you want to be 😂😂😂😂
Min yoongi Wife
Min yoongi Wife Month ago
Anyways that mans hair is slicker than I could EVER get my hair 😳
Melanin Beauty
Melanin Beauty Month ago
she picked the wig up and put it on the chair 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Marwa Month ago
go over there and stop talking sksksksksk🤣
YOUR PAPI Month ago
It’s sad how lily trying to get tough but she got her wig snatch
Lauren Winters-Wildey
"I'm sure you did first." 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Blah Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah Month ago
WWE need to hire those ho's
Naseam Isaac
Naseam Isaac Month ago
1/4 86 7 83
Amy arora aziz
Amy arora aziz Month ago
the wigs hahahahah
RAT Month ago
0:15 hahahah she listened
IZZY HewwoUwU Month ago
Lily thinks she tough that’s she fights “ everyone “ boi where’s her fighting Donna or sky??? Huh???
Mel 19 days ago
wtf she gotta fight them for theres 400 comments here talm bout why she dont fight donna or sky as if theyre even worried about her or vice versa get a job bozo lily got hands and im sure she'd whoop u any time of the day lmfaoo
Kaleigha Tv
Kaleigha Tv Month ago
If lily fought sky or Donna she would get rocked in 2 seconds 💀
thevelvetdead Month ago
Bella: “Gina, Ryan leaving” Ryan: “Cause I do what I want to that’s why.” Bella: “I’m telling her to hop.” 🐇🐇🐇 😂😂😂
alexander beryl
alexander beryl Month ago
People asking Lily to fight Sky or Donna. For what? Two different cities and shops. They don’t cross paths like that so I didn’t know how Lily would have a problem with either one of them. Y’all sound dumb
Jordan Robinson
Jordan Robinson Month ago
Gina fine ash
Emma Jane
Emma Jane Month ago
Gina got hands
Kay Jenkins
Kay Jenkins Month ago
Idc what any of y'all say it's lily and bella all day !!😂🖤🔐💙
Tranaijah Fonder
They boss a bitch
Tishta Lewis
Tishta Lewis 2 months ago
Girls always mad
Yo Soy El Mejor
Yo Soy El Mejor 2 months ago
Como me gustaría que fuera en español
Cwick Yo momma
Cwick Yo momma 2 months ago
White girl thinks she’s black. She is lost
Allen Ross
Allen Ross 2 months ago
They are so childish and so pretty and very immature and they suppose to grow ass adults SMH
Pretty Yaya
Pretty Yaya 2 months ago
Ion care I luv me sum lily she just bad n crazy 😭😭😭
Kayla 2 months ago
Every clip I seen of lily she’s fighting somebody. She need to sit her bareback ass down with that sloppy ass wig.
ania vlogs
ania vlogs 2 months ago
Lily can fight but can she beat up the girls from black in crew? New York
A G 2 months ago
Lovely. Grown ass weak minded people losing their temper over a few words....
Jeanette Foster
Jeanette Foster 2 months ago
Lilly thought she was gonna punk her out wrong bitch lmao
Chels Aye
Chels Aye 2 months ago
Their boss is a BUSTER lmfao whack ass nobody
Eddy127 2 months ago
Wtf was britini doing lmfao
ramon lara
ramon lara 2 months ago
Any why they dont take you guys seriously...
Kenya Harris
Kenya Harris 2 months ago
I mean, unlike Lilly she sucked the boss.
Max Shrapnel
Max Shrapnel 2 months ago
yo if a latina has a drink in their hand walk away they get animistic with alcohol in their system
I’m confused on why people fight tho
Andrea Peralta
Andrea Peralta 2 months ago
I barely watch the show but Gina looks so cute 😍 Lilly can stfu tho💀 with her fake hair.
LiNez Vu
LiNez Vu 2 months ago
Phew Let Sky Or Donna Get To Lily They Gon’ Tear That Ass Up.
Jozine simene simiah
Thank God Ryan let them go
Miss Victoria Alexander
Lily lost this fight
AbbieB Oom
AbbieB Oom 2 months ago
Lily you drink everyday stfu
De'Vontré Jones
De'Vontré Jones 2 months ago
Lily thought she was going to handle up on Gina. She was mistaken 💀
Jaqulyn Hines
Jaqulyn Hines 2 months ago
I wanna see Lily and Donna
LaTaya McKay
LaTaya McKay 2 months ago
I’m just convinced New York women fight better. We got hands like men. Hell we fight with men.
Artist God
Artist God 2 months ago
Bruh Gina was only pulling Nikki's hair and Lily's basically to
Artist God
Artist God 2 months ago
Bruh I despise Lily but Gina was getting on my nerves this episode and dressing and acting like she's tough but Again F lily 😂
Imani Floyd
Imani Floyd 2 months ago
Artist God some people don’t know how to act like the pay and mind yo business
bruno losi
bruno losi 2 months ago
teta pasa
Brandi D. Lewis
Brandi D. Lewis 2 months ago
His hair so damn pretty!
Chaketa Nicholson
Chaketa Nicholson 3 months ago
All of them are trash
Paige Toney
Paige Toney 3 months ago
She got hands idgafff
Kitten R.
Kitten R. 3 months ago
I love how they tried to jump Gina and she handled her own. Those girls were much bigger and didnt expect it
Jay Wash
Jay Wash 3 months ago
sry but I'm stuck y they all picking on gina
REAL N.W.A 3 months ago
Lily, Donna and Sky are ALL Virgos and fight the MOST😑 they have the worst critical attitudes, reminds me of my cousin and a few other Virgos I know smh
DreamWeaver 3 months ago
Phor seen this bephor lol
Shawn Haywood
Shawn Haywood 3 months ago
Gina: IF YOUR A MANAGER BE A BOSSS Ryan : go over there in stop talking 😂
layla -
layla - 3 months ago
a lot of people don’t like lily but don’t lie , her fights make the show more interesting . reality tv needs at least one personality like this bc without fights y’all would be complaining saying it’s boring . maybe if this show was known as a tattoo show it would be different , but we all know the only time they show tattoos is if a client doesn’t like it 💀
blackfire Stone
blackfire Stone 3 months ago
Gina was so unbothered
lovely blac
lovely blac 3 months ago
Lily u can't whoop everybody.. let me meet u
Slim 3 months ago
Can’t none of them fight 🗣🤣🗣
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