Lily Fights Gina | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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After getting into it with Brittany Slam and Bella Tatted, Gina provokes Lily who fights her over their responsibilities at 9MAG.
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Lily Fights Gina | Black Ink Crew: Chicago ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Jan 9, 2019




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Comments 100
Tod Mas
Tod Mas 23 hours ago
Ryan can’t even be the example 😂
Søuth African Goddess
Gina wasn’t afraid
Kali Celeste
Kali Celeste 4 days ago
Lily comes at the ppl who can’t fight.
Melriqua Jackson
Melriqua Jackson 4 days ago
Why Ryan snap on her like that infront of everybody?
Shaunaria Watson
Shaunaria Watson 5 days ago
I cannot stand lily
aysha b.
aysha b. 9 days ago
amourrtianna hill
amourrtianna hill 10 days ago
Captain Coco
Captain Coco 12 days ago
Since when did hitting people make you not be considered a doormat. Poor Lily I think she's a bit confused. And clearly terrified if she thinks violence is the answer - as that's just a cover up for her fear.
Cerean Eyre
Cerean Eyre 16 days ago
I feel bad for Ryan, his looking like a father trying to control his kids that won't stop arguing and fighting.
A Ballantine
A Ballantine 16 days ago
Imma say Gina handled them
Corbin McGann
Corbin McGann 21 day ago
I think Lily might just be a little slow. Not even insulting her just my take so far.
Pamela Renee
Pamela Renee 22 days ago
Gina can handle herself and she cute 👅
Avondre Poorman
Avondre Poorman 27 days ago
Gina is my type
Aleiya Ellison
Aleiya Ellison 28 days ago
I’m just now watching this but the girl with the wig saying her pay check more than the other girls but now she just potentially ruined her job over a fight and she didn’t even get that many hits in 🤦🏾‍♀️
SummerTime High
SummerTime High Month ago
How bout yall stop drinking all the time and throwing hands and actually tattoo. Too much drama for no reason. The common denominator is drinking. It should be no drinking anyway
Kelp Fish
Kelp Fish Month ago
Lily had a point about Ryan running his shop 😂 but she shouldn’t have thrown nothing on that girl. And she got beat up by Jen but she stepped up to her. So I’m sure she would step up to sky and Donna and get beat up lol.
Shaee Month ago
Imagine if Lilly tried to fight sky and Donna 😳 her life would be over with .
Precious Stewart
It’s a headache
Precious Stewart
This show is stressful
Itz Bubblez
Itz Bubblez Month ago
Ppl love talking bout tryna be a better person😂like look how grown you is you should’ve been that better person from time.
Jon Powell
Jon Powell Month ago
Ryan is a doormat. He gets walked all over
Cyn Month ago
Lily got my attitude not cute hahah💀 still love her 💙💙
Ryan’s priorities are fucced up
A V Month ago
She had a weave on da whole time I never wuda guessed that and picked on someone who didn't wanna really fight lol
Brenda Andrade
Brenda Andrade Month ago
Girls drama
Madison Barnes
Madison Barnes Month ago
I love Lilly
KittyInkel Month ago
I know this is tv, but Lily is immature. If you fight every time someone says things that you don’t like, you will be fighting all the time. You have to learn to let things go.
Danielle Mcleod
Danielle Mcleod 2 months ago
It’s Bella hopping like that 😂😂😂😂
hugo jones
hugo jones 2 months ago
Gina is the winner
QBee240 2 months ago
She’s like five times Gina’s size
Montana Skies
Montana Skies 2 months ago
If his ass wouldn't be messing w his employees he wouldn't have had that problem..js.
Stephanie Graf
Stephanie Graf 2 months ago
Hate lily with a passion
Ziyaplays 2 months ago
ryan is so mature for telling them o stop.
Nya Mariee
Nya Mariee 2 months ago
Lily need to grow tf up.
The Black Naruto Blog
I’m telling her to hop😂
Destiny Marie
Destiny Marie 2 months ago
What does Bella do anyway?
Akua Afryie
Akua Afryie 2 months ago
lily prettyyyyy 😍😍😍
Igee White
Igee White 2 months ago
aaron giang
aaron giang 2 months ago
There’s no actually good fighter in Chicago black ink the fighters are in black ink New York
aaron giang
aaron giang 2 months ago
Only Nikki and charmaine
shane Echuveria
shane Echuveria 2 months ago
Yung bae would drag lilly🤣
Lena Davidoff
Lena Davidoff 2 months ago
oh yeah yeah
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez 2 months ago
Lily had a good point about Gina. She always trying to check someone. She thinks she’s more superior. Let RYAN handle HIS employees. He signs their checks not Gina. As far as fighting this was a petty reason to fight.
Daja Robinson
Daja Robinson 2 months ago
Lily is insecure af . Sorry
Pretty Perfect Pagne
lily cant fight lol
eshanikole 3 months ago
Wow this is crazy😁😂😁😂
Reaper999 3 months ago
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low keyy
low keyy 3 months ago
they got the worst cast of black ink lmfaoooooo only black ink NY is the best
Joel Feliciano
Joel Feliciano 3 months ago
Poor Gina
Jada Spratley
Jada Spratley 3 months ago
I swear the girls on here were the absolute worst. I hated lily britany and whatever the other girl name was. Why you mad at Gina for doing her job?
Alyssa Sweeney
Alyssa Sweeney 3 months ago
Ryan useless asf
Majin Ally
Majin Ally 3 months ago
why do you think that?
Michael Christopher
Michael Christopher 3 months ago
Lmao lily got snatched 😂😂
Jaylin Lawson
Jaylin Lawson 3 months ago
That Was Ginas Fault. 😂😂😂😂😂 The Fights And Everything.
Majin Ally
Majin Ally 3 months ago
then had the balls to say “i’m just minding my business” 😭
Jaadan Malcolm
Jaadan Malcolm 4 months ago
not the bayanggg lily
Ale Le
Ale Le 4 months ago
You can’t give adults with undeveloped brains, jobs with basic rules.
Missy. jaee
Missy. jaee 4 months ago
"I tattoo bitch" 1:22
Honey Dripped
Honey Dripped 4 months ago
Gina was absolutely right. Lily acts so tough in my city. I know plenty that would’ve shut her up by now but then again, she knows who to buck to. She continues bringing toxicity & havoc. Like girl. Lol
Kayla Brown
Kayla Brown 4 months ago
Gina is so pretty
Kayla Brown
Kayla Brown 4 months ago
Lily low key met her match
optimistic bre
optimistic bre 4 months ago
Why are y’all bringing up sky and Donna like they have nun to do with nothing 😭
Majin Ally
Majin Ally 4 months ago
cuz if they had beef and fought, they would of dog walked lily. like ryan couldn’t even handle sky when they went at it
WillGotLit TV
WillGotLit TV 4 months ago
Anyone else notice how Gina grabbed Brittany’s hair?(Whatever her name is)
Ryan Wesley
Ryan Wesley 4 months ago
The fact that you guys are watching this and following the so called story... good God, get a hobby.
Aisja Jhasmin
Aisja Jhasmin 4 months ago
She totally admitted it ahahha I love lily
Kay kay 21 savage
Kay kay 21 savage 5 months ago
Exactly and lily she want to tell people to mind their business she never mind her business and yeah I agree she will never fight Sky or donna tho
ANTJ Gaming
ANTJ Gaming 5 months ago
Lily got the bayang
jazzy darling
jazzy darling 5 months ago
The way bella was bunny hoping😂
Braydan Anderson
Braydan Anderson 5 months ago
Lily got balls
Colorful yorkies & Biewers
I still don’t understand why they fire lily I mean yeah she was drama but a show need a drama stared in New York they have Donna Chicago should keep Lilly and Bella was funny
Jimin’s Jam’s
Jimin’s Jam’s 5 months ago
I was cheering Gina on through the screen😗
pyt nay
pyt nay 5 months ago
lily always picking on weak people .
Black_ canary x
Black_ canary x 5 months ago
Godforbid fight hoops
TopicsWithTheBlueOne_ TV
“ Bye “ 😂
Itsss Jay
Itsss Jay 5 months ago
Lily not the bay-ang 😂
LadyStarr AquariusZodiac
Goddamn!! Ryan fine as hell!!! 😻😻😻
La La
La La 5 months ago
When lily picked up her wig and put on the bat stool I died
Achante 💋
Achante 💋 5 months ago
You can’t lie though, Lily bad af!
Somaru Kimiko
Somaru Kimiko 6 months ago
Yo I love how the beat hit as soon as they fought oog
Real Lynń
Real Lynń 6 months ago
Ryan acting like he ALLL that and tuff idk I just don’t like him
January Babe
January Babe 6 months ago
Lol you can’t manage people if they act like that. No way.
QQNation 6 months ago
lily yanked that water at her like she was a kat gina came back and threw hands😂🤣
QQNation 6 months ago
beef going on around there dam🥊🥊
COAC 6 months ago
Yall women stuck on Ryan and his looks sound stupid. What good is a nice looking man if he he treat you like crap. He ain't it. Not by a long shot.
Sugar Bomb
Sugar Bomb 6 months ago
*Wig SNATCHED 😂🤣🤣*
Keke Nkwe
Keke Nkwe 6 months ago
Lily likes fighting
lenard smith
lenard smith 6 months ago
Oh brother
Janice Dickens
Janice Dickens 6 months ago
First of all...Idk what’s wrong with most these females. I’m not pulling hair. I’m SWINGING. PUNCHING. FOR REAL.
R C 6 months ago
O! Little do y'all know. Ryan fucked Gina lowkey. Catch! Trust me
0fficial Keyhari
0fficial Keyhari 6 months ago
Lily needs the silly knock out of her.
Maria Oquendo
Maria Oquendo 6 months ago
I could never behave like this for nobodies .... But it is fun to watch the dum dums....
Aracely Mata
Aracely Mata 6 months ago
Tamerra 6 months ago
The whole time they fightin I’m thinking, “Ryan fine af!” 😩
Bety Lo
Bety Lo 6 months ago
lmao damn gina accidentally snitched on herself with fucking with ryan
Jon O
Jon O 6 months ago
Trash still sells
_ Selené
_ Selené 6 months ago
Lily can’t fight but she will fight 😂
It’s Bella
It’s Bella 6 months ago
Lily said “nahhh let me beat the f**k out this stupid h*e” that was from when she fought Adrianna in Jamaica. I was like I remember that.
Meshaa Bankss
Meshaa Bankss 6 months ago
I would’ve fired ALL of they asses instantly. I’m a business owner not a babysitter y’all just here to be on tv.🙄
Marlon Martinez
Marlon Martinez 6 months ago
Tf they bringing up Donna or sky ? First Donna can’t really fight and why would sky fight her ? Ya pressed over a Mexican girl, always pressed 😂
Cheryl Dove
Cheryl Dove 6 months ago
I’m team Lilly
Dymel Miller
Dymel Miller 6 months ago
Or nicki
Taylor Robinson
Taylor Robinson 6 months ago
I liked lily in the beginning but now I don’t like her 🧐
Aurora Clintoy
Aurora Clintoy 7 months ago
I think Gina snatched her ass.
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