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A Little Late With Lilly Singh
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Lilly Singh's monologue from Monday, September 16 highlights the "bawses" who came before her and tackles how some people are afraid that minorities are taking over. And maybe… they are.
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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 80
junghun 28
junghun 28 11 hours ago
Squidward San
Squidward San 13 hours ago
Youre options were limited? No there are plenty of colored women role models. Good job for not giving the women any credit
Krostan 15 hours ago
in the soviet communist party, after stalin would make a speech, the party would clap for 10-15 minutes in fear of being shot by the NKVD, i believe this is also happening here with the audience
This is just so unfunny it slighty compromises my passion for comedy
CrackedEgg Day ago
Haha you are so funny said no soul ever.
John Doe
John Doe Day ago
This is horrible. How is this a show?
Lachlan McKinnon
that was horrible
FER Day ago
i'm brown but i can tell she hates white people she's too racist
GT Mijo Warrior
When 99 percent of audience reactions are fabricated 😐🤢🤮
Dena Day ago
Her i’m a bisexual minority is just an excuse to say her jokes are only for pre teen middle schoolers on youtube.
Greta Fick-Furlotte
Why are u guys hating so much she is just being herself don’t take your anger out on her because she could be having a bad day so hating might make her sad and that’s just rude
tim van der velde
nah her racism and sexism must be condemned
Sila Viliana
Sila Viliana 2 days ago
Can someone please cancel this show before lily goes even more further?
Matt Reaper
Matt Reaper 2 days ago
0:18 cut off laugh.
Evie Carlisle
Evie Carlisle 3 days ago
This show needs to be cancelled.
Hong Hong Hong
Hong Hong Hong 3 days ago
Honestly I think the audience don't really think it's entertaining they must be paid for this period.
AtomiX GG
AtomiX GG 2 days ago
they are actually.
Pranav Bharani
Pranav Bharani 3 days ago
By calling white people racist, you yourself are a racist. Well, you became the very thing you swore to destroy
Kozmy Porras
Kozmy Porras 3 days ago
Did anybody else get caner?
Kozmy Porras
Kozmy Porras 3 days ago
Wtf she is not funny at all bruh, how in the world is she famous
Layth 4 days ago
As someone who is a person of color, I honestly got angry when she said "white america is angry that minorities are going to take their jobs" Umm no one is mad that minorities are successful, because no one is racist except yourself
them bones be chilling
Uk what sucks some country does not allow this, like I tried my level best to watch the whole thing but still nothing .
204_df 4 days ago
This is so cringe to watch yikes! It hurts lol
Dana J
Dana J 5 days ago
She keeps insisting that she is more than a bisexual women of color and that media paints her that way yet all she talks about is her being bi and woc.
Karen 5 days ago
This ceiling was shattered a long time ago. Find a new one Wonder Woman. Also 2:21 when you say white people like that and say they are scared of diversity that is racist and you are cancelling out your statement for equality.
pepper pots
pepper pots 6 days ago
Wow I never knew amy Schumer had an equally unfunny indian version.
Whxxznlxvzr_ 6 days ago
I cant believe I just gave her views.
Saint Yupar
Saint Yupar 6 days ago
Why are you being so racist. This is not funny at all. All you keep saying for 4min is that you’re a bisexual woman of color. Okay. We get it. just stop it.
pink_potato44 7 days ago
There actually wasn’t even one joke in this video that isn’t about race... really disappointing to be honest.
Fish 7 days ago
Lily: “Like Greenbook” Audience member: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Theo Wner
Theo Wner 7 days ago
wow this is atrocious
Chase Alexander
Chase Alexander 7 days ago
White people jokes can be funny.. Dave Chapelle is one of the best at them.. But this shit... This shit is oversaturated with buzzwords and virtue signaling to the point were it feels more like a feminist poetry slam. How about just write funny jokes and leave the calling cards out of it?
rosalie 7 days ago
Guys did you know she’s a bisexual woman of colour?
Holland 6138
Holland 6138 7 days ago
Does she think that all white ppl just hate all ppl of color
JoeCnNd 8 days ago
What the hell is this crap, I'm gonna go watch some more prank calls.
Ray67 8 days ago
You’re doing nothing to help internet celebrities be taken seriously in the real industry. Also if you think you are on the same level or will ever be remembered in the same vein as other talk show hosts, you are hilariously delusional.
star kar
star kar 8 days ago
so racist wtf
V G 9 days ago
Hey lilly, I’m gonna give some constructive criticism, instead of talking about how ur not a white man, try talking about u being a RUvidr, u could talk about how different it is to host a late night talk show, and other stuff like that. I’m not trying to tell u to change ur whole show, I’m just saying how that could change the comments from, she literally only talked about being a women of color, to wow that’s so interesting that it’s so different!
5ANA 9 days ago
I think Amy Schumer got a tan
Christian Rodriguez
Brenden 10 days ago
What drugs did they give that audience. Gas them all
Brenden 10 days ago
Jacob Decker
Jacob Decker 10 days ago
Damn she really forgetting Oprah. I guess Oprah is white in her eyes
Rayyan Mistry
Rayyan Mistry 10 days ago
Makes Jimmy Fallon seem funny
Rayyan Mistry
Rayyan Mistry 10 days ago
She makes me want to be racist to my own people...
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 10 days ago
You know what, I’ll save you some time, no need to watch the whole show, I’ll give you a quick tl dr. She’s not a white man.
Rayyan Mistry
Rayyan Mistry 10 days ago
Wait no way? She should talk about it more.
Digital Bitch Slap
Digital Bitch Slap 10 days ago
The only reason it's hard for "white people" to see you on late night television is because you suck. We don't care what color you are #ArsenioHall. You are the ones that are obsessed with color.
Geronimo 10 days ago
Something tells me she doesn't like white dudes...
Rich Fleming
Rich Fleming 11 days ago
Watching this has turned me into an even bigger racist than I was before. Job well done
Oscar S
Oscar S 11 days ago
Ahh yes, racism.
ISEEYOU 11 days ago
As a minority, I must let everyone know that she is not representative of our political motivations. I don't hate white people, I'm fairly conservative, and I absolutely loathe the idea of remaking movies to have minorities in them just to push some shitty political agenda that we honestly don't care about. I've never watched any of my favorite movies and thought, "You know what this needs? More brown people."
Hugo Bustillo
Hugo Bustillo 11 days ago
White people am I right folks?
yesh s
yesh s 11 days ago
That awkward moment when your unlikes are more than likes uh oh
Seryna Bykewich
Seryna Bykewich 12 days ago
guys she’s indian i don’t know if u know but she’s a indian bisexual she didn’t make it very clear but she is
ruvie 12 days ago
Lilly, I am so sorry for the blatant racism, ignorance, sexism, micro/macro aggressions, prejudice you are receiving in these comments. More strength and power to you.
Adam Bassuny
Adam Bassuny 13 days ago
i remembered that nobody cares about this fucking show got that
Yoshimaniac 13 days ago
let me try to work a LAUGH into my schedule
Cheesehead Joe
Cheesehead Joe 13 days ago
As bad as Ellen may be, she’s way more tolerable than Lily
Nogo O
Nogo O 14 days ago
In about 2 minutes and 30 seconds she said by sexual woman of color 4 TIMES 4
She litteraly got a "gay" in her taglist. What a fucking idiot, the cringe is unbareable.
Mega Michael
Mega Michael 14 days ago
This is what happens when u surround yourself with people who tell you everything you do is a great idea
Tyler Torres
Tyler Torres 14 days ago
I honestly want to laugh, I want to support her... But she's just bashing any person that isn't a woman of color. I'm just ashamed that she's using this platform to bash white people and middle America. I'm a white male, and she's stereotyping me as a homophobic middle American color-hating bastard who's afraid that colored people are going to take my job? This is a perfect form of specific love. She hates white people because they have "oppressed her". Not all white people did that, so get off your high horse Lilly and make a show that NBC won't cancel next time.
Payton Burner
Payton Burner 15 days ago
So she thinks white ppl r scared of her.Like wtf
Goutham Mahesh
Goutham Mahesh 15 days ago
you can feel the anxiety in the "laughter"
Why 15 days ago
2:23 listen carefully
SL ARMY 15 days ago
I need the old Lilly back.....this one isn't funny anymore....
Aidan Attard
Aidan Attard 15 days ago
Her delivery of her ‘jokes’ just makes it 100x worse
Bertruder Bird
Bertruder Bird 16 days ago
This Is So Unfunny I Cant
Daisy Ispasoiu
Daisy Ispasoiu 16 days ago
Me watching this a year later like i thought we are trying not to be racist when clearly she is being racist to people of no color SAY WHAT this threw me off when she said, "You must be happy to be here too, just mostly the brown people because this was free to attend" like just because people were born without color we won't get a free ticket to your late night show! This is so racist. Don't think because you are a woman of color that gives you the right to discomfort people who are not. BY THE WAY I WAS VERY UNCOMFORTABLE WATCHING THIS.
Azeen 16 days ago
As a brown Canadian woman ive never felt more embarrassed and I apologize for this unfunny bullshit
shaz :3
shaz :3 16 days ago
lily * sigh *
Ajay Kushwaha
Ajay Kushwaha 16 days ago
ØCookieSquadØ UwU
Guys try to do a try not to laugh challenge It’s to hard....
May A. Hee
May A. Hee 17 days ago
“The media has mentioned I’m a bisexual woman of color” no, you did like every episode
Aarush Walia
Aarush Walia 18 days ago
MGEHD 18 days ago
kes e5t baye5tik bi sha3rat baydte
Salvador 18 days ago
Imagine being a straight white male in the audience
Sofia Carta
Sofia Carta 18 days ago
she is so funny i will laugh in 11 hours
Kermit Kroaked
Kermit Kroaked 18 days ago
What the hell. The racism against white people is unacceptable
Achilles94 18 days ago
It was said that Lily Ashley had planted people in the audience to make sure they laugh at her jokes... also it was said that times before her episodes whenever recording them that some of the producers went out to the audience and told them to make sure they laugh at her jokes because her viewers wouldn't think it was funny and if you watch her episodes or even some parts of Lily in her show that you can tell that the audience art for simile trying to laugh at her jokes... we can tell when a person is laughing fake or laughing real because if it were really laughing will be much louder... one of my two favorite comedians are fluffy and Angela Johnson.. their specials had me laughing on the floor so hard where I had to rewind the jokes but with Lilly Singh it's really not..... there is another Channel called epic rap battle and one of the videos had Wonder Woman versus Ray Charles and I thought they did a great job on that rap battle and it was awesome and I used to listen to all the time and even watched it on RUvid but when I never noticed is that Lily played Wonder Woman..... she does have talent but to me she's really anti-white especially to the white nails now don't get me wrong I think we should all laugh at ourselves but she overdoes it sometimes.... I grew up in California where I never consider myself as a white person will be a part of white people and I never looked at other people in that way before it never crossed my mind only their character coronavirus watching Lily scene.. you can't help but look at other people at their race because she talks about it so much and trying to put it down our throats..... I believe in equal treatment and equal opportunity and I don't care what race you are or what waste you're talking about because if you tree People based off of the race and you're racist to me
ExtMyTrap 19 days ago
Anyone come from Logan Paul?
AmazhangCorn 19 days ago
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