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Comments 80
LIL UZI VERT 15 days ago
Eternal Atake ➤ bit.ly/2JlDxe5
Christina Hightower
Wait uzi who the fuck are you
mex 45
mex 45 5 days ago
Yes dope music don't give up keep up the hype 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Edward Kinder
Edward Kinder 12 days ago
Uzi bro thanks for your inspiration I've been on my shit , doin lil shows and shit.I love all yo shit bro .Hope you staying safe ,away from that carona shit.
Metro 12 days ago
Robinson Henry
Robinson Henry 12 days ago
This will always be my favorite uzi song
XENIBABE 16 hours ago
Wtf why am I 3 years lateeeee
NM_ ZER0_ 17 hours ago
Hotel party for these bad hoes
Mundo Fifa
Mundo Fifa 20 hours ago
i still bump this shit , and it’s 2020 , we love you uzi❕
Celina Belinga Mengue
when Kim Kardashian is without makeup
Celina Belinga Mengue
soul Day ago
life was so much better 4 years ago
Banana Gaming
When My Dog doesn't see me for 18 years Him: 0:01
D i o r
D i o r Day ago
Uzi Lil vert: bottom
Angel Monroy
Angel Monroy 2 days ago
When Marcus sees reggie
Dylan Nard
Dylan Nard 2 days ago
When a new kid at school says hi to me
Angela Graham
Angela Graham 2 days ago
Beefchilly 3 days ago
Nobody: Instagram when you sign into your friend's account for the first time:
i wanna go back to 2016
Serenity Luxford
Serenity Luxford 4 days ago
Steven Eichhammer
Where did this uzi go we need him back
Mithu Sivarajah
Mithu Sivarajah 5 days ago
2020 gang
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 6 days ago
still poppin off to this song
Deathgodaxl 8 days ago
When u join ur friends Xbox/PlayStation’s party and their friends are in the party that u don’t know 0:00
Mediocre Cousins
Mediocre Cousins 8 days ago
Luv is Rage will always be my favorite and luv vs the world.
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 9 days ago
Random people when Super man puts on his glasses
Obey Wolf
Obey Wolf 9 days ago
Fire still
Fadhel Daniel
Fadhel Daniel 9 days ago
when you playing kahoot and your name is fjkadl;jadjkasjkldada
Fadhel Daniel
Fadhel Daniel 9 days ago
when your the only one without airpods
King Trevon
King Trevon 12 days ago
Robinson Henry
Robinson Henry 12 days ago
This will always be my favorite lil uzi song
Remiix 12 days ago
3:32 . When the Stuttering kid try to start the alphabet off ⏰
unsungtalent21 12 days ago
This joint need a music video
Asad Khan
Asad Khan 13 days ago
I agree.
Aicha G123
Aicha G123 13 days ago
Who else search who the fuck r u and thought Tripp’s redd made this
kcislove666 14 days ago
Yo why my shoulders movin????
svpra777 14 days ago
been a min since i heard this🔥
Joshua Herrera
Joshua Herrera 14 days ago
Joshua Herrera When I say hi to my brother Brother: stop saying hi to me bro you always say hi to me When my brother say hi to me: Me: 0:00
Bandai Gaming
Bandai Gaming 14 days ago
When you get rich and the middle school bully says “ Aye i knew him “
Th3earth L0rd
Th3earth L0rd 21 hour ago
@DENAY it's good
DENAY 11 days ago
Fr help me get to that level, they all laugh at me for following my dreams 😢 soundcloud.com/denay777/king
Tyson Wheeler
Tyson Wheeler 14 days ago
when pop smoke died everyone else "who tf are you"
DENAY 11 days ago
Sad 😞 but true
Mali NBA 7
Mali NBA 7 15 days ago
🥶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #GANG!!
Logan York
Logan York 15 days ago
Vibing to old uzi songs in 2020
Franjo Wilson
Franjo Wilson 15 days ago
Nike Mydell
Nike Mydell 16 days ago
I couldn't sworn this came out before 2016
Chris Atkinson
Chris Atkinson 16 days ago
Long Live Uzi
DENAY 11 days ago
He inspired me to do music soundcloud.com/denay777/king
Brittney Spangler
Brittney Spangler 17 days ago
to me and that one guy at the bar - Bethany College, Wheeling WV 2016
Evan8623 18 days ago
Still a banger in 2020
Dayis Grana
Dayis Grana 18 days ago
His subs are 666
Roberto Camacho
Roberto Camacho 18 days ago
Wanda: You took everything from me Thanos: 0:00
snoop dogg dank kush
Real Roskstar shit!!!!
BuggyKnox357 19 days ago
JROTC niggas when theres a sub in school
Trenton Disbennett
Trenton Disbennett 20 days ago
When you look at your ex
Joseph Campanelli
Joseph Campanelli 20 days ago
my grandma when I grow 1/2 inches
Sm Kaemor
Sm Kaemor 21 day ago
Always sing this song till this day
Toaster Bath
Toaster Bath 21 day ago
When someone turns up at your door during quarantine 00:00
DoPash _
DoPash _ 21 day ago
Susana bardales
Susana bardales 22 days ago
Still hearing this 2020
Wigga 22 days ago
Beat dropped harder than the ratchet girl I beat up
Joshie 22 days ago
Uzi had bad memory.🤷🏾‍♂️
Isiah Archie
Isiah Archie 23 days ago
3 years ago an still good
iceycold 23 days ago
when some random ass relative shows up and says you’ve grown so much at a family meetup
JosephTheGod 24 days ago
I’ve been listening to Uzi’s old tapes and I just gotta say, damn he made some fire every single year that he was active.
Estevan Hernandez
Estevan Hernandez 25 days ago
I wish uzi made a similar song to this on his new album
yeboi Q1
yeboi Q1 25 days ago
If you look at his name is says iluziver like Lucifer
c h a r z i e.
c h a r z i e. 25 days ago
uber eats after i make loads of accounts for free food 0:00
REadYGang H2o
REadYGang H2o 25 days ago
Eternal atake and the delux was trash. Really hurt my feelings after that long wait. Had to come back to this
i.am.daviddd 26 days ago
Who tf are you ayee
tyreek 27 days ago
here before the tik tok people raid the comments section
Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott 27 days ago
2020 gang were ya at
starwarsfan0904 28 days ago
0:00 Me when i pick up my iphone X after my 3 hour nap
28.Gixgi 3
28.Gixgi 3 29 days ago
Hotel party for these bad hoes For these bad hoes that Trip
fear me
fear me 29 days ago
He says he is A hoe wtf so like i can smash this short nigga btw i am a girl cap i am A boy who is 8 year old
Gee Tar
Gee Tar 25 days ago
You sound gay as hell
Dismeii 28 days ago
fear me tf does that even mean
Scad Ahmed
Scad Ahmed 29 days ago
Who the f* are you aye????
Sáya Lyfe’
Sáya Lyfe’ 29 days ago
Underrated Song🤷🏽‍♀️
Chris 414
Chris 414 29 days ago
Who here after Eternal Atake. It wasn’t what I expected bruh, Uzi obviously made it in like 2 weeks.
F 29 days ago
still fire in 2020 anyone else think?
YR Gotze
YR Gotze Month ago
2020 anyone? 🔥
Sheila Andrews
Sheila Andrews Month ago
When you with your main chick in the street and you run into your side chick and she comes up to you trippin
Christopher Palencia
Me when I’m in the wrong class:
Amg Landscaping
Amg Landscaping Month ago
When your mom runs into a old friend and she say omg your are bigger than I remember you
Amg Landscaping
Amg Landscaping Month ago
When u with your friend and your ex pull up and start talking to you
x Aslo
x Aslo Month ago
Came here cuz some kids in roblox playin this song earrape edition
ItsTuu Late
ItsTuu Late Month ago
Your meat when you switch hands.
Christopher argueta
When a drunk homeless man hugs you:
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