Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle 2020 [Official Music Video]

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Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle 2020
Download/Stream: Uzi.lnk.to/FutsalShuffle2020
Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:
Director: Jay Weneta
Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
Producers: Jonathan Coria, Robin Day, Brien Justiniano
Prod Co: FREENJOY and Streets Ahead Productions


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Jan 6, 2020




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Comments 44 055
Fernando Oliveira
Fernando Oliveira 55 minutes ago
juicy Dre
juicy Dre Hour ago
Me & the boys after 6 years old fortnite kid saying thay we cant do fortnite dances
pretty flacko
pretty flacko Hour ago
coronavirus in human body:
YoU Hour ago
If uzi dies too im done with rap
Active Lunar
Active Lunar Hour ago
Shit hot garbage
Awesome Ari
Awesome Ari 3 hours ago
I love u lil uzi and thank u for ur music🥰❤️
kk 5 hours ago
Are you serious ?(●__●)
Swervin X
Swervin X 5 hours ago
:( He is gonna sell his soul, In 2 years, I think we might say R.I.P.
KANİRON BEATZ 6 hours ago
TrapHouse Coach
TrapHouse Coach 6 hours ago
orbits no love
orbits no love 6 hours ago
Corona Virus Killing Everyone Me and the Boys - 1:27
orbits no love
orbits no love 6 hours ago
imagine if this shit dropped in 2016
Ahmed Ashraf
Ahmed Ashraf 8 hours ago
Lil uzi skirt
Juan Abreu
Juan Abreu 8 hours ago
Nobody: Spawn killers in shipment:
阿茶 8 hours ago
anime uzi😂
BROWN Crayon
BROWN Crayon 9 hours ago
So nobody gonna speak on how fire this song is 🤨
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown 12 hours ago
Girls at my school: “I am a germophobe.” The cockroaches at their house:
Rosario Silva
Rosario Silva 13 hours ago
Teacher: thats a huge cockroach Kid named roach:
Eco Zone
Eco Zone 13 hours ago
When your teacher says everyone has a test tomorrow but you'll be gone on vacation
Xziya Williams
Xziya Williams 13 hours ago
who else caught ayo and teo
Cash Christ
Cash Christ 14 hours ago
The end 🔥🔥🔥🔥 lol
Sita Ram
Sita Ram 14 hours ago
Looking like New🤨 be careful it's ☠️
Dab Lord Aka allah
Dab Lord Aka allah 14 hours ago
3:05 is all that needs to be said tho
Albert O.
Albert O. 14 hours ago
Protect Uzi at all cost
Mitchel Morrison
Mitchel Morrison 15 hours ago
When eternal a take dropping😴
Jay Expresso
Jay Expresso 16 hours ago
Nobody: Me and the girls on the court when coach isn't looking:
Richard Smoker
Richard Smoker 17 hours ago
kuivii 17 hours ago
we all know you made this so you could get into fortnite
War Ghost squad
War Ghost squad 17 hours ago
☠makes me want to pull a lil Uzi to my head ☠
ConfusedTom 19 hours ago
Me : **walks pass the Special Edd class** Special ED niggas :
Xy Tal
Xy Tal 19 hours ago
The demon in my bathroom when the power goes out:
The Potato
The Potato 20 hours ago
When the teacher tells u to get into groups for a project and you get the whole squad together, no one left behind.
Emmanuel Okeke
Emmanuel Okeke 20 hours ago
Veg v.
DoomShroom 19
DoomShroom 19 20 hours ago
go back to tik tok these comments arent funny
sharosky ?
sharosky ? 21 hour ago
me and the boys after a good blunt
kayla delamora
kayla delamora 21 hour ago
1:15 idk what dance they're doing but I f****** love it!!
Xsun 21 hour ago
And if we stick my little post)) Then our little gangster will see how much we are waiting for his revival
Orange Pootis
Orange Pootis 21 hour ago
When you overdoses vitamin gummies:
ronzki moula
ronzki moula 22 hours ago
yo this shit vanga
sergio flores
sergio flores 22 hours ago
These ain’t comments, these are memes
Voyager 22 hours ago
How it feels to chew 5 Gum
Aron Day ago
He looks cute because of his height
Stream Alive
Stream Alive Day ago
This beat sick man!!! This is Hip Hop EDM
Tyra Lewis
Tyra Lewis Day ago
kylins Day ago
What type of beat you want? Lil Uzi: You ever played Geometry Dash?
Original Hihi
Jamair Williams
Teacher: Everyone must succeed Kid named Ceed: 1:27
Skrappa Balla
Moves like Uzi 🕺🏽 soundcloud.com/skrappabandz/starstruck
Danny Tesfaye
The kid named BANGLADESH after teachers tells other they’re going to BANGLADESH
Jerrell Balwin
His Kurt Thomas was a 7. Nice B Boyin
Messy Wolf
Messy Wolf Day ago
Uzi is gonna die April 22 2020 just look at your clues🤔
Ben Holter
Ben Holter Day ago
Narduar on the track. 🔥
oxysz Day ago
Still waiting for the damn heavens gate album cover bruh
Schwarze Satire
Teacher: its time for sex ed Kid named Ed:
Kenny Albert
Kenny Albert Day ago
DDR niggas wildin out to this song
No one: 9 year olds when Pewdiepie gets back from break:
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Day ago
Thank you LMFAO...party rock anthem 2020
Leonardo Sanchez
YOU Reeeeeeeeeee Narward G.G Alllin the world would never know. You how you know all this Nardward: your lil uzi we have to know You: where Kanye *runs away from Narward Narward: DO DO DO LU YOU: DO DO Narward: THANK YOU!
ben Patrick
ben Patrick Day ago
When the rat in my kitchen finds some food in the cabinet open
retrix49 yt
retrix49 yt Day ago
When you finger like 3 of the vending machines and find money
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