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Lil Tecca’s “Ransom” has found a strong audience with more than 11 million RUvid views to date. The single is produced by Nick Mira and Taz Taylor. On the track, Lil Tecca raps about his flashy lifestyle.
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Jun 7, 2019




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Comments 12 334
Tamara Mckeal
Tamara Mckeal 2 hours ago
He is 16 and he cussing
Jonathan Melendez Vlogs
Ashley Murguia
Ashley Murguia 7 hours ago
Ur song is fire
Wyderkaa 8 hours ago
OMG i love Ransom 😍
Iced Tea
Iced Tea 8 hours ago
Sign lil tecca up to arts and raps
kome royal
kome royal 11 hours ago
I can imagine soooo good that he have a big sister
GTopiaWrld 20 hours ago
No autotune looks like the real one 😯👏
La Dz
La Dz Day ago
Archi mignonn
FlameEmber Day ago
this man is so humble
Im Vekai
Im Vekai Day ago
When he speak he explain a joke ?
Willy Pribawa
In indonesian Nerds have many friends for cheating in exams
Cory Adams
Cory Adams Day ago
Had we weak
Keziz AMV's
Keziz AMV's 2 days ago
Nobody wanna download This
Wtr Reborned
Wtr Reborned 3 days ago
Ano04nymous 3 days ago
He’s very happy when he isn’t held gunpoint
kyle Cam
kyle Cam 3 days ago
real voice legit
Cbugs32 3 days ago
Who’s watching after juice WRLD died
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards 3 days ago
Familang ting alive Toronto accent
Oreo' S
Oreo' S 4 days ago
Bruh he literally don't use no voice effects/auto tune
TegesO o
TegesO o 4 days ago
Lil tecca is the coolest nerd rapper EVER
Foxy The Pirate
Foxy The Pirate 4 days ago
Us Before Lil Tecca Made Ransom : Us After Lil Tecca Make Ransom : back up, he's a legend.
BlandPopcorn 4 days ago
lil tecca is probably the only “nerd” rapper is chill and just all-good
montre fletcher
montre fletcher 4 days ago
Made of whole song then explained how he was cappin
barrettmedhurst 5 days ago
Exotics Betta
Exotics Betta 5 days ago
ad astra
ad astra 5 days ago
Not gonna deny the Toronto tingz
undead x123x
undead x123x 6 days ago
Still pop in xans, it’s 2019 pour up the lean, got me stuck in a dream, I use to hit licks back in 2014 I got the ice on me drippin celean
Naiya & Juliette
Naiya & Juliette 6 days ago
Wow I can’t believe we lived 2 blocks away from eachother this whole time
CCTV_ COLE8309 6 days ago
Naiya & Juliette wait u lived 2 blocks away from Tecca?
3? ?
3? ? 6 days ago
He looks like a pug
dex ?
dex ? 6 days ago
It sounds better at 1.25
Hey You
Hey You 7 days ago
this dude a genuine teen, he doesn’t care for cars or chicks or none, he just wanna see how he can make music.
Nasier Morris
Nasier Morris 7 days ago
That intro tho.
James 7 days ago
It’s mad how he was inspired by juice then juice hoped on the remix
Gangsta Jay
Gangsta Jay 7 days ago
The I can relate, ppl at my school would sit there and laugh in my face then 3 days later they wanna da me up like nigga nnnoooo
UrNANsToeNails 7 days ago
Hay it's sid the sloft
ShadowClone Jutsu
He’s actually just really genuine and true to himself
OhTryAgain 8 days ago
Lil tecca's sound sounds like a ASMR
x Aurora x
x Aurora x 8 days ago
Av33ry 8 days ago
Sounds like he barely had autotune
Breezy Boy
Breezy Boy 9 days ago
He has two twin glocks. That means he has four glocks... 🤔
Michael Toker
Michael Toker 9 days ago
Btw this was made before juice wrlds death And R.I.P juice wrld
M. Morgan
M. Morgan 9 days ago
They ain’t even want me last week
Bape 8
Bape 8 9 days ago
People:nerds cant rap they trash Me:hah tecca rap Tecca:hold my glasses
I really like dude after this
WellzTheDude 9 days ago
Holy shit... how is this dude popping lmao are y'all serious tho?
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 9 days ago
Aww hes still a class nerd at heart, hes so respectful and he just wants to fit in the cool kids and its working, its cute.
Franky 10 days ago
Michael Grossi
Michael Grossi 10 days ago
If there was a transcript there would be no spaces in between each word he says.
Sam Double
Sam Double 10 days ago
Maybe the only person who has lil in the name and does not have a chain
ScripTz 11 days ago
Friend: can I have a picture of Michael Jackson?? Me: I got black I got white what you want
lps blue skye
lps blue skye 11 days ago
Love October
Love October 11 days ago
he sits so still 😭
Trxnnani 11 days ago
Isn't it I ain't done????
Jeremy Bonilla
Jeremy Bonilla 11 days ago
He actually sounds really good without autotune...
Kofun 12 days ago
He movin’ like a robot.
E P I C 12 days ago
Tecca just said that people who never liked him, just started liking him after releasing Ransom...
Brian Moore
Brian Moore 12 days ago
bro ive seen him in the Ymca before lmfao
Im not Carl
Im not Carl 13 days ago
1:20 I swear to all you people he said "done" and not dumb
zx_omb 14 days ago
Nobody: Tecca: yOu FeEl mE
Storm At Sea
Storm At Sea 14 days ago
Skipped right over the part about selling heroin and coke right into some dumb story about renting cars.
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