Lil Pump - "Drug Addicts" (Official Music Video)

Lil pump
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Drug Addicts Starring Charlie Sheen
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Jul 5, 2018




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Comments 100
supremesamthegoat 49 minutes ago
10 year old me when someone smoked next to me and i inhaled some of it
KING CAESAR 50 minutes ago
Lil pump the man the myth the LEGEND
30k Subscribers To Prove My Dad Wrong
mannnn i remember listening to this when this song came out.
Nadeem Akhtar
Nadeem Akhtar 9 hours ago
Once Charlie said that Jake is going to live with him forever here is the proof Charlie made Jake a drug addict
Francisco Felix
Francisco Felix 11 hours ago
Francisco Felix
Francisco Felix 11 hours ago
Delen laic putos
Theodore Douglas
Theodore Douglas 13 hours ago
2yrs later and i just realised that charlie sheen is in this video
LDC_ Eclipse
LDC_ Eclipse 16 hours ago
The police pull up to his house you take drugs laities and gentel man we got em
Antonio Ispas
charlie sheen come on come back in two and half men
Fachero ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ
If u are Listening To this song in this horrible Year U are A Legend
Marcos Rivera
yacts Day ago
lots of tic tacs
yacts Day ago
all of lil pumps songs are about drugs
MrBartman002 Day ago
2020 and this song still 🔥🔥🔥
Bradley Combs
I'm a drug addict.
Based Man
Based Man Day ago
Luna diss track lol
Ak-31 2 days ago
Ты зашёл сюда,потому что вспомнил о лил пипе и хотел посмотреть если новый клип 😶,но его нету и ты зашёл на этот клип как и я)))?
india brown
india brown 2 days ago
Make this hit 1B views like Gucci gang 🔥
WAFFLE Esports
WAFFLE Esports 2 days ago
lil pump: took too much drugs forgot what happened Sheen: if you forgot it probably wasn't important.
michel leveque
michel leveque 2 days ago
kaya gameplayer
kaya gameplayer 2 days ago
I smoked a leaf yesterday with my freinds and nothing happened
Chris's animal world
Guy really made this cause he was but hurt from luna 😂😂
Fnx_SUCk 2548
Fnx_SUCk 2548 2 days ago
This nigga change not getting more views
Rocco210 2 days ago
Charlie sheen definitely got paid in powder for this shit 😂💀
dave ftra fap 2020
Wtf is this crap is this ameant to be rap fs nas was rapping the street codes rules and facts at this age this is proper shit a friend referred me to this i think il unfriendly him now ✌️
Nash henry
Nash henry 3 days ago
Charlie Sheens son lol.
Evil Contrast
Evil Contrast 3 days ago
Making a song about being a drug addict not the best flex
legend b
legend b 3 days ago
Can't see Charlie sheen stoop to such levels.
Raissa Campos
Raissa Campos 3 days ago
Quem ta ouvindo em 2020 em??
Zoinks 4 days ago
Alice in wonderland
Epic Aj
Epic Aj 4 days ago
Any one here form luna?
Aldahir Arceo
Aldahir Arceo 4 days ago
Adictos alas drogas💀💎💊💉🚬
Recep Trump
Recep Trump 4 days ago
Buralarda olan bir Türksen Türkiye`de olan çakmalarına itimat etmiyorsundur.
Loudovikos Woldberg
Lil pumps parents r still waiting for his first words
Yiğit Beyzadeoğlu
He is such a fucking talentless I love it
BOSCA GAMING 5 days ago
Khaiman 420
Khaiman 420 5 days ago
Marijuana 420
Fernando Soto
Fernando Soto 5 days ago
Yo soy el único latino q a escrito jajajajajajaj
Jade 5 days ago
LOL was this make as a subtle disstrack to Luna?
Xs_Demon 5 days ago
who else just randomly remmembered this song xd
xoFaithox 5 days ago
imagine glorifying stuff that kills people everyday 🤔
Justin T-P
Justin T-P 5 days ago
If drugs didn’t exist, lil pump won’t exist
Justin T-P
Justin T-P 5 days ago
Geoffrey Njuguna
Geoffrey Njuguna 6 days ago
Who else listening to this on a Sunday😂
El impostor Hdsptm
No se que dicen pero mienten :v
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 6 days ago
this was actually a good song
ROBERT CHAVEZ 6 days ago
what bout LSD
KL3PTO Fr3drica
KL3PTO Fr3drica 6 days ago
1863 anyone?
TheLifeOfRappers 6 days ago
Song still goes hard in 2020🔥🔥 who agrees??😮🤔
Junior Kálo
Junior Kálo 6 days ago
welcome back charlie shen i dont remember this episode of episode of two and a half men
8loop 69
8loop 69 6 days ago
2020 and this still very good Belive it🌟
Jake King
Jake King 6 days ago
Sorry to say I'm won you smook at 11 i start smooking when i was 8
lgarla23 6 days ago
Promoting drugs is retarded. With all the kids dying of fentanyl overdoses its shocking they don't censor this?? Im a former addict this shit aint cool believe that
Aiden Cleveland
Aiden Cleveland 7 days ago
Aiden Cleveland
Aiden Cleveland 7 days ago
steven Martinez
steven Martinez 7 days ago
Charlie sheen of course didnt he get kicked from 2 and a half men for drug use, and being a alcoholic.
MidKnighToker -Steve-
Seriously fucking love the pro drug anti school theme. PR for the label must been shitin bricks 🤣
kaya gameplayer
kaya gameplayer 7 days ago
1:47 pump I wish I could to tbh Itodsy we have a a broken computer and you have to take it apart to find stuff and I gto it and just snapped it in half I was bleeding alot from the class but now I'm exclueded
kaya gameplayer
kaya gameplayer 7 days ago
1:08 this poor old man he's dead
Dinny Skip
Dinny Skip 7 days ago
The fact that Pump got Charlie Sheen for this is fucking awesome hahaha! Killer beat too
Izabella Shiver
Izabella Shiver 7 days ago
CloutGum 7 days ago
This guy be playing GTA in real life
khrich studio
khrich studio 6 days ago
Copied from esskeetit lol
play gaming
play gaming 8 days ago
This song make me want to do drug.
Matt Martin
Matt Martin 8 days ago
I just jumped 7 feet on my head perfect head stand Dumb duck
Rodrigo Carrera
Rodrigo Carrera 8 days ago
wel come
Alejandra Ramos
Alejandra Ramos 8 days ago
Beatiful 🥰🥳
IRS 9 days ago
Just realise 2 fucking years later that is charlie sheen
Tony The Kid
Tony The Kid 9 days ago
Llevó dos años escuchando está rola y nunca me di cuenta que Charlie Sheen salía en el videoclip Jajaja
uhhh Nexia
uhhh Nexia 9 days ago
Don’t use The Lords Name in vain
Burt Bobain
Burt Bobain 9 days ago
This beat crazy af. Without drugs
Lil bomb
Lil bomb 9 days ago
Lil pump🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 6ix9ine🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lil Tay 😫😵🤢🤮 Lil baby🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Gunna 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Migos 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🔥🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Lil bomb
Lil bomb 9 days ago
This video is not for kids
CohenMGE 9 days ago
This makes me think to divide the amount of candy by the number of people
VEE LONE 10 days ago
Everybody in my hood is drug addixts
Neukölln44 10 days ago
spidey 14 yt
spidey 14 yt 10 days ago
At least it's better than some blueface songs
CleverFN 10 days ago
Who's watching this in October 2021
Igor Jonathan
Igor Jonathan 10 days ago
Salve alguem brazil
FILHO DO BC RAFF 8 days ago
Febrie Pradana
Febrie Pradana 10 days ago
Purrp purrp wow wow wow drugggg addicccttt puerrrrrrppp
Lil bomb
Lil bomb 11 days ago
Drugs can get you dizziness in strokes and you just die the people don't give a s*** to my man you better watch out
Lil bomb
Lil bomb 11 days ago
This music video was released before 4th of July
Mr Mouse789
Mr Mouse789 11 days ago
What isn’t this is a dish track on Luna
Kallista Gonzalez
Kallista Gonzalez 11 days ago
this song is hard damn
BBG Quintin
BBG Quintin 11 days ago
The way he said (huh ) that boy that boy SUS 🥶😂
Safer Ahmed
Safer Ahmed 11 days ago
الاغلب حزين اسمعوا المقطع ذا والله غصب عن همومك وحياتك وكل شيء يتطمن قلبك ruvid.net/video/video-0m-dyZyUTnQ.html
MOUNTAİN DEW 12 days ago
You know why there isnt any comments aboyt charlie cause the audiance is 10 to 12
Mati's Memes
Mati's Memes 12 days ago
If you're still listening to this song in this horrible year, you're a legend.
Mirko Vlajković
YRNviolación 3 days ago
Griffin Holmes
Griffin Holmes 4 days ago
Griffin Holmes
Griffin Holmes 4 days ago
Hujahu hu
Hujahu hu 7 days ago
You're a legend with that profile pic
Landon Was Here
Landon Was Here 12 days ago
He is gonna die young
Snippets of Music
Snippets of Music 12 days ago
Jessie Silva
Jessie Silva 13 days ago
Imagine if the human race became extinct and this was the only evidence of humans.
Elmerrack Games
Elmerrack Games 13 days ago
Lil pump saying he doesn't listen to anyone Post this a week after Luna called him a drug addict
Miguel 4Rm4NDo
Miguel 4Rm4NDo 13 days ago
Alch la única canción que me gusta de este vato
Vale Ruvandela
Vale Ruvandela 13 days ago
Dhruv Bala
Dhruv Bala 13 days ago
Shit @Luna
Паровозик Томас
есть кто нибудь сентябрь, из России?
Jack Doyle
Jack Doyle 13 days ago
Anyone else hear from Lunas vid 😂
Oction 999
Oction 999 13 days ago
who came from luna lol
Emmanuel Zúñiga
Emmanuel Zúñiga 13 days ago
You addicts drugs??
Niko Agustin Balilihan
I swear to God This song hit harder when I was in 9th Grade ahhahhaa hits different now I'm in 12th grade
Atikin Atikin
Atikin Atikin 14 days ago
traper trapper
traper trapper 14 days ago
Wya 🐐 pump
Colton Freed
Colton Freed 14 days ago
Love your song Lil pump it has so much nice be in it and I can tell you put a lot of effort in it and for me will you please stop doing drugs and it messes around with you and it's not cool cuz it's bad for you so please stop doing it and smoking make your lungs black play fortnite with me please respond bye
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