Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

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Official video for Lil Nas X’s Billboard #1 hit, “Old Town Road (Remix)” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.
Special guest appearances from Chris Rock, Haha Davis, Rico Nasty, Diplo, Jozzy, Young Kio, and Vince Staples.
Listen & Download “Old Town Road (Remix)” by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus out now: smarturl.it/billyrayoldtownroad
Amazon - smarturl.it/billyrayoldtownroad/az
Apple Music - smarturl.it/billyrayoldtownroad/applemusic
iTunes - smarturl.it/billyrayoldtownroad/itunes
Spotify - smarturl.it/billyrayoldtownroad/spotify
Official Merch: smarturl.it/lilnasxmerch
Director Calmatic
Producer Candice Dragonas, Saul Levitz, Melissa Larsen Ekholm
EP Bryan Younce
DP Ryan Marie Helfant
Production Designer Christian Zollenkopf
Art Director Itaru Dela Vega
Lead Horse Wrangler Scott Perez
Costumer Catherine Hahn
Editor Calmatic
VFX Company Electric Theatre Collective
Original Score Ian Hultquist
Sound Design Matt Yocum
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May 17, 2019




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Comments 331 407
ZxScore 21
ZxScore 21 7 minutes ago
Filiz Eken
Filiz Eken 11 minutes ago
Süper olmuş bu arada burda tek türk ban miyim
Semih Gebes
Semih Gebes 16 minutes ago
Alayınıza goyum
Jorge Almaraz
Jorge Almaraz 20 minutes ago
Lil nas x ...is the man
Okunlola Peter
Okunlola Peter 36 minutes ago
Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Rizal
#Reach1BillionViews in this year immediately. Good luck.
Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Rizal
Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Rizal
I wish that #LilNasX must win Best New Artist at #2019AMAs. Good luck.
amazing world
amazing world 39 minutes ago
Best song of 2019. No 1 song
Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Rizal
I wish that #LilNasX must win big in 2019 #AMAs
Tawanda Sanders
Tawanda Sanders 43 minutes ago
josia 09
josia 09 52 minutes ago
Like als je Nederlands ben
erika oliveira
erika oliveira 58 minutes ago
quem e brasileiro e veio pela musica sentou e gostou do mc jottape da like
ava mak
ava mak Hour ago
Freezes Hour ago
FTG 10
FTG 10 2 hours ago
This so good 👌
ali moshtak
ali moshtak 2 hours ago
2019: i got the horses in the back 2099: i got the cars in the back
Ярослав Скоморохов
Nek 9
Nek 9 Hour ago
Sensei T Murisa
Sensei T Murisa 2 hours ago
my life is a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Gorner
Brandon Gorner 3 hours ago
love this song
SniperLord5 3 hours ago
Anybody else notice he was drinking yee-yee juice? 4:30
Critzcal 3 hours ago
I heard Panini at the background at 2:46
brincando com a regina
Jennifer Lavigne
Jennifer Lavigne 3 hours ago
Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Rizal
Dion Savana
Dion Savana 4 hours ago
Diplo is here?wow
ELA YILDIZ 4 hours ago
Ula berjan
Josue CJ
Josue CJ 4 hours ago
Like si vienes por el autotune
Lucky Tree
Lucky Tree 5 hours ago
I am Thailand สุดยอด
MissesKitty 5 hours ago
I love watching pom you that read wrong you read that wrong too you read that again to check if it was wrong (always gets me)
Anas AP
Anas AP 6 hours ago
Play music 2:00
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns 6 hours ago
0:31 That guy talking sound like Marty from Madagascar
Editer Codder
Editer Codder 6 hours ago
*Song **1:47** Start*
Ishak Ishak
Ishak Ishak 6 hours ago
Nigaaaa نيغااااااا يقيو
crimson ghost
crimson ghost 6 hours ago
There is no god
game over
game over 7 hours ago
Aradığın o Türk yorumu
coolfox376YT 7 hours ago
dead channel
dead channel 7 hours ago
When he said "i dont know man" i really felt that
Irina Rosca
Irina Rosca 8 hours ago
3:57 is Brad Pitt?
Ionel Ionel
Ionel Ionel 8 hours ago
10 milion like's..🏇
Ramada Patria
Ramada Patria 9 hours ago
Feelkoplo 😁
ElPepsi Man
ElPepsi Man 9 hours ago
Pinche Vinicius Jr ahora canta el wey con el papa de Hannah Montana :v
Richard Kulba
Richard Kulba 9 hours ago
Trent Teznor just is always full of surprises
Lone Wolf1847
Lone Wolf1847 10 hours ago
The guy was complainin about loosen and lil bad was aight what ever and who noticed panini in the background or that part?
Mama Papa
Mama Papa 10 hours ago
yeah teke my horse
myplayer Grafilo
myplayer Grafilo 10 hours ago
I'm gonna take my horse to the public toilet road
Joshua Shultz
Joshua Shultz 10 hours ago
That poor Boi at the start....... Crack baby
Joshua Shultz
Joshua Shultz 10 hours ago
Mrs yhaty?
LUCAS 20 11 hours ago
Me imagino esta cancion en la de logan viejo epicoooo
Lyrics phantom
Lyrics phantom 11 hours ago
Leave a like for this song ☺️. Really love this song
jodie thomson
jodie thomson 12 hours ago
the girl lol
julian velasquez
julian velasquez 12 hours ago
Billy ray no es el papa de hana montana ?
EpicJake 13 hours ago
It was good until it got to the elementary schools
Edna Cartagena
Edna Cartagena 13 hours ago
I loved you song
baby Joe
baby Joe 13 hours ago
Lil Nas X is gay
Jul Martínez
Jul Martínez 13 hours ago
Mebusta Mevoi. De. Aquí. Jaja Te. Trolie
itskesskid 13 hours ago
OMG I JUST realize the boy who said Mama is the boy from Lil ron ron
king jaysterr
king jaysterr 14 hours ago
If you listen closely when the girls dancing on the horse you can hear them playing old town road
Dean Northcott
Dean Northcott 14 hours ago
I love you lil nas x!
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