Lil Mosey - Live This Wild [Official Music Video]

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Lil Mosey - Live This Wild
starring The Mula Gang twins. Shout out my brothas for the inspiration
Certified Hitmaker out now:
Listen: smarturl.it/LilMoseyCTM
Spotify: smarturl.it/LilMoseyCTM/spotify
Apple Music: smarturl.it/LilMoseyCTM/applemusic
iTunes: smarturl.it/LilMoseyCTM/itunes
#LilMosey #LiveThisWild #CertifiedHitmaker
Music video by Lil Mosey performing Live This Wild. © 2019 Interscope Records


Published on


Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 9 225
Jacob Spencer
Jacob Spencer 2 hours ago
Good song
keayon 3 hours ago
Im gay
n04h 4 hours ago
i swear lil mosey gets the hottest girls in his music videos yet hes underaged😂
Chris Atkinson
Chris Atkinson 5 hours ago
Dis Straight 🔥🔥🔥
Dani P
Dani P 5 hours ago
ya te pillaré
ATG STORYTIME 6 hours ago
0:32 i bet he was checking out lil mosey
Kool Gamez
Kool Gamez 6 hours ago
Mo Stack sample ?
Fara Elie
Fara Elie 7 hours ago
Fara Elie
Fara Elie 7 hours ago
¿epic? 8 hours ago
When he said "imahunnehbiladimachow" i felt that
Dean DiMickele
Dean DiMickele 9 hours ago
I want to personally thank ur dad for not using a condom
Boss Nass
Boss Nass 9 hours ago
like to release blueberry faygo
Jesus Tadeo
Jesus Tadeo 11 hours ago
I think this was shot in Louisiana comment if u from Louisiana 🐊🐊🐊🐊
Javion Jones
Javion Jones 11 hours ago
like i whant to live with him ooooo
Javion Jones
Javion Jones 11 hours ago
i ;love lil mosey i wish i was rich like him i love him so much
Vicky Pena
Vicky Pena 11 hours ago
Happy birthday 😘💙💙 January/25/2020
Dayday Baller
Dayday Baller 12 hours ago
That Jayden Nxgga
That Jayden Nxgga 13 hours ago
the twins that sung this in the video mi just peeped
Elias Aldana
Elias Aldana 13 hours ago
I Lettie people 😥😥
Nawaal Maxamed
Nawaal Maxamed 15 hours ago
You will geT srtaigth A's👌👌
Zumen Urdaneta
Zumen Urdaneta 20 hours ago
Really nice song
Dederius Langford
Dederius Langford 21 hour ago
So he remixed the billion dollar child song
Aquiles Aragort
Happy Birthday ♥
Revxnge God ϟ
Mosey gang😈
Chaneli Williams
Who else thinks he is soo god dame cute🧡🧡🧡
Mula gang
mia db
mia db Day ago
how can he be that white but that black ....
tyler the ventilator
mosey : *releases good song* fortnite kids: hmm yes, m o n t a g e
callme jaydon
I love your new song
Niki Day ago
lil mosey: i was born to live this wild me: i wa bo du li di waa
kierstenツ Day ago
Matt Thompson
You stole this from mula gang
Ziahlikesports 0711
This is fire
YK The Gamer
YK The Gamer Day ago
Did two kids make this song first? I seen it years ago or am I tripping
Female Rap
Female Rap Day ago
Lil Mozart
Thomas Schneider
Thomas Schneider 2 days ago
All I heard was. Ima hunadrend band on a child uhh
ArchieJovert Noveda
My favorite Rap artist Yeahh
iEynx 2 days ago
0:44 poor alligator 😞
Lilperplex-guy Perplex
I was born to live this wild
Jitterkill 2.0
Jitterkill 2.0 2 days ago
Lil mosey needs to stop getting backlash
Manaaa Babyyy
Manaaa Babyyy 2 days ago
So this doesn’t sound like Mula gang 100 bill child ? 😭 stealing songs
Danyal Hussain
Danyal Hussain 2 days ago
Mo Stack vibe or what
Uzis ,n, Mac 10s
Uzis ,n, Mac 10s 3 days ago
Injusptt u piutsomeumiawondollarewsonmuanekkwace pure bars
Uzis ,n, Mac 10s
Uzis ,n, Mac 10s 3 days ago
Why this beat sound like earth tho?🤔
Hayden Allison
Hayden Allison 3 days ago
idk if u want to live in the wild, usually there's swamp thots. not his
ghettogamer122 3 days ago
ok but is we not gonna talk about lil mosesy glow up
Dayvon Welch
Dayvon Welch 3 days ago
He stole mula gang flow smh i hunnid billon dollar child
Planck Kelvin
Planck Kelvin 3 days ago
Алим Тливасов
Girls Instagram pls🙂?
Joshua Calma
Joshua Calma 3 days ago
He looks like a 9 year old boy when those ladies start closing up on him lol.
Zelen Kips
Zelen Kips 3 days ago
GG A1+A1
Castro Finesse
Castro Finesse 3 days ago
This hook stolen
TMS 3 days ago
Cant wait for the english version
extrodinary jay
extrodinary jay 4 days ago
"I feel like the man, man of yea....." Oh wait wrong lyrics
Yung Rell
Yung Rell 4 days ago
He stole this song from Mula Gang 🤦🏾‍♂️
Lj love
Lj love 2 days ago
There in the vid 0:27
Jaedan 4 days ago
Mosey: I’m a hundred billion dollar child Me: imma hunda bin la chow
Jaedan 4 days ago
He’s blacker than the blackest guy alive
Rhonda JONES
Rhonda JONES 4 days ago
mula gangg💯💯💯
JaMarri Jackson
JaMarri Jackson 4 days ago
Y’all 0:27 do y’all see mula gang
Anna Bui
Anna Bui 4 days ago
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