Lil Durk - Watch Yo Homie (Official Music Video)

Lil Durk
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Aug 2, 2020




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Comments 100
Lil Durk
Lil Durk Month ago
im just reminiscing bout my old life
Betty Milton
Betty Milton Month ago
Im sorry but i think you predicted fbg duck death you said Duck and polices and watche yo homies im confused
Amir Brown
Amir Brown Month ago
Love u
Ej almighty
Ej almighty Month ago
norberto paulo bento
you sent killers to FBG Duck dawng, no cap, you should solve your issues, not kill Him
Tashaun Hilliard
This the Durk I remember that separated him from all the others! The pain the struggle the reminiscent times when I’d spin a op block ya know! U n Von the hardest in chiraq no doubt in my mind!
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Hour ago
2:04 bruhhh what
Shark bait
Shark bait 7 hours ago
dam dog jus shed a tear listenin to this ..... big mon ting
Anna Olson
Anna Olson 8 hours ago
OTF 4 life
c c
c c 8 hours ago
I’m only here because a Reddit user claimed this song was affiliated with duck’s death
SFG Productions
SFG Productions 9 hours ago
Best part of the video... 2:04
Charlie Bloodyred
Charlie Bloodyred 21 hour ago
My brother got killed by his homie somebody he called his brother now I'm alone 2 months ago love u twin long live Dro
jemiah 94
jemiah 94 22 hours ago
R.I.H duck 🕊️
WeGot Bags
WeGot Bags 22 hours ago
Aaliyah Mcwilson
Aaliyah Mcwilson 23 hours ago
He's the goat
struthut Day ago
the poor guy
Raneisha Thomas
Bitter Passions
Bitter Passions 2 days ago
Sparta Sparta
Sparta Sparta 2 days ago
Vybing everyday rapworld!!!!
Wizard Kandy
Wizard Kandy 2 days ago
Wanna see the family members who turned up and shitted on me
cesar Marquez
cesar Marquez 2 days ago
Durk looks like a woman from the back
Strip foe me
Strip foe me 2 days ago
Kareem Abdul
Kareem Abdul 3 days ago
@2:03 hahahahahahaa 😂🤩😂😂😂😭😂
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 3 days ago
This Song Hit Different, Durkio is in the Top 3 Don't Sleep. On God 🎶💯
Dustin Posey
Dustin Posey 3 days ago
Who da Fuq c doing nis' nigga tracc's!!This beat is Pricelss,frfr..200!!
acesa57 3 days ago
He been going hard for a min ...the underdog winners ……… keep it up lil Durk-- you deserve everything that’s coming to you! Keep it going !
Andrea 3 days ago
Real shit! Chi shit♥️
Carmello Giernacky
Dillyan Dubray
Dillyan Dubray 4 days ago
Road to riches god bless you brother @LilDurk song hits hard
Shay Campbell
Shay Campbell 4 days ago
I’m just trying to heat the crib with the stove light 😭😭
Have a Laugh TV
Have a Laugh TV 4 days ago
JJ Plays
JJ Plays 4 days ago
Alizh'e Calloway
Alizh'e Calloway 4 days ago
Lil Durk u inspired me and a few other rappers ima be a rapper im already rappin and im 12 thanks durk/fom Lil Ca$
I'ma Fan
I'ma Fan 4 days ago
I be hearing from peeps this song applies to Duck cuz they think Ducks own ppl backdoored him for bread like me idk it cud be true or not
Alale Kasim
Alale Kasim 5 days ago
thealmighty dies
thealmighty dies 5 days ago
The name RInG BELLS!!!! Rip big boss fredo🔥❤️🔥❤️
Evan Jackson
Evan Jackson 5 days ago
Watch yo homie
Cuz got CRUNCHED I hope he cool😭
Amari Banks
Amari Banks 5 days ago
New Leo
New Leo 5 days ago
If you listen to durk you gotta shop at offthahip.com 🔪🔥 BIG facts
Wavy Babyy
Wavy Babyy 5 days ago
Bre Da khidd
Bre Da khidd 5 days ago
Listening to throwbacks like
Thearthur Scott
Thearthur Scott 5 days ago
Who fell off the 4wheeler 🤕😂
Jake Hart
Jake Hart 6 days ago
I really hope this dude don’t get life
Nasir Tomlin
Nasir Tomlin 6 days ago
I be feeling like that i’ll be going through some things
lebron jordan
lebron jordan 6 days ago
Homies really be 💥💥🎯
Mobz15 6 days ago
Durk: "watch yo homie" 2:04 was he really watching him thou?👀😂
Masku - Senpai
Masku - Senpai 7 days ago
2:04 Durk certainly ain’t watch him
Johnny Dotson
Johnny Dotson 7 days ago
The video is very amazing and very action
Dimo Jing
Dimo Jing 7 days ago
i hope the homie in da back okay
IP153D 7 days ago
Ramen noodle head ass
Sonia Deveau
Sonia Deveau 7 days ago
no way
selena sipra
selena sipra 7 days ago
Scarlet Harmison
Scarlet Harmison 7 days ago
June Walker
June Walker 7 days ago
micheal faraday
micheal faraday 7 days ago
Stephan Official
Stephan Official 7 days ago
saw it OTF
Celebtainment 7 days ago
Dude on that bike dam near crippled after that crash 🤦🏾‍♂️
iScorpio Gaming
iScorpio Gaming 8 days ago
Best Rapper Alive! 💪🏽🦅🎤😈
S M 8 days ago
This full is a bully
Samus 9 days ago
69 : hein ?
saint nation
saint nation 9 days ago
Durk,u keep sneak diss 🐀9
Lorenzo Vacca
Lorenzo Vacca 9 days ago
Lil durk this man is the legend 🤯😱🇺🇲🇺🇲👌👌👌👌
daniel 9 days ago
Prison too long..fuck it I'ma keep ramon noodles in my life..hair
Connell IVY
Connell IVY 9 days ago
Life with Terrion
Watch how you call you’re homie
Mohammed Rahman
Mohammed Rahman 9 days ago
If you a real durk fan hit my dm at instagram if you tryna see the fyee edit i made from this video its hard asff @yrn_brownboy
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 9 days ago
Durk raw af king von his team strong 💯🐐
Darryl Clark
Darryl Clark 9 days ago
2:03 "You was chose"
John john
John john 10 days ago
Loise Ngugi
Loise Ngugi 10 days ago
My boyfriend whom we’ve been through alot just locked me out in the backyard so he could cheat with another girl.As i type this they are smashing but what do you know????Watch ya homies even than man you got in yo sheets can as well bury u hun😘✊🏽💕💕💕Ladies and men out there stay strong, stay independent, be true to yourself always✊🏽
Gylo De Roover
Gylo De Roover 10 days ago
Watch yo homie yo cousin yo brother everybody around can change💯
Tyshun Samuel
Tyshun Samuel 10 days ago
Someone tell homeboy that dirt ain't no joke🆘🚧
Jason Baxter
Jason Baxter 10 days ago
T H 10 days ago
Dirks music shows his growth as a man and artist. Keef is...... Just keef
4BS BEATS 11 days ago
2:04 "aah he dead!..somebody call an ambulance"
Polo F
Polo F 11 days ago
The song wait
Bog Bořin
Bog Bořin 11 days ago
I want see you on TOP of TOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sall1mimito 11 days ago
2:04 lmao
francisco perez
francisco perez 11 days ago
DR MIAMI 11 days ago
Lonte Ward
Lonte Ward 12 days ago
Durk: You was chose Homie: Falls off bike😭😭
Sy Mula'Kidd TV
Sy Mula'Kidd TV 12 days ago
Fwm music underrated asl 🔥🚫🧢 ruvid.net/video/video-evTH3GpWpvw.html
john yigzaw
john yigzaw 12 days ago
Island Kitchen
Island Kitchen 12 days ago
was dude at 2:05 suppose to fall off his bike?
manifestation jr
manifestation jr 12 days ago
All love durky
Olajawaha Cooper
Olajawaha Cooper 12 days ago
Manning Manning
Manning Manning 12 days ago
Wopo’s World
Wopo’s World 13 days ago
Durk needa watch his homie who flew off that 4 wheeler😂😂😂
Joey Donn Reacts
Joey Donn Reacts 13 days ago
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs
Folks ate it bad on that
eve davidson
eve davidson 13 days ago
sara ama
sara ama 13 days ago
StripYoBandz 9 days ago
Slow down there Bakaru
scarlett dunn
scarlett dunn 13 days ago
Emma Isabella
Emma Isabella 13 days ago
micheal faraday
micheal faraday 13 days ago
William Sharkey
William Sharkey 11 days ago
kholosa mdleleni
kholosa mdleleni 13 days ago
at 1:51 I knew he was going to fuck up
Juma Bisongelo
Juma Bisongelo 13 days ago
I can say wiz khalifa is a role model of this home boy
Curtiss Christenson
Listen to Lil Durk’s other songs and tell me what you think
lilreaper12 13 days ago
Should’ve been watchin yo homie in da back groun😂🤣🤣
Yo ni
Yo ni 13 days ago
At start of the video the high notes from the lady sounds ETHIOPIAN
Lincoln Reid
Lincoln Reid 13 days ago
This hard but kinda sound like u green in some parts
E Wok
E Wok 13 days ago
The irony! the song called watch yo homies but Durk aint watch his homie when he decked the 4 wheeler😂
D.M.G BOSS 13 days ago
Lil G
Lil G 13 days ago
2:04 the songs name is called watch yo homie and he didn’t watch his homie for that fall at all 😂😂
BENMJR - 14 days ago
1:45 Odell Beckham’s favourite song
KingP305 14 days ago
Whew I felt this
SPLASH ALCA T.V. 14 days ago
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