Lil Durk - Dis Ain't What U Want (Explicit)

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May 5, 2013




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Comments 100
Ceo Yellaaa
Ceo Yellaaa 7 hours ago
In my own city , they hate on me, put weight on me
Greg Parrot
Greg Parrot 12 hours ago
So that’s not Mubu Krump at 3:34 ?
Cristian Juarez
The og Xxx
The og Xxx Day ago
Bro this men and king von men
ια βοζζα
Crazy that krump was in this video everybody was fucking wit each other
Robbie Flores
Robbie Flores 2 days ago
the old lil durk😭🤧
Bill Miller
Bill Miller 2 days ago
Opp n da bck dancin shyts funny😭
Mercy 2 days ago
who would’ve thought zoo would smoke krump later on
Tario Williams
Tario Williams 2 days ago
Money 21314
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _
This dude trash
Ya Boiii
Ya Boiii 2 days ago
u from 63rd?
buffalix 2 days ago
Who came here after watching the story of 051 Melly to see Mubu Krump
John Mongelli
John Mongelli 3 days ago
Lil Durk’s Birthday today at age 28 today
Ja’Mir Parker
Ja’Mir Parker 3 days ago
Just here to watch Mubu Krump support Durk😂😂😂
eloy romero
eloy romero 3 days ago
came back to say happy birthday to a great
Ryan Manwarren
Ryan Manwarren 3 days ago
I call this shit how I see it & I guarantee this ain’t what ya want
YG DON 3 days ago
RIP LA FREE RONDO 150+ 150 = 300.... 300 + 300 = 600 O BLOCK OTF GANG
Holdbeefspistol 3 days ago
Damn krump was innis too 😭😭
Duplex Supreme
Duplex Supreme 3 days ago
Here in October 2020, $ign your presence.
Ace Hood
Ace Hood 4 days ago
2020 bumping this from #Jersey ?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
shots shots
shots shots 4 days ago
I heard one dude had some type of rocket launcher -Me He want all the smoke
Kubo Better Relax
0:36 MuBu Krump who later was into it deadly with Lamron.
Epic Gang Ent
Epic Gang Ent 5 days ago
m.ruvid.net/video/video-LEhsF9AzWEs.html Gang
MrLibye 5 days ago
RIP to lotta of the bruthas in the clip.
Mercy 5 days ago
bet u dont know a single one of they names
Kwenza Pakati
Kwenza Pakati 6 days ago
This would make for great WWE theme music
The Next Best Thing
I was 8 when I heard this shit this way before my time 😂
it is you just cant see through a perfect structure sealed and solid
Imma Turn Da Streets Up. Dis is A Anthem
Dzivarking 7 days ago
This is a Durk classic I was bumpin this hard back in 13-14 I come back every now and then the beat is fuckin crazy
shawn harris
shawn harris 8 days ago
When I actually started fw durk 2013 first nigga in my city no cap
Erickson Lee
Erickson Lee 8 days ago
Durk The 🐐
Leaned 8 days ago
3:00 legendary
Big boss
Big boss 9 days ago
One of the greatest chiraq bangers of all time 💯
Eazzy Money
Eazzy Money 9 days ago
Bay zoo and Krump in this , crazy !
Kuba Dubyk
Kuba Dubyk 9 days ago
if keef jumped on that beat... damn
Nicola Amadio
Nicola Amadio 9 days ago
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 10 days ago
who still fucken wit da song 2020 💯
T-Fromthe5 10 days ago
Always wondered why LA wasn’t in this, rondo in it tho
Antonio Jesus Judah
Im bdk but i love them niggas in the o.. Wish i was from there. But... GD lol
Shanetta Hicks
Shanetta Hicks 10 days ago
Yo this is so crazy I seen mubu Krupp when they was cool thf bay bay and off Dede with dreads and nuski this was back in the day foreal foreal
Rillee See Walker
Rillee See Walker 11 days ago
69 dis and you wont
Valerie Knauber
Valerie Knauber 11 days ago
This the song got me hooked on durk. Sad that half these boys is either dead or in jail. This is still a banger though!
Innocent Ganza
Innocent Ganza 11 days ago
Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams 12 days ago
I see Krump
esjai 12 days ago
Peep LA & Rondo
Mercy 2 days ago
la not in this
G.C AT 12 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥SONG OF THE YEAR 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥GETS MY VOTE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lil Vert
Lil Vert 13 days ago
Otf 4 life 300 still here in 2020 on gang 💯💯💯
_WoK3_ 14 days ago
The pilot of the plane that bombed hiroshima was listening to this song before dropping the bomb
Turbo Ty
Turbo Ty 15 days ago
Back when things were simpler..
Kiiing Brandon
Kiiing Brandon 16 days ago
Damn I ain’t even know durk made this song
turkey bandit
turkey bandit 16 days ago
Denille Horton
Denille Horton 16 days ago
No bra you speak tha truth they hating this aint what they want, your stronger than 300 you more like 5000000000000000000000000
Gaza Jade Brown
Gaza Jade Brown 16 days ago
Sill here bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥dis want you wont !!!!!!!!!! Ls# I can do no shows they say I'll terrify my city
Nell Sosa
Nell Sosa 16 days ago
well looka krump
onepump ken
onepump ken 17 days ago
I know im not the only one that still listens to this in 2020 ts ah straight banger
Evander Pondja
Evander Pondja 11 days ago
This ain’t what you want ?????
Ra 18 days ago
You cant rap lil durk. An La will always b beta
Quincy Jenkins
Quincy Jenkins 19 days ago
Who here in 2020
davis Grace
davis Grace 19 days ago
I look at this video different 🥶
Chelsey Sadé
Chelsey Sadé 15 days ago
lowkey same
PARTY BOY 20 days ago
rondo and nuski in the video
HUMAN Torch 14 days ago
Mercy in his grave
mrkeitt 20 days ago
This shit will forever be extra hard 🔥 Mix down at 2:19 too mean 💯🔥
d j x v i l l a
d j x v i l l a 21 day ago
so when durk get to talkin ab how ppl switched on him he talkn bout krumpnem????
Mercy 5 days ago
d j x v i l l a idk exactly but they had a fight n people got killed then they split up, then krump hopped on that dissin nuski shit when he died, makes me think either krump or durk did some unforgivable shit to each other
d j x v i l l a
d j x v i l l a 5 days ago
@Mercy what happened???
Mercy 5 days ago
yea krump def a snake
Lil Deene
Lil Deene 22 days ago
2020 Brasil 🔥💯🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
MrPerezOP 22 days ago
RFM did u edit this?
YoDaddy Know
YoDaddy Know 22 days ago
00.36 sec thats one of durks opps b4 he became an opp... That guy be wit the 1 who killed durk couisine ...# Do i look like nooskie 2 you ??
Mercy 2 days ago
yea, mubu krump, he didn’t kill nuski tho but he dissed him a lot
Ahpollo Kreed
Ahpollo Kreed 22 days ago
We need this durkio
Asesor en Ingles.
Asesor en Ingles. 22 days ago
Durkio looks like Oscar from the shark's movie.
Cyvilix 23 days ago
Try to find a comment from 2013 Oh wait thats not possible
Cyvilix 14 days ago
I dont know
HUMAN Torch 14 days ago
Patrick McNamee
Patrick McNamee 23 days ago
Dis ain’t what you want
TikTok Thots
TikTok Thots 23 days ago
“I thought that was Future song” 🤫
KingCreed 21 day ago
U stupid
PEACHES MACKEY 23 days ago
Durk too fine 😍🤩😘🥰 that is what I want 😋
ĀVREE EVANS 23 days ago
#WARSTORIEZ 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 ruvid.net/video/video-YbFr9JcvsqU.html
Jay Ortega
Jay Ortega 23 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Darcy Allie
Darcy Allie 24 days ago
Isaah Loveto
Isaah Loveto 24 days ago
Kenny Mack
Kenny Mack 24 days ago
Shamar loso durkio beamon
ognett Fortt
ognett Fortt 24 days ago
Still here OTF
Az King
Az King 25 days ago
Man I forgot Krump and Zoo were in this video
lil eddie
lil eddie 25 days ago
Listening to this 7 years later this still hard asf💯🖤🐐
Jamaal S
Jamaal S 26 days ago
I wonder how many of those guys are still alive. 😢
Prod. Activated
Prod. Activated 25 days ago
probably not too many sadly
Robert Hricko
Robert Hricko 26 days ago
2020 who’s here??
Formthe South
Formthe South 26 days ago
Rip zacktv
Alex Mann
Alex Mann 26 days ago
This beat is timeless
Scar Izza
Scar Izza 26 days ago
Damn, I'm late on this bangaaa
Seydou TMG
Seydou TMG 26 days ago
September 2020 anyone‼️
OTJ Keem
OTJ Keem 26 days ago
IMAN brought me (back) here.🌠
Orochi Blood
Orochi Blood 27 days ago
0:35 wtf is MUBU Krump doing on here?
GLOWBOYS 18 days ago
They use to be cool before MuBu stopped fuckin with the BDs they had a fight which got folks killed
Tootrue yo
Tootrue yo 27 days ago
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