LIFE UPDATE ... Why I'm Stepping Back.

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I hope you understand.
xo's ~ Tati
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18 янв 2019

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Комментарии 36 943
Laeticia Lefevre
Laeticia Lefevre 6 часов назад
Luck is on its way
Tybee Reiff
Tybee Reiff 20 часов назад
We are here for you! Take all the time you need for your health and family! anyone who says different doesn’t deserve to watch your videos anyways!
Sarah День назад
Tati is my favorite. You're super real/genuine when you make personal videos in a way that makes me feel hopeful about my own life. You share that you have had some very real struggles in your life without going into great detail but regardless you share you have had hard times which is why you are so inspiring when you make personal videos because you are effing positive. Despite what struggles you've had, the words you use and the things you cry about and your attitude are all optimistic yet down to earth. Anyways we all love you obviously. You are a perfectionist and I'm proud of you for allowing yours to take some time for yourself and your future family. Your followers ain't goin anywhere 😘
Debbie Rhodes
Debbie Rhodes День назад
You are an awesome person and will be an awesome mom!!
Natalie McCrory
Natalie McCrory День назад
She’s crying, I’m crying, what is life🤣
ravzam11 День назад
The only solution for fertility is FASTING.Please make some research.A lot of people got pregnant even after 3 days of fasting.I would like to help you.I don’t expect anything in return no money nothing
isabella holmes
isabella holmes День назад
oh my god i love u so much
Ani Murphy
Ani Murphy 2 дня назад
Jesus Christ woman. I just got diagnosed with endo, how on earth do you look so amazing and work so damn hard every day with it? I am so often dying it’s a miracle I get out my pyjamas to go to work. You have earned so much more respect from me now. I wish you all the best and I know you probably won’t read this and it’ll get lost but somewhere in the universe is my little kernel of good wishes and love and all that. Good luck Tati you deserve it! Xxx
MadieAnn 2 дня назад
Though keeping up is hard one thing people fail to acknowledge is that stepping back is hard to. Soon you’ll be able to say ‘I did that” and you will be so much happier for it 💕 we all love you and you deserve the best
Mary Ann Roche
Mary Ann Roche 2 дня назад
I feel your pain Sweetie, having lived through fertility issues as a young woman, it was when I gave up and gave it all to God that I conceived my most wonderful son, having been told repeatedly that I could and would never have a child by many doctors, bang, I got pregnant and had a wonderful child. I am now a proud gramma of two wonderful grandchildren, gifts from my son. Hang in there, don't worry about your viewers, we all love you and will follow you no matter how often you are able to do videos, you just take care of you and all will be perfect!!!!! I am praying for you.
raiderett6 3 дня назад
Aww Tati. You are amazing and I wish nothing but the best for you.! We will never leave you !!
Zinayida Dzhumayeva
Zinayida Dzhumayeva 4 дня назад
We love you, Tati! Just stay positive and maybe try not to concentrate on all that stress. I know it's hard to relax, but it helps. Your faith will bring the happiness of being a mom to you for sure ♥
Kelsey Whitman
Kelsey Whitman 4 дня назад
Tati I love you so much you are the only blogger I consistently check your channel I am a young mom of two kids under four... makeup has always been my hobby but my finances limit that, I always love all your drugstore- affordable - honest reviews because even if s concealer is $5 I don’t have the luxury to risk that $5 on a terrible product! You are so watchable and like-able and I will look forward to every Monday Wednesday and Friday. I can feel the mom vibe coming thru in all your videos I pray our Lord has a plan for you and your family! May God bless you!
Roxy Starlite
Roxy Starlite 5 дней назад
You are the strongest most amazing women I've ever watched on YT! Good for you for focusing on what's important and addressing how you really feel to accomplish a dream! Thank you for your time, opinions and love!
noracarry 5 дней назад
we love u tati!!! go and make your dreams come true :)
Reesa Rimmer
Reesa Rimmer 5 дней назад
I have been praying for you and James to be able to have a precious baby! Do you know that there is a body part room in Heaven? YES there is! The room is called “Unclaimed Blessings.” It is full of arms, legs, fingers, toes, lungs, kidneys, hearts, hips, ETC…. and an entire wall in this room is dedicated to only SPERM and EGGS! All we have to do is ASK, THAT'S IT! I have been asking God to give y'all sperm and eggs :) I BELIEVE, You and James WILL RECEIVE!!!!!!!
Carly Linsky
Carly Linsky 5 дней назад
We love you so much!! I believe things will work out for you guys 💜
rebecca kantimere
rebecca kantimere 5 дней назад
Oh Tati❤️ bless you!! Girl no one is gonna be mad or upset if you step back and take care of yourself and if anyone does get mad, F*** them!! Babies are the greatest blessing and joy in life, I pray the Lord will bless you with a little babe❤️
Anayeli Rivera
Anayeli Rivera 6 дней назад
I have stage 2 endometriosis, I will be getting married this Saturday with my fiancé, we’ve been trying to concieve for five years. I’m doing IUI this weekend with clomid. Your not alone. I will pray for you and for myself. I see all my friends, best friends, family having kids and im so happy but so heartbroken at the same time. I’ve been so hopeful only god knows
MISTY MOODY 6 дней назад
I'm never going to leave your channel you have Made so much of a differences In me ... With everything I've been going threw this year or so I've found my smile watching your channel even when all i have done is cried right Before and after your videos .... At least i smiled for a min and that's all thanks to you love.... Congrats on trying to get preggo i hope you do and i get to watch you raise him/her tell i retire from this earth one day. Thank your for all you do
Sof PP
Sof PP 6 дней назад
Sof PP
Sof PP 6 дней назад
You’re a strong woman! You can do it! Plus adopting is never a bad option
Lianna Petrov
Lianna Petrov 6 дней назад
Well done Tati
Jordan Osburne
Jordan Osburne 7 дней назад
I think it's amazing and so exciting that you and James are trying for a baby. You guys are incredible, individually and together. You'll be amazing parents. Best of luck to you both on your fertility journey.
Lauren Baxter
Lauren Baxter 7 дней назад
Thats amazing, you need to do you girl and don't burn yourself out. We will always be here no matter what. You are an awesome women.
Erik Agee
Erik Agee 7 дней назад
I absolutely love you Tati you’re gonna be a mommy and you’re gonna be the best mommy ever
Bum Burin
Bum Burin 7 дней назад
I really wish your dream will come true! you truly deserve it! both of you! Besides, we are not going anywhere! if you make less videos it's ok!!!! you have other priorities and that's great!!!! we'll be right here!
Victoria Penrose
Victoria Penrose 8 дней назад
Take care. Hope everything goes well with your baby plans. ❤️
Elaina Doak
Elaina Doak 8 дней назад
Totally made me tear up. I don’t watch you cuz your on 5 days a week. I watch you because if your content and your personality really.
Yvette Bassett
Yvette Bassett 8 дней назад
Giovanni Cruz
Giovanni Cruz 8 дней назад
You’re such an inspiration 💜🦄🧬 we all understand & I pray you get everything you ask for. You deserve it 🧡
Shelly Knowlton
Shelly Knowlton 8 дней назад
Tati I totally get how you feel about fertility issues. I’ve battled with the emotional side of it with sadness and feeling like I can’t be the me I was meant to. I so wanted to be a mother. Sadly at 43, divorced and battling brain tumors I see that reality slipping away. You have to do what is right for you. And if stepping back is the thing that helps you that is ok. We love you no matter what. It’s not just the great beauty advice you give. It’s your personality that is full of love and light. You remind me of myself. You’ve got so many mannerisms that I have. You’re a natural goofball in a good way! I love your stories and comedy you sprinkle on your videos like glitter! I wish you all the best with your new journey and that you get all you’ve ever wanted. You are a beautiful soul! Thank you for being here for me to learn new things to make myself feel better. And thank you for letting your light shine into this world.
Melissa Rice
Melissa Rice 8 дней назад
I wrote a comment on this post a few weeks ago and told you I’m 38 and have fertility problems and have never been able to get pregnant my entire life. I thought it just wasn’t going to ever happen for me. Well a few days ago I found out I’m pregnant, truely a miracle. I wanted to say don’t ever give up because again all odds it happened for me and it can happen for you!! Just sending you all the love and blessings in the world.❤️
Margarita Loa
Margarita Loa 9 дней назад
Hi beautiful, i believe that everything will work out for you. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and even if ypu decided to do 1 review a week I would not stop watching you and I am sure many other subscribers feel the same. Take care of yourself do not stress. many people love you and pray for you. Many blessings.
Nora Martin
Nora Martin 9 дней назад
Hey where can I found out your halo product..please reply.. Thank u sweetie..
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie 9 дней назад
I know this is a late comment but you are a wonderful person and you will be an amazing mom no matter how it happens! It’s ok to be scared, but you are destined for nothing but greatness! I wish you well with your health ❤️ I myself have Crohn’s disease and it can be a battle so I can understand in a way how frustrating your health can be. Good luck!!
Simply Mom Life
Simply Mom Life 9 дней назад
I would love updates on your infertility journey as I myself having similar issues. 1 in 4 women miscarry. 1 in 4 have infertility issues. It would help some many people understand and also learn .
Toni Page
Toni Page 9 дней назад
I sat here at work and cried with you. I’m so proud of all your accomplishments and can’t wait to see you and James become three. What a blessing!
Tati try some wheatgrass juice I know people who have gotten pregnant after they started drinking 2oz a day in the morning on an empty stomach it healed the endrameatrioses. and got pregnant it heals a lot of things and it’s safe for children. I buy mine from the stem family farm in Canada. The mother had cancer and they said that she wouldn’t live another 6mo and that was in 1978 and she’s alive and cancer free it has helped many people become pregnant its very healthy and healing. I also know that praying works miracles. I know you are going to have a beautiful baby
Aarzoo Asri
Aarzoo Asri 10 дней назад
All the best! You don't need to worry about it falling apart, you're amazing. And you deserve a good personal life as well. Wish you the best of luck!
Hilary Warren
Hilary Warren 10 дней назад
Love you sis 💜💜💜
Faith Chrestman
Faith Chrestman 10 дней назад
Infertility is the worst! Im so sorry Tati. Im dealing with it as well 😭😭
kyeriemon 11 дней назад
can i just say that throughout the whole video i couldn't help but be mesmerised by your eye look and lashes like 😻😻anyone else?
Brandy Weaver
Brandy Weaver 11 дней назад
I would absolutely love if you would be willing to vlog your experience with your fertility journey! There are so many women out there with you and going through the same thing.
Francesca Little Chestnut
Francesca Little Chestnut 11 дней назад
I became a mother last year at age 42 after years of trying with IVF and all that jazz. It’s a long journey once you start it and you never know if and how it will end up but all I can advise is to focus on the goal and do not loose that focus along the way. That’s what kept me going in the hardest of times. My baby boy has changed my life forever, still cannot believe he is mine and we made it! It was worth every tear and every injection and all the money spent and all the hormones...so so worth it!! Good luck with your journey, believe in your dream ❤️
Stephanie Reibling
Stephanie Reibling 11 дней назад
You are amazing. Taking care of you comes first! We will still be here because we love you.
Janet 11 дней назад
Don't get discouraged. It took me years to get pregnant and I was an emotional wreck for most of it. A lot of people do not understand the pain or feeling of loss when it's a struggle to get pregnant..especially other women. Once I did get pregnant, I was able to have 1 birth child and then I had many miscarriages. It's like once the body got used to being in that state, it became easier to get pregnant. I also adopted 1 child. You're not alone, Pray for it, talk about it and keep the hope and faith!
Adriana Buitrago
Adriana Buitrago 12 дней назад
Tati I think we can all understand how busy life gets and no matter what you know we'll support you. I've only been watching your videos for about a year and from the very first one I was hooked and watch them all complete. As far as your fertility issues, you do whatever is best for you. Not to pry but have you and James considered adoption? I just have always thought of adoption as such a beautiful thing. Anyway, we will support you in whatever schedule best works for you, your life and health (be it physical or emotional health)
MzMarie Balbuena
MzMarie Balbuena 12 дней назад
Aww omg I wish you the best in your brand and your family!
Ciaomamabella 12 дней назад
Good for you Tati. You’re an inspiration to me. I’ve been here since 2015. Love watching you grow and my life grow along with it. Thank you for the inspo.❤️🙏🏼
One infinity
One infinity 12 дней назад
Good baby vibes to you!!!❤️❤️❤️ love
Cathy Giuliana
Cathy Giuliana 12 дней назад
You are going to be a terrific mom! It will happen soon, I know it. I will be here for you as long as life allows me to! You have helped change my 🌎 I am eternally grateful. Anything I can do for you, just name it, and considerate done! ❤️
Pari Cocolin
Pari Cocolin 12 дней назад
I’m so excited for you guys to have a baby 😊❤️
M Brown
M Brown 12 дней назад
Tati, the first time I watched you *I thought you were a mom* you just have that vibe! There's a baby out there who needs Tati as a mommy! Whether it's your own baby to be or adopted..I lost 3 babies so I know what you're going through. Love you my favourite beauty guru.
D.A. Mellar
D.A. Mellar 12 дней назад
Sending you love and light.
Kim Nicks
Kim Nicks 12 дней назад
I wish you all the best. This is more common lately with women waiting longer to start there families. They do there careers and then when they try to have a family later they have issues. With medical breakthroughs you can still get pregnant usually. Or adopt. God has this.. don't stress. You will be ok. And be a great mommy. 2 days a week would be plenty. I don't think anyone watches all 5 day's. I know I can't.
Nele :
Nele : 12 дней назад
ohhh dont worry
Rucksana 13 дней назад
Ohhhhh tati u made me cry I love u always have since my lil sister told me about u I don't like many make up gurus jus feel there's so many noting against them lol but Ur great hope u find all the happiness X
Zoya Ather Shah
Zoya Ather Shah 13 дней назад
Vic Vic
Vic Vic 13 дней назад
I'm on RUvid 1-2 times per week - so for me, it's really not important how many videos you upload :-) I'll be a follower no matter what. Wish you all the best on growing your family, whatever way it will be! I don't struggle with infertility, but my body lets me down in so many ways, so I quite understand the feeling.
Linda Leigh Johnson
Linda Leigh Johnson 13 дней назад
It’s so hard to talk and cry at the same time and you did a great job! I’m sure you have your Thyroid monitored, still, I wanted to pass on the specialist who saved my life. His name is Ridha Arem, practicing in Houston. He’s written some books which are a must for women to understand how our Thyroid regulates our ability to handle stress, depression, and anger. I had Endo. when it wasn’t well known and women were told to pull up our big-girl panties and quit whining... The pain was appalling and I sincerely hope you don’t live with that aspect. I hope you have a terrific doctor - it’s so important you have compassionate care. Take a deep breath and remember that God has your back and is particularly experienced in the baby department. Xo L.
Olivia Hamilton
Olivia Hamilton 13 дней назад
Sending so much love your way
Renee Ellen
Renee Ellen 13 дней назад
I will pray for you Tati. ❤️
Michelle Kendle
Michelle Kendle 13 дней назад
Your so awesome and your gonna be an incredible Mom💕💕💕 I love you girl! I’ve been with you for years and I always will be. Wishing you the best on your Momma journey. My husband and I adopted. It’s a tough process but, we love our kiddos. Praying for great things for you and James🙏🏻🙌🏻💕
lori bryson
lori bryson 13 дней назад
Love you ❤️ your channel is amazing 😉 and take care of you, as I mom of two amazing children both with scary premature birth starts to life it was me not them! And I wouldn’t change a moment of it!!!!! Girl will be there no matter what! And good luck and prayers for you two starting a family 😘
Amitha Mathew
Amitha Mathew 13 дней назад
Congrats Tati!! Good luck! I can totally see you as a mother even though I have only seen you through a screen. I'm praying for you and wish you all the best! I love you!!
Your IVF Nurse
Your IVF Nurse 13 дней назад
You are incredibly brave for sharing your story. Many times women & couples feel isolated when they begin their fertility journey; and keep their struggle to themselves. Looking for trust worthy resources are key; and being able to discuss & understand the next best step for your successful outcome with your reproductive endocrinologist is necessary to make this journey a little easier. I am an experienced fertility nurse with videos on youtube to address some of the questions/concerns that people going through fertility treatments use as a resource. If you should have questions or want to "pick someone's brain" feel free to reach out to me. Wishing you luck on this journey
yuki burdeshaw
yuki burdeshaw 13 дней назад
Wow so much pressure. 5 days a week has always been super nuts. You will be a amazing mother.
Caitlin Tinga
Caitlin Tinga 13 дней назад
Congratulations on starting a family!!! You and your hubby deserve it! Being a mom is such a blessing🥰
Diana Taylor
Diana Taylor 13 дней назад
Good luck! You’re gonna be an amazing mom! Go get what you want in life... you only have this one!!! It’s been fun following you along this journey....It’s always a joy watching you! God bless sweetie!!!
Jaz Mndo
Jaz Mndo 13 дней назад
You're great. Love your channel , take as much time for your family as you want cause we will like you anyway. I tried having baby four years , didn't work till the moment I reduced my stress and gave my body enought sleep and calm and love. And no pressure. Just try to stay happy ! Big hug
Beth xoxo
Beth xoxo 13 дней назад
Tati I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2012 at 18. I underwent surgery the same year and at 21 I had my first daughter. During those 2 and a half years I suffered with depression so so bad. Now at just turned 25 I'm having my 3rd this year. I believe it will happen for you and when it does you and James are going to be incredible parents. 5 days are not what makes you special tati what makes you special is you and the content you put out there is great. We all love it! 😍 And we all love you. Looking forward to this year with you because I know I will continue watching. Love from the UK ❤️ x
Hanna Jun
Hanna Jun 13 дней назад
YES! It's gonna be a big year for you Tati ❤️
Barkley Bullard
Barkley Bullard 13 дней назад
Reach out to Channon rose. She went through IVF and has a beautiful baby girl now after years of struggle. I feel like you two would have great conversations
Car Runa
Car Runa 13 дней назад
I know you’ll have your dream baby or babies!! You are amazing Tati!!
Alexandra Zagorski
Alexandra Zagorski 13 дней назад
Awww Tati! I love you so much! You do you, you have to. Sending good, positive baby vibes to you and James!! 💕❤️
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane 14 дней назад
Your fans are always gonna be here Tati ❤️. I wish you and your husband the absolute best ❤️🥰.
MommyLuvs2Craft 14 дней назад
Hi!! I struggled for YEARS...did everything up to IVF. Was considering it, took a break from everything and guess what...I’m a mom of TWO now! The journey nearly broke me but hang in there, it’ll happen for you in one way or another...you’ll be a mom!
Jennifer Kale
Jennifer Kale 14 дней назад
I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see all the great things that are going to happen in your life. You are so beautiful inside and out! 3 videos is great! Its 3 videos a week to look forward to! Just do what makes you happy!!! God bless you!
b w
b w 14 дней назад
God has you! All of the time!
b w
b w 14 дней назад
You go do you girl! Good for you! Go get what's yours
Susan Suh
Susan Suh 14 дней назад
God bless you, Tati. I hope you get pregnant with multiple babies.
Anthony Gabriel
Anthony Gabriel 14 дней назад
I was thinking 1 video a month not 3 a week 😂
Angela Zakin
Angela Zakin 14 дней назад
Prayers for you and James! You are so special and I am sending you big hugs!
Xena Mills
Xena Mills 14 дней назад
We love you!!! Honestly as a women who has had a stillbirth & misscarrige. Focus on growing your family. We will be here. So happy for you!!!❤❤❤
Victoria Bewry
Victoria Bewry 14 дней назад
"Anything's POSSIBLE, once you have ENOUGH NERVE." - J.K. Rowling
Callie Osborne
Callie Osborne 14 дней назад
You do you boo boo, I will ALWAYS be here!!
Taryn Wendell
Taryn Wendell 14 дней назад
Good luck with fertility Tati! Love you girl💖💖💖 it will all work out for you, you are an amazing person and always remember that everything happens for a reason even if you don't understand it.💖💖
Broken Winged Pixie
Broken Winged Pixie 14 дней назад
Good for you Tati! Best of luck with the adventure to become a mom. Stay strong & positive throughout the process.
Melody 14 дней назад
I am so so excited for everything you’re doing! You are amazing 💗✨
Iammissloveless 14 дней назад
I’m praying for you Tati❤️
Alyssa Davis
Alyssa Davis 14 дней назад
Self-care is important. Take time for YOU! BE YOU and do what you want to do! We still love you!!!!! Your fans and followers will always be yours!
Debra Brown
Debra Brown 14 дней назад
Don't worry, we all will be here. Tati, take care of you and we will be your best friends waiting to hear the great news. Love from one who has been watching you from the beginning.
Lukasand Aimee
Lukasand Aimee 14 дней назад
Tati. We love and support you. Take care of yourself. Best of luck with baby time!! ❤️
Michelle Goldmann
Michelle Goldmann 14 дней назад
We love you.
Amy Gwin
Amy Gwin 14 дней назад
Sweet girl you have so much on your plate and trying to become a mom at the same time. I will tell you this when you relax and stop trying so hard it will happen god will bless you with a child. And if you are unable to convince adoption is always an option. You will be a mom it will happen and saying a prayer can’t hurt I will say a prayer for you. You seem so amazing you WILL BE A MOM you Will be an amazing mom. I promise u that you will not lose your viewers we watch you because we love you. I can’t wait to meet your baby and I am almost positive you will have a girl. She will be beautiful like you. If you ever need to talk I am here for you just let me know.
Renee Ellen
Renee Ellen 13 дней назад
Amy Gwin what a nice comment!
Katty Diaz
Katty Diaz 14 дней назад
You go girl
Katty Diaz
Katty Diaz 14 дней назад
Tati we will support you no matter what
Hjp jk
Hjp jk 14 дней назад
May God bless you Tati
Eden Danielle.
Eden Danielle. 14 дней назад
Good luck with your fertility journey. I've had a lot of fertility issues as well, so I felt what you were saying on a deep level.
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