LIFE UPDATE ... Why I'm Stepping Back.

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I hope you understand.
xo's ~ Tati
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Jan 18, 2019




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Comments 37 019
Jansen Lee
Jansen Lee 10 hours ago
Sending you so much love. It will happen for you, one way or another you will be mom, and a great one
Kahealani 63
Kahealani 63 11 hours ago
Tati I really do wish you all the best. I’ve struggled with fertility issues, and feel for you. Don’t give up! You’re already on the right path. God will continue to bless you and James. I was told by multiple doctors that it would be really hard for me to conceive. This was within a 6 year span. Once I took control of my health and did things for myself, I was blessed without any fertility treatments. I really believe that your mind is a powerful thing. Once I said I wouldn’t stress about it and started to put me as a priority, that’s what started my journey to conceiving. I started eating healthier and did research on what helped with hormone balance, and regulating my menstrual cycle. So regardless you have to know your supporters are here supporting you 100% You are so real and that’s what I admire about you. Whether you conceive or adopt you’re going to be an awesome mommy!
Fiona Shalliker
Fiona Shalliker 13 hours ago
My husband and I tried for 2 years for our baby. I have fertility issues too, so when it happens for you both it will be all the sweeter and the baby will be even more special to you if that's at all possible. Give yourself a break, we're not going anywhere xxx
Trazon Downs
Trazon Downs Day ago
You will be an amazing mom!!!💕
Malwina Czyzewska
Hey girl! Dont be afraid!!!!! We love you sooo? We are with you. Itd That easy!!!!!! Xoxo
Harriet George
Harriet George 3 days ago
Good luck with it all Tati!! You deserve it ALL! 💕
Alma Ivory
Alma Ivory 3 days ago
you are my favorite make up youtuber!!! dont be stressed, keep it up!!
Ana Jimenez
Ana Jimenez 3 days ago
I just started watching your videos a few weeks ago . I feel in LOVE with your HONESTY and I LOVE your HONESTY in this video about a real life situation. I am praying your dreams of becoming a mom come true.
HelloSunshine 4 days ago
Infertility is one of my BIGGEST fears. You are an incredibly brave and strong woman.
Rozanne Lamprecht
Goodluck tati We have been going through fertility treatment for 2years and 2 operations and it is such a very hard and emotional and draining,financial journey!!Thinking of you I hope it happens soon for you take it one day at a time and feeling like you do is normal it is a fulltime job keeping yourself going!!🙏🏻
Alex S.
Alex S. 5 days ago
Please keep taking care of yourself, carrying a baby is not as easy as women tend to think. I'll be praying for you. I've had lots of good friends who couldn't conceive for years and finally were able to, some of my friends had a lot against them health wise and all I could do was pray for them and love them, and it was an ache for them because they would see and hold my babies and yet they were still waiting for theirs. Don't worry about your followers, we'll still be here, just focus on yourself and DON'T STRESS OUT. I'll be waiting for the best news ever from you Tati. I'll be praying for you both.
TheClassicalRose 5 days ago
Whew, that was a tear-jerker. You'll be such a great mom, I wish you the best in that. I don't even wear makeup and I love you and your channel
Kelly Gulstrom
Kelly Gulstrom 5 days ago
Happy tears for you as I watched this. Take your step back to embrace your next step in life...as a mother. I love your videos and will look forward to them as you are able to post them. No pressure on this side. You’re trying to start a family. So happy that you are choosing to do what makes you happy. That is the best message to send your viewers. Being a mother is my favorite job. Best to you and your husband ;) Hugs!!
Cody W
Cody W 6 days ago
We’ll always love & support you Tati! You’re an amazing woman and it shows. ❤️ excited for your future, and we’re all very glad that we get to be apart of that. You have opened my mind to a lot of things recently, and I thank you endlessly for that. We got your back girl. Love ya 😘❤️
Maria Roldan
Maria Roldan 6 days ago
You take care of yourself! My sister had endometriosis, she had laparoscopic surgery and got pregnant right away! He is now 13! Good luck!
Woman Of Love
Woman Of Love 6 days ago
I know EXACTLY how you feel. It will come. It doesn't matter how long. You only need to have faith. *hugs*🤗
Kelsie Baranski
Kelsie Baranski 6 days ago
You are so lovely, we tune in because of YOU, your grace, beauty, REALNESS!! I'll watch whether you post 5 times a week or once a year. Can't wait for the skincare line!! xoxoxo
kayla crase
kayla crase 6 days ago
I've spent this last 6 yrs going through fertility treatments, meds, procedures and surgery. I've just found out at 32 I've lost my fertility. I also have endometriosis. YOU ARE NO ALONE. and now with this video I'm not either. Thank you for sharing this. I get it when you say it's weird to bring up and literally everyone around you just gets pregnant and doesn't really understand. I'm going through that too. Thank you for your fun and beautiful makeup channel and for sharing this video.
macy Naicker
macy Naicker 7 days ago
Give it time tati you will be blessed in time
macy Naicker
macy Naicker 7 days ago
You not losing any one tati we here for your personality and insperation you have inspired me to put my ow. Chanel out there
KidsRUs !
KidsRUs ! 7 days ago
Heather Williams
Heather Williams 7 days ago
DO what you gotta do to stay sane! :)
samreen abbasi
samreen abbasi 8 days ago
I just want to say- its okay. You do not need to do everything. People who watch you will understand. And its okay that you're struggling on the fertility front too. Im sorry thats happening to you, but you've seen yourself how life has worked out for you and that everything happens for a good reason. I am glad you are stepping back. This is not about the baby, it is about you now. And you deserve all the attention to yourself that you need. I am not a subscriber, but i like you and your videos, tati. And if i, as a non-subscriber can understand this, the millions that watch your EVERY video will surely understand and stand by your decision and pray for you. Lots of love. And take care. Stay healthy. You are loved.
RoseMarie Mastro-Watanabe
Tati, love you hon... I wish you all the best in everything! Please don't be so hard on yourself! You will be an awesome Mom! Just take it day by day and try not to worry so much! We'll always be here for you! Best of luck hon! God Bless! Xo 🙏🏻🌹💐
Ella Lincoln
Ella Lincoln 9 days ago
She cryin tati water
Sabrina Virk
Sabrina Virk 10 days ago
Everytime Tati even barely starts talking about her fertility issues I instantly start balling like a baby. You can tell just how much it pains her. And I agree with the comments. She should adopt. She would be an AMAZING adoptive mother. You can just tell. Maybe thats her purpose and why this is happening. As much as it sucks.
Ann Marie Parisi
Ann Marie Parisi 10 days ago
Love this...for so many reasons
Kain Smith
Kain Smith 10 days ago
Love you!
Cherry Lane Monroe
Cherry Lane Monroe 11 days ago
Devonna Christopher
You're beautiful! I wish you all the best! xo
Helen Young
Helen Young 12 days ago
8:12 get that thumbnail!
Ruthie Neuman
Ruthie Neuman 12 days ago
I've seen in-depth liver, colon and blood detoxification help many infertility issues. It will clear the xenoe hormones out and help the body heal and bring hormonal balance naturally. Chaste tree is also a very good herb for infertility. Best wishes!!
Sunnie Baker
Sunnie Baker 12 days ago
I've been a subscriber of yours since the beginning and I have to say that, out of every beauty channel I've ever watched, your content is the most informative, trustworthy and just fun! I'm looking forward to watching your channel for the next 40-50 years. God bless you and James during this chapter in your lives. I pray the two of you grow stronger together and trust His plan for your lives. We love you!!!
Katherine Ross
Katherine Ross 13 days ago
Life is all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway! I’ve just had my third child and I am desperately trying to get myself back to looking my best.... and your videos have really helped inspire me. Don’t be afraid, having children changes things but it’s an amazing experience and as much as we want to we can’t do it all! Ease back in the knowledge that you have built a huge following who will stick with you on this journey x
The_Sock_Queen_Emily 6167
To conceive u need to relax in life! Your body needs rest and less stress! Put all this before your channel..... we will all be here still after. Damn, 3 times a week is still A LOT of content. Your too harsh on yourself
Rebecca Pollitt
Rebecca Pollitt 14 days ago
It’s not that you film 5 days a week it you Tati you are amazing I love the fact you are so honest I trust your judgement completely
Joy Hathaway
Joy Hathaway 14 days ago
Tati I wish I could give you a hug right now! My husband and I had to go to an infertility clinic for help getting pregnant and after two years I am pregnant and we are expecting a beautiful baby girl!!!! I know it will happen to you too!!! Stay positive and now when you believe you will achieve!!!
Nazia M
Nazia M 16 days ago
Hey Tati, I’ve recently started following you! The dream of being a mum is absolutely beyond this world. Please don’t be so harsh on yourself, I am positive you’ll have that baby of your’s some day very soon. Just don’t stress so much, it’s a killer. Live your life on your terms, your priorities of becoming a mum comes first. Sending all my best wishes & love from down under ❤️
Dina Ojeda
Dina Ojeda 16 days ago
I DONT care is I see you once a month. You are such a beautiful lady inside and out , is just a treasure seeing you Xoxo from Mexico.
Cuppatea 16 days ago
Good bless you!❤️🔥
Katy Eastman
Katy Eastman 17 days ago
I've been watching your channel now for a few m ok months to get make up tips now that I'm 44 and my skin sucks!! I tried to get pregnant for 4 years. I started trying at 34 and after many fertility treatments and miscarriages I was told at 36 it would not happen. After 6 IVF's I had my son at 37. 6 months later I was pregnant naturally with my second son and delivered at 39. Don't give up. Do this or you will regret it. Your true followers will not leave you. You are Amazing!!
Robert Bentz
Robert Bentz 18 days ago
I’m 17 and I have endometriosis too. It causes me extreme pain every day and I will never be able to have my own child. Seeing you talk about this makes me feel a bit better. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂
Cindy 18 days ago
The more videos I see the more respect I have for you. God bless! You'll be a great mom!
TKEYAH ONLINE 19 days ago
Good luck on your baby! You're right, the conversation doesn't just come in the middle of blush... just like now I want to tell you your hair looks AMAZING in this video.
Kristy G
Kristy G 20 days ago
Actually so happy that you're at this point!!! Really good for you that you're stepping back and going in a new and exciting direction with your life ❤❤❤
Debbie Lale
Debbie Lale 20 days ago
Tati I have only been following you for a short time but you are a genuinely beautiful person inside and out. You need to do what is best for you. Everyone that loves your channel will not stop watching your videos because you are only doing them 3 x a week. I wish only the best for you and hope your dream of having a child comes true. Whether you have a child of your own or adopt you will be a great mom. ❤️
VictoriaNeverland 20 days ago
You are not losing me💝 I love you for you, beauty guru or not🙏🌹💝🌹 Good luck with getting your precious baby, Halo, Chanel, and Life in general🙏🌹💝🌹
Christine Mack
Christine Mack 21 day ago
I'm excited for you and please take a break for you and your family. I'm grateful for you and frankly, 5 days a week is a lot and you've set the bar very high. We are here for you and don't be so hard on yourself. You'e the best!! xo
Aida Baez
Aida Baez 21 day ago
Well wishes Tati you’re going to be a wonderful mom stay you gentle and loving as you’ve been on your channel. god bless always...💃🏻
LAKE GIRL 23 days ago
3 times a week is still plenty! Good luck on the baby!
Shane Fitzhugh
Shane Fitzhugh 23 days ago
Not going anywhere, just found you, I adore you!!!!!!! I'm 46 just got into all this I love you soon much!!!!! I love how accepting of other people's views on life.,,😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Kayla Mullins
Kayla Mullins 23 days ago
I am actually pumped for this video!!!!! We come for quality not quantity. I think we can all agree we would willingly sacrifice a couple videos for a westbrook baby. I honestly was hoping she would take time for herself and family. You go girl!!!! Edit: you seem so much happier with this new schedule of yours!! I think your even better and more fun to watch now!!
Berit Houha
Berit Houha 25 days ago
Don't worry! This is a good thing! Stay strong
Alicia Becker
Alicia Becker 25 days ago
TaTi you are Great!!! God bless you honey!! You are such s wonderful person! God has blessed you and will continue to bless you!! Many prayers for your new endeavors!!💗💗
Lisa Robles
Lisa Robles 26 days ago
I've been watching you for about a month and I just adore you. Thanks for being you!
Kaylee Carranza
Kaylee Carranza 27 days ago
I just found your channel this past week and have binged all your videos. I don’t know why but I already feel so connected to you and I haven’t met you at all. I will pray for positive vibes and miracles for you and your family. You and your videos mean so much to me! Thank you for all you do! You are superwoman and a huge inspiration!
Jenny Rock
Jenny Rock 27 days ago
Crying watching this. So much love for you.
Hidden Town Band
Hidden Town Band 28 days ago
Erik Ramirez
Erik Ramirez 29 days ago
tell me why you look like caitlyn jenner in the thumbnail
julie regnier
julie regnier 29 days ago
Hello beautiful girl 😊, stress will be your Worst enemy threw your journey , trust me . I am 45 and I have endured many hard times And health issues.but, good news is you have a fabulous husband, family and friends near you. Wish you the best. And, .... YES , being a mum is the best in life 😉✨
Luci Engle
Luci Engle Month ago
Love you Tati I’ll be praying for you
Jo Anne Roberts
Jo Anne Roberts Month ago
Tati...FEAR NOT! I had ENDRO my whole younger life. At 28 and 34, I had my sons. Im now 58....my sons 26 on 3/15/19 and my oldest 30 now. YOU AND JAMES will be parents...My endo moved, allowing my little baby eggs, to move down on their own and I GOT PREG...You may see, the process will happen, once you do this...Move on...you have our blessing...Thank you for years of sisterhood!!
Chelly Newton
Chelly Newton Month ago
I have endometriosis as well I’ve had a miscarriage and it’s a struggle.
Savv Idge
Savv Idge Month ago
Thinking of you from Connecticut. Don't give up. I'm trying so hard with my husband for a baby... I've always had dysfunctional periods so there's no way to track when I'll ovulate... praying for our baby dreams to come true...
Lacey S
Lacey S Month ago
I am 35 and feel this exact way. My souls hurts as well. I hurt so much for you. God bless you.
Ana Rey
Ana Rey Month ago
Lots of love from me and the south of Brazil to you! you ARE going to be a mom!!! you are adorable, Tati!
True2Live Month ago
I don’t know if Tati believes in God or not...but from the perspective of another young woman who does and who also has PCOS (cysts on my ovaries), endometriosis, along with a deformed uterus (Unicornuate Uterus). My husband and I have been actively trying to have a baby for almost 2 years...and seems like we may not be able to have our own children naturally...for personal reason we’re against IVF and IUI (we just don’t feel right bringing our kiddo into the world through that with all due respect) ... plus we don’t have $$$ for something as expensive. Tati said it perfectly, you feel as if your own body is betraying you. Something your body should naturally be doing what is was designed for is failing to do so. Why would God allow this pain?? Something that helped me accept or at least cope with the thought of not being able to get pregnant and STAY to full term, is that *no husband and wife deserves to be parents, no one has a RIGHT to have children* That stung at first, but the reality behind a statement like that is nothing but the truth. Some people are not called to be parents because simply, that is not how God wants to get them to Heaven. That is not going to make you or your husband the people He wants and created you to be. Man...that was hard to swallow, but it’s the honest answer. And even vice versa, some people had children, when maybe that wasn’t apart of Gods original plan for them. Something to reflect on and surrender to God. At the end of the day, if He wants you to have kids, He will make it happen. I wonder if Tati has ever heard of NFP (Natural Family Planning) or the Pope Paul VI Institute...they study and track your cycle to know precisely when you’re ovulation and if not, what is the actual reason that is happening. I know if I could afford the surgery, costs, etc. we would go there. We’ve heard of miracles happening at the institute. One of our friends had a fertility scenario like ours and she got pregnant after the surgery within 6 months.
mickael caouette
I hope you will have a kids someday you will be such a great mother ! ❤
Crafts & Diys
Crafts & Diys Month ago
I understand so much, you are the one that has to feal good and happy and we love you even tho you would not do five videos a week, and it is amazing that you have done that💗
Nora E.
Nora E. Month ago
You are very special to a lot of people and you will get to be a mom any day !!!... I’m new to your Chanel and I like when a person seem honest and you seem to me!.. oh and Tati , my sister in law couldn’t have babies the first five years of marriage , she did everything the doctors told her. One day she just stop, couple of months later she got pregnant !! .. she has three girls !!.. God bless you!!...
Meesha Jack
Meesha Jack Month ago
I know what it’s like to have endometriosis I was diagnosed with endo when I was 15 I just had my son a couple months before I got took into hospital for an emergency operation as I was constantly in severe pain during my pregnancy to the point that I couldn’t move without help and had been in and out of hospital all through it I fell pregnant again after my first operation to twins I was excited when I found out but I ended up having a miscarriage when I was 8 weeks
Zanity Month ago
I wish you all the luck in the world! At 22 I had to have a hysterectomy because of endometriosis, and even then it didn't go away. By 23 my organs were stuck back together and I bled out of my belly button anytime I had a flare-up. Last year I suffered 5 months of Lupron treatments followed immediately by 3 months of Orilissa. Easily the worst 8 months of my life, but my last surgery in January came back clean! There is light at the end of the endo tunnel. Stay strong and keep having hope
Dominique Ouellet
Wow, courageous woman. Respect Tati
Lindsey Jackson
Lindsey Jackson Month ago
I feel your pain everyday Tati ♥️
Julia Ellis
Julia Ellis Month ago
Dr Cook at the Vital Health institute in Los Gatos CA is the best doctor out there for endo and has found a surgery that is as close to curing endo as possible he changed my life and gave me freedom from endo if you’re reading this and have endo please reach out to him!!!!
Jennifer Liegeois
I understand your trouble s. Me and my husband have been trying for 2 years to have a child. I am still hopefull the we will have a child. But if not I will gladly adopt a child. My parents are divorce and when I was 8 my dad remarried and amazing woman who took on the role as a mom when I was 6 before they married. I will definitely do that for a child if pregnancy is not in my furture. I believe everything happens for a reason. Love you.
Jonelle Elizabeth
You truly do feel like your body is betraying you.. I have PCOS. I'm infertile, and only about 5 years younger than you.. you can do this, i could see the need in your eyes! You're so determinded, and super special! Btw, I'm about to start taking Halo so thank you so much for everything! You are so unique! We'll always be here, we all love you so much! ♡ ♡XO, ♡Jonelle
blueshoes915 Month ago
Yes, good for you. Stress does horrible things to our bodies and makes them shutdown. Taking care of yourself should be your #1 priority. Mental health is very important. I think in today’s society stress is something everyone experiences and it has been normalized but the level of modern stress should not be the norm and finding ways to cope with and lower stress is very important. I wish you luck and send hugs. Take care of yourself. 💕
Rubiicela Rosebud
Mama Tati forever and always ❤️ we love you and are praying for you everyday ❤️ your rainbow baby will come
Jenn Sem
Jenn Sem Month ago
It takes such strength to take a step back - don't ever forget that. Sending all good thoughts your way ...you've got this girl xo
Nir U
Nir U Month ago
Our prayers with you
MsAnabel07 Month ago
Makayla Southall
Tati, I continue to return to your channel not for the consistent uploads, but for the wonderful and radiant woman that I have come to know and love! I'm so happy that you are taking a step back and taking extra time for yourself and your family. I'm sending healing vibes your way. Love you always!! 💕💕💕
Hannah Joyner
Hannah Joyner Month ago
You are an AMAZING woman! I love everything you stand for and I LOVE every single one of your videos. I wish you and your husband the best with this big new chapter!
Summer Gembecki
Summer Gembecki Month ago
😭😭😭 love you Tati. Worry about you an becoming a mom. I know it’s hard an expensive. I’ve been have fertility issues as well but to expensive to go further in depth. Till I have gave it a far shot for a year an track periods all that. It really is a huge fear to hear u can’t carry ur own baby. That I’m so scared to here. But u got this keep going an ur health an family should always come first. Everyone will understand. Praying for u.
suzanne howell
suzanne howell Month ago
Good luck with all you do, I will keep following. You xxx
I'm with you 😊 I know fertility is an hard subject. I'm a single women who try for the past 2 1/2 years to have a baby. Tomorrow I will do my 8 IUI. I had a to have a surgery after I miscarried my twins. I know you can make it through that rough time. You have many people to count on. Even all the way to the french community of Canada 😘
Katie Davenport
Katie Davenport Month ago
You are soooo not alone.
Meelaf Alsulami
Meelaf Alsulami Month ago
even if you upload once a year believe me i’ll watch it
Ashley Marone
Ashley Marone Month ago
when tati thinks she doesn’t have any children but she actually has 5.4 million of them
Ashley Marone
Ashley Marone Month ago
lol she thinks we would ever leave???? YEAH RIGHT.
katerina kit
katerina kit Month ago
I wish you all the the best!!!! 😘😘
Robin Ramsey
Robin Ramsey Month ago
Endo sister 💛💛💛 feeling defective sucks but remember the fault lines are where your brightest light shines through!!!
Katie Sumpter
Katie Sumpter Month ago
Love you so much. Sending you all my good thoughts.
Kaetie Mcloughlin
You are one of the few youtubers I actively follow and your video just resonated with me. I’ve had Endometriosis and PCOS since age 14, I’m 26 now but it took my husband and I almost 3 years to conceive our son. I never thought I would carry my own child or be a mom. You are amazing Tati, and no matter how often you upload I will spend all my “kid free” time catching up with your videos ❤️
Gretta Lemabouchou
Tati...you must give to yourself now. We will be alright.
Marvelous Life
Marvelous Life Month ago
I hope you and James are pregnant by year end. I have become addicted to watching your videos - you are so funny and beautiful to watch. I have recently purchased your Halo in hopes that it will help me grow some nails! I look forward to trying your products and viewing what ever videos you do in the future. Since I'm new, I have plenty to watch and catch up on! Best wishes to you both and thank you so much for the wonderful legacy of videos. I have learned so much and have had a wonderful, joyful time learning from you. Best wishes and luck to you both.
va4life Month ago
Tati, we aren't going anywhere. I'm a firm believer in self care. That takes precedence over all else.
va4life Month ago
I totally get where you are coming from Tati. I have Endometriosis too and it has been difficult trying to conceive. Not having a partner for so many years also adds to the stress of it all. I now have a partner and he has agreed to help me start trying. I'm praying the Lord takes over and allows me to get pregnant naturally because o don't have the funds for fertility treatments and I doubt my insurance covers it. I'll be praying g for you and James that you are blessed with a beautiful healthy baby!
Seeking Truth
Seeking Truth Month ago
You might be infertile from all the toxic chemicals you slather on your face and body everyday. A lot of makeup and cosmetics cause infertility
Sanctuary Month ago
Concentrate on having that sweet little angle first, the rest will happen, you need to live by the seat of your pants for a while, and not control everything, there is nothing like looking into the face of your baby for the first time, nothing else matters, let the reigns go Tati and go wherever life leads you,
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