LIFE UPDATE ... Why I'm Stepping Back.

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I hope you understand.
xo's ~ Tati
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Jan 18, 2019




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Comments 36 483
isaac 13 days ago
Robert Moran
Robert Moran Month ago
One side was completely verbal when stating facts and presented opinions and erroneous information as concrete evidence. The other side presented a video with fully time stamped concrete evidence of the real situation. You decide who I'm talking about
svoot4 Month ago
I hope this happens for you ❤ I understand completely. I would feel the same if I didn't have any children yet.
Abelatif Kouloud
you are just loveble..it is soothing to listen to you.. I wish u the best in life ❤️
LANE 2 months ago
Wonderful news, Tati! I enjoy your channel very much.
Kelli Carpenter
Kelli Carpenter 3 months ago
Love you Tati ❤❤
Chelsie Molton
Chelsie Molton 3 months ago
You’re the inspiration! ❤️
vera Change
vera Change 3 months ago
You are an inspiration that I can push through when the pain and fatigue get me down ♥️
Stephanie Echard
Stephanie Echard 3 months ago
You are such a wonderful person! I am so sorry you are struggling with fertility:( I can relate to having your body betray you. And tbh, if you only uploaded once a month I would stay subscribed! I am here for you because you are just so sweet and honest and omg so helpful! I am sending you lots of love:)
Kathy Cruz
Kathy Cruz 3 months ago
Hi Tati, I'm rewatching some of your videos as i do some house cleaning and studying but i just want to say that your super inspiring and your dedication shows. I started watching your channel in 2017 and I'm still here and i don't think i could ever stop watching your videos and thank you for always staying true and interesting 😊💗
A Ooa
A Ooa 4 months ago
I love u ❤️from UAE
Elaine Bluett
Elaine Bluett 4 months ago
Thank you for sharing; you will help so many people in doing so. Look after yourself. Your emotional well-being is everything x
Anastasia Milkshake
Anastasia Milkshake 4 months ago
good luck tati! get that baby! do not turn into a pregnancy channel tho P:
PorkChopBalleree 4 months ago
To be super honest, posting 5 times a week is actually impossible. Posting 1 a week is A LOT.
Amy Eades
Amy Eades 4 months ago
Bawling my eyes out... Tati go make that baby happen and thank you for being you.
Kristinah John
Kristinah John 4 months ago
Patricia Seijas
Patricia Seijas 4 months ago
Wishing you all the best Tati. I love love love you and your channel. Take care of you, I will keep watching xo
Lucie Lze
Lucie Lze 5 months ago
Love, Love, Love & so much Love from France
Alexandra 5 months ago
I love you so much really
Jenni K
Jenni K 5 months ago
Please step back for good! Disappear please!
alysha brown
alysha brown 6 months ago
Oh shut up
Marlina Carlos
Marlina Carlos 6 months ago
You’re the best tati. ❤️
Lisa Fuller
Lisa Fuller 6 months ago
In order to be friends with Tati you’d need to sign an NDA and exclusivity contract.
jack0fhearts 6 months ago
Yasssss!!! Come thruuu Momma Tati
jessica lavallee
jessica lavallee 6 months ago
Tati you are an amazing human. Also as another woman who has had these issues in the past...sharing about them openly helps SO MUCH. it's empowering 🙌💓👍
Adiba Halim
Adiba Halim 6 months ago
She looks like a dinosaur 🦖
Smrithi 6 months ago
She omits "g" Watchin Workin Creatin Drawin Uploadin "Irritatin" to hear!
Rebecca Greenwood
Rebecca Greenwood 6 months ago
I hate seeing people who really want kids and are unable to have them.
Haute Mess Express
Haute Mess Express 6 months ago
I totally wanted to be a surrogate after giving birth to my own two children, alas I developed postpartum psychosis for a year after the births of both of my children. Last year at 31 I was told I had a mass in my uterus due to adenomyosis (somewhat like endometriosis, but endometrial tissue stays within the uterus and grows into the uterine wall) that was causing tons of pain and heavy heavy bleeding making me iron deficient. Good luck! Hopefully you’ll get a positive pregnancy test soon and get to live your dream of being a mom, I’m sure you’ll be a great one!!!
エリーellie 6 months ago
Hope your OK x
Cassandra Hale
Cassandra Hale 7 months ago
Endometriosis is so real so painful and the only real options to get rid of it is birth control which takes time for it stop hurting and it's more like 50/50 or hysterectomy. Me I had a full hysterectomy at 27 due to the pain and I have a son who's autistic so I had to get out of pain. It breaks me down to even talk about it because 2 months prior we started trying for baby num 2. Now I cant have any and that's hard to take because I thought before my son I couldn't have kids. It's real its painful and makes you feel like less of a woman.
Heather H
Heather H 7 months ago
I have polycystic ovary syndrome and last year my husband and I made the decision after 8 years of not getting pregnant to stop trying. On New Years’ Day I found out I was pregnant. Our girl is due in 8 weeks. You’ll be a great mother, biologically or adopted, don’t give up!
Rararae x
Rararae x 6 months ago
Congratulations ♥️🎉
Ellie Marie
Ellie Marie 7 months ago
I rarely like. Liked this on accident and I'm fine with it
Bullrun 7 months ago
The fact that you uploaded 5 days a week is remarkable!! I thought 3 days was a lot. Wow. You’re my new favorite RUvidr! Just when I thought RUvid had gone down the drain. I find you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
icecreamsandals 6 months ago
Bullrun yep!! I agree with you. Her presence is refreshing
Freddi Carpentino
Freddi Carpentino 7 months ago
I definitely feel for you on the fertility issues. Endometriosis is the absolute worst ever. You are not less than any other woman because of it. Love you!
BionicGuatemala 7 months ago
I really love TATI
Megan Scull
Megan Scull 7 months ago
Wish u all the best throughout this journey! Love watching u & I think u r an amazing role model 😍😍
Brittany Fish
Brittany Fish 7 months ago
Hi Tati, I'm a huge fan of yours and I really missed your upload yesterday. You're probably going through so much right now, and probably won't see this comment, but I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and others. I cant imagine what you must feel like right now but know that there is a lot of love and support for you and I cant wait until you are ready to start uploading your normal makeup reviews and silly videos. Sending lots of love 💗
Nusrat Mosharraf
Nusrat Mosharraf 7 months ago
Nothing is ever worth your health and well being. Do what is best for you, and we'll support anything and everything you decide on. Lots of love from Grenada 💜
Bradley Fair
Bradley Fair 7 months ago
check yourself
Tagelasfia Rania
Tagelasfia Rania 7 months ago
You bosted 5 times a week since 2013 to 2019?!!! I can't imagine even
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